Herman Cain: China has nukes?

Apparently Herman Cain was unaware that China has a thriving nuclear program:



JUDY WOODRUFF: Do you view China as a potential military threat to the United States?

HERMAN CAIN: I do view China as a potential military threat to the United States.

JUDY WOODRUFF: And what could you do as president to head that off?

HERMAN CAIN: My China strategy is quite simply outgrow China. It gets back to economics. China has a $6 trillion economy and they’re growing at approximately 10 percent. We have a $14 trillion economy — much bigger — but we’re growing at an anemic 1.5, 1.6 percent. When we get our economy growing back at the rate of 5 or 6 percent that it has the ability to do, we will outgrow China.

And secondly, we already have superiority in terms of our military capability, and I plan to get away from making cutting our defense a priority and make investing in our military capability a priority, going back to my statement: peace through strength and clarity. So yes they’re a military threat. They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have. So yes, we have to consider them a military threat.

This is his whole interview, the part above is after the 11 minute mark:

Some people are writing Cain completely off now. I just can’t. I keep taking a look at all the candidates, and I’m right back to Herman Cain. I like Perry too, but I’m still waiting for him to shine. And I like others, but I have problems with all of them. But back to Cain. Should he know that China is a nuclear power? Absolutely. Is it that big of a deal in the long run? I’d say probably not. Like any good president, he will have good people around him (hopefully John Bolton). I’m just not that worried about how he would govern on foreign policy so much as I’m worried about all the gotchas that he’ll get from here to the end of the election should he get that far. He has the right ideology but will need to seriously bone up to avoid mistakes like these going forward.

Obviously, I’m fairly forgiving on these things because I believe in the man. He’s a man of tremendous character and honesty and has a ton of executive experience. He’s a human success story in many ways and I think he’d do a great job as president. Problem is getting there with an adversarial media who is already trying to destroy him – and if he doesn’t work harder on his knowledge base, it will cause him even more problems down the line.

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  • Anonymous

    I love Herman Cain and everyone makes mistakes, but the timing couldn’t be worse. Hire some more people, get a new adviser, but this does look amateurish.

    Come on Cain, get it together.

    • Are you kidding? Most highschool kids know that China has nukes. Who needs The Onion when Cain gives answers like this?

      • chill dude. Not even the interviewer seemed to know they had nukes.

      • UpChuck.Liberals NoBO12

        Most high skool kids don’t know diddly, case in point, OWS. I don’t expect any candidate to know everything, that’s what they have the Cabinet for and the JCS and their staff. Now in the case of Barry, he didn’t know anything and he’s right on track to maintain that.

      • I deleted my comment. probably not the best choice of words to tell you to chill. a little too reactionary on my part.

      • Anonymous

        Lol. Hate to admit it but you sound just about right, mainly just about onions though. As TheScoop has alluded to, Cain is still the best we’ve got by a long shot. The only problem is that at the moment he just keeps shooting himself in the foot with a seemingly never-ending series of gaffes and scandals dogging him wherever he goes. The scandals, he can’t do anything about because scumbags will always try to smear of course. But these mistakes, (Muslims-in-cabinet; Pro-life misstatements… and now this) seem to keep coming thick and fast. The hardcore conservatives who know that the country must out Obama in 2012 at all costs will stick to Cain no matter what. The more fickle remainders, those pesky independents (with a capital ‘I’) and democrat voters will be more easy for the left to manipulate with these blinders Cain keeps handing them. It is this he has to be wary of. Come on Cain. Get your game together!

        Cain 2012!!

        PS independents with a capital ‘I’ are those voters who are actually so independent that at times they will CONSIDER and ACTUALLY VOTE for democrats. Now I consider myself an independent, but never would I consider voting for a democrat in 2012. Maybe in the 50s when they weren’t all dead cert commies, but certainly not in 2012. Now if a sensible, non-commie, pro-life, PRO-REASON, democrat politician existed we could start talking but as of now and methinks for a long time to come (i.e. never) that will not be happening.

        • He shouldn’t have Muslims in the Whitehouse, they are our enemies and they do want to kill you. The sex stuff isn’t a scandal, don’t know abou the pro-life stuff. Totally agree on your PS.

          • Anonymous

            Now I hate Islam as much as the next guy, but you’re living in cuckoo land if you think Cain is going to be president of only the Christians in America and not its Muslim population also. His comments about Muslims were impetuous and undiplomatic to say the least. As POTUS he would have to be smarter than that… is all I’m saying. And thus, that was a mistake on his part. (I mean common dude… lets get real. There is a way to show up Islamic ideology for what it is without sounding like a fascist Nazi! Period.)

            Yes, the sex stuff isn’t per se, a scandal, because he didn’t actually do what he was accused of doing, as he has stated several times now. But I was hoping whoever was reading would catch my drift without having to write a thesis… Turns out not 🙁

            And finally, I agree with myself on my PS too. 🙂

        • Sorry, but I don’t do fantasy politics. If Cain’s the best we’ve got we are beautifully screwed.

          BTW: one of Cain’s accusers came out this morning and said he’s lying. Do you like butter with your toast?

          • Anonymous

            “Sorry, but I don’t do fantasy politics. If Cain’s the best we’ve got we are beautifully screwed.”

            Guess what? He is. And about being screwed, the only way we’ll be screwed is if we give up before we’ve even started; sounds like you’ve done that already. Sad.

            Sorry, but on this, you smell, at best, like a fickle (self-professing) conservative voter and at the worst, a plant/troll. Your assessment of the situation is so dire its unwarranted. Good day. =)

          • Anonymous

            Oh yh and a couple more things: If his accuser says he’s lying, what were you expecting: “oh yes, everything Mr Cain is saying is true blah blah blah”? Dude, are you wasting my time deliberately? If not, please only reply to my comment in the future if you actually have something worth saying. Don’t just spill digital ink!

            And about toast, Waaaaa? Sorry, but I’m lost on that one bro.

      • mike morrison

        Hey Nick, how old are you?

        • Old enough to know that Cain is clueless.

          BTW: one of Cain’s accusers just came out and said he’s lying. Do you like toast?

          • Then on that basis all of clinton’s accusers were telling the truth…damn rapist-in-chief!

            • Anonymous

              NickDerringer’s clueless, no kia… ignore methinks.

          • mike morrison

            Hmmm…well, do you expect her to say SHE WAS LYING??? Good Lord…she made the accusation. After 6-9 months she settled without going to court for roughly what she would’ve gotten had she just taken a termination package. Yes, she’s the MODEL of virtue.

          • Anonymous

            she actually didn’t. her lawyer said she wanted to talk about it to the press, but now he is saying she is having second thoughts about coming forward to the press. This “Bennet” lawyer guy just wants his name out there.

            Also their proof sounds worse than an OK magazine article: “an insider says”

            Also, this suit is getting confusing because there are two unidentified women and people don’t know which is which.

            Woman 1: -Cain mentions 3-4 month salary agreement
            -offended partly by Cain’s remark on her height
            -Her lawyer= Bennet

            Woman 2: -Cain did not talk about her because he doesn’t remember and it
            happened after he left?
            -Only knows her name because it was mentioned to him
            -$35,000 salary payout, but other issues with the restaurant
            company made her feel uncomfortable, not just Cain

            If you separate the two women, he hasn’t really lied yet

    • I don’t think there is a problem in his team, I understand he has Pentagon people with him. I think is just the way he talks, he does not finish sentences sometimes, leaves stuff half way said and misspeaks. Today with O’reilly he said he would defend the enemy. Do I really think he is going to defend the enemy? 🙂 Noo With business stuff he is more fluent for obvious reasons.

      • Anonymous

        Well, he’s going to have to articulate himself better, as does Perry but for different reasons…you know obama will have his bullsh*t machine working overtime.

        • Yes, I think the key for him is going to be putting as many fixes on the table that people can understand like 9-9-9 out there for we all to push him thru. If we understand what he is trying to do here and around the world, unlike everybody else, he gets in. I’m excited to hear about the Energy Plan and Healthcare plans he will be proposing, the bottom line is talk is cheap, I want specifics I can support and explain to others.

    • Please read his statement over again.

      He does NOT say China has no nukes .

      Reading comprehension is essential . Projecting something into a statement is not

      • Anonymous

        Ah, I see so everyone on this board has “reading comprehension” problems? Come on, dude. He needs to be more clear, learn how to take constructive criticism.

  • Feeling the same way…He’s the best of the group. He can’t keep making these mistakes. Pull up man. We’re rooting for you!

  • Linky1

    How much foreign policy did the Community Organizer-in Chief have? How much economic experience did he have? How much EXPERIENCE did he have, period?

    Herman Cain may not have the “experience” or all of the proper answers for the blowhard media or the RINOS such as Karl Rove, but what he does have, what appeals to Americans and non Americans (like me-a Canadian) is is honesty, integrity, values and courage. The current inhabitant of the White HOuse (I am so loath to say President) has none of these qualities – not now, not ever.

  • Does this man have Alzheimer’s??

    Cain makes Dan Quayle look like a genius!!!

    [double face palm]

  • *TRYING* to develop their nuclear capability??? *FACEPALM*

    • It’s possible he was referencing China developing nuclear powered carriers. The man worked for the U.S. Navy in missile ballistics. I’m sure he knew China had nukes. I tell you it’s pathetic how knee jerk many on the right are. even more pathetic how much more loyal leftists are to their own than many on the right.

      • Anonymous

        You nailed it, Lou. That is exactly what he was referring to. As a prior sailor who sailed first, temporarily on a Nuclear Carrier, the USS Roosevelt and then for 3 years on a Non-Nuclear Carrier, the USS Kitty Hawk, I understood exactly what he was saying. The title is designed to decieve people. He was saying that China wants to develop new nuclear capabilities, such as Nuclear Carriers.

        • Anonymous

          i really dont understand these poeple. anyone who has a cursory knowledge of military matters KNOWS the issue right now and for the last year has been china and carriers, and the nuke capabilities on the carriers. the super carrier. all that. good lord. i have to assume all these commentors dont KNOW that, are completely ignorant of that, cain was obviousdly talking about that. and assumed the viewers/listeners were up to speed on all this. apparently, he gave us more credit than we deserved. it IS funny though to read all these “super smart” folks commenting about how dumb cain is, while revealing their total ignorance. self-identification. nice.

      • Right on the money! I cannot believe how quick some are to “read” between what Cain says. Listen carefully dudes!

      • Anonymous

        Listen, i like Herman. He’s obviously had an inspiring and successful life, and Cain earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Morehouse College in 1967. He earned a master’s degree from Purdue University while working as a mathematician for the Department of the Navy so to say he’s not bright is….dumb.

        However,he can’t sound as if he doesn’t know China has nukes, or not know that in the first place.Anybody,who has occasionally read the world section of the paper over the years knows that.Some smart people have no social skills,and I guess some have no interest in world affairs.I’m leaning Newt myself.

  • Anonymous

    Folks, if Cain is the best of the group…the best we’ve got, then we are in trouble!

    • UpChuck.Liberals NoBO12

      He’s definately better than the occupier of the peoples house and IMHO better than RINO Romney. I don’t necessarily agree with his 999 plan but it’s something.

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t you noticed that we’re already in trouble thanks to the “politicians” that we’re elected over the past decades?

      – $15 trillion in debt
      – Trillion $+ annual deficits
      – Regulations out the butt – especially from to the EPA
      – A tax code that’s killing us
      – Unemployment over 9%
      – OWS-type mentality in the MSM and our schools

      Let’s just keep trying the same thing over and over and hope for a different result.

  • Steven

    Scoop, he was referring to nuclear capability in aircraft carriers. Don’t play into this new media angle to destroy Cain.

    • Sorry, I just don’t see it. I read it and I just don’t see that interpretation.

      • Steven

        This is more parsing. Parsing every f***king syllable this guy says. It not to do anything but to destroy him. In favor of who? Romney? Perry? More of the same. We need a change! A real change. Cain is able, Cain 2012!

        • Dude I love Cain but I don’t think it is parsing. I’m not writing him off though, either.

          Also, take no offense, but I don’t allow that website to be linked here. He steals my stuff all the time without attribution and I don’t appreciate it. So I deleted your link. Feel free to relink directly to the video or something if you prefer.

          • Steven

            Didn’t know about that Scoop. I linked to the first 15 mins of Savage yesterday defending Cain. Here’s another link for others who want to hear someone advocate for Cain for a change. Indeed listen to the whole damn thing. Savage was on fire.

          • Anonymous

            Not parsing, misquoting. He said “in”, not “and”. As in, “They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability IN they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have.” Watch the video and get it right. The left will have a field day with this because they won’t play the actual audio, they’ll just print the misquote. Also, can you give him props for at least wanting to BEAT China instead of sitting back like Obama and accepting that we’re China’s b**ch?

      • Anonymous

        Scoop, that is the first thing I thought of. It’s been in the news lately that China is building its first aircraft carriers. So I immediately thought he was referring to nuclear powered aircraft carriers.


    • Anonymous

      Alright, that is a significant point. The aircraft carrier they were recently in the news for is very symbolic, because the Chinese didn’t build it! It was the largest aircraft carrier every attempted by the RUSSIANS, and it was never completed because the Russian (Soviet) Empire collapsed. The massive and incomplete hull passed through the posession of various entities until the Chinese finally took posession. It was a major advancement in our military capability (and the Russians) when we developed the portable reactors to power major Naval assets. If the Chinese are developing (or have developed) a portable nuclear generation scaled to power Naval vessels……heck look at what they have done with the 1000 ipad ripoffs….they can adapt a modular reactor system to any ship design the they steal (or that Clinton gave them).

      As a side issue, I just had a realization today. Do you remember when Germany lost access to their oil fields in WWII and couldn’t refine oil to lubricate their war machine….so they invented synthetic oil?
      So I saw the numbers on how much money China has invested in ‘renewable’ energy compared to the US…something like 4:1 ($540B to $140B. I just realized (by talking with a Chinese student at an American University) that they/we (the ‘green energy’ people) are working on making fuels and oils out of bio-derived sources. I have been thinking that it didn’t make economic sense…..BUT……for Germany, synthetic oil didn’t make economic sense either. It was a STRATEGIC NECESSITY! I think Chiner has been playing us the whole time with the ‘green energy’ initiative.

      p.s.- I’m trying to convert the Chinese student to Christianity….and it’s a tough sell with the athiest indoctrination they’re immersed in.

      • Anonymous

        Not everyone over there is indoctrinated there are some Chinese students at the Church I attend who are some of the most devout Christians I have ever met.

        • Anonymous

          That is fantastic, and I know that there are millions of Christians in China and their numbers are growing……but not for the students that are products of the state. They have systematically been prevented from access to any Christian ideas through state control of all the traditional pathways of learning. One Chinese student told me, “religion, I think, is the opiate of the people”, and that’s all she had to contribute to a conversation on religion; that it was a drug that pacifies the masses. This is almost a direct quote from Karl Marx.

          This is what will happen in the U.S. as a direct result of forcing God out of the public square, and it needs to change!

      • Anonymous

        Ummm….we have biodiesel already. The US simply doesn’t have enough sugar capacity to make it cost effect. Using corn and soybean….is economic insanity….we have been trying (I worked on such projects)…but it just doesn’t make sense $ wise.

        Now, algae appears to be the next great hope…but it will be years before we know how it will perform economically and operationally.

        Also, the US has many more resources than China does. We have plenty of oil and gas (and so do our Canadian neighbors). We just need to go get it.

        • Anonymous

          Her is the point (which you agreed with); we can make fuels from feedstock other than petrolium, it just DOESN’T make economic sense from a free market mindset.
          –>So why would a country make massive investment in infrastructure, reasearch and personnel to implement such a fuel conversion system?
          Answer: If there is a higher priority than $ driving the conversion. China is ramping up their domestic capability for EVERYTHING they need internally. We saw this with their manipulation of the Copper market a few years ago. If they lose access to current oil supplies, they can convert any syngas feedstock to the fuel (or other hydrocarbon) they need.

          I am in agreement with you that we have plenty of resources. So why are we driving the ‘green’ fuel initiatives? Sabateurs in chief are intentionally impeeding, impairing, and dismantling our own internal production capacity.

          We need someone strong on energy policy, AND NOT THE GREEN KIND!!!!

          I know it works for college students, but the country cannot run on Pizza!

    • I think I agree with you, Steven. It is either that or he has said that phrase so many times in relation to Iran that it just came out by wrote accidentally. No way he meant this the way it came out. It’s a 57 state thing. (which Obama got slammed for unfairly I might add) add it to the reel every politician and human being has.

    • mike morrison

      That is exactly what I got from it, too…China has been trying to put their own nuclear aircraft carrier in the water for years and there’s a lot of speculation now that they’re going to do just that very soon. Look at this article from 2009 in the Economist.


      Now read this one from TWS


      I think this puts Cain’s statement in context and he’s completely correct that China is trying to develop its’ nuclear capability both in nuclear subs and nuclear carriers.

  • A military threat…

    If I, me, only one natural born citizen of USA know that China is a nuclear power, my initial response is that Herman Cain probably ALSO knows that China is a member of the nuclear club.

    “They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability
    “and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have.”

    So, what does “… trying to develop nuclear capability…” mean in the real world?

    Maybe the word “more” is serving double duty.

    If Cain knows that China has aircraft carriers and they “want to develop more” carriers, my initial perception, after reading the quote before listening to the words and the manner in which they were spoken, is that it appears that Cain’s use of the word “more” is inclusive, and is a reference to aircraft carriers AND nuclear capability.

    However, time will tell.


    • UpChuck.Liberals NoBO12

      China currently does not have a Blue Water Navy. They want one and they’re working their butts off to get it. They need to secure their supply routes from Africa and project power. You only do that with a bunch of big ships steaming into port, or nuking someone.

      • More at HotAir…

        The HotAir link in the story has more on China, nuclear capability and carriers.
        >> http://hotair.com/archives/2011/11/01/cain-on-china-theyre-trying-to-develop-nuclear-capability/


      • mike morrison

        They’re building two nuke powered carriers right now that will be in the water by 2015 with two more to supposedly go into the water by 2020.

        • Anonymous

          Oh no but remember Herman Cain is like stupid or something, he didn’t even know China had nukes! He probably doesn’t even know what language they speak in China!

  • I don’t see the big deal here. We have nukes, are we developing our nuclear capability? No, because we’re not building them anymore. China is building and improving their nuclear capability, so by definition they are “trying to develop their nuclear capability”. Not saying that’s what he meant, but it’s possible.

    • Dittos…

      That’s EXACTLY what I mean in my post above.

      You phrased it precisely.



    • Interesting perspective. Yet he says “they’re trying to develop nuclear capability”. It really sounds like he didn’t know they had it.

      • I agree that’s what it sounds like, but he certainly could have meant what Art was talking about. They are definitely trying to develop their nuclear capabilities when it comes to building nuclear powered subs, aircraft carriers, warships, etc.

      • Didn’t know…

        Hossmandu nailed it… yes.

        And, if a 60+ year old businessman does NOT know that China is a member of the nuclear club, what else does he not know?

        So, being “right” thinkers about nuances, Cain probably does know that China is “trying to develop” more of what they already have.


      • nice site btw, thanks to Miss Cupp for pointing me here.

        • Who…

          “Miss Cupp”… as in S.E.?

          Does she post here?
          If she does, do you know her handle?

          No, don’t reveal it, if she is posting here and if you know it.

          Just as the “content of the character” is revealed, the “character of her content” will be appreciated, I’m sure.


          • I have no idea, she tweeted the link

      • Anonymous

        Have to agree Scoop…we shouldn’t have to sit here and debate what he means. It should be conveyed clearer…

  • In all fairness, having nukes is not the exact same as developing full nuclear arsenals. Subs, carriers, etc. But yeah, that’s a slip.

  • Sorry, but we wouldn’t let a liberal get away with this.

    • Anonymous

      We did let a liberal get away with this. He ran in 57 states, remember?

      • I mean if this was any Democrat we would be all over it, and we would make fun of them to no end. Either that or we would be scared out of our minds. If we won’t tolerate it in liberals, we shouldn’t tolerate it in our candidate. Cain was my 2nd favorite candidate until this. Now it would have to go to Perry. Can someone get an exception to the Natural Born Citizen thing and ask if we can run Daniel Hannan? (tongue in cheek obviously, but I want that guy on our side of the pond bad)

        • Jim…I have to call BS on that. When Obama steps in it, it never makes air time. It ends up on the cutting room floor. Obama has never been challenged, only puff balls thrown oh so gently.

          • That isn’t what I am saying at all. Yeah when Obama has a gaffe the liberal media doesn’t cover it much if at all, but it usually ends up here, and even if it doesn’t some conservative blog picks it up. (Brietbart etc) Whenever something like that happens, those on the right, rightly (no pun intended) blast him for it. Yes our liberal friends are hypocrites for giving Obama a pass while getting after Cain for this, but don’t be guilty of the same hypocrisy.

        • Anonymous

          Liked one part of your post- Daniel Hannan is more American in thought than a lot of Americans- love to hear his views.

  • Anonymous

    I try to put it out there that Cain may have a memory problem but I was tell it was inexperience and not being prepared.

    I think it is more than that.

  • it’s not like he claimed his grandfather liberated Auschwitz(Russians) or that he was a product of the civil rights marches in Selma in ’64(he was born in 61). Those were lies, his was an error.

    • Lies…

      Right on.

      Auschwitz (Russians) and born ’61 not ’64.

      Freedom is truth
      Truth is freedom

      Is there a self-respecting Obamabot willing to politically die for an Obama lie?


  • Cheryl Gallagher

    I chalk it up to bad verbage…From the whole context of the answer he seems to be talking about China “building up” or “expanding” their nuclear capability. “Developing” was poor word choice. The man was a ballistics analyst for the navy for goodness sakes…pretty sure he knows China has nukes.
    However, poor word choice and odd parsing of questions/answers is wearing very thin. Is it possible to be too plain spoken? I hate the fact that I’m wanting him to answer more like a politician.

  • He did work on missile ballistics for the USN. I’m sure he knows China has nukes; I’m inclined to believe his mouth refused a direct order fom his brain. Happens to the best of us. I’d still rather see Newt in the WH. That said, if the Hermanator is the nominee, then he’s my boy. <==That is NOT racist. :]

    • CDS in Manitoba

      Speaking of Newt, is that debate between the two of them on this Saturday? If so, then this will have been a “busy” week for Mr. Cain from start to finish.

  • Steven

    I with Cain! If you want to cower away from Cain, go ahead. But as long as he is putting it all on the line in support of Tea Party principles against the GOP Establishment and the Washington Elites, I stand with Cain!

    • More from HotAir comments…
      >> http://hotair.com/archives/2011/11/01/cain-on-china-theyre-trying-to-develop-nuclear-capability/

      “Two, you expect me to believe that Cain,
      “a man who worked for the Department of the Navy for 6 years
      “as a ballistics analyst
      “doesn’t know that China has nuclear weapons?”


      • Anonymous

        I don’t care if he isn’t particularly aware of the current state of China’s nuclear arsenal.

        It is not at all an issue for me. Like any responsible person (except maybe Obama, who evidently ignores the advice and guidance of his senior military staff), he will gather the facts before he makes a decision.

        I do not worry about any of the candidates about foreign policy. Obama has been awful on Foreign Policy….however, even he hasn’t completely fouled it up….Obama is the floor for Foreign Policy…(well really…Carter is).

  • Anonymous

    I know I’m gunna get hammered for this? But at what point as a major business man, CEO and military career guy, and decides to run for President does it dawn on you to surround yourself with people who have background on all these pertinent issues? And if you didn’t realize that you would need this kind of firewall, where the hell have you been the last two years when Sarah Palin was sitting in the hot seat?More importantly how the hell did you continue to be a success?

    Gang we have the fight of our life playing out in front of us. CMM Corporate Mainstream Media has built a persona of a man that does not exist. Take his teleprompter away and he’s a bumbling idiot. But our party is so infatuated with finding a candidate that looks like him, to compare him to and prove they have more noses in the tent than they do. Whatever the heck that means?

    I guess my question goes directly to Herman Cain. I’ll give it to you. I grew up on your pizzas!! Geeez they were good. But just exactly how serious are you to go down this road? If you choose to, get out ALL the skeletons and have them picked over and move on. If you need a assurance. Call the Grizzly woman for tips. BUT MR. CAIN, YOU HAD BETTER BE IN IT TO WIN IT. We won’t be satified with half-hearted attempts.

    • Anonymous

      In it to win it?… Looking at his record, he quit his job at the federal reserve bank to be a Senior Advisor for another full-bodied campaign in 1996, the Dole/Kemp ticket. He’s had plenty of time to ‘bone up’ on the presidential basics.

      He was a Senior Advisor to Dole/Kemp in 1996.
      He prepared for a run in 2000 until GW got in.

      He seems to have set his sites on being part of playoffs but never expected (except in rhetoric) to make it to the big show.

      Anybody else notice how the numbers 9-9-9 were swamping another 99 slogan until the harassment scandal broke? I do think Mr. Cain was taking too much attention from the OCW fiasco for the LSM to leave him alone.

      • Anonymous

        That is an interesting point for those hoping that Mr. Cain’s burns on some sort of “he may have said something inappropriate and shouldn’t be President” cross.

        After his stint with the NRA he began planning a run for the Presidency. He obviously wasn’t spooked by the harassment issue…another indicator that there is nothing to the story.

    • Anonymous

      It’s been all downhill since Sarah P. took herself out of the race. I hear Newt is back pandering in Iowa, advocating “flex” fuels, reaffirming all my old suspicions. Cain and Perry seem to be fizzling out, past their zenith. That leaves you-know-who (ala Gomer Pyle: Suprise!, Suprise!).
      The only crumb of cheer left is the apparent departure of Palin haters RU Tedious and the like. Other than that everything is back to normal – just like 2008 all over again.

    • Josh

      I would have to agree with you. He is in the top tier now. He needs advisors like John Bolton to give him some international experience to lean on. I really think he “misspoke” …again, but that is not going to hold up for much longer. He has got to be CORRECT, and CLEAR, ALL the time.

  • Anonymous

    Remember how Obama told Russia and that little country Georgia to both show restraint, as though Georgia had a slight chance against Russia? He knew nothing about foreign policy or even geography.

  • Anonymous

    From reading the quote one could assume he meant they’re trying to ‘further’ develop their nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have. He is burning the candle at both ends and could simply have left that one word out, just a possibility. I will watch the clip when I get home and see if it’s clear he didn’t know China had a nuclear program. I don’t believe he thought that at all.

  • ….which is why he needs Newt-

    I trust him as a decision maker, not an encyclopedia……it’s those decisions he will make with the information he is privy to once he is commander in chief that are important, not how much he knows right now. The role of an executive is to make good decisions with their intelligence (which is given to them), not to have a vast store of knowledge…….that’s why there are different departments in government.

  • Joe

    I said on the smoking ad post that he better get his act together

    I think he better hire some PROFESSIONAL advisors rather than his friends who smoke

    Politics is a crazy game –

    Cain thinks his honesty and character will get him through – not happenin’

    I like him – BUT he must be better prepared

    It would be tough to outgrow China and my goodness – everyone knows that China is “arming up”

    Did you know that the potential Chinese Military is at least TWICE the size of our entire obese population ?

    This is a scary thought

    He should take a few days off and get it together

    I also believe that he will be attacked by the left and the right establishment – in fact I think this last incident was initiated by the right to get him out of the way.

    Think about it!

  • Anonymous

    We’ll….the Other McCain, CNN, Foxnews, Hotair….

    may soon be skipping over this for….RomneyGate…

  • Anonymous

    All in all, I think Cain is a good man very personable. However, I think POTUS is too high of a target. He should run for governor, Congress or Senate first, acquire some foreign policy and legislative experience before shooting for POTUS. I like him a lot but I cringe when he makes mistakes like that! The CIC is too important to make that kind of rookie mistake!….

    Yet again with the minimum experience he’s got, he will be way better than Obama!….

    • Anonymous

      Herman Cain is President or nothing else.

      I think he will make a fine President and is certainly better than the other candidates.

      Like a lot of things…this is fodder for pundits…has no bearing on actual performance in office.

      Based on his record, Herman Cain is the best candidate…..all this stuff now, is just a beauty pageant….were everybody already knows who the prettiest girl is.

    • Anonymous

      Ordinarily I would agree but take a look at the last three presidents. Bill Clinton had 12 years as Governor of Arkansas, Geo W Bush had 8 years as Governor of Texas, Barack Obama had years as a state senator and 4 years as a US senator. And look where we are. I keep hearing how “experience is important” and we try to elect the most experienced people we can find and what does it get us?
      Maybe it’s time for a fresh eye and a different approach. Cain has a lifetime of experience just not as a politician. Maybe that’s what we need.
      In the end it comes down to this. He can’t be any worse than what we have now.

  • I hate what MSM is doing to this man… Shame on the liberal media

    • Anonymous

      Cain’s mouth is doing it to Cain. We made fun of Obama for saying 57 states, but you want to forgive every blunder Cain makes.

      • Josh

        Cain does screw up from time to time, but Obama IS a screw up. I would be willing to forgive any true American. Cain is. Obama is a Communist.

        • Anonymous

          So you want to settle for someone Like Cain after the tyrant in the White House. After the mess Obama created,we need someone strong to get this country back in shape and Cain is not it. No, I don’t want to have to settle for Mitt either. No way. Since the 2 people I would like are not running, I probably would want Perry even though as I mentioned last week, the flat tax plan would increase the number of people not paying taxes and would not generate enough revenue. At least he does have an idea that would decrease the number of people not paying taxes. We don’t need 999 or Cut, Cap, and Balance. We need Drill Baby Drill.

  • Among the definitions of develop are “to make active or promote the growth of” and “to expand by a process of growth” and “to cause to grow and differentiate”….develop doesn’t just mean to create from scratch folks…

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather have someone as President who didn’t have every foreign policy fact on the tip of their tongue and occasionally picked wrong words vs. someone who doesn’t have a problem using the police power of the state to compel individuals to buy a product.

  • I’m not about to write Cain off over this… unlike, Obama, at least he knows who our enemies are. It’s the man’s policies that I want to see implemented.

    Scoop, can you get the video of Cain”s entire interview with O’Reilly? Fox News has only uploaded the part about the accusations.

  • Anonymous

    Biden might not know China has nuclear capabilities, but Cain most definitely knows they have a sophisticated nuclear program.

    His ‘warfare’ ideology is troubling though.

    It is good when individuals can use their God given talents to create awesome military technology that can be used for defence. It is bad when a government uses force to divert our resources towards their machinations like planting troops everywhere except at our border.

  • Sorry, this guy has too many blunders, inconsistencies. I’m moving my support back to Romney.

    • No one believes you. There are a lot of hard core Romney supporters like you who are commenting on these stories pretending you’re a conservative. You’re trying to give the impression people are leaving Cain because of this, but so far there’s no evidence of it. You probably should have kept in the realm of reality by saying “back to Perry.”

  • Cain made more inconsistencies in 3 weeks in comparison to Romney’s flip flops in less than 2 decades. Come on, Cain. Al Qaeda trade, electrified border fence, 3page bill, apology to Muslims…Sorry too many walk backs already.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, Oreo.

      Unlike the likes of Perry, Newt, and Romney….none of the things you mention have anything to do with Cain’s proposed policies or his record. That is why these things that Cain’s opponents try to use against him don’t put a dent in his momentum.

      Romney and Perry have shown through the records and policies to be tax raising RINOs who want the state to interfere in personal matters. And Newt was one of the people praising things like an “Individual Mandate.”

      None of the things you mention speak to Cain’s record or his proposals. You only wish they did.

      • Anonymous

        What record?

  • He makes a lot of gaffs because he’s not a politician. I’m sure he knows that china has nukes and probably means that china is trying to expand their nuclear capabilities.

  • Anonymous

    Just goes to show that as much as the media wants to appoint any conservatives as the next Sarah Palin…there is only one. She was a quick study was well informed on international issues and has character in spades…if only she wanted to run.

    • Anonymous

      Remember all those ppl who argued Sarah P. shouldn’t run because, fair or not, she was “damaged goods” due to the smears, ridicule, and hate heaped upon her? I wonder if, in light of subsequent events those brave souls have taken time to reflect on the wisdom of their arguements.

  • He’s apparently talking about nuclear aircraft carriers and he’s right.

    Ps, Romney is not getting the domination. Neocons are out , over , done.

    Conservatives are in, We want a strong defense and little or NO OFFENSE. unless attacked by the country that attacks us.
    Or at least one that is a possible immediate threat ,not made up threats from info found for us by the europeans. ie Saddams WMD’s and Libya’s “connection” to Lockerbie.

  • I don’t see anyone going over every single vowel when Romney speaks about anything..

    Why is that?

    • Anonymous

      That’s because if you take away the fact that Romney was the first governor to enact Cap and Trade legislation, the first governor to enact universal individually-mandated healthcare, that he is for gun control, that he raised fees as governor(but not taxes! /sarc), and that he is pro-choice (wait, sorry I forgot, now he’s pro-life) then he’s pretty awesome!!

  • I agree that Cain’s lack of knowledge in some areas is only important right now because the rabid media is so eager to pounce. I have every confidence that Cain is able (see what I did there?) to get caught up on all the various details in a far more meaningful way than most other candidates from most election years, not just this one.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. Ask Cain how many states there are and how you pronounce Marine Corps. If he says 50 and not 57 and says “Kor” not “Korps” he’s better than what we have now.

  • I like Herman Cain. However, with his weakness in foreign policy and the way the Middle East is right now,and China breathing down our necks, he’s honestly not ready to be President. Look at the recent events with a terrorist who almost assassinated the prime minister of Saudi Arabia on our soil who was funded by Iran, how would a President Cain handle that type of situation with his lack of experience in foreing policy? Our country simply can not afford another on the job training candidate, which is what we will get with Cain. Sure he has the executive experience and is the non politician in the current pool of candidates. He needs to run for governor of Georgia or the U.S. Senate and gain that experience I am looking for in a candidate.

    • All Herman Cain is doing is admitting he’s going to do the same thing every president has done. Wait until they get into office and have access to a lot of information no one has but the president, and then figure out what to do. The difference with past and present candidates is he isn’t pretending to already know what he’ll do.

  • Anonymous

    Relax. The man who is second in line to the Presidency believes that FDR got on TV and calmed the public after the 1929 stock market crash. And the guy who holds the nuclear codes believes that there are 57 states and is a frickin street socialist.

  • Anonymous

    A key point to remember is he said “develop nuclear capability” although China does have nuclear weapons they hardly have strong nuclear capability. The most credible deterrent force is to have Nuclear missile submarines at sea. Currently they have 4 (excluding the lone, horribly out of date, xia class boat) which is enough to ensure that at any given time one is at sea (why France and the UK also each maintain 4). But that leaves all your eggs in that one boat which more likely than not is being shadowed by an American sub. China has publicly announced that they want to build more. Also, they currently have no nuclear surface vessels but aren’t really shy about trying to develop a nuclear aircraft carrier. China is developing new and expanded nuclear capability and I think that is what Cain was getting at.
    However, if I am wrong and he really does think china doesn’t have nukes, this is a problem that he will have to address.

  • This is the one biggest knock on Cain… Foreign Policy… Once again he proves this is his weakness

    • The reason why it’s not a big disadvantage is that no one else in the field (except Huntsman) has any foreign policy experience either. You can argue Newt, but making him a possible VP choice was a smart move.

    • mike morrison

      this is getting old correcting all you “foreign policy experts”…china set off its’ first nuke in 1964…Cain worked at the Dept of the Navy in 1967 the same year China set off its’ first hydogen bomb. I think Cain knows China is a nuclear power…considering they’re building 25 more nuclear power plants as we speak.

  • Anonymous

    im sorry,but yes,it IS a big deal that he didnt know China has nuclear capability.Its frightening that he didnt know.A great President HAS to be aware of world events because his/her job is not only the economic side,but the foreign policy,foreign relations,and foreign knowledge side.Im sorry,but Cain doesnt have the Governing /Administrative experience it takes to have the hardest job in the world,President Of The United States and a world leader.Hes very very inexperienced.How about we stop looking for a magical conservative “Messiah” and back someone that CAN do the job.Cain is NOT the GOPs “Obama”.Quit trying to make him into one,its getting to be foolish .

    • Mike Lee

      Would you please get serious. His syntax/grammar was poor, but what he meant is obvious. You think Cain doesn’t know that China has nukes? Whaaaaat?

      • Anonymous

        Herman Cain’s campaign is like a play in two acts.

        ACT ONE: Hero enters, delivers challenge to the king. (Exits, stage right…)
        ACT TWO: Hero re-enters, re-states speech from ACT ONE with modifications.

    • mike morrison

      I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot…he was working for the Navy in 1967 when China set off its’ first hydrogen bomb!!!!! I think he knows they have nukes.

  • Since he was talking about China wanting to build new carriers and nuclear capabilities in the same sentence… I think he was talking about the stuff that has been in the news over the past couple years of China wanting to build new enhanced nuclear carriers. But, you are right….he needs to be more specific even in rushed interviews. He was, afterall, a rocket scientist for the Navy once. I’m thinking he knows China’s capabilities.

    • Anonymous

      Ever been so frustrated with a piece in a jig-saw puzzle that you just piece the piece in place and smashed down on it with your fist and still the piece didn’t fit?

  • Mike Lee

    Not one to cover for Cain, but c’mon! BY “develop nuclear capability” he obviously meant increase/improve their nuclear capabilities. He just didn’t add the word “further”. This is just silly.

  • L B

    by 2050, Peoples Republic China will surpass the USA… I am not a socialist or anything. But if this was 2051, hopefully people like Michael Moore and the crew of MSN-LGBT will go live over there, since it will be considered by the left— to be the better country

    • Anonymous

      China has a ton of problems.

      They are ripe for revolution as their society is a complete mess.

      China has no resources. And running amok in Africa isn’t a long-term strategy to solve their energy needs. They are like Japan (resource wise) on steroids.

      Additionally, China is getting old (demographically) very rapidly. While this does help ease their resource problems, it raises huge societal and economic problems.

  • Anonymous


    Your 2 paragraph write up summed up exactly everything running through my head as I read the interview dialogue. Great post. C’mon Hermain Cain!

  • deo heerai

    This post is nonsense add the word “further” to
    “So yes they’re a military threat. They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have”

    and you have

    “So yes they’re a military threat. They’ve indicated that they’re trying to further develop nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have”

    Do you not think he was talking about nuclear AIRCRAFT CARRIERS if that little point escapes you then who the hell are you to comment on a so called “gaffe” either that or this post is dishonest I am not that big a cain supporter but after the Politico hit job I like others are seeing a very PALINESQUE PILE ON which is turning me off a lot of so called conservatives. how very “new york times drive by” of you scoop I really expected better

  • Anonymous

    Scoop WROTE: “I’d say probably not. Like any good president, he will have good people around him (hopefully John Bolton).”

    I suspect that a lot of disappointed Americans were thinking the same thing when they voted for Obama. Obama even included the word “HOPE” in his campaign icon.

    SCOOP WROTE: “Like any good President, he will have good people around him.” I almost don’t want to say this but Mr. Cain has demonstrated frequently that he either does not have the ability to pick “good people” as advisers or his is unable to seek and employ the wisdom of those he trusts.

    I think your assumption is that, if elected, Herman Cain will be a “good President.” While he has personal charm, the only executive “skill” I have seen Mr. Cain demonstrate is the back stroke.

    Let me ask you this: What if Perry had said that China was “developing” its nuclear capabilities,” would you have forgiven Perry? What if Romney had sexual harassment charges against him and couldn’t recall the details? What if Ron Paul had said he was against abortion but that it was okay if the person wanted it?

    With all due respect to Right Scoop, I am compelled to ask: “How much are you willing to forgive?” Do you have no standards for candidates? Do you have one standard for the favorite, and another for the rest of the field?

    • Anonymous

      In case you haven’t noticed, only one president since Nixon had actual “foreign policy experience”, and that was George H. W. Bush, who was the Ambassador to the UN under Nixon and the Envoy to China under Gerald Ford. Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all have served having no previous foreign policy experience. How? Because they have ambassadors, envoys, and advisors to help them. Therefore, I’m not worried about the “lack” of foreign policy experience.

      Herman Cain’s weakness is his inability to say no to the press. The need to increase his name recognition has pushed him to do many more interviews than all of the other candidates. When you do that many interviews, you’re bound to gaffe, especially with a left-wing “gotcha” media always looking for blood. It’s unforced errors like Romney supporting John Kasich’s stance against collective bargaining (before he was against it, but now he’s really for it) or Perry saying people who don’t support the Texas Dream Act “don’t have a heart” that should make you worry.

      My standard for a candidate is he or she must be a CONSERVATIVE. And right now Herman Cain is the only one who fully fits that bill.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT A MISQUOTE!! Hello? Listen to him, he didn’t say “They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability AND they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have.” He said “They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability IN they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have.” Watch the video. Good job Right Scoop, sheesh. Joining forces with Politico next week?

    • Anonymous

      I appreciate your support for Mr. Cain but, respectfully, I think are wrong here. In his inimical speech style, he said:

      “…they’re trying to develop nuclear capability AND they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have.”
      He did not say “IN” which would have added further in-coherency to his pronouncement. What he muttered was “… n’ …” You need to face the fact that Herman merely reacts to questions and answers the way he thinks his audience wants him to (sic).

      I am going out on a limb here, but my read on this fellow is that he has spent the bigger part of his life trying to please and appease those around him To this point, it has been an effective strategy. Hell, I’ve even been given jobs based on personality and history where I have no particular skills at all! It’s the truth in corporate America. Sometimes you hire a guy because of the image he can confer on your company. Herman’s a guy who’s been the right person at the right time frequently in his life.

      Truth is, now, he’s run out of luck. He needs to demonstrate the he can do something. SHOW ME THE PLAN, Herman.

      Thank You to Williamm who posted the link to the video:

      The mutterance “… ‘n …. ” occurs at exactly 01:12 of the video.

      • Anonymous


        So Herman Cain has been a ballistics analyst (aka rocket scientist) for the U.S. Navy, the Vice President of Pillsbury, the Vice President of Burger King, the President and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, the President of the National Restaurant Association, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City not because he was qualified or the right man for the job, but because he could “confer” a specific image toward the company? Sounds like Affirmative Action to me.

        The man has built up a resume like this over 42 years and you attribute it to Affirmative Action and luck? That’s a heck of a long time to just happen to be the “right person at the right time” over and over and over and over and over again. 42 years of executive business experience and you want him to demonstrate to you that he can do something? Give me a break. Have fun voting for Mitt Romney.

        And I’ve watched the video several more times. He said “in”.

  • I don’t get the point. He didn’t say that they don’t have nuclear capability, but that they are developing (which is a normal event for every nuclear power – except the US right now).

  • Listen to the interview. He says “in” not “and.” It is an easy error in transcription. It does sound a little like “an”, but clearly isn’t. He said “in.” His statement is 100% factually correct and shows a clear understanding of the Chinese threat and how to appropriately handle it. There are apologies due. You can make up for them sending your contribution to hermancain.com.

  • mike morrison

    Ok, this is just getting silly now. China began it’s nuclear program in the ’50’s. By 1964, they had succesfully set off their own nuclear bomb.

    Cain was working for the Dept of the Navy the same year China set off it’s first hydrogen bomb.

    I think it’s more than safe to say that he knows China has nukes.


  • “So yes they’re a military threat. They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have. ”

    the percentage of american’s that knew China purchased a carrier from Russia and that that are working towards making it operational is a very small number. The speaks to Cains knowledge on the subject. In fact I doubt most political pundits even knew this fact.

    edit: just thought of something else, During the interview woodruff didnt even notice the answer was “wrong”. No one outside those of us in the military could even have a chance of knowing the details of china’s military. And most of my peers are likely clueless as well since we are focused elsewhere.

    Personally I think Cain left out one word: “They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop [additional] nuclear capability”

    I mean honestly, how many people know the exact number of nukes china has that can range the US mainland? It was only in the last decade that they acheived the ability to hit more than Hawaii when they deployed their D18 missles. and yes they are trying to develolpe more capablilty so that when they invade Taiwain, we wont want to contest that action.

    next question, how many people know that the President Wants to cut our strategic nuke forces by one third. How many pundits can name all three legs of the triad? which three airforce bombers can deliever nukes? What is the name of the Navies SSBN, how many nukes does it carry. does China have an SSBN. How many ICBMs does the US still have?

    do you really expect our candidates to know the answers? Cain knows china is a threat, he knows they have nukes and are working to develope additional capablilty. Next question, does President Obama care that China is developing increased nuke capablity IOT make us but out when they invade Tawain? Nope, he doesnt. Cain obviously does.

  • Anonymous

    This is the Palestine Broadcast Service – pbs – so, the only thing you can expect out of them are loaded questions only designed to trip up Mr Cain

  • Anonymous

    If Cain was Obama, and Obama said what Cain said, and a supporter of Obama said “I don’t care, I still support Obama”, would you call that supporter an Obama zombie?

    • Anonymous

      Obama said much worse.

  • deo heerai

    Scoop do not ever say “i lke herman cain i really do” ever again that is exactly what people at politico, geraldo, bill o’riely, dana perino etc say all the time they are all rinos and all in the tank for Romney or lying their faces off think about that all of you playing this game reminds people too much of Palin and are in serious jeopardy of being written off… just sayin

  • Anonymous

    There is a very good chance Cain’s advisers are sabotaging him. This is what the RNC did to Sarah Palin. I still believe the look on Sarah’s face in the infamous Couric interview was the realization that she had been set up by McCain’s people.

    • Anonymous

      Me too.

  • Josh

    It’s not a matter of knowledge, but a matter of judgement. Put the candidates on trial. Give them a case. Think of how each would come to their decisions. How many would pander to the public? How many would do what is popular or what makes them look good? How many would make an honest assessment and a good decision?

    As Cain has pointed out on numerous occasions, he does not have all the information that is available. He may not have as much information as you and me. While it is hard to say this, he may NOT have known that China has nukes.

    However, it is not about the information he has right now. It is about his judgement and agenda. Cain wants America to be prosperous again. When he sees waste and duplication in federal programs, he wants to cut them. When he sees that taxes and regulations are killing jobs, he wants to reform them. When he gets all of the details about our foreign affairs, I am 100% confident that he can make a good, solid decision about how to deal with it. You can argue all you want to about what he knows or not, but you cannot argue with his solid, lifelong record of making the right decisions and getting things done.

  • deo heerai

    You people commenting on cains knowing of china’s capability do know that cain was a rocket scientist working for the Navy right ….right

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but I really have a hard time believing that he doesn’t know China has nuclear weapons. A commenter at HotAir mentioned, in detail I might add, (http://hotair.com/archives/2011/11/01/cain-on-china-theyre-trying-to-develop-nuclear-capability/comment-page-5/#comment-5053611) that during the Vietnam War, Cain had performed analyses on the capability of Chinese missiles to deliver nuclear weapons on American soldiers in S. Vietnam. If this is accurate, then it reinforces my belief about what happened on PBS…

    …Herman’s plain speaking style is one of the reasons so many folks respect him. He can be very eloquent at times but he also can speak very plainly (like most common citizens), so much so that he has a tendency to stumble over his words, almost as if he has a slight speech impediment (not a criticism!; very common!) or his brain is thinking faster than his mouth can speak. Even Rush Limbaugh has admitted that he is prone to this from time to time, although he is usually fantastic at hiding it. I know I can accidentally mix up the words to a common phrase from time-to-time or muck up the definition of one word when I should have used another word entirely. It could be as simple as Herman meant to say “enhance” or “improve” when he said “develop” or perhaps he really meant to use a talking point about Chinese nuclear aircraft carriers or other warships and just mucked it up in the heat of the battle.

    For example, on The Factor last night, Herman was in the process of explaining why he supports missile defense capabilities on warships in the Middle East when he said:

    “If they [Iran] fires first, we’re gonna defend ourselves and defend our ENEMIES…”

    Now, you cannot tell me he meant to say ENEMIES (if it was Obama I wouldn’t be so sure!); he clearly meant to say FRIENDS, especially since he made a point to single out Israel’s friendship just a few seconds earlier. This is not the first time he has mixed words up like this during the middle of a interview; it does happen occasionally. Those of you supporting another candidate may pounce on this comment as showing he “isn’t ready for primetime”, and that’s not unreasonable, but I argue that his supporters see these “gaffes” as refreshing and part of his overall appeal, being an unpolished businessman running for the highest political office in the land. Some on the fence may argue that his lack of polish makes him better suited for a smaller goal, perhaps Congress or Governor of GA and that’s a reasonable viewpoint too.

    Look, Herman needs to continue to improve on his tendency to misspeak in order to prove to those who know less about him that he is indeed “ready for primetime”. I think this is an acceptable expectation. But heck, it seems to me Perry has similar problems from time-to-time, and I don’t hold that against him too much either, except he actually HAS been a long-term politician. Perry supporters want conservatives to overlook the “heartless” comment as just a sign of Perry’s passion, so all I ask is that Herman has the same courtesy.

    ADDENDUM/ I realize to many it looks bad for Herman to misspeak (like on Wolf Blitzer’s show before the Las Vegas debate) and have to correct or clarify his position later. When a politician does this we immediately become suspicious, as we should. However, I believe his ardent supporters are willing to forgive these missteps because many, especially those from Georgia who’ve been following him for years, know the kind of genuine person and conservative he truly is. They TRUST him. That’s a very powerful tool to have in your belt, and as long as Herman doesn’t abuse it, it will take him a very long way towards the nomination and the presidency. Those who don’t know him are going to be far more suspicious, and that’s perfectly acceptable when vetting anyone for political office. /END ADDENDUM

    Finally, **I think we have all become accustomed to parsing every last syllable of every last word that comes from our politicians in order to seek out the contradiction we need to further our viewpoint or to prove that they are crooked.** They’ve done a good job earning that cynicism. Herman is no Romney who’s been polishing his words since before the 2008 election. **I think that if we are truly interested in giving a non-politician a chance to fix what politicians have been screwing up for decades (all the while doing a wonderful job giving polished speeches and evasive, “politispeak” interviews), we need to treat that non-politician as a non-politician and cut them some slack!**

    Thanks for reading.

  • Anonymous

    Cain needs a two week break from the media. Needs to take a john Bolton class ASAP! Also a Sarah Palin class ASAP!

    Cain is the only candidate I can support. Even if I and the rest of us have to drag him across the finish. I mean it is not like the other candidates are any better!

    Its like watching a super bowl game where both teams are horrible and the one that wins is the one with the fewest interceptions.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t say for sure this is what Cain was talking about, but China has been working on nuclear powered aircraft carriers “like we have.” Google it, cuz I don’t feel like finding a url right now. It’s plausible anyway. I can’t imagine anyone not knowing or even assuming that China has nukes.

  • Anonymous

    This is an orchestrated attempt by the beltway and the left to bring this guy down! Screw these bastards. The American people need to stand firm by this guy and give half the peace sign to establishment!

  • “trying to develop nuclear capability” can mean ICBM’s. You can have nukes and still be developing better and different ways to deploy that arsenal.

  • Is the media really “trying to destroy him” by asking puffball questions about foreign relations? Cain brought up the nuclear issue himself- Woodruff didn’t even allude to that. If asking a candidate to speak on any topic is considered ‘gotcha journalism’ these days we are in trouble on all sides.

    • mike morrison

      I don’t think Woodruff was rough on him at all…I just think the parsing of words here is the real problem. Cain was working for the Navy when China set off it’s first nuke. It’s just not possible that he doesn’t know they have nukes…the “gotcha” journalism happens AFTER the interview in this case:(

      Cain doesn’t flinch and tries to answer every question without pretense…he’s getting better at seeing the curveball questions coming at him. I’ve never even seen him get mad at someone who he knows is trying to corner him or put words in his mouth. That Lawrence O’Donnell interview was as awful as I’ve ever seen and Cain was still gracious at the end and said he’d come back, even.

      If he can weather this storm, I think all this junk will backfire on those who kicked this all off…and my guess is it’s the Perry campaign.

      • I agree with you, however the article states that there is an “adversarial media who is already trying to destroy him.” In this case I would say his main adversary is the way he answers question.

  • Let’s see. off the top of my head. He is a radio talk show host and candidate for president, but…..
    doesn’t have a clue what the ‘right of return’ is
    doesn’t know what a neo-conservative is
    doesn’t know that China has nuclear capability
    calls our most important ally in a very troubled part of the world, bekibekibekistan as a lame joke to hide his lack of knowledge
    There is lots more, but why bother. The guy is seriously unserious. I think it is an embarrassment to conservatives that he is leading in the polls. Switch to any of the others if you can’t stomach Romney. But please stop giving this clown a pass.

  • Anonymous

    Quick – What is the capital of Azerbaijan? Don’t know? Sorry, you are unfit to be president!

  • He misspoke guys. He misspoke on Guantanamo prisoner trade w/ 1 American prisoner. He misspoke on electrified border fence. He misspoke on abortion. He misspoke on offending Muslims so he had to apologized. He misspoke on sexual harassment about the settlement. The list just keeps getting longer. Honestly, Cain’s list of flip flops quadruples Romney’s. Wow! “I will still support Cain no matter what”

  • I’m curious why Cain wouldn’t advocate of letting his accuser tell her side of the story. Ya Ya Ya non disclosure agreement. Cain should at least say publicly that he supports the idea that she should be given a chance to tell her side regardless of the agreement. If Cain is GOP’S nominee then you can say HELLO to Obama for another 4 years.

    • Anonymous

      If its Romney, it might as well be Obama.

  • All I can say is keep attacking Romney on his flip flops and Karma will do its job on your candidate.

  • BREAKING: Witness to Cain’s sexual harassment linked to Rick Perry’s Super PAC. via HotAir

  • Abe Schneider

    The next thing Herman Cain is going to say is, “I can see China from my front lawn.”
    That’s all this country needs is a nincompoop in the White House.

  • Anonymous

    Look folks, it’s apparent that from here on everything that Mr. Cain says will be scrutinize to the fullest whether it be relevant or not.

    As far as I’m concerned, unless the man is proven to be caught with his hand in ANY cookie jar of major controversy,….he still has my vote. What are we looking for…MR.PERFECT!!??

    Comon, the man is as human as we are and is susceptible to making a perfectly honest mistake just as any of us are.

    Remember, it’s the content of a man’s character that matters most, not the ability to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING!!

    Do you?

  • Anonymous

    Go back to the video and listen to what he says. He said China is trying to make their military like ours by upgrading their nuclear arsenal. If he said they wish to upgrade their arsenal, then that means he knows they have a nuclear arsenal. How can one come to the conclusion that he does not know that China does not have nuclear capabilites from that?

  • Anonymous

    I think Cain was saying that China is trying to improve their nuclear technology with regards to their submarines and aircraft carriers, not that they don’t have nukes at all. Either way though I’m still a Cain supporter too, there’s just no one else I agree with enough in this primary.

  • Wow, you’re hard to turn off! “china has nukes?” LOL

  • Herman Cain: I misspoke >ten to the tenth power<

  • Anonymous

    He’s a businessman who’s trying to get up to speed in national politics AND international politics. The problem is not so much that he didn’t know China had nukes as it is, “What ELSE doesn’t he know, that no one knows he doesn’t know, until his ignorance creates a disaster?”

    He comes off like an ignorant provincial. This is not Quemoy and Matsu.

    I’ll bet that Herman Cain knows far more about politics than I do. But he’s running for the most important job in America. He BETTER know more than I do. And when I see this lack of knowledge about the biggest nation in the world, and probably the most unshakably Communist nation in the world, cold chills run up and down my spine. And I’m not talking about the kind that Chris Mathews likes.

    Oh crumbs, Herman. You fumbled. Again.

  • I fail to see the jump from what Cain said to “China has no nukes”. I think it takes just a wee bit of bias to make that jump.