Herman Cain: Congress should stop playing politics with FEMA funding

Herman Cain said that he wouldn’t play politics with tragedies and that Republicans shouldn’t risk a government shutdown over getting immediate offsetting spending cuts to counter the new funding for FEMA. He says that Congress should go ahead and do what’s right for the people and find the offsetting spending cuts later.

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  • Anonymous

    I like the fact that Herman Cain has practical and successful business experience.

  • Yes, but can we really trust Washington to find those offsets later? NO!
    I can totally understand Cain’s saying they shouldn’t play politics, but that’s all they’ve ever done- an important bill needs to be passed, so lets tack a whole lot of spending onto it.
    I am sick of it. FEMA does do some good, but it is my experience, with my own family and others I know, that when disasters to strike, it is the community itself which does much to help each other, not the federal government.
    People should not have to suffer, I agree, but it is always the federal government involvement which helps the suffering continue.

    • Anonymous

      Amen. Reprint it in caps, Americanborn. It has to stop somewhere, and it won’t be better if we wait longer, and there will always be disasters, and how much help will a bankrupt government be to disaster victims?

      There is no reason to let the government keep operating in the same criminally irresponsible way. There are many reasons to SHUT THE FEDGOV DOWN before it collapses and inevitably takes us all with it.

  • Anonymous

    Rush Limbaugh just pointed out that Herman Cain, if elected president, will be the first authentic Black American President… LOL


    • Anonymous

      Yes, but, what about historic ??

      • Anonymous

        Yes I think it will be historic… really historic, unlike the Dems when they pushed phony historic on us in the person of Obama. That’s called rewriting history and all that “rewriting” history entails. Obama’s Obots in the form of radical Marxists, leftists, anarchists, and elitist media and academe progressives are masters of rewriting history

        • Anonymous

          I think you mean, “…and all that rewriting history entrails.”

          Whuz up Las!?

          This Beee Rs, back in the hood!

          • Anonymous

            Entrails that be Beee after the Zero gets torn limb from limb in his own hood while his hapless CBC enablers stand by scratchin’ their butts sayin’ “what up wit dat?

            P.S. for yo info… CBC in Canada has very negative connotations. Officially it stands for our state broadcaster the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. But unofficially it’s called Communist Broadcasting Corp. So when a Canadian conservative says “CBC”… it’s followed by “ptooeee”!

            • Anonymous


              Which lives in the same Gubbamint housing unit as Phooey!


              Is that wrong? Of course it is.


            • CBC and CBC are one in the same- that’s for sure!

          • I’ve missed your silliness 😉

            • Anonymous

              Me too 😉

              My son had surgery this weekend. It was of the serious variety and he was a true trooper. He is recuperating and doing great!

              God is good!!!!!!!

              • I am glad for that, thank you Lord! Next time, you need to say something- I’m one of those wacky prayer warrior people 😉 Glad everything went ok.

                • Anonymous

                  OK 🙂 He had a small non-cancerous cavernoma in his right frontal lobe that was prone to bleed and cause seizure. He also had the best brain surgeon in the state. In addition to all of that he now has 70 staples in his head.

                  He handled it so well…I can’t even believe it. He’s 22 yrs old.

                  His first seizure ever caused him to wreck his car. Thankfully it was a low speed accident with a pole and no other cars or people. Not a scratch from the accident but a CT scan and MRI revealed the cause three weeks ago. He wanted it removed so he could be 100%. Aside from the surgical wound and staples, he is. His hair should grow back over the scar.

                • Wow! Amazing Rshill- I am really glad he was OK after the accident, but perhaps a blessing in disguise then, now that they found the problem! God Bless you guys!!

    • Linky1

      And what would Morgan Freeman have to say about that?????

  • Anonymous

    I guess that 536 million that went to a fraudulent green company could have been helpful for FEMA huh?

  • Anonymous

    CAIN can run circles around Romney

    • Anonymous

      Yep. O’ needs to get his political affairs in order.

      His political will could begin something like this:

      I, O’, being of unsound mind and empty suit, do hereby leave my political career to anyone with the first name Jimmy or the last name Carter…

      • Anonymous

        At first read of “will” I thought you meant Obama’s will-power! On re-read I see your point….nicely honed. My suggestion to expand upon your suggestion is for the soon-to-be former dictator to definitely include an endorsed DNR/Do-Not-Resuscitate doc.

        • Anonymous

          With a whir and a slur, and what-the-heck, a brrr…I concur…sir 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Another RINO unmasked.

    Well, maybe not, but this is a RINO position. When you give the ASPs (American Socialist Partyers) what they want, you’re doing the wrong thing. That’s bad enough for me. It’s compromise and weakness and retreat. We NEED to shut down the government.

    • Anonymous

      No, you were right the first time. During the debates he said that “tax reform should be revenue neutral.” That should be a non-starter for conservative voters.

      Add that to his supporting TARP and claiming there was no housing bubble, etc., and we have someone who really doesn’t understand the economy and has no intention of cutting the size of government, despite his occasional small government rhetoric.

      • Anonymous

        No housing bubble?!!? TARP? Good grief. OK, Herman, it’s back to flipping burgers for you.

        A political party that cares about the nation – or even just cares about winning – ought to have some standards beyond “breathing, and walking upright”.

        I had a suspicion he wasn’t that bright. The few times I listened to him, he sounded more like an old-time evangelist than a savvy political leader.

        Thanks, JA.

  • Anonymous

    Cain’s statement is wrong. The democrats always play these cards to manipulate the congress common sense solutions. Cain needs to wake up and see that this country is where it is because we always give in to the Democrats when they use one of these tactics. Reid and the senate love to play chicken, and we always cave. Time to get some balls and fight the good fight for the people of America.

    I say piss up a rope. Close the government if that is what it takes. Cain wake up.

    • cabensg

      That and it came to light today that FEMA miscalculated (or someone did) and they have enough money after all. This is why these candidates shouldn’t jump in with both feet before finding out all the facts. I have nothing against Cain and he sure knows how to keep the others on their toes but I’m not all in for anyone yet. I can’t say I really get all the hate aimed at Perry though. If you want information about a candidate you don’t use liberal talking points or believe them which it seems to me many have. I figure we’ll get it all straightened out in the next year and go from there.

  • Anonymous

    Cain’s my pick, even though I disagree with him about FEMA funding and whether it should even exist to begin with. No federal safety nets!

  • And there goes another ‘conservative’ down the drain…

  • Staying home and relaxing is looking better and better. God help us.

  • all the right ideas!

  • Anonymous

    Cain is naive !! There are no “gentlemen/gentlewomen” in Washington. There is never a reciprocating cut later unless it doesn’t cost the individual congressperson anything.

  • Anonymous

    So much for the belief that Cain is a fiscal conservative.

  • Anonymous

    With Cain’s 999 plan he wants to keep the income tax and ADD a national sales tax. Now fromthis clip it clear he is naive to think we should give the power to the federal gov to introduce a national sales tax at any level without outlawing them from taxing our income.

    • This…whatever this is…and that are the only two big problems I have with Cain.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    New Mr Cain massage , spend spend spend , waoo this is a real conservative .I DONT THINK SO

  • Anonymous

    Now there’s a very large assumption – there are ‘gentlemen’ in Washington DC??? Cool, if true.

  • Anonymous


    It really annoys me how MSNBC had a headline in bold red letters on their website today (it was actually an AP story) saying that the Cain win was a “none of the above vote”. If that was the case, the votes should have gone evenly to the other alternatives – Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, Paul…

    It’s great that as soon as a new candidate starts getting popular, MSNBC feels the need to destroy him/her.

    • KenInMontana

      They will go down right along with the SS Zero, if you look close you may even see Madcow and company on the bridge 🙂

  • Anonymous

    There were lines around the block here in CT for people trying to get reimbursements for FOOD STAMPS to replace the food they lost in hurricane Irene. Hello? We all lost food and had to replace it. Who’s going to reimburse me? Mother Nature? And the mess they left in the aftermath is a disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    Ooops, this was for ABC. Removed by author…

  • Josh

    The Good: Get rid of the politics. No one on the “good guy” side should be holding up disaster relief for Americans. Even the Tea Party needs to understand the difference between funding for Obamacare and funding for our neighbors who have been hit with a natural disaster.

    The Bad: Gentlemen’s agreements and “don’t worry about it”. He should have said that we need to do the funding now AND NOT forget about the cuts. I think that was a misstatement as it does not fit with his normal message.

    I really like Herman Cain as a candidate. He is a businessman without the crazy, nutball ideas that usually accompany the type. (Perot, Paul, etc.) He is basically stating that we do not need to paint with such broad strokes in Washington. Solve the issue without making sweeping acts of lunacy.

    • cabensg

      Sorry to disagree but there was nothing crazy about Perot. In fact he would fit right in with the Tea Party movement. He also had more courage in his little finger than any liberal politician has in their whole body. His problem was he felt the same way then that we do now about the press and refused to tolerate them. He was ahead of his time by calling them out and people thought that was just plain crazy now we’re the ones calling them out and their calling us crazy to.

  • Herman Cain! U.S. Air Force veteran! Former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, with a record of bringing companies up from the edge. Holds a degree in Computer Science. He does have plans, that are easy reading, and make sense. He is for shrinking the size and operation of the federal government.

    I admit, when Perry and Romney shot off statistics and other “maybe truths” about each other, at the time of the debate, they could NOT rattle off what they WOULD do, but stated either: “Spend your money and read my book” or “I will have that plan by this weekend”. This far along, with that many minutes of my life spent waiting to hear something concrete, I’ve wasted enough of my life waiting for nothing.

  • Mr. Cain is exactly the type of business sense to run this country,a very smart man who can get it done