Herman Cain interview on Mark Levin Show

Herman Cain was on Mark Levin’s radio show tonight talking about his 9-9-9 plan as well as discussing his thoughts on the media trying to make this a two-candidate race. One thing I am very pleased with is that Herman Cain has a fighting spirit and is in it for the long run.

Here’s the interview:

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  • Anonymous

    The simplicity of this 9-9-9 plan is refreshing as is Cain’s explanation. I just cannot trust the Central Government….it will keep growing as it ratchets 9-9-9 up to 20-20-20.

    Massive, and I mean MASSIVE, cuts to the size and reach of the Central Government must come hard, fast and first, before any talk of taxes.

  • Anonymous

    The Hermanator……..Pure Class!!!

  • Anonymous

    I really like Herman Cain.

  • KenInMontana

    Having done the math on both 9-9-9 and the Fair Tax, the amount per pay period (every 2 weeks) under Cain’s plan would amount to just over what currently comes out of my pay total (Fed tax,State tax,SSI etc) in just Federal taxes, then add to that the deductions for the State and others like UI and SSI, well it just is a Non-Starter for me. Thanks but no thanks, Herman.

    • Anonymous

      Could you share your math with us? At least he’s coming up with some solutions and certainty, and it would bring everyone into the tax game, also do away with all of the loopholes for Big Bus with lobbyist.

      Personally, I like Mr. Cain and his positions on all issues. I’m really tired of the media concluding Perry & Romney as the only choices we’ll have. Hopefully the next debates will be more fair on time given to all of the candidates.

      • KenInMontana

        Take your annual gross, figure out 9% of that, divide it by 26 (if you are paid every two weeks) , get a pay stub and compare the deductions on it to the 9%. Bear in mind that the 9% figure is just Federal Tax alone, it does not include other taxes and deductions you will still be paying in addition to the fed tax.

        Although a 9% sales tax does not sound like much upon a cursory examination, what none of the supporters mention is the fact that the amount of money that makes up that 9% will increase to keep pace with any inflation (which we are already seeing ) ie if the cost of a good doubles, the actual dollar amount of that tax will double as well.

        The 9% corporate tax will be passed along to the consumer as it always has been, and will be reflected in the costs of goods.

        While new ideas are good to have, not all new ideas are good ideas.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, it DOES eliminate FICA, etc. not just income tax. Everything that goes to the federal govt. Does that change your analysis of his plan?

          Mr. Cain has promised to post his economists calculations on this soon, so I look forward to seeing the specifics and examples.

          • KenInMontana

            If it does away with the SSI tax then, his reform plans are fatally flawed,due to the fact he would have to drastically change the SSI system, something that is beyond the scope of Presidential authority alone to do. There are way too many holes in his plan that are not addressed. Until they are all addressed and laid out clearly and concisely my position remains unchanged. However, I live in a state where we have actively fought against the imposition of a sales tax, which we have managed to get along just fine without, so why would I want to see one imposed by the Feds on a national scale, I really don’t think people, that support this, that live in states that already have a sales tax have really thought that through. So in response it does not change my stance on his plan.

            • Anonymous

              If the Feds get the power to levy a sales tax it will of course layer on top of income tax. Look only to Europe with the high income taxes and VAT to see where this is going.

              We should also be careful they may say “sales tax” when the really mean VAT. VAT is charged and each product step from commodity harvesting to the end consumer sale. The government escrows the intermediate VAT from each transaction, refunding it to some.

              Danger Will Robinson, Danger.

              • Sorry but your analysis is wrong. please actually read the 9-9-9 plan not just assume things. VAT is completely different from what is 9-9-9. You are dead wrong to compare the two, VAT taxes every level of production. 9-9-9- taxes only final sales

        • Anonymous

          People should also take two things into account. First, our current federal tax code allows you to deduct state income taxes paid if you itemize your deductions, which most people who have a mortgage probably do. Second, some people like me have too much withheld because of the way we’ve filled out our W4’s. I declare Single 1 on my W4, but file as Head of Household and claim my kid as a deduction. (Yeah, I know it’s stupid, but I know me and I would rather get the refund than take the chance of owing money.)

          I agree with you about the sales tax. Anyone who thinks it’d stay 9% for very long is kidding themselves.

          • So we should do nothing and cling to our current corrupt broken system because any change might be corrupted later?

            Do nothing is not a rational answer to our current fiscal crises.

        • No it is not. the 9% is a flat rate that replaces all your payroll and non state taxes. Ken here is still counting the Payroll taxes. Those go away in 9-9-9.

          KeninMontana’s math is completely wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Ken, I’ve explained how Cain’s plan will harm seniors so will not go through that anymore. I did contact the American Seniors Association and explain using facts about the harm it will do to millions of seniors.

      Prior to my phone call,this was their position on the Fair Tax. Under FAQ

      Where do you stand on the Second Amendment (Gun control)?

      The American Seniors Association is a Constitutionalist organization and we believe in upholding all of the Constitution including the Second Amendment. ASA advocates for the following issues; Social Security Reform, Medicare Reform, Tax Reform by way of the Fair Tax, and keeping citizen benefits out of the hands of Illegal Immigrants.

      10-15 minutes into my call, they made this change while I was still on the phone.

      Where do you stand on the Second Amendment (Gun control)?

      The American Seniors Association is a Constitutionalist organization and we believe in upholding all of the Constitution including the Second Amendment. ASA advocates for the following issues; Social Security Reform, Medicare Reform, Tax Reform, and keeping citizen benefits out of the hands of Illegal Immigrants.

      You will notice they removed the part about Fair Tax.


      I’m in favor of tax reform, but not one that takes money out of the hands of Seniors.

      I wasn’t going to post anymore, but this is important. Cain changed to 999 instead of Fair tax, but 999 is actually phase 1 of fair Tax.

      I think Cain is a good man, but he hasn’t done the math.

      I hope he wakes up soon.

      Again, I challenge Cain to prove me wrong.

      • KenInMontana

        Yes and I have seen the “heat” you have taken for your stand. I have always looked upon the “Fair tax” as nothing more than a shell game. I honestly believe that if people want a tax that is fair, then the flat tax idea is the way to go, one percentage rate for all based on total of an individual’s total income from all sources. I think that the folks that are already stuck in the SS trap should be exempted from paying taxes on that SS income if it is their only source of income. I agree with Cain on reforming the SSI system, though I cannot and do not support his tax plan.

        • Anonymous

          This is from SSA

          Paying income tax on Social Security benefits
          Updated 09/19/2011 06:34 AM | ID# 493

          Do I have to pay income taxes on the benefits I receive?

          You will have to pay federal taxes on your Social Security benefits if you file a federal tax return as an individual and your total income is more than $25,000. If you file a joint return, you will have to pay taxes if you and your spouse have a total income of more than $32,000.


          Either of Cain’s plans will force us to pay a tax where there was none for millions of us.

          Wait until the liberal media gets hold of this info.

          • Anonymous

            a flat tax would force everyone to pay as well where before (now) everyone doesn’t.

            • Anonymous

              You are correct unless they exempt people receiving less than 25,000 per year for a single or 32,000 for a couple as they are now. Changing the rules after these people paid into the system for half a century won’t go over too well.

              The Flat Tax would be the most fair if this was addressed.

              I agree the present system is mess and needs reforms.

              They say something like 47% pf the people pay no income tax, but they don’t mention the fact that many people get back more in refunds than they paid in with Earned Income Credit. See pdf


              • Apparently you don’t understand that Cain’s plan is a FLAT tax. You just contradicted yourself, because you said a Flat tax would be the most fair.

                • Anonymous

                  Do you understand the difference in the Fair Tax and Flat Tax?

                  One of the biggest differences is the Flat Tax is on income and the Fair Tax is a tax on consumption, which includes food, rent, utilities, medicine and any other goods or services.
                  Nah, it’s obvious you don’t know that.

          • Ok, so I get it now. Your one of those bottom feeders (The 47% that don’t have to pay any Federal income tax) and you don’t like the fact that YOU and everyone else will have to contribute to the tax base with Cain’s plan. Since my current tax rate is higher then 9% and I’m also paying all those extra like FICA. Under Cain’s plan my take home pay will be more because I’m paying a FLAT 9% on my income.

            • Anonymous

              I paid into the system so stuff your bottom feeder comment. I try to be polite to ladies, but you don’t qualify.

      • Do you have a mathematics degree? Are you one of the top economists? If your answers are no, then who are you stay that he hasn’t done his math?

        • Anonymous

          No I don’t have a degree and am not a top economist, but it doesn’t take a degree to do basic math. You may be able to do it yourself someday.

    • It will not be the 9-9-9 Plus the Fair Tax, he wants the 9-9-9 plan that will lead to the Fair Tax when the Fair tax starts the 9-9-9 Stops. so you will pay less and the IRS Goes Bye Bye.

      • KenInMontana

        First I did not say that both would be in force at the same time, you seem to have a reading comprehension issue. The “Fair Tax” is nothing more than a shell game. If you think that the fair tax will do away with the IRS you are living in a fantasy world, as long as there are taxes to collect there will be an IRS.

        • Anonymous

          You seemed reasonable at first and put out superfically good thoughts–but then you got down and dirty, making personal attacks–which totally diminshes your argument. If only people could make their arguments logically without smearing or making derogatory statements in a condescending manner, we could all learn. NO ONE should feel so brilliant as to cast aspersions on others! Make your arguments without that and people will listen to you!

          • KenInMontana

            You should bear that in mind yourself. I have little patience for those who can’t be bothered with actually reading a comment before responding to something that wasn’t written or those that believe themselves to sly enough to couch aspersion in diplomacy.

            • Anonymous

              There you go again–castigating a well-meaning response.
              Sorry I tried to be positive to you–obviously a waste of time and caring–as the old French proverb states “There are none so deaf as those that will not hear.” Thank you for your kind, thoughtful, considerate responses which show what a caring person you are (n’t)

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Cain is a Fairtax supporter and has been all along. He has explained that his 999 plan is a step on the path to Fairtax.

      President’s are not handed a magic wand when elected. Ask the American people how they feel about the Hopey Changey ideas the present denizen of the White House have worked for them. When the potus took office, he had a democrat house and a democrat senate and even then could not get anything passed. Rushed and pushed through? You bet. But nothing passed.


      • KenInMontana

        I’m aware of Cain’s advocacy of the Fair Tax, and for me it’s a strike against him. He’s not out yet, so as far as his candidacy is concerned in my mind, it’s a wait and see thing.

        • So you would advocate do nothing as the solution to our current fiscal crises. That is a non viable answer.

  • Anonymous

    Herman says his plan will result in “Businesses will put together growth plans instead of survival plans”. I think that is true.

    Also, Herman is correct when he says “Americans are sick of the IRS”

  • So did Herman Cain scrap the Fair Tax for his campaign?

    • No, 999 is the first phase

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s intended to be a first step to get to the Fair Tax Plan. I’d love to hear him illuminate that. Love Mr. Cain & I hope he hangs tough.

  • I sure do like Cain! If Sarah doesn’t run, I’d love to see Herman Cain as our next president. If she does run, I will love to see Cain as VP 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Agree with him or not on the 9-9-9 plan, at least it is a plan. Thats a starting point as opposed to anyone else who just says they believe they need to reform the tax code. Got it, everyone agrees that we need to reform the tax code, and social security, and medicare and medicade….got it. But how????!!!! What are the plans to do this??? Information please

  • Anonymous

    Our current tax code is strangling us. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way of scrapping it and have everyone coming out exactly the same as they were before with respect to taxes paid. The important thing to recognize is that a simple, fair and transparent tax code will do more to fix out economy than anything else. Whether that is a flat tax or the FairTax is somewhat secondary. As far as I know, Mr. Cain is the only candidate that is at least offering a plan.

    Tinkering with our current code will actually do more harm than good – it will only make our current 70,000+ page code even larger.

  • My problem, is that you keep the current ammendedment for income taxation, and include a sales tax, there is nothing to keep the next administration from just raising the taxes on income back up, leaving the sales tax as a true VAT tax there as well.

  • Anonymous

    Fair Tax Absolutely, and if Herman Cain’s 999 is the first phase or step to abolish the IRS and move to the Fair Tax, I am in favor. It takes very little time to read and comprehend the Fair Tax.

  • Anonymous

    WHY WE NEED 9 – 9 – 9