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Herman Cain says that he’s not going to allow any Muslims in his Cabinet or would he pick one to be a federal Judge:

Doug Mataconis over at Outside The Beltway has already labeled Herman Cain a bigot for discrimination. But I’m guessing he would also say that we should wait for Iran to nuke someone to do something about their nuclear weapons.

Herman Cain is not a bigot and he is right to say that there is a stealth Jihad/Sharia trying to be pushed on America, just as it is being pushed on France, England, and the better part of the Middle East. And remember, Cain was just asked about his Cabinet and the whether he would nominate a Muslim as a Federal Judge.

Personally I wouldn’t have stated it in the general way he did, but perhaps that’s because Cain has more gonads than I do. It will be easily twisted and I predict he’ll have to clarify.

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