Herman Cain sings at National Press Club “He Looked Beyond My Faults”

This was an amazing end to what I thought was a great press engagement with Herman Cain at the National Press Club. He was asked to sing at the end of the event, and he obliged. And I’m not going to lie, I found it touching:

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  • Anonymous

    I beginning to think this guy is on a roll…

    • Steven

      How else can you explain this man singing, given everything that has been thrown at him in the last 48 hours?

  • Wow! He’s actually good. I too was moved.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Herman, I needed that message today.

  • Anonymous

    The next winner of Republican Idol!

  • JW

    Wow, I’m speechless.

  • Anonymous


  • He is a man of strong integrity and faith. They will throw everything (even the kitchen sink) at him. It is so ironic how a conservitive is proven guilty before he is considered inocent. The main-stream has no scruples what so ever. Mr Cain your faith will overcome. God bless you my friend.

  • He is a good man, and I love him.

  • Anonymous

    The LSM and Repub establishment are trying to tear this man apart…stay strong, Herman Cain.

  • Steven

    This man is special. I know the odds are stacked against him. I know that the Establishment GOP, the Elites in Washington, the Left, and the Media are stacked against him. But this man is undeterred. He is not afraid of these people. He is unashamed of his conservative beliefs or his faith. He has gone to every venue, right, left, and center to share his message and has been consistent.

    I don’t know about everyone else who is conservative, but I am going to stand with Cain. This is the type of person we need, who will give voice to our beliefs and movement. He is not afraid. He doesn’t hold back and he tells it like he sees it. This is not a man pretending or doing focus groups or looking at polls. This is a man who is very comfortable with who he is, what he has gone through and what he can do to help get this nation on the right track.

    He’s their worst nightmare. If he gets through these salacious allegations about the sexual harassment, I am begging you all who believe in conservative principles to take a stand with Cain. Send a message to the Elites that WE THE PEOPLE are in charge and we want real change now.

    By the way, anyone who doesn’t at least like Herman Cain (I didn’t say not support or vote for him) after seeing this, you are really determined to hate him. He’s a good man.

  • Anonymous

    He has a beautiful voice.

  • I like Cain for so many reasons, one of them being he is like a breath of fresh air that this country desperately needs. This was beautiful, and although I have heard him sing before, this song spoke more of what I needed. Thank you and God Bless you sir.

  • Cain was ASKED to sing, can everyone quit acting like Cain was begging the host to let him sing, in fact, he told them not to get use to it.

    If you want to hear Herman jam watch this video. Cain performs with Huckabee’s band…

  • Anonymous

    God Bless him!

  • Krauthammer was right: Cain will be the entertainment candidate.

  • georjette

    Cain 2012

  • Anonymous

    Great voice, a smart and driven focus, many fine ideas, all in all a good man and candidate. He has one major drawback in my eyes and only the one, he’s not Sarah Palin!

  • Anonymous

    The libs really aren’t going to get this. Herman Cain is a very special man.

  • Joe

    Cain ROCKS !!

  • Joe

    I think Scoop posted this once before

    Being an American from NY – I can’t stand to watch this again
    so I minimized the screen but turned up the volume

    This man sings from HIS Heart

    Have you sent this website http://www.therightscoop.com/

    To Five (5) Republicans today ??

    • Joe

      I’m sorry – I did watch it (twice) and am glad I did

      It just gets me every time

    • I’m not from New York Joe, but I think I can speak for a lot of us that it’s hard for us to watch too- but I love it anyway. God Bless.

  • Darren Anderson

    I can only say that it is soooooo refreshing to listen to a genuine leader who is not afraid to admit his faith or be human. This is what our country needs. I would consider it an honor to call him Mr. President and I would do it with my head held high!

    Herman….. just be Herman!

  • Anonymous

    Further evidence that he’s the real black candidate in this race. He’s got some soul, but most importantly, he’s got a renewed heart! (Ps. 40:3) I proudly call him brother.

  • Dax

    Hopefully we can move on from a guy who thinks he is The One, to a real man (Cain)who looks to and gives credit to The One.

    • Anonymous


  • Herman Cain ROCKS… Barney Frank & Chris Dodd know they’re responsible for the Housing Bubble & The Crash ………. We The People have your backs HC & I’ll take a 9-0-9 Pizza to go !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Its CaneLove time.

  • “He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs”. Amen. Beautifully rendered.

  • Anonymous

    This is so beautiful!!

  • Anonymous

    I am more and more impressed and respect-full of this man. The smear campaign by liberal racists will fall upon its own sword of hate. “He looked beyond all my faults and saw my needs.” God Bless you Mr. Cain. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    There is no doubt that Herman Cain shines during a crisis.

  • Anonymous

    What would be really inspiring and endearing though would be if Mr. Cain spent time handicapping basketball games.

  • Now I’m more sure than ever that this is the man that I want to be the 2012 Republican candidate for president of our country!

  • Now I know that this man, Herman Cain, is the man that I want to run as the 2012 Republican candidate for president of our country. We would blessed to have a man, who is not ashamed to acknowledge the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord, desire to serve our country as our president, because I know he knows that he is answerable to a higher authority, the One who rules the universe with nail-pierced hands.

  • C laire


  • When Mr. Cain introduced the Opportunity Zone plan in Detroit last week he had beautiful openning and closing prayers. The group on stage held hands and prayed together for all to see. I have also seen Rich Lowry, the co-arquitect of 999 & JD Gordon the spokesman for the campaign sending God’s blessings openly on tv and internet. I Like it : )

  • Anonymous

    Amen – a testimony of the saving grace of Jesus, Who is THE Christ! Not ashamed of the Lord, and willing to proclaim His saving grace – that’s a man who has been changed by God.

  • (applause!)

  • Anonymous

    How much more minstrel-ish can he get? I guess we’ll see, LOL.

  • I am so much enjoying this candidate. It is so refreshing so see unabashed faith and belief. Something we could sure used in Washington D.C.

  • cam2

    He chose a song that I have loved for years. This is the gospel message and there are so many who need to hear it – that Jesus came to meet our deepest need. We all need to be ready to share that message no matter where God puts us. This was so encouraging to me this morning