High school football players stand up for bullied special-needs student


Here’s something light and good-natured to start your week off with. In short, a high school football team ‘adopts’ a special-needs student who had been bullied by her classmates:

Consider this an open thread.

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  • underconstantatack

    Good for those boys 🙂 Glad to see the good out there in the world. we need more positive stories advertised to show others that the good deeds gets noticed too. Thanks Scoop

  • Bucketheadbaptist

    aRGH! After you watch the commercial… “Video Removed”

    • No the video is there. I just played it.

      • Bucketheadbaptist

        Hmm.. still wouldn’t work on mine… But the secondary link you provided worked.

        Thanks Scoop!!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Wonderful story. I hope it goes viral. Maybe it’ll give others the idea that they can be “heroes” to someone who is being bullied too.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Good point. And let us all be aware that the Jihadists are more than just bullies – they practice a doctrine of total dominance over the world, and they won’t stop until it’s achieved.
      Everyone must see the movie “Islam – What The West Needs To Know” [recommended by Scoop many months ago]. We bought a copy and learn more each time we watch it.

    • Patriot077

      I enjoyed hearing the one boy’s explanation that everything is going well for them but there are others who don’t enjoy that comfort.

      Good on them for their willingness to reach out and protect others less fortunate.

      Great start to the week, scoop!

  • denbren52

    There is indeed hope for America after all. But it is found in the hearts of good men and women who raise good boys and girls. It is found in LOVE. Love of God, love of our neighbors and love of our country.

    It is NOT found in a narcissistic, tyrannical, treasonous leader.

    Thanks for restoring my hope in the future!

  • Sober_Thinking

    VERY heart-warming and appreciated.

    Kids are the worst at teasing others and being mean to other kids… this is kids at their best.

    Thank you for sharing this Scoop.

  • I am sensing something newish here:

    From Tampa Bay to Orlando, to Detroit to Des Moines, major regional papers are endorsing the Republican, some for the first time in decades.
    While the major coastal MSM, esp. the DC-NYC-Boston corridor are playing brain-dead concerning all things fatal to Obama2012, esp. Benghazi and the economy.

    There’s a schism here. We need to exploit it.
    Divide and conquer. Be smarter than them.
    If your local paper is showing signs of life and integrity, maybe you should pick that subscription back up as a sign of support.

    This is war. — Andrew B

  • Rshill7

    It’s tough to teach young people not to bully when they see it from teachers doing their union’s bidding. They see Wisconsin Congressman fleeing the state because they are not getting their way. They see teachers marching on state houses and tearing things up. They see the President of the USA pitting every group against every other group.

    Then they, with straight faces exhort the kids not to bully. Uh huh. Get your own selves together and teach by example. This “do as I say not as I do” behavior is foolish and counterproductive. It’s like preaching, don’t steal, while picking someone’s pocket at the same time.

    Kudos to these young Gentlemen. Did I say Gentlemen? Yep. Leading by example.

  • PhillyCon

    Good morning everyone. Just checking in. The storm has started already, and all major highways in the area are on speed restriction of 45 mph. Sandy is supposed to make landfall on the NJ coast at 11 PM.

    Please pray for everyone in the affected areas, thank you. I’ll try to post and update as much as possible.


    • RosiesSeeingRed

      It’s such a large area….so many will be affected. We’re in northern NJ on the northeast side of the eye, which is supposed to get the brunt of the storm. We’re hoping and praying we don’t lose power like we did a year ago (for 5 days!) during that ridiculous Halloween snowstorm. I’m praying for everyone’s safety. You always hear of a few people who drive through a “puddle” only to be swept away. Or improperly running generators too close to their homes, or trees falling on people. Let’s pray there is no loss of life with this storm affecting such an enormous area.

      Good luck to you PhillyCon!

      • PhillyCon

        I remember that Halloween storm quite well. I have pictures of trick or treating with snow on the ground. And I do remember that N. NJ got it real bad.

        I think we have had more hurricanes in the last two years (Irene and Sandy) than S. FL! LOL.

        But seriously, stay safe, and let’s pray for everyone to be safe.

      • Good luck to you RSR and you PhillyCon and all the rest of the people who are in the path of this terrible storm. I’m north of Boston, MA. Quiet here ATM, but been raining for hours. Gov Devil Patrick has already called a statewide state of Emergency and businesses here have been urged to let people stay home or work from home until this storm passes. I’m hoping and praying that this become a much-hyped non-event. Please God, hear our prayers!

        • Orangeone

          Amen. Glad to see you are okay Wolfie. MiketheMarine has checked in, he’s in MD and he’s buttoned down for the storm. Please include him in your prayers.

          • Sure will, thanks for letting me know about him.

    • colliemum

      You’re in my prayers, phillycon, you and your family and all here on rightscoop who are in the path of this storm.
      Keep safe – and thank you for going to try and keep us informed.

      God blessyou.

      • PhillyCon

        Thank you, appreciate the kind words and prayers … very much.

    • Orangeone

      Thank you for posting so we know you are okay. Prayers for you, RosiesSeeingRed below and all others in #Sandy’s pathway.

  • I just love this story. It brings it close to home for me. In my high school years back in the day from 69-72. I and many of the star athletes on the team protected students who were verbally and physically abused. It was something we just knew was wrong and took it upon ourselves to do something about it. And as it turned out the abuses stop and these students that we help protect from those abuses, have gone on to lead productive lives.
    There are 5 lawyers, 3 doctors and anesthesiologist, cardiologist, 4 college professors, 2 psychologist, 2 commercial pilots and 5 teachers, and a judge.
    When I think back on it now. I can remember a friend of mine who is a big time lawyer in NYC tell me ” David, you were never a bullied, and you always seem to be around those who were weaker and non-athletic.” I told him I just couldn’t stand by and be a spectator to abuse no matter who it was.
    When I sit back and recollect I will never forget one of the kids who was the water boy on our football team. We became close friends, and he looked up to me not because I was one of those star players on the team. Rather for the stand I and others took to protect the weak. This water boy went on to become the home town Judge.

    • colliemum

      Thanks and virtual hugs for what you did, david r!

      Recognising evil and then standing up to it is important in the relatively small things, such as bullying, as it is in the big things, when the fate of a nation is in the balance.

      I am certain that your example gave man others the courage to do as you did.
      Very well done!

      • Thank you so much for those kind remarks. I truly appreciate them and I have a lump in my throat as I am writing this. There were times in my life I thought it to be empty and unfulfilling. The day I realize that the small things I did back then to help others came back ten-fold. When the very people I have mentioned earlier told me that the acts of kindness I displayed changed their lives, and help make them who they are today. I wept unmercifully now knowing that they have never forgotten me and crediting me for saving their lives.
        One of the kids I helped saved-this is an unrelated story wrote a book titled-“Analysis of Protein-Protein and Protein-RNA Interactions For Splicing Regulator PTB and the Essential Splicing Factor PSF”. His mother back in 85 became addicted to crack cocaine in the inner city of New York. He and his sister did not know what to do, and my wife and I took them in and provided a home for them until their mother was able to get on her feet…which she eventually did.
        He has never forgotten the acts of kindness. And the book he has written has a dedication page to me. This young man today teaches high school in Colorado and is a leading citizen in his community.
        Once again my friend thank you from the bottom of my heart and, God bless you and your family. David R.

        • colliemum

          Thank you, David – and as your story shows, God’s blessings have been with you and your family, for all these acts of kindness which you didn’t do to have them recognised, but just from the goodness of your heart, from your young age onwards.

          Our Lord is the one who has counted them all, and not one wil be forgotten.

          Hugging you virtually again, David, and His blessings are surely upon you and your family.

    • Orangeone

      I absolutely concur with colliemum below!

      • badbadlibs


    • tvlgds

      God bless you, David. Your intervention likely saved some of those kids from suicide, and look what they’ve become. That’s a very powerful testimony!

  • PhillyCon

    As a mom of a special needs child, I can’t tell you how much this story inspires me!

    Thank you for posting such a positive piece in a world mired in negativity, callousness, and selfishness towards the special needs community.

    • montereyyjack

      Morning Philly! I too am a grandpa to two beautiful (7 and 3) autistic grandsons but today my soul has been uplifted by the selflessness and kindness of these young men. No one can ever know the life changing event of having a “special” child in their lives; the constant awareness that is required, the never ending vigilance to protect, and the mental and emotional stresses that are endured every moment of the day to help them learn the simplest and most basic acts of social and personal activities. But we, as a family, have grown closer and stronger because of our love for these children…the unintended consequence of daily challenges, apparently, is unifying.

      The picture of my logo is JT, the oldest, and my dream is for…someday…JT to step up and choose God’s law of protecting the innocent and know the difference between right and wrong and act accordingly. I thought that was just wishful fantasy but today I know…I have faith…that there are many more like these young leaders who will do the right thing because God will place them there.

      Thank you RC for the video! Thank you for reaffirming the basic goodness that is in all of us who follow the Lord’s word. And as a victorious general was once asked after a particularly brutal battle against overwhelming odds, “Where do you find such brave men?” He answered, “I don’t, I can’t. They come when necessary and called for by God.”

      • PhillyCon

        May God Bless you and your two wonderful grandsons. A gift from God indeed.

  • iaintlyin

    very cool, kudos to the football team and the quarterback specifically. True leaders. You never know, maybe this act of humanity will spread to another school or two resulting in a few other not so lucky kids have the life they’re supposed to have.
    The sorry part of the story is that it’ll take until 2013 for the kids to be recognized. With bullying such a big issue the legislature ought to get off their duff and recognize these kids immediately, not at the legislatures convenience. Suppose the football team put off doing the right thing until after their season ended. Again, a gov’t failure to act expediently.

  • Good guys! They have learned a good life lesson and wonder if they even realize it’s importance yet being young. God bless them all!

    • GreenBeretWay

      These are what real men look like. Glad to see you Wolfing at the moon again. Worried about you the other day.Information overload on Benghazi,I just wish the media was too.

      • Nothing to be worried about my GreenBeretWay friend! 🙂 It’s just sometimes… Then you get a nap and some food and feel much better again. 🙂

  • What a great story. I don’t know what kind of jerk would pick on a girl like that, but it’s nice to know we still have kids in this country who are willing to do the right thing and protect those who need help. I hope more kids throughout the country see this because it shows what good comes out of protecting the weakest out there among us.

  • joyfulgiver

    What a blessing! Thanks Scoop for posting this. It’s nice to know there are still good people everywhere. I really believe there are MORE good than bad, but the media seldom reports the good so we have to do it. Way to go! This story made my day!

  • http://obstacol.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Sharing-status.jpg

    Picture of how I sometimes feel when posting about politics/culture/whatever.. I thought it was funny enough to share, hope you get a giggle too.

    • colliemum

      Omigawd – I sure did!


  • Landscaper

    8 DAYS !

    • GreenBeretWay

      The countdown has finally begun. Almost time for liftoff and it can’t get here soon enough. Let’s pray they don’t try to abort the mission due to Sandy.

  • BeyondPolls

    Wow I can’t believe those reporters actually recognized what the mother did right in this situation! School officials, like government officials, will never be able to solve these types of social problems. It’s the people, the regular, real, everyday people who will end these stupid issues.

  • iaintlyin

    Too bad this link couldn’t be sent to every HS’ star players AND coaches. This is a great chance for the COACHES to realize the impact they and their star players could have with in their communities.

  • stevenbiot

    That was sad as hell. But, hats off to the football dudes.

  • BiscuitCrumbs

    Sounds like problem solved…without government intrusion.

    • Orangeone

      Just waiting for Barky Boy and Moochier to take credit because of the millions of gov’t $$$ spent on anti-bullying campaign. Too bad the union teachers aren’t required to comply.

  • Just some kids doing the right thing, not because it’s easy, but because it’s the right thing to do. I wish other kids thought like these inspirational ones. They could start a Facebook page supporting each other and giving advice called “Bullies Beware – We see what you are doing and you better stop!” kind of thing.

  • colliemum

    This is lovely, and it’s great to learn that these young lads are standing up for someone weaker than themselves.

    God bless them all!

  • Sweet. Its nice to see a positive story. God bless those kids.

  • Open thread. FYI: If you are in MA/NewEngland Area, you can follow the notifications and alerts regarding the storm on Twitter using the #MASandy hashtag. One of the important things I just learned is:

    #MBTA commuters: All subway, commuter rail and bus service will stop at 2 p.m. today http://ow.ly/eQKNp #MASandy

    • Orangeone

      Thanks Wolfie.

  • nibblesyble

    Blubbering once again over my keyboard watching something Scoop put up..this is becoming a daily thing..God Bless those students!

  • white531

    Pretty cool.

  • wodiej

    Wonderful story.

  • Joe


    I think the entire FOOTBALL Team should be SUSPENDED for helping !! (SARC)


    I meant the PRINCIPAL should be FIRED for not doing her job!

    It seems that “vigilantes” can do a better job!


    This could become a mission of football teams across the Nation

  • Dukehoopsfan

    This sorta kills the old dumb jock stereotypw doesn’t it?

  • PhillyCon

    Atlantic City:

    h/t HA


    Ocean City NJ, the Bay and the Ocean have met 🙁


  • G-D Right!!!!!!! I wish I could donate $100 to those kids, because they deserve it!

  • James1754

    Thank you. It is nice to see kids do the right thing and help someone who could not help themselves. It makes you proud of these kids.

  • p m

    Yesss!! Rush is talking about the mortar laser painting Tyrone Woods did in expectation of it being taken out by overhead fire-power. As we now know, no order to fire was given and the terrorists instead traced Tyrone’s location and he and Glen Dogherty were killed. Horrifying, but this really needs to go viral to ‘paint’ the vile obama in his true colours.

  • bjohnson55

    This should become a trend in all schools. The awsome elites like the jocks and maybe even the clicky Cheerleader groups should be the torch bearers and protectors of the weaker, challenged and not quite so pretty rest of the student body. It is called positive modeling, there would be a huge positive impact in the challenged kids lives and the “normal” kids lives also if this were to become a trend.

  • p m

    Thanks for this story – perfect start to a Monday, 8 days out from the beginning of real hope again. Those young men will be wonderful citizens.

  • tvlgds

    What a wonderful story. God bless those kids for righting a wrong! If there were whole lot more like that, the world would be a better place!

  • tvlgds

    Here’s another very heartwarming story that I followed earlier this year.


  • Army_Pilot1967

    That’s a great story!!! Good for the football players that they have taken an interest in someone that can use their “assistance.” Many young guys are only interested in themselves or the hottest chicks in school. What they’re doing speaks highly of them and their parents!!!! Those young men have their heads on straight. That’s a good, good story!!!!

  • Is anyone else surprised that bullying is on the rise, despite all the programs supposedly combating it? What else could we possibly expect from schools overrun by leftist thinking administrators and teachers?

    When I was in Junior High, there were still enough hard-nosed Sheriff Joe types in Law Enforcement and School Administration that the gangs were held firmly in check, and bullies got kicked out of school. Now the gangs are treated like a social issue, and bullies are kept in school because their parents need them to be there, or something.

    By the end of High-school, things were already changing to in the left’s Long March Through The Institutions, and teachers were having trouble controlling the classroom. By 1980, the reports of teachers in major population areas being bullied and even killed by students was on the rise. You simply do not let the kids run the schools.

    (That goes for these “social justice” peddlers running things now, too.)

    Troublemakers do not belong in the same population with kids who want to learn.

  • freenca

    I think there are a lot of kids like these out there. They just need to be encouraged to be alert to it. Bullies identified and let to know that their bullying ways will not be tolerated anymore. Adults included.

  • badbadlibs

    Those young men will go far in life.

  • gunclinger

    Wouldn’t it be great if this caught fire across the country?

  • Mary_Linda

    Thank God for such great boys – who will become great men!!

  • HuandaRulz

    My eyes just sprung a leak !!!

  • iHeartLife

    Love it!

    Has anyone been fired over Fast&Furious?

    • kong1967

      I think some lower levels took the fall (although I don’t know about being arrested), but several people “in the know” got promoted. They would be the most to blame but they got promoted so Obama could protect them…and himself.

      • iHeartLife

        Unbelievable! So nothing has changed. I hope we don’t forget Brian Terry to. Eric Holder better face jail time. He knows he’s guilty of incompetence leading to murder. Thanks for replying 🙂

        • kong1967

          I totally agree with you, but I don’t see it happening. Our system is so screwed up. It protects corruption and that’s why nothing ever changes and it even gets worse.

          • iHeartLife

            Hence why Nov 6 couldn’t come soon enough. I don’t know how investigations work but I hope Romney will issue them to clear out all the scandals from the WH. In the mean time, God bless those victims and families of the slain.

            And God bless America.

            • kong1967

              I agree, but don’t count on it.

  • AtlEsquire1973

    That’s awesome. I got choked up.

  • kong1967

    This would be more effective than adults intervening. Not that adults shouldn’t intervene, but bullies will pay more attention to their peers.