Hilarious: Beck plays montage of Robert Gibbs

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ last day was Friday, and today Beck played a montage of Gibbs that summed up his ‘reign’ as Press Secretary quite well.


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  • Gibbs is by far the worst Press Sec. I have ever personally witnessed….

    I dont even know what the point was of having a press conference with him, did he ever answer any question?

    • zytekfan

      Barry taught him in the art of question dodging…

    • jbluv

      Who is in the office of this administration that is smart? the president is stupid without the teleprompter can’t speak right, Pelosi the former speaker, reid, the Vice President, the press secretary, etc. the puppet master put them there. If they are smart, their master can’t run their life. They are robots, there’s no questions why our country in such a mess!

      I’m not saying I am smart, but even kids have common sense and this admin don’t. Gibbs is gone but another stupid will be in;-(

      • Pelosi and Reid are not in the Administration.

        And there are Smart people in High Level Positions, John Huntsman comes to mind right off.

    • Anonymous

      Why am I still laughing ??

  • Anonymous

    By the process of elimination I have taken the time to work out what Gibbs IS!

    It starts with an F, has two O’s in the middle and a big fat L at the end, which can convert to a forehead decal for convenience.

  • We are living in a country run by a non-president who leads a shadowy non-administration all making a great deal of non-sense.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but that’s a non-issue! (RIMSHOT!) 🙂

  • agro21

    It is very unfair to call Robert Gibbs the worst press secretary. Give the poor guy a break, look at what he has to defend.

  • steck61

    He certainly wasn’t a press secretary!

  • Radicalrwer

    too bad you didn’t post the tax master add that followed this discussion. I was ROFLMAO.

  • RyokTHEgod

    He’s not a lot of things uh?

  • I’m not a… uh uh uh uh but a Press Secretary

  • Andy

    I’m not a regular commenter………

  • Dammit, Jim, I’m a press secretary, not a doctor!

    • Dammit, Jim, I’m a press secretary, not an expert on China!

    • Dammit, Jim, I’m a press secretary, not a lawyer!

    • Dammit, Jim, I’m a press secretary, not an IT expert!

    • Dammit, Jim, I’m a press secretary, not a law enforcement official!

    • Anonymous

      Heh, as soon as I hear this, that’s the FIRST thing I thought of!

  • Dammit, Jim, I’m a press secretary, not a doctor!

  • Fartymcfartfart

    Glenn is orgasmic. I had to change my pants TWICE after this must see show.

    • Anonymous

      You might want to change them yet again. Then wear them on your head, which also needs changing.

    • Anonymous

      Leave you name like it is though 🙂

  • hmmmm…. we know what he is NOT… but what is he? The worst press spokesperson for an administration in the history of the US.


  • Anonymous

    Maybe Glenn will let Gibbs have a copy of this clip to help with his job search. He could always be a Walmart exit greeter – they don’t need to know where anything in the store is – they just smile and say “Thank you for shopping at Walmart” – well within his competency.

  • this is really really funny, i love gibbs

  • he should have accidentally said, “i’m not a press scaretary. WHOOPS”

  • sorry for the typo!!
    but i’m not a typist!!! i’m not an expert in keyboard making. so who cares?

  • Anonymous


  • poptoy1949

    It is funny. Is he anything?

  • billypaintbrush

    Add to the list of things he is not — Communicator
    But he is a pie-faced weasel