Hillary Clinton: The challenge is to make sure prosperity gets down and equally spread among people

Hillary Clinton spoke at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in Kyiv, Ukraine on July 2, 2010:

It’s important, too, that we look at how to promote broadly-based prosperity. One of the problems in societies around the world today is that too much of the productivity of the economies are going to too few. Too few people, the political and economic elite, are realizing the vast majority of benefits from economic activity. It’s true in my own country where, unfortunately, economic inequality is increasing. And it’s true in Ukraine. It’s true in Europe and Asia and Africa and South America. So part of the challenge of economic growth and prosperity is to make sure it gets down and equally spread among people. And we have to work towards spurring investment and long-term growth in Ukraine. And we have to work together to end corruption in both the public and the private sectors.

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  • cubachi

    If this doesn't prove to everyone how much of a committed socialist Hillary is, I don't know what does.

  • I just don't understand why people like Hillary and Barack feel it's their place to take from those who make. It's wrong on so many levels.

  • Sad part is everything she is saying is true. The political elite DO have the power and money; they designed it that way. Economic inequality IS increasing; they designed it that way. The only lie is her implying that 'they' are trying to make it better. They aren't. They are trying to further divide. The only way to make it better is a return to our Founding principles.

  • so shrillary how much have you and and the perjurer made since he became pres., how charitable have you been, and how much have you turned down? we all know it's not for you to give up, you lying corrupt elitist!

  • KeninMontana

    Is at all possible that we could convince the Ukrainians to keep her? Maybe if we asked real nicely?

  • Lancer007

    Has it ever occured to these communists that we now have in power (and academia and media elites) that the “few” she is referring to, are those of us who get up each morning, work till evening; only to get some sleep and do it all over again the very next day?

    “too much of the productivity of the economies are going to too few.”

    What in the heck does that mean? Is “productivity” a gift from our governments? “Productivity” is what results in me mortgaging my house because of an idea I had, I took the risks and it is just now paying off! Now I am productive! No one 'gave' me productivity or economic benefits!!

    I got news for all of you bleeding heart leftists. The poor will ALWAYS be among us!! You cannot “hand down” self determination and drive. You cannot pass along the work ethics and efforts of the producer to the NON-PRODUCER! They will always be among us..you cannot eradicate poverty. The sad reality is, that poverty is spread unequally. If so, the welfare system we've had in place all thes years would have made millions on welfare rich.

  • Hardsell

    The whole notion of spreading the wealth is contrary to human nature.

  • Josie

    Dear Hillary: Let’s start redistributing all your millions first! After that we will get the rest of your leftie friends with millions like Gore, Carter, Heins and Edwards that think like you (proves you don't have to know anything to get ahead in this country). Since you think that will solve the problem of poverty, we won't have any more poor and we will all be on the same level playing field and finally you and the buffoon Obama will be happy and maybe go away.

  • chaswv

    I assume she is not intelligent enough to know how self-contradictory her claims are. If she is 'smart', we are in deep trouble.

  • Well, now it is OFFICIAL. Hillary has shown her colors. She is a Communist!

  • Well, let's see… with a combined (REPORTED) net worth of right at $235million:


    …and utilizing the very generous (under the total amount of taxation ~personal/city/state/fed/excise/VAT~ proposed by the current occupant's 'master-plan') figure of 80% taxation…

    …4, carry the 2, leave the 9…

    Oh, that means that, ACCORDING TO HER OWN WORDS, hitlary-n-friend would FREELY give up a cool $188,000,000.00 for the betterment of mankind.

    That amount of 'redistribution' of some very ill-gotten wealth would pay, IN FULL, one-year's SCHOOL VOUCHER for…

    …get ready now, 58,750 children from impoverished WASHINGTON D.C. areas (based on a reported average cost of vouchers ~when the program was still alive… before this current occupant singled it out for elimination~ of $3,200.00 annual).

    NOTE: There are only 67,000 students (according to a site created to specifically STOP the program, several years ago) in the entire D.C. system.


  • Hillary prodding the Ukrainians to accept Marxism, now there's a chuckle.

    I think everyone in the auditorium who hailed from the former Soviet block must have been thinking, “Been there, done that.”

  • Charles Fernando

    She also thinks brazilian model is reducing inequality, brazilian taxes are abusive! See our Impostometer: http://www.impostometro.com.br/

    The way to make these countries prosper is by promoting capitalism and free market to them, but sure she doesn't think this way…

  • Hello…

    It is nice to hear from a “right thinker” from Brazil.

    You are probably familiar with what the President of Ecuador said about capitalism being the problem in society and that socialism is the solution to redistribution of wealth.

    I wonder, how many generations before that imbecilic marxist/lenist ideology will be repudiated, ridiculed and kicked off the the public square soapbox and put on the ash heap of history?

    STOP! Islamization Of America… and Brazil… and the whole world

  • You are right Megan- it is wrong an so many levels. I've never received a paycheck from someone who had less money than me. Reagan spoke and wrote so eloquently on this subject. Wealth is property, and when governments can plunder property there are no other rights left.

  • atlas007

    I'm a Capitalist, but if Hillary would like to share some of those millions that she and Bill make every year, I'd love to take it off their hands. So Hillary, let me know. 9/10 of what you earn should make me very happy. Thanks so much for your Communist generosity.

  • atlas007

    Don't forget Obama and all of his money too. He talks about redistribution, but I haven't heard about him redistributing his money. Why not? He is a bum and so is Hillary and all of their friends.

  • Don17000

    Marxism/Leninsim has already been repudiated. But that's not what socialism is. Socialism is where the state *controls* the means of production. They don't have to own it, and there can still be inequalities of wealth and status. Czarist Russia was technically socialism, in that the Czar controlled it all. So were Somoza's and Duvalier's dictatorships. Hitler was rabidly anticommunist, but his party was called the National Socialist party, and there were millionaire's like the Siemens, Krupp and Farben families, the owners of Messerschmidt, Junker and all the others. But the government, through Albert Speer, controlled production… hence, Socialism.

    When government doesn't regulate industry, btw, you get… situations like the global financial meltdown, the Gulf Oil problem, all this happening because the private sector wasn't being closely monitored and were free to handle things however they thought best, and not compelled to consider anyone's interest other than their own.

    I'm against control, but a certain amount of regulation does need to be in place for the public good. Even our Founder recognized that, in the Declaration.

  • Lancer007

    “When government doesn't regulate industry, btw, you get… situations like the global financial meltdown, the Gulf Oil problem…”

    Don I'm with you to an extent. We do need agencies of authority in place to keep things orderly but, there is a cogent arument that OVER-regulation helped precipiate your two examples.

  • atlas007

    When government becomes entangled in the lives and business of the people who they are supposed to serve, then we have chaos as in the Gulf. Unable to drill close to shore in shallow waters and on land in shale, oil companies, like BP, had to drill in deep water where an accident of the nature of the Gulf, is difficult to resolve. When government is intrusive, they complicate matters and make things worse. Did we need government when Ford mass produced the automobile or when Edison worked on the light bulb or when Bell invented the telephone?

    Get government out of the way, reduce taxes and spending and watch this economy take off, otherwise, the next three years are going to make the past two years look like a cake walk.

    Get the damn Communists out of the way and this country will be great once again.

    Joe McCarthy was right!

  • williamm

    Most of our problems started when the government forced banks to loan money to people that could never pay them back. Not everyone will be able to own a home. I'm one of those people and I didn't deserve to own one because I never was responsible enough to do what i needed to do. Many of the people that were able to get their mortgage redone have defaulted again. If the Government had stayed out of housing, we wouldn't be in the deep trouble we are in.

  • This is always the philosophy of billy bob and hillary , THE WITCH clinton , Especially when billy bob left the office of president and took all of the antique furniture of the white house with them . Because it belongs to everyone , most peticularly , it belongs to them

  • Don17000

    Banks weren't forced to make such loans by any Federal authority. What was going to happen to them if they turned down the applicants? What forced them to do it, was their own trading departments who were making lots of money trading in and betting against the Credit Default Swaps. Demand was high, and they needed more loans that were going to default. Kind of like the theme of the play, “The Producers.” The bankers need more plays that were surefire flops.

    And the government didn't invent the Credit Default Swaps. Private industry did that. Government regulation kept the banking industry stable from 1933 until 2000. There was a major blip in the area where the regulations were lifted, back in the 1980's, under Reagan. That's when they decided to unleash the S&L's, and now there are barely any left.

  • Don17000

    Actually, politicians make lots more money once they leave office and rejoin the private sector. Many have even given that as the reason they left office. Look at Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Tom Daschle… they become lobbyists, they write books, they go on the talk shows and lectures… they get paid a lot more for doing a lot less, and nobody scrutinizes their taxes and their investments unless there's a scandal.

  • davidegregory

    Quote:”When government doesn't regulate industry, btw, you get… situations like the global financial meltdown, the Gulf Oil problem, all this happening because the private sector wasn't being closely monitored and were free to handle things however they thought best, and not compelled to consider anyone's interest other than their own.”

    One problem with this thinking, your examples picked a couple of the MOST regulated aspects of our economy, and we got this result. Some would argue, as williamm mentions and atlas007 as well, that government regulation is more at fault for the problems than a fix to prevent them. The founders did not intend to give the federal government the right to “nitpick” regulate industry, but to be the agency which determined how much commerce would occur across state and national lines.

  • Lancer007

    I agree atlas007. Had this 'spill' happened to an oil rig out in the middle of a remote Texas desert, it would have barely been a 'one day news story'. Instead BP was drilling only where they were told they could.. OVER 5K FEET DOWN IN THE OCEAN!!

    BTW..to show the ineptitude of gubment agencies, just two weeks before the rig blew, they were given that award er something from the MMS (or whatever the name)

  • atlas007

    We are going to need every vote in Nov. to oust the Communists in the House and Senate to take over in order to keep a check and balance over the one big Communist….Obama. There is no mistaking it. He was raised a C by his mother and grandparents who were all C's and his friends were terrorists as in Bill Ayers and his wife. Others he associated with were C's also. We need to rid ourselves of Obama to see this economy grow.

  • ChuckWalg

    In Reply to Don17000,
    Don your descriptions of socialism and communisim are very helpful, but your

    assessment of how “…WHEN GOV'T DOESN'T REGULATE industry… situations like the

    global financial meltdown occurs … “
    There were plenty of regulations in place prior to the dems (taking control in 2006,

    and very likely earlier) meddling with FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC, the KINGPINS of

    the FINANCIAL ARMEGEDDON. The problem was the dems secured their cronnies in the

    EXECUTIVE RANKS to navigate fraudulent earnings in order to cover up their social

    engineering CRIMES of FORCING BANKS (YES THEY DID !..by their activist BLACKMAIL !)

    to lend to NON-QUALIFIED borrowers, so that EVERYONE COULD reach the 'American

    Dream' … When the Repubs called barney, maxine, et al on the carpet and demanded

    a probe and a complete audit of the two (FNMA, FMAC), the dems scoffed and insisted

    there was NO NEED for such a waste of government oversight. All was in good hands

    .. bo trained his acorners well to blackmail banks in generating those time-bomb

    loans. frankie raines, criminal extraordinaire, was their point man at fnma, and

    did a wonderful job of cooking the books ! ALL DEMS, ARE EVIL ! They fill their

    own pockets ANY WAY THEY CAN, at the demise of everyone and everything around

    them… including their own nation. They have no regard for law or order ! The

    dems envision themselves as extensions of al capone, and conduct business his way…

    the Repubs, although they speak up occassionally, are often too spineless to really

    mete out justice against the dems even when the lawlessness and mayhem is occurring

    right under their noses. The Tea-Partiers are OUR ONLY hope now. Whoever we place

    in power come November and whoever we can REMOVE FROM POWER PRIOR TO NOVEMBER '10,

    will determine how much of the CRIMINAL, ANTI-Constitutional legislation can be


    when you invite a foreign power or people to take over your soverign nation ! …

    i.e. ARIZONA ! thousands of acres being ripped from America ! …and to affirm

    this TREASONOUS action, bo decides to sue ARIZONA for adhering to FEDERAL LAW !??!?

    .. no-brainer TREASON !
    – ChuckWalg

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  • stevengpoyzer

    Why is she allowed to speak!

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  • LibsAreCommies

    Now this Commie administration is spreading their Socialism abroad…

  • When is she going to redistribute HER wealth?

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  • nixxnutz

    Does Shrillery really think this kind of rhetoric is going to help her get elected over Obama in 2012? SHE herself is a member of the politically elite she criticizes! This is the ultimate in hypocrisy, doublespeak, and corruption. I count 117 days until Nov. 2—Throw the bums out!

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  • That was the hardest job of all the hardest job though most especially when people was not able to cooperate with the government.

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