Hillary Clinton on Benghazi: What difference does it make if there was a protest or not?

Ron Johnson pushed Hillary Clinton today on why they didn’t even make a single phone call to the evacuees that were on the ground in Benghazi to verify whether or not this began from a protest. Hillary danced and dodged a little, before finally getting angry and yelling:

The fact is we had four dead Americans! Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?

Well it matters because you lied about it being a protest saying it was caused by a Muhammad video and then we arrested that guy who made the video and threw him in jail. That’s why it matters.

Watch the full testimony:

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  • stage9

    These questioners had better be careful. No one crosses a Clinton. If you do, you wind up deceased.

    • marketcomp

      But how can do you ignore crying one minute and being histerical in the next. She seems unstable to me. Not very stable or Presidential.

      • stage9

        This is what happens when you expose liberalism to scrutiny — it falls apart. The only reason liberalism is allowed to prosper in the US is because the media shields it from scrutiny.

        • marketcomp

          Well said, stage9!

        • steprock


    • and partial list of “deceased” is here:


    • BlueGood

      BULLSHIT take her DOWN…..the LYING WITCH!

      • stage9

        That was my attempt at sarcasm.

      • stevenbiot


      • las1

        Also not even mentioning the fact that she blamed the attack on the “Mohammed” video in glorious colour to the Pakistanis in a paid advertisement to appease murdering Muslims in that country.

        Yeah I just bet she wants to put this behind her now by declaring “What difference does it make?”. How convenient. Well blaming the attack on a video way back then sure as hell made the difference for Obama’s administration to deflect any criticism and to cover Hillary’s lyin’ ass… so it sure as hell still makes a difference now to expose who the liars were in the first place.

      • martha chandler

        Four human beings died, but hey they’re weren’t kin of mine, so what difference does it make?? This woman will burn in hell, if she never gets burned here on earth.

        • 3seven77

          I am no fan of Hillary’s but that response just floored me. She might as well have said,” Yeah. Four guys died. One of them was a friend of mine. But who really cares how it happened? It was as inconvenient as hell and your continued questioning is pissing me off, especially when I am planning a Presidential run in 2016. Can we just move along now?”

      • “The fact is we had four dead Americans! Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?” This is the famous sound clip. The part the media DID NOT add to it was the part right after “It our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. ” Sounds pretty responsible to me bra…

    • PJRodman

      I guess Rand better look out.

    • pdxlady

      Yes, Vince Foster always comes to mind. They are the ‘teflon Clintons’…they got away with it all. Until one day, when they stand before the Lord.

  • Philo Beddoe

    She blamed and targeted a guy who made a anti islam video, which made the guy’s life miserable.

    She is a lying phony

    • las1

      That’s a whole other story. But the guy made his own life miserable because he conducted a false flag operation. Obama’s justice connections canned him to shut him up so he could not implicate Muslims and their dissembling ways or embarrass their master Obama at he helm. Sam Bacile was no Coptic Christian and has ties to a Muslim fraudster from the West Bank. Of course… the mainstream media are sure to be on that story any day now.

    • I agree…”what difference does it make?”!!!!! Ask the film maker out in CA what difference it makes to him!

      I wish the liberals in this country would wake up and realize that liberties are being lost!

  • Here’s hoping that someone on the panel has bigger cahones than Hillary and actually goes after her on this response… I’m not holding my breath.

  • am tired of the clintons, the bushes and liberals and rinos. all lie to save their rear ends and cover up the truth.

  • Joe

    Plenty of difference


    • warpmine

      This time round what about Foster and all the rest?

  • Hologram5

    And the left wanted this idiot for POTUS? It’s bad enough we got inexperienced and inept Obama… Hillary just lost any and ALL credibility she had left…

    • LadyMacKeltar

      When Hillary went on TV and said “I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by her man. I’m sitting here because I love him and I respect him”, she lost all credibility with me.

      • Hologram5

        I concur whole-heartedly! They are both snakes in my book…

    • 1endtimes2020

      Please pardon my ignorance, but what does POTUS mean?

      • stage9

        POTUS: President of the United States
        SCOTUS: Supreme Court of the United States

        • 1endtimes2020

          Thank you for taking the time to educate me.

          • Rightmindedmom

            Don’t forget FLOTUS = First Lady Of The United States

            • NYGino

              ….and the most important of all….TOTUS! Teleprompter of the United States.

            • 1endtimes2020

              Okay, thank you

          • Hologram5

            Ah, looks like endtimes beat me. Sorry about the time it took… Have a nice day!

        • QueenOfScott

          FLOTUS: that brown thing floating in your toilet

      • Orangeone

        I use pos for the current Piece Of ****

        • 1endtimes2020

          Well…okay. Not my choice, but……

          • colliemum

            Why? It means President Of States – after all, he ain’t the Pres of the whole of the United States of America, is he!

            I think POS is fine – honi soit qui mal y pense!


            • 1endtimes2020

              It isn’t POS that is not my choice.

  • WhiteGuy2

    The difference is you and your cohorts in the Obama regime conspired to cover up a terrorist attack for political reasons. The difference is you claimed full responsibility,then conspired to evade questioning under oath at least until after the election, again for political reasons.

  • marketcomp

    Did she answer the question? She looks unhunged! Go have a drink, Hilary!

  • Thank you so much Scoop.

  • Rshill7

    it appears that her game plan is to dredge up indignance with any senator or rep that asks tough questions, or whose questions also contain accusations against either her or this administration.

    Senator Ron Johnson(R) needed follow-up questions. He didn’t get even one after Hillary’s contrived hissy fit here.

    • 1tootall

      Obama is the master and sets the tone…take 20 minutes to answer a 30 second question. Takes time, and everyone forgets the question. No one has the huevos to interrupt her majesty and remind her what the question was.

      • Amy

        Clinton has that technique mastered and has from the beginning – Obama has nothing to do with it. Obama just aligns himself with people who are similar.

        • 1tootall

          point well made. Not sure if Obama aligns himself with anyone, but Clintons were good at this long ago. Agreed.

          • Amy

            Sorry, didn’t mean to sound grumpy – just annoyed that Obama seems to be the sole focus for most people. The evil of the progressive BS has been around far longer than he has. He’s simply a tool in the toolbox and not the cause.

      • Orangeone

        Sen Johnson (WI) did

    • Orangeone

      And she responded with “there’s no authority to do that but I’ve introduced a bill in Congress” WTH? Charging her with murder is more than sufficient to relieve her of duties

  • What difference??? A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! – you lied or did not lie…..
    Lying and not lying makes NO DIFFERENCE TO YOU, Hitlary…correct?

  • We are never going to get the truth out of these tyrants…never.

  • its sad that these guys have no balls to call her out on her lying again.. is that all the Clinton’s are good for …


  • GuessWhoFan

    The entire Obama experience in a nutshell – We lied; what difference does it make?

    • kong1967

      Yep, and if they really believed it doesn’t make a difference there would have been no reason to lie about it from the beginning.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Remember in islam one can lie cheat steal kill whatever to promote the agenda for B.O. i mean allah

  • c4pfan

    Whoa! Guess that tells us what Hillary really thinks. Why people support her is beyond me!

  • Constance

    Well, she has had months now to prepare for this. Months for lies to be spread and Benghazi to fade away. Months of covering up and making up stories she would tell today. Nothing is going to happen to Hillary Clinton over this, or Obama. The republicans will make her squirm, but nothing will happen. I stopped believing in my government. She is stepping down within a week, only to be replaced by that traitor John Kerry, right? Tell me there is ever any justice in this country anymore.

    • c4pfan

      I’m watching to see how the GOP handles this. I’ve had it with them acting like wimps!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    She doth protest too much!

  • kong1967

    It also matters because there’s a big difference between random violence sparked by an out of control protest (OWS) and organized terrorist attacks (Al Qeda). They chose to blame a protest because Obama said Al Qeda was dead.

    • 3seven77

      “They chose to blame a protest because Obama said Al Qeda was dead.”

      And THAT ^^^^ in a nutshell is the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth.

      • kong1967


  • 1endtimes2020

    Paul Ryan asked better questions than McCain, but also made a statement that Hillary didn’t do her job regarding Benghazi and would have fired her. The bottom line the Democrats don’t want to address is why Hillary Clinton and President Obama refused military reinforcements when Chris Stevens made many urgent calls for help, and why, when Chris told the state department MONTHS before of the dangers building up in Benghazi, there was no large military security present even before Chris arrived there. The liberal media will give her a passing grade, but I hope the people won’t, and remember the victims at Benghazi if Hillary becomes a candidate for President.

    • c4pfan

      I thought that was Rand Paul as the House questions her later?

      • 1endtimes2020

        Yes, yes, you’re right. I still haven’t woken up completely. I guess.
        Thanks for you’re correction. Rand Paul, Rand Paul. Ok, now I’ve got it.

      • Orangeone

        You are correct and Paul Ryan is not on the House Committee but Steve Stockman from TX is and he is someone to watch. He has been forthright that he will seek impeachment of Obama over the 2nd Amendment, has already introduced one round of lesser legislation to get the ball rolling. I follow him on Twitter!

  • What Whiteguy2 said: The difference is you and your cohorts in the Obama regime conspired to cover up a terrorist attack for political reasons. The difference is you claimed full responsibility,then conspired to evade questioning under oath at least until after the election, again for political reasons.

    I completely agree with what you said and how you said it.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Rice and Hillary Lied and people Died…….Liars…all of them

  • Lies don’t seem to matter to the mainstream media these days, espcially those coming from liberal Democrats like Hillary or Obama. It is just stunning to think how the mainstream media would be behaving if there was a Republican president in the White House. THAT is why people have tuned out a lot of the mainstream media and why newspapers around the country are going bankrupt. People just don’t trust them anymore, especially when they become the propaganda arm of the White House.

  • stevenbiot

    Why does the senator keep kissing her butt? I don’t care about these damn philosopher kings. We have questions, and we want some damn answers. Do away with the freaking “thank yous” and “I’m glad you are being transparent” nonsense!

  • stevenbiot

    The difference, Clinton, is that you and this administration blamed the attack on a video; you idiot!!!

  • colliemum

    Ah – it is clear to me now: she thought throwing a little temper tantrum to make the Senator look like a bully was appropriate, to get her out of answering the question.

    She blew it. “What difference does it make” will from now on hang round her neck like the famous albatross …

    • Orangeone

      We are trying to get #WhatDifferenceDoesItMake trending on Twitter. Please help us! I’m out of tweets for a bit but will jump back on as soon as I can.

      • colliemum

        I hope it’ll trend – have been using that # a bit myself already.

        I’ll be tweeting with that # now.

        • Orangeone

          Thank you mum! I know Gowdy has told Issa that he wants Hitlary hauled before their committee as well, hope it happens.

          • nibblesyble

            Love me some Gowdy!

          • colliemum

            That would be outstanding – I hope Issa will allow this, after todays despicable performance by the former SecState!

        • Landscaper

          What does the # mean? I see it a lot. I’m old and out of touch…..

          • colliemum

            It’s some sort of sorting code used by twitter. If one uses # followed by some expression, then other people can use that to see if there are new tweets about it.
            When there are lots, it’s called ‘trending’.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    “What difference does it make?” Even though nothing will bring back those slain Americans, I believe it DOES make a difference in knowing the truth about the Benghazi tragedy and how it happened. Why security wasn’t beefed-up as requested by the ambassador, why has the obama administration been so reluctant to speak candidly about the incident and other pertinent areas of concern. So, Ms. Clinton, it does make a difference!!!

    • TexasPGRRider

      It`s my understanding bngzi was a temporary ops site. The weapons earmarked to be backdoored to syria from Libya were at issue. Forces in libya were more concerned with efforts in Mali and N. Africa. After the attacks the issue was resolved and B.O.`s plan got busted. The Administration then turned up heat and threats to particular military leaders. Hence the old CYA strategy. What seems to be coming into focus tends to poof. Time will tell as we continue in our Search for the TRUTH !!!

  • Why is she laughting and grinning? That is sick. During her rant at 4:49 she says clearly, they knew it was terrorist, I hope someone else caught her statement.

    She did not answer Sen.McCains question when he asked her, what was Obama doing for 7 hours? She dodged the question completely and contiued on the tangent about how they worked together on other common issues. I had hoped Mr McCain would follow up with the same question, but it seems her compliments calmed him down because he didn’t ask her to answer his question about obama’s actions and where abouts during the 7 hours he was AWOL.

  • KenInMontana

    Some guys “out for walk” generally don’t include mortars in their kit, and protesters carry signs, not RPGs and automatic weapons, Hil.

    • M_J_S

      Not unless you are walking in West/South/North Philly Ken. 🙂

  • What difference does it make TODAY? The same difference it made yesterday, the day before, and tomorrow. You are all agenda driven idealogs who will stop at nothing to progress your recessive agenda. This incident is proof positive that a couple of dead Americans won’t even stand in your way. How long until it is half the electorate in this country you deceitful criminal.

  • Uaint Down

    it matters because it was right before the election and it contradicted the claim that O’s foreign policy was successful, which O admin. lied about and covered up.

  • NYGino

    Since ‘winning” the election, the new slogan for the administration whenever lack of transparency, issuing false statements and breaking laws is questioned will be:

    “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  • sjmom

    What difference does it make??????

    The difference is whether the govt is being open and honest with the families of the fallen and public whom they serve. I know that’s a foreign concept to the Left but the govt serves the people.

  • steprock

    Did you order the Code Red!!???

    Yeah, it doesn’t matter like that.

  • Landscaper

    Out for a nights walk with heavy weapons Hillary? Please, how stupid do you think we are?

    • colliemum

      The LIVs will nod their heads and say Hillary makes sense – after all, what difference does it make if one’s mugged (which LIVs have experience in), or if there’s a terrorist or two with guns …


    • stage9

      The biggest problem is that the Senator allowed her to raise her voice without slamming here arrogant butt to the floor in rebuttal.

  • bongobear

    The sad thing is these hearings will not make any difference in her life. She won’t pay any penalty and she won’t go to jail and those Americans will still be dead. These Clintons seem to get away with everything they do. My guess is she’ll run for president in 2016…and she might very well get elected. Is this a great country, or what?

  • warpmine

    “What difference does it make…?”

    Seriously, using liberal logic to beat them over their head:

    What difference does the type of gun make?
    who made the decision?
    what caliber was it?
    of how much money was spent for this or that?
    In that case, what difference does it make to have a government at all.

    Why ask why? They lie, cheat, steal and will all cover their own ass and the complacent media will allow or better yet help them do it.

    Accountability or morality means nothing to these people so why should it matter if we decide to pick them off one or ten at a time. You liberals don’t like the current constitution based upon Biblical morality then doing the aforementioned shouldn’t make that big of a difference. Stinking A-holes!

  • bjohnson55

    I watched, she came unhinged which equals un-presidential. Her incompetence knows no bounds.

  • Biggbear52

    Mr. Johnson another and possibly better question would be: HOW MUCH DID THIS ASSASSINATION OF FOUR AMERICAN’S COST? How deeply did you and those involved, involve the taxpayers!

  • stage9

    You know, she says it’s less important to find out why the militants did what they did than it is to find them and bring them to justice.

    But um, I hate to point out the obvious to such a highly intelligent twit like Hillary, but in order to bring someone to justice isn’t finding out what and why they did what they did a part of the judicial process?

    • 3seven77

      And finding out what, why and how these terrorists murdered four Americans is vital to preventing it from happening again anywhere in the world.

  • Biggbear52

    Geez what a contrite witch! sheer unadulterated middle finger in your face nonsense. Shackle these morons please!

  • tinlizzieowner

    She’s all tweaked because somebody called her out on Obama’s attempt to B.S. everybody and her complicity in it, for openers.

  • TexasPGRRider

    In the good guy/ bad guy movies, isn`t the first question from the lead good guy of the rescue force something like “WHAT HAPPENED”? Excuse me, I forgot, the good guys in this instance were told to “Stand Down” and relegated to watching in real time, events unfold on their monitors.The sad fact is what it is; can we call a spade a spade yet?

  • Sober_Thinking

    I like her cavalier attitude. She might as well have said, “Who cares?” Because she and Obama have shown no sense of urgency or interest in this whatsoever… they both want this to simply go away. I guess she’s right in one sense… what difference does it make… Obama got re-elected… shouldn’t this all be over now?

    One more thing… why is everyone kissing her butt and handling her with care? If anything… she’s a hostile witness. I especially love how she fake cried again (“I’m a woman, don’t pick on me” – or – “I’m too important, leave me alone”). She’s a phoney and a liar and a manipulator. Take the gloves off and please work her over… she deserves it.

    She’s had months to prepare… faked an injury to get her story right… and will lie all the way into 2016.

  • You friggin’ lied initially about what happened until you were called out on it. Then you backtracked and changed your story because the American people are not as dumb as you make them out to be Ms. Flowers – I mean Clinton. You lied and you are NOT owning up to it like your husband was forced to own up to his sack of lies. Face the music lady!

  • tinlizzieowner

    Some day the big story will come out. Stevens was in Benghazi instead of his secure office in Tripoli, because he was secretly talking with some Turk about the weapons being smuggled to Syria through Turkey, to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing Assad and Obama has his sticky fingers all over that.
    They couldn’t have any allegations like that coming out before the election and that’s when the ‘protester’ B.S. (that Clinton is complicit in), was fabricated.
    That’s why Clinton is saying “What difference does it make if there was a protest or not?” because they think they have the big story pretty well squashed, for the moment. That’s also why the witnesses will never testify and a terrorist will never be brought to justice.

  • radjapan

    One might also point out that it matters because presumeably she would have had the information needed to send in a force sufficient to handle a terrorist attack. Of course that imagines an administration predisposed to handle that kind of information with a view toward rescue…

  • pdxlady

    What difference does it make???

    Well, we know that it doesn’t make a dam* bit of difference to you or anyone in this lying regime; but ask the parents and families of the victims and I’ll bet it makes a difference to them.

    It makes a difference to the American People who are sick and tired of being lied to.

    All of the questions were agreed upon before the hearings, maybe two weeks ago, so she had notes for every question. WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony – “Complete Bullsh-t” http://theulstermanreport.com/2013/01/23/white-house-insider-hillary-clintons-benghazi-testimony-complete-bullsh-t/

  • FreeManWalking

    Is this a written script? As the conversation progresses it looks like she is turning pages like she is keeping up with a book, script or a staged performance.

    If she is, it is all a staged event to make it look like something is really taking place.

  • NJK

    She’s not a woman. She’s evil, and I hope evil happens to her. I hope life gets even with her.

  • NJK

    Too bad we have no House of Representatives. Boehner believes he is there to cut deals with the left. He views that as his job. The House of Representatives with the likes of Boehner as speaker, is a group of hostages suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. He will go down in history as a pathetic coward, who stood by while they committed numerous crimes.

  • imsteph

    it just doesn’t matter—cause the pravda msm will still lick out boots, kiss our arses, pant around behind us like dumb animals waiting for their daily talking points! they will carry the dems water anywhere!

    it just doesn’t matter—cause 1/3 of the nation has just tuned out cause they can’t take the crap anymore, 1/3 are sycophantic teenage girls walking around pretending to be adults cause they actually believe these psychopaths in power will save a seat at the popular table for them, leaving only 1/3 to yell from the roof tops—but—

    it just doesn’t matter—cause the media aren’t going to cover the 1/3 yelling from the roof tops unless it is to say how ‘crazy’ they are and what ‘radicals’ they are!

    it just doesn’t matter—cause all the really hot girls will still go out with the guys from camp mohawk!

    it just doesn’t matter—-it just doesn’t matter—-

    No hillary moo cow. It does matter. And that 1/3 yelling from the roof tops was all the founders of this nation needed to break away from the largest empire in the world at that time…bringing an age of freedom and creativity and inspiration and innovation like the world had never seen before.

    The TRUTH shall set us free, again. And it ALL matters.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in what amounted to her exit interview on Capitol Hill, gave an ominous preview of the threats facing America in North Africa and the Middle East — suggesting the U.S. may be mired in the region for years to come.”

    Duh!, Ya think? Naah, there just being cranky about bad things being said about Obama, er.., I mean Osama, no, make that make that Mohammad. 😉 😉
    Thanks for catching up to what conservatives knew back when you and Obama were praising ‘The Arab Spring’. Got to get ready for being President huh, you lying, hypocrite Twit.

  • Your are right,Mrs Clinton we have 4 dead Americans and our elected officials really do not seem to care. Your “offensive outburst” leads me to believe you are taking the “the defense is the best offense” position and by throwing up more “smoke and mirrors” it will go away and this investigation continues to be swept under a rug and when the truth finally comes out it will be too late to hold those people responsible.
    What bothers me the most is there is NO accountability with this administration, its ALWAYS someone else fault, her position yesterday it was Congress fault for not providing enough funds. Really?
    Then how is it that this WH is finding the “funds” to send a fleet F-16 fighter jets over to Egypt to help the Muslim Brotherhood?
    And is not not curious your 2008 campaign debts were all the sudden…taken care of…of course the day before your testimony?
    I find all of this very curious indeed!

  • snowshooze

    What difference does it make?
    Algeria. What next?
    She wasn’t even sworn in for Testimony. ( Why bother? )

  • franklinmints

    What differences does it make? Because you LIED to the American people about the incident being spawned by a protest when in fact, it was a terrorist attack. You also sobbed and cow towed to the Muslim people all over the world and KISSED THEIR ASS and apologized for America for a friggin movie when it had nothing to DO with a movie. Lastly, you’ve tossed a guy in jail who has basically been thrown into a hole over this lousy movie that had, in essence, nothing to do with this. THATS what difference it makes. Crap didn’t anyone on that table think of this at the moment??????

  • Mrs. Clinton, why don’t you ask the wives and mothers of those 4 men who died what difference it makes now?

  • “On-going discussion about the deteriorating threat environment in Libya”….. so let’s lie since we want the president re-elected!!!

  • marylababidi

    You commenters make my stomach turn. I think you were probably raised in a very closed and WAY to the right atmosphere, and now you watch Fox News too much, and think that this is the world. OPEN YOUR EYES! Hillary Clinton is one of the hardest working Americans we have! She is on OUR side! I have to go take a Tums. Mary

    • Don

      I need a Tums myself, after reading your comment. Mainly because your slavish devotion to her and all her cronies, including the POTUS, as well as your delusion that “she is on OUR side” make me sick to my stomach. Here’s a suggestion; take your Tums with a large glass of Kool-Aid; there’s plenty to go around

  • Ken Slavin

    She and the Administration are liars to the core.

  • PaulaBarnesWoods

    what about those poor families that lost family members. they have been promised the truth and the truth still is not given to them. They deserve the truth. We deserve the truth. Hillary and the entire Administration would not know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the bottom ( g rated) Americans were killed and it would seem as though no one really cares that should care.

  • PaulaBarnesWoods

    I forgot to add the American public cares and wants answers too. What is happening to our Country.