History of Israel/Palestinian conflict from CBS News

I’ve been going through this for a while and aside from a little bias, it’s a fairly good and thorough. If nothing else it serves as a general guideline of that chronology of events starting from 1890 to present day.

You will see the word ‘occupation’ used in several places and you’ll also notice that it never says Israel won the wars fought with Arabs. It doesn’t say they lost either….it just doesn’t say. But given that Israel has won all the wars with the Arabs, I think they should have noted it.

But otherwise it’s worth reviewing:

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  • Sober_Thinking

    Thanks Scoop.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Enough of this “palestinian” BS. They are not the “Palestinians” The inhabitants of Judea (the Roman province of) are. They became Palestinians when the Emperor Hadrian decided to name Jerusalem for himself and the Provence for the then extinct Phillistines (Greek sea people–not Arabs from Arabia) The inhabitants are the Jews (Judeans at the time) and their appellation changed with Hadrian’s decree, just lke the Persians became Iranians when they renamed their land Iran. The appellation changed again to Israeli when they renamed their land Israel.

    Incidentally, the term Palestinian (Philistine) has its root in the Hebrew for foreign invader. That is what these Arabs are. The West Bank (so named by Hussein of Jordan) or Judea and Sameria might very well be occupied, but it is Arab occupied Israel– the Jordanians invaded and occupied it in 1948, and remained there until they were thrown out by the Jewish “Palestinians” or Israelis.

    It is by the good graces of the Israeli people who are willing to accommodate them that the Arab interlopers will get a State of their own.
    Maybe then, they will be willing to give the Kurds (a true nationality) their own state. Don’t hold your breath.

    Finally, if Abbas and his ilk refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state (That was a UN mandate too, you know), what is there to negotiate about?

    No more Por Glall (Arameic term that’s close to BS as it gets)

    • colliemum

      “Arab occupied Israel” – I like that!

      There was an article by Robert Kennedy from 1948 (can’t find the bookmark), when his Dad sent him around the world to learn and write.
      He reported that many Arabs had migrated to what was the the British Protectorate, before israel became a state. They did that because thanks to the Jews, who had bought up land and worked the land, there was more work for them, and there was work in cities like Tel Aviv.
      So the ‘palestinians’ are nothing more but arab economic migrants.

      Something else I read recently: when Arafat demanded freedom for Palestine in 1964, the West Bank was actually still in Jordanian hands. It was won by Israel during the 1967 war.
      So why did the palestinians not go to Jordan?
      Well, they did, tried to take over, and got punished by King Hussein in 1968 (I think), and thrown out. The same happened in Syria under Assad’s father. He mercilessly shot scores of them and threw the rest out.

      • MiketheMarine

        He should have kept shooting.

        • colliemum

          Funny, innit, that the ‘old’ Arab leaders were so much more restrained when it came to killing their enemies.
          The current crop have absolutely no compunction in killing anybody at all, the more the merrier.

          • MiketheMarine

            The Allies of WWII have forgotten one very important detail we learned in winning that war. The only way to stop or prevent a war is to make it so painful and expensive on the other side that they would rather negotiate and surrender than to fight on. Some of us, though, do remember and when the time comes, like Genghis Khan, we may be forced to kill every last one.

            • colliemum

              This is true.

              However, given the leftie MSM of today, I shudder to think what they’d have made of the bombing of German cities and of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the time of WWII.
              It is bad enough how they are trying to re-write history and blame the Allies and the USA for those bombings.

              Btw – isn’t it odd how none of those leftie critics have a word about what the other side did? Okinawa seems to be an alien expression to them, and they haven’t go a clue about the devastating battles in the SU in 1941, where millions of Russians got killed or became POWs and died in the camps.

              • MiketheMarine

                There are millions of veterans all over the world and WE know the cost of freedom and will sacrifice those numbers of ourselves again if we must. I have no fear. We will overcome, Darlin’

    • Another thing I heard recently, but I’m not sure. P isn’t even in the Arab language. (Filasṭīn in Arabic)

    • warpmine

      I wonder if the world would give a crap if oil wasn’t am export. It takes an awfully large paint brush to paint over the constant invasion from the Mohammedans for the last 14 centuries just so they can get some oil. What I cannot understand is that the Arab scum would sell it to anyone given the fact that if they didn’t, they would all starve to death in the holes of excrement they currently live in.

  • The Israelis may have won in the past, but if Iran gets a nuclear bomb, that may soon end. Nobody wins a nuclear war and everybody loses big time. And we have a president that isn’t lifting a finger to stop it. Oh, I forgot, he IS pushing for more UN sanctions. Yes, that’s the “answer,” the UN. The same organization that didn’t stop North Korea from getting a nuclear bomb, THAT organization. Like I said, nobody wins in a nuclear war, but we may, unfortunately, live to see one take place in the Middle East anyway.

  • sjmom

    Thanks RS. What I noticed is Israel was always withdrawing etc but never the Palestinians.

  • MiketheMarine

    Did they make any mention of the changing Israeli borders? That would display the clear winner, each time.

  • sDee

    Slide #1 (and the entire presentation) leads one to believe that “Palestine” is a country. They should have noted that throughout history, Palestine is a region.

    The 1951 slide is very misleading in its omission by saying that the “Palestinians” launched raids on Israel. There we no such peoples as “Palestinians. The Gaza strip and West Bank were then full of a bunch of radical Arab refugees and mercenaries from the 1948 war when surrounding Arab nations tried to annihilate Israel.

    After the Arab armies were trounced by Israel, they did not want these refugees and terrorists back, so they became the protected “victims” of the United Nations. Under the protection of the United Nations the displaced Arabs began raids into Israel, killing, raping and then returning to the Gaza and West Bank refugee camps. Soon Egypt began to recruit and train these, and offered a bounty for Jewish heads.

    This wave of attacks on Israel became more organized in 1951. They called themselves the “fedayeen”. The Western press romanticized them as the “Palestinies”. Terrorism was born.

  • 911Infidel

    We should end every Senate and House meeting with this phrase: “Islam Delenda Est”

    Here, read on:


  • repubboy

    CBS presents a white washed version of events, all are date correct, with the exception that they do not say the the Arabs themselves refused to negotiate and did not want an Arab state to be on the common boarder with Israel. It is the Arabs themselves that have created the conundrum that is the problem of the Palestine state.
    The Palestinians have been used for centuries by the Arab powers, strictly pawns. They want a country! they need to become civilized and learn how to live in the world of today, stop trying to kill their neighbors. Until that day comes they are still killers and terrorist and should be dealt with in kind. When the day comes that they want to live in peace then and only then should they become a country that can join the world community.

  • Yazz55

    Looks to me like more of a propaganda piece than something which should be called history.