Horrible: Lib Medicare ad shows Paul Ryan throwing grandma off a cliff

This is absolute lies and deception to scare people away from Paul Ryan’s plan (via RCP):

The ad shows a look-a-like of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) pushing an old woman off a cliff as to symbolize what his proposal would do to old women.

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  • h8 libs

    did alen greyson write this commercial.when will the libs learn that this kind of stuff is stupid and inneffectiveoh,oh yea libs are morons.

    • Publius

      Guess, I have to disagree with most of you; and I think historical polling on which party is better suited on certain issues supports it.  This is a good ad.  My only criticism is that Conservatives and Republicans don’t play the game.  There should have been ads like this during the Obama-care debate with Obama’s Death Panels herding grandma’s into gas chambers.  Scenes of pinheaded bureacrats with rubber stamps going through piles of applications stamping them DENIED, DENIED, DENIED and cutting to Obama speeches about cost-reduction and “savings.”  And when the Dems cut $500 bil from Medicare last year, this ad with granny getting pitch into the abyss should have run.

      Only maybe 20% of the population claims to be liberal, but for the last 100 years the Progressive movement has done nothing except progress.  The last instance of the federal government shrinking or getting more limited is the Coolidge adminstraction.  The last time the Supreme Court recognized that “enumerated” power means enumerated was around 1935 when it struck down the fist New Deal programs.

      IMO, Republcans and Conservatives think we are in some type of civil and intellectual debate with colleagues among whom are policy disagreements.  The Left thinks it is in a no-holds-barred death match. 

      • sDee

        The Progressves make progress because the media and entertainment industries fail to expose the truth about legislation. “if it was as bad as you say I would have heard about it on TV.” They do this for Progressive government expansion under Republicans (Bush & his Congress) as well as the anti freedom blitzkreig of the last two years.

        When Progressives are about to get caught in the truth, the media will help them with stuff like this.

        We citizens who want our country and Constitution back must reject all of these lies and deceitful tactics from the red and blue Progressives both. As long as we still have the Internet, we must use the truth to beat the political class. Playing their game is a losing game.

      • Anonymous

        The parties both demagogue, but they demagogue different people.

        Democrats demagogue Republicans.  Republicans demagogue the foreign “Other.” 

    • Anonymous

      You are obviously not aware of KKKarl Rove’s oeuvre. 

  • zytekfan

    Hmmm, private companies always make better goods and provide better services; privatizing sounds like a better idea…even though privatizing isn’t necessarily the right word, since the plan calls for vouchers to be used at the discretion of the person. Certainly there will be government with control still, but Ryan’s plan for Medicare gives people more control over the care they receive…

    Oh but, liberals think government bureaucrats have the best interests of people in mind…let’s see what they say when care is rationed because Obamacare has cut the amount of doctors and healthcare providers in half…

  • poljunkie

     It is amazing how totally divided our country is on nearly every issue since the last election. Oh, sure I know it started before—but now the personal attacks are more frequent. 

  • Anonymous

    The government never TRULY privatizes, sadly.  They just hand the monopoly to someone that isn’t a legislatively created entity and continue to enforce the monopoly or oligopoly of those hand-picked government-lobbying corporations.  If they actually did open this up to the market and get rid of the AMA the problem would be so much better.
    Too bad no one will address what the policy of deliberate inflation and almost 0% interest rates by the central bank does to old folks living on savings or fixed income.

  • destroyer of moonbats

    yet ppl still affiliate themselves with the left.

  • David Burnell

     Look at this ad as an I.Q. test. It will easily identify those with the room temperature I.Q.’s that are influenced by this drivel.

  • Misfit

    There should be an ad of the government pointing a gun at people, forcing them to give them money to fund medicare. That would be factual and true.

  • BigM

     Pretty sick ad if you ask me. These Libs have gone off the deep end!

  • Odin147


  • And you are surprised?

  • Anonymous

    Help!  I’ve fallen and can’t get up.  
    (Sorry, had to do it)  The website reeks of George Soros.Medicare needs reform.  As an example a person has sleep apnea, they need a CPAP machine.  The new machines have a data chip that records how often the patient uses the machine.  Big Gov’t in your home.  Patient has 90 days to comply to a 70% usage of the machine or they will not pay for it.  If said patient wants the CPAP machine even though they have not met the requirements in said amount of time, the patient is mandated to return for an additional sleep study…that will do nothing more than show that the patient still has sleep apnea based on the first sleep study results.The kicker is the sleep study costs on the average $3,200.00.  The CPAP machine costs $1200.00.  So instead of simply believing the patient when the patient tells them the CPAP is making a difference, is helpful in improving quality of sleep and life in general, the proof is in the data chip that the patient is using the machine nightly, just isn’t reaching the required 4 hours of usage they make the patient repeat the study. This new policy was created because Medicare discovered back in the day when the older machines were loud, cumbersome, and uncomfortable people were just tossing them in the closet not using them.  So they came up w/the data chip idea and if patient failed to comply they consider the answer is to do a repeat study costing the gov’t an extra $2,000.00.  According to the health care professionals that work in the sleep clinics there is absolutely no justification for the policy, other than if the patient refuses then Medicare does not have to pay for the additional sleep study or the machine and have only spent $3200 vs $4400. Undoubtedly some stupid bureaucrat came up w/the brilliant solution that solves nothing.  Just one of many insane policies they have that waste money.

  • NJK

    An ad like this will backfire.  No one wants to associate themselves with people who think this way. At least not normal people.  I hope Mr. Soetoro is facing a humiliation like no other in history in November 2012.  I want to see him sucker punched.

  • That’s not Paul Ryan… That’s one of the bureaucrats from the Obamacare Independent Payment Advisory Board!  We are going to see a lot of this soon.  Watch for falling grannies people!

  • Anonymous

    This is no different for that idiot Palin and her geek chorus on Fox “news” squawking about death panels and killing grandma with the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act.  Not to mention the REAL death panels that are a standard part of PRIVATE medical insurance and denial of care for preexisting conditions (which you teabags want to make sure they bloated insurance companies can continue to do). Don’t act outraged when what you are promoting really is “right-wing social engineering”

    Ryan is an Ayn Rand cultist and a foe to real working Americans, the elderly, and poor as are mose teapublicans.

    • h8 libs

      hey lib,this is not huffingglue post.i think you are lost. 

    • Anonymous

      If you weren’t so filled with venom you could possibly understand that the problems in the US healthcare system are the result of the government.

      As for the elderly and poor, maybe you should evaluate the impact the Fed has on them by inflicting upon the poorest in America the cruelest tax of all.  Inflation is a tax that hits the poor and benefits the richest of America.  Artificially low interest rates means that Grandma and the poor get very little for being prudent and actually saving money, driving them to invest in perpetually reinflated bubbles in the stockmarket, wiping them out when the bubbles burst.

      If you really want to talk about the problems and their causes in the US healthcare market I’m more than willing because every single time there is a problem that is endemic to an entire sector of the economy 10 out of 10 times it’s the government’s fault.

      Do you want to discuss the problem of the cartelization of the health insurence market via federal dictate?

      Do you want to discuss the corporatist lobbying (bribes) BS and mindless bureaucratic FDA nonsense that needlessly drives up the cost of new medicines, technologies and procedures?

      Do you want to discuss the oligopolization of the healthcare providers because of the AMA?

      Do you want to discuss the coralling of the poor and elderly into lethargic, disconnected, unsympathetic, and counter-productive programs like Medicaid and Medicare?

      Do you want to discuss the outlawing of mutual aid organizations and the conglomerating of patients for negotiated bulk health services that caused the aforementioned coralling of the poor and elderly?

      Do you want to discuss how those mutual aid organizations and service negotiations actually got better medical care to more poor people than this current chirade of cronyism, cartels, and dependency?

      I’m here.

      P.S. Ayn Rand was a hack.

  • Tyler

    If we truly privatized medicare, medicaid and retirement for people…then America really would be a beautiful place.  Problem is…that this ad lies in the sense that the plan doesn’t do that.  Ryan just like most of the Rs are too afraid of their political careers to go full-force with these plans.  “Sensible” my hide.

  • Quizzerdrew

    hahaha this is soo stupid.