HORRIBLE: Man being dragged behind motorcycle in Gaza for being an accused Israeli spy

Anderson Cooper reports this himself on twitter. He doesn’t say it’s Hamas, but who else could it be?

(h/t: Weasel Zippers)

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  • Sandra123456

    Let’s see on how many MSM channel/stations this will be reported. As Glenn Beck pointed out this morning if this were Israeli’s doing this to a terrorist we wouldn’t hear the end of it.

    • Army Of One

      Surprisingly, Anderson Cooper reported on this live as the jihadi murderers rode past his hotel.

  • Haywoodjbl

    These are the civilized people that we are being asked to believe are “peaceful”? Don’t think you would see that in Israel or frankly any other civilized nation… These people are barbarians who cut off the heads of those that don’t believe.

    Wipe them from the face of the earth, it is only a matter of time until that becomes the only alternative.

    • bbitter

      Hit the nail on the head. Genocide is what they are selling, and we either except their demands and goals of genocide against Jews, in Israel and beyond, or we top them, by genocide if necessary.

      It is coming to the point where we no longer get to choose whether we stand against genocide or not… but which side of it we stand with. If they refuse to back down from their genocidal war, do we allow them, or fight against until the ideology is wiped from the earth? Everyone one needs to choose for themselves, but I do not appreciate the position they are putting Israel, and myself, into. I know who I’d choose to be removed from the earth.

  • Given the accuracy and truthfulness of Hamas, the guy being drug around is
    probably a Palestinian who got thumped by friendly fire.

  • What do you do when a pack of wolves attack you? Kill them. That’s the only thing these “people” (I’d rather call them animals) know. You will get no peace in that part of the world until one side totally destroys the other. Hopefully, Israel will be the winner in that confrontation, although with Obama in office I just don’t know. Obama is talking a good game against Hamas, but what is he doing against the main enemy, Iran? Iran is the key. All of this is a preparation for a war between Iran and Israel. As soon as the conflict in Syria is over and Iran gets its nuclear bomb, Iran will make its move. That will be a war that shakes the earth and we had better be ready for it.

    • montereyyjack

      It might be a waste of good plutonium but I say nuke ’em all. We then can have 2,000 years of relative peace while the cockroaches replenish their ranks. Then do it again.

  • colliemum

    And these are the people the lefties adore – these are the people who Israel is told not to fight.

    I wish there were a new circle in H*LL for all those who support those muslim terrorists!

    • denbren52

      There is and they will spend an eternity there.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Typical Hamas/Islamic barbaric brutality.

  • And I suppose the lamestream will blame Israel for making this poor man a spy.

    • mike3e4r7

      Yep, keeping the Palestinians oppressed and in poverty so that some of the poor dears have no choice but to spy in exchange for money.

  • colliemum
  • tinker_thinker

    They are truly savages. Evil.

  • Constance

    Here in Phoenix, we used to have a talk show host who referred to these people as “animalstinians”. I’ve never forgotten that. He was fiercely attacked for that word, but it just fit this bunch.

  • sjmom

    This is nothing more than a Satanic display of evil on film. This is cruel inhumane torture and where is the Obama administration’s denouncing of this as they did the waterboarding of the 9/11 terrorists??????????

    “Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming” and so it opens its gates to receive those who walk the road to perdition. Where there is breath there is hope of repentance and salvation. I pray the Lord to work in the Muslim community and bring them into the light of His Gospel. “By grace are ye saved”. Amen.

  • JeffWRidge

    Ah, the religion of peace at work. Isn’t it lovely?

  • Learnedsmtn2day

    Look at what these Israelis caused Hamas to do to this poor man !!!!!!

    • Marky_D

      Yes, you can tell by the way he is bleeding and having his skin flayed from his flesh by the rough road that he is clearly part of a Zionist conspiracy to make Hamas look like the bad guys. You just can’t trust those pesky Jews!

  • poljunkie

    Well they have progressed from the old west and the horse, but the hate is the same.

  • sDee

    This, making an example of punishing one’s opposition, is exactly what draws America’s left to disguise their sick fascination for fascism, as faux sympathy of Palestinians.

  • Susitna

    I wish we all would start calling these murderers for what they are instead of saying only Hamas. We should say either The Murderers Hamas or the Terror Organization Hamas.
    We should also talk about the high number of Palestinians that have been killed or are tortured every day by the Terror Organization Hamas. We should also talk about the Palestinian Christians that are terrorized in the Gaza Strip and that are forced to convert to Islam.
    We should talk about what we are planning to do, to save and to free the Palestinians from their own murderous leaders that belong to the Terror Organizations Hamas and Fatah.

  • Army Of One

    That is so sweet how those peaceful and loving muslims, of the peaceful and loving cult of islam, are peacefully and lovingly delivering that fine young man to his 72 virgins.

    How very thoughtful. The rest of the world could learn a lesson from this 🙂

  • bbitter

    Mob rule…. coming to a city near you. Brought to you by Obama, the letters ‘F’ and ‘U’, and the number 16 Trillion…

  • john cabot

    the real deal is hatred toward anything percieved as white, Jews even though can be anything, are seen as white. therefore they are hated by Arabs, who are also thought of by certain circles as white. But the hatred toward white men is out of control. And hopefully before the entire white race is destroyed whites will wake up and defend themselves. But with white women being overwhelmingly traitors it seems inprobable. White whore women voted for Obama and in effect murdered white men, but in this day and age it is every person for themselves. So the liberals and hordes divide and conquer. And we are being destroyed. Of course there is little hope when the white youth are brainwashed weak little gays. So the apes will be in charge totally soon. welcome to the jungle.

    • BamaFan2

      wow… I completely disapprove of what is going on in Israel and the Palestinians. And I do not like Obama at all either. But you are way out of line here. This is a religious war that started years ago, and not a race war…. Though, that doesn’t make it any better…. America needs to stop dividing people by race…period!… we are all humans, and God will judge us all one day regardless of the color of your skin… I hope you can get rid of all your hate in your heart…. If animals learn to coexist, we can too!

  • john cabot

    And also if anyone who is NOT mentally ill knows that minorities that voted for Obama is basically their way of flipping the bird to whitey, like white women that have sex with animal minorities it is their way of getting back at the white men that didn’t kiss their ass. Daddy did not serve them enough so they get back at white daddy by being with animals and this is why the white race is doomed. Jews are doomed too, the rabid animals are at the gates, just like in LA the riots should have made every white person see the truth that ALL so called minorities hate white people. I would say wake up white people but it is too late. We are doomed, the thing to do now is try and not be murdered by them, raped by them, and enslaved by them, and tortured by them. Good luck, I will be around white people in a rural place, but who knows that probably will not be enough, with all the weak whites we are doomed.


      please, do everyone a favor, and STAY in your white daddy rural captivity.

  • Yazz55

    Not even this will convince the media to cease blaming Israel for going after these poor innocent civilians.

    *sarcasm intentional

  • john cabot

    And to anyone that does not agree with me, remember back in North Carolina about two years ago or more, the white couple BOTH raped, burned, tortured, and then murdered by the mob of animal ‘african americans’? Media did not report it, just next to nothing. So let us see if this was a mob of whites that raped, tortured, burned and throw bleach intheir eyes, and then murdered them, think the media would have reported it? Remember the prostitute rugby thing? Where she was lying? See the point geniuses? Israel should be flanked by the world all ready to decimate the Arabs for their violence, but no they are just like us and full of mentally ill people that will only wake up after they are tortured and murdered. Point is look at this insanity, these thugs murdering the Jews and then complain woe is us after the Jews fight back. Instead of just bombing every single one of them, ALL women, children, babies, ALL. Why because at this point they ALL are brainwashed. And unless they kill this virus of hatred they will be doomed. This is the only way to survive cut out the cancer. If Americans could exterminate ALL blacks, and then ALL other non-whites we could survive. But they wont and we will be slowly killed because we do not have the strength to do what is needed. Oh well, that is life.

    • breakn70

      “…remember back in North Carolina about two years ago or more, the white couple BOTH raped, burned, tortured, and then murdered by the mob of animal ‘african americans’?”

      That was Knoxville, Tn. and it was in 2007. Their names were Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome, I think.

    • crosshr

      do not forget,Hitler and Stalin ain’t brown skin. too many white folks voted Obama in

  • john cabot

    Nice picture of just some guys out riding their scooters, and then maybe gettign some coffee and then they say hey let us murder a Jew, let us drag him to death in horrible pain and torture him. How sweet, the religion of peace, Islam. How wonderful, I mean even though we never see Jews doing this we must understand that they were made to do this. It is Americas fault too, to all you American men, if you were there they would torture you drag your naked body through the streets then die in horrible pain. To all you American women first it would start with fondling your dirty breasts, then grabbing your filthy American whore vaginas, then to teach you a lesson they would all brutally rape you in the name of Alllah, then torture oyu for making thme rape you, then of course murder you. Welcome to the wonderful religion of peace.

    • crosshr

      Think about his one benefit, no free contraception needed !heh

  • Ohio_patriot31

    Nothing like 3 century tactics to garner support for your cause. The sad thing is it works. Such civil citizens. Where are the drones when you need them?

  • crusader2010

    Obama’s people show their culture.

  • vinny

    Anyone notice how the left loves the Islamists?

  • These are the basest of humans. They don’t want peace and co-existence which the dopey liberals claim;-they want the elimination of Israel…….and later America. Wake up dolts!

  • Politically Incorrect

    Imagine what the good folks of Gaza would do to Mr. Cooper were they to get a hold of him…

  • Sick….

  • Sober_Thinking

    And Israel is the bad guy…

    Pretty interesting that the media supports Palestinians (Gaza) so much even though the evil they display is so abundant… but Israel who is trying to protect itself, they’re the bad guys who are committing “terrorist acts” or whatever the goofy Turks are calling it.

    Seems to me that the Bible once again said these days are coming.

  • Juanita DeMello

    Could be anyone that someone else has a grudge against. Just point your finger and say “Israeli spy” and the mob will take care of him or her for you!

    • crosshr

      thats a sad truth tho

  • Muslim animals…

  • Ron

    yes a religon of peace!!……….NOT!!

  • crosshr

    If only the UNO still exist, they would have reach out and protect these inhumane act of barbaric public mutilation of human beings by muslimes.

    These muslimes are in big need of mentally reconditioning, spiritual enlightment and a fully house cleaning and detoxing from their religious belief and destroy all their literature and fumigate their brain with some besticite or insecticide control spray from Home Depot, but that would be a waste

  • chatterbox365

    And these are the type of people the Left thinks we should negotiate with? That is beyond laughable.

    Animals like these need to be killed.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      Rapidly, and in high volumes.

      Where are the B-52’s?

  • TimeForAnarchy

    7th century barbarians that worship a pedophile. And these scum live amongst us right here at home.

  • StLucifer

    @Sober_Thinking Well, did the Jewish folk not move out of Palestine centuries ago? You cannot move out of a plot of land and then decide to just move right back because some “Arian” little asshole tried to kill you all. I’d be pissed off a lot if I were Palestinian too.

  • StLucifer

    @john cabot : Can you get them to stop the world right here? I want off.

  • StLucifer

    @john cabot : You recall when some white nigger murdered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? You remember that Adolph? I bet your wee willy just shot out a puff of dust when that happened eh? Well John Carver, you certainly are a piece of work.

  • StLucifer

    @crosshr : What you miss Alfred E. Nueman (a.k.a. George W. Bush)? That guy was in the White House for 8 years pal. The stunned f*^&# couldn’t put a sentence together, spent so much money killing Saddam Insane & family that you had to print some more, and you know the rest. Hitler was far from Arian, likely part Jewish and Stalin killed 10 million Russians…you folks have censored history lessons too?

  • StLucifer

    And “they” say all southerners are racist and bigots…not you though. Good one…I agree 101%. Thanks…Sincerely, Neil Young.

  • StLucifer

    Somebody, anybody, please tell me one thing. What did the Jewish people ever do to get the treatment they’ve gotten forever? I’m asking because I don’t know. All inbred wiggers will be ignored, so don’t bother getting someone to write a reply for your illiterate ass. And where did anyone ever come up with going to Africa and bringing back Africans to work as slaves? Sometimes I’m ashamed to be human…and that feeling is just increasing. If you really MUST have a hate-on, then hate your parents for conceiving your worthless tail.