Hot Mic: Reporters caught mocking NRA press conference but praising Code Pink demonstrations

Breitbart caught this one today and its reporters mocking Wayne LaPierre’s speech at the NRA press conference today but they were praising Code Pink and their demonstrations during the press conference. But hey, nothing to see here. The MSM isn’t biased. It’s just our imagination because we’re all extremist conspiracy theorists or something.


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  • “Giant goons whisking them away…” You mean the same kind of goons that protect your bosses? You know, the armed ones?
    These people crack jokes all they want, but they’d be the first ones to hide behind the “goons” if someone threatened them.

    • warpmine

      It can be said that they’re both young and stupid but of course we know this to be true of 98% of them. I don’t pray that a CC permit holder rescues them in their time of need during a robbery because I hope they can truly understand the anguish and fear that a totally defenseless victim can only bring wondering whether or not they’ll survive the encounter.

      Similar to a business that’s taken over by a son and consequently run into the ground because that son never had a clue of what that business was about. These brain dead liberals never understood the constitution and why’s of each section but they do know the liberal doctrine more than well enough to repeat it daily much without ever giving thought to what it really means.

      • Very well said warpmine.

      • white531

        warpmine, I think you’re going to go to bed this evening, with the gold ring. Because you get it. There are so many who don’t.

        You can question graduating seniors from any public high school in America, on the importance of The Constitution, and what it means. The answers you receive, will make you sick to your heart.

        The answers you get, will range from, “why is it so important, to,
        that was written a long time ago, why is it important, now?”

        This is not the America you and I grew up in. We can no longer go to the hardware store, and get the stuff we need to fix our screens. We can’t go to the drugstore and get a milkshake. America has changed.

        In a way, it is good that some of us are going to leave this world soon. We wouldn’t be able to live with it anyway.

        • warpmine

          Might have to sell it depending how fast the dollar flushes, lol!
          Anyway thanks folks. You’re all inspiring for me to be part of this community of great conservative thinkers and the Founders would be proud knowing they didn’t do it all for nothing.


          • “the Founders would be proud knowing they didn’t do it all for nothing.” And might I add, to do it also for our Veterans and those who are fighting now. We’ll do our best!

            Night warpmine.

      • Dude…that was poetic!!! Very well said!

      • “young and stupid” is another form of putting lipstick on a pig. True, theirs is a very small sign of intellectual achievement higher than the rote mouthings of a parakeet, but their youth does not absolve them from a total lack of knowledge about the country which allows their “youthful” stupidity. Too soon and too late, I fear, they will realize what their slouching towards Gommorah agenda, initiated by the radical student extremism of the ’60s, which evolved into radical activism for minority rights, feminism, homosexuality, environmentalism and animal rights, has wrought. Theirs will be a world far worse than a typical third world country of today. Since I am in my eighth decade of life on this planet, I am glad that I probably will not be here to say “I Told You So”, so let this be a fair warning to the young and the stupid!

        • warpmine

          The prospect of the devolution of this country’s moral center is no longer, it’s a stone cold fact. History has repeated itself once again because of willful ignorance on the part of the populous and just a few as usual can recognize the evil for what it is. Had we embraced the Ten Commandments for the genius of what they are then we could have avoided this devolution but alas it wasn’t to be. “The grass is always greener on the other side” has once again allowed the pagans to wrestle moral purposeful direction from the what the Founder’s envisioned.

          Drug use and abuse and immoral sexual depravity have trapped our youth into “feel good” lifestyles rather than that of Liberty. We now have two political parties looking to hand out money. The DemonRats are willing to hand it out to virtually anyone that qualifies in their warped minds so long as they vote for them. The GOP or stupid party is just looking to subvert the law in small increments by granting amnesty to virtually anyone that is good for business.Some are even willing to go as far into the liberal feel good field as to embrace homosexuals as long as they’re fiscally responsible. Apparently the GOP is now willing to throw those that embrace embryonic and fetal life under the bus because they mistakenly believe that abortion on demand is what the populous desires.

          I’m so sorry that most in my generation 60’s failed to heed those warnings. It wasn’t my fault my parents never emphasized God’s laws of life above that of liberal prognostications, however, I’m doing my best to forward the dangers to anyone and everyone I make eye contact with. Again, I’m sorry to those that warned us. God bless you.

          • mwbm

            Oh lord, you and that guy above you…did you just both denounce the importance of say, 85% of the world, casually dismissing “minority rights, feminism, homosexuality, environmentalism and animal rights”. Not to mention that apparently thinking 100 years ahead for the future generations is just silly environmentalism which’ll put us in “a world far worse than a typical third world country of today”. Wow, no offense, but we might both be “glad that [you] probably will not be here to say “I Told You So””, because I think you might be sorely disappointed.
            Never mind your political orientation, but that’s more hateful than your average Klu Klux Klan.

            • warpmine

              Nothing is more hateful than a leftist troll, not even a member of the KKK.

              • mwbm

                No trolling here, just someone who doesn’t agree with your ancient bigoted views.

                • warpmine

                  Make no mistake about it. I know trolls like anyone else here. We know their stench of modernity of go along to get along…..everything’s right under the sun…see no evil, here no evil…..homosexuality is just another lifestyle…..etc Anyway, whatever floats your egalitarian pink boat.

                • mwbm

                  I’ll take “egalitarian” as a compliment, seeing as how it means that “all people should be treated as equals and have the same political, economic, social, and civil rights.” Yeah, evil me, being all against racism and sexism and such.
                  Also, homosexuality isn’t just another lifestyle, it’s something you are either born like, or not. Whichever is the case, there are NO genuine reports of any successful “conversion” from homosexuality to heterosexuality. That, and it exists in other animals besides humans.

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        “Hey, the police will be there. It’s their job!” These are the same people who cry police brutality at the drop of a hat. These are the same folks who over regulate and over administrate police officers so that they cannot do their jobs effectively. Yet, when some bad voodoo goes down, who do they call? So the police magically appear before a crime occurs or right when it starts, eh? Uh, leftard…if you are about to be robbed at gunpoint, I don’t think there is a cop just around the corner or watching over you like a guardian angel or something. Where were the cops at Sandy Hook? Oh yes, they got there after the fact. No armed security or police officer was there guarding the school. Poor mindless leftard, the cops usually get to the scene of a crime AFTER it occurs.

        • mwbm

          At which point you tell him what the robber(s) looked like, what was stolen, etc. Then you report the whole nasty incident to your insurance, who provide you with a (most likely slightly reduced) cash replacement for your stuff, because you know, that’s how insurance companies are.
          Then the police may or may not find the robber(s), but hey, you’re alive instead of sprawled out on the floor with 4 bullet holes in your chest, your gun trapped half drawn under your lifeless body as the cops arrive. Because you know, it’s always a great idea to try and draw a piece on an already jumpy crackhead, released onto the street because some “war on drugs” put a load of relatively innocent people in the already full jails, who is already aiming at you with a gun of his own.
          Because, you know, it really is like in the movies where the good guy out-shoots all the bad guys whilst magically not getting hit himself and lives happily ever after.

          Never mind that if everyone carried a gun and was willing to use it, they wouldn’t ASK for your damn wallet, they’d shoot you in the back of the head then take it. But that’d be MUCH better, right?

      • mwbm

        Yeah, because god forbid they might lose a phone and a wallet. To be honest, while I would be amazingly happy to see an armed police officer (or 5) bust down the door in a robbery, I’d prefer to not get shot in the face because some bloke who fancies himself Rambo because he can hit a target on the range thinks he can handle this.

        Never mind that the problem in the first place isn’t the gun needed to defend yourself, it’s the gun in the hand of the robber. In countries where guns are strictly regulated (Europe, for example) serious violent crimes are vastly less common because for 99% of aspiring criminals it is impossible to obtain a firearm. Only those with real underground connections can get them, and those are not the types you want to stand down by yourself as a civilian anyway.

        You always reason the gun is the solution, but when you take away the problem, what do you need a solution for? You need guns to take out the guy trying to take your wallet with a knife? Never mind that:
        a) surviving a stab wound is generally more likely
        b) the advantage of knife vs. unarmed is greatly less than gun vs. unarmed
        (I’m not even mentioning gun vs. gun, because if the guy pointing a gun at you isn’t a complete moron, he’d have you filled with bullets before you got your gun halfway out.)
        c) if you just give him your damn wallet, the odds of making it tend to be almost 100%.

        No matter from which way you look at this argument, America has the most criminals, prisoners, deaths and murders each year, and each number rises again every year. And yet, the same people that have seen this happen for 30+ years have closed their eyes, pretending all is perfectly alright in the status quo. And you’re telling this generation that our morals are flawed?

        • warpmine

          “And you’re telling this generation that our morals are flawed?”

          Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. I’ve witnessed the decline in my near five decades of life in this rock. People even some criminals had more respect for life than the abortionist and those that have their backs. BTW those same people that clamor for more control of firearms are the same one coincidentally say that an all empowering government is always the solution, is always benevolent, is always superior in intellect that the common person yet we have example after example recorded by historians that it’s a lie.

          The truth is, we’ve turned our backs on God, His Commandments for life and the farther we’ve strayed from them the more evil winds up on the front pages of the newspapers but never mind that just keep believing that men are basically good in nature thus we don’t need ancient laws to govern us.

          P.S. Better take with you an insulated fire suit for those hot days.

          • mwbm

            Why does everything always have to move into a religious argument?

            “The truth is, we’ve turned our backs on God, His Commandments for life and the farther we’ve strayed from them the more evil winds up on the front pages of the newspapers […]”
            More evil ends up on the fronts of newspapers because in the information age, an elephant can’t fart in India without it being broadcast in some western nation. There has been much evidence that on the whole the world isn’t relatively more filled with crime, death and natural disasters than a century or so ago.

            “[…] just keep believing that men are basically good in nature thus we don’t need ancient laws to govern us.”
            I believe some people are good in nature, some are bad, and most swing either way depending on external influences. Where you religious people always go wrong is that you assume that in a god-fearing religious nation there is less crime and less evil. This is complete nonsense. For example you can check out the Bath School disaster:

            “BTW those same people that clamor for more control of firearms are the same one coincidentally say that an all empowering government is always the solution, is always benevolent, is always superior in intellect that the common person yet we have example after example recorded by historians that it’s a lie.”
            Why on earth would people who want fewer firearms in civilian hands want totalitarian or authoritarian governments? Yes, such governments tend to be established as shared dictatorships or will quickly evolve into a corrupt version of the original idea, again because bad people will attempt to rise just as high politically as good people. No religion is going to stop that.
            Furthermore, you’re calling me a liberal leftie: libertarianism is in fact an opposite to authoritarianism. So decide which side I’m on ok?

    • TitaniumEagle

      “Goons”. Same type of goons who defend your freedom every f**king day of your lives? The ones who protect your children?

      Or the work-for-hire guards who carry weapons who were in the military who did defend your freedom and now defend private citizens with those skills?

      Oh yeah, this would be a great place if there were no guns.


    • Pyrran

      The problem is, incidents only happen to people individually. They learn one at a time that a gun might save their lives. Most of their friends will still believe that guns are evil. Only the individual who has been personally threatened will see the light. It’s too bad the process of learning is so slow, but that’s life for you.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      I…am…so…shocked! I can’t believe they’re using cheap monitors in that room. The lighting is terrible too. Look, no catering even! Appalling!

      • lol. No Kidding. Speaking of catering, I hope you have a Blessed Christmas P! And a safe and Happy New Year!

        • PatrickHenrysBody

          Thank you! You do the same!

  • WWF? What decade are these people from? I dont watch it but havent they been the WWE for over ten years now? If they cant get that right imagine all the other things they get wrong. O wait we dont have to we see it every day if you can tolerate to watch any of it.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Alinsky tactics. Time to fight fire with fire.

  • jleinf

    Positive proof that the government,msm and otards are the enemy.

    • warpmine

      Just another proof in a long line.

    • NJK

      And some Pubs, including, Boehner. Someone should ask them, if Obama and his friends orchestrated the murder of the children, just like the murders in Fast and Furious.

    • StrangernFiction

      And the enemy within is a whole lot more dangerous than the enemy without.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Code Stink… ah, the horror.

    If it wasn’t for responsible groups like the NRA, you might be in more peril for siding with the enemy. You better thank the NRA for their role in educating gun owners and being actively involved in finding solutions rather than perpetuating the stories for ratings.

    It’s easy to criticize behind the camera. Boneheads.

  • tinlizzieowner

    There’s your ‘unbiased media’ for you. 😉

  • They’re young punk kids.

  • white531

    Are these the products of our best universities and other places of higher learning? What a sad outcome for America. We have spent untold millions, educating these people on what it means to be an American, and this is what we get.

    When we make the statement, that the Progressives/Liberals/Socialists/Communists/, took over our educational system, sometime in the sixties, this is what we are talking about. It is called, “Indoctrination.” For a complete definition, look it up in any dictionary.

    They absolutely own the minds of our young people. I have four sons. Two of them are flaming Liberals, in spite of all I could do to raise them as Conservatives. I failed. The Liberal Educational System of America, won.

    This is what we are facing. It’s not pretty.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “If you’re young and not a liberal, you don’t have a heart. If you’re old and not a conservative, you don’t have a brain”.
      Give them time. When they get out on their own and pay for all this with their own money, they will figure this out.

      • white531

        I appreciate your sentiments on the matter, tinlizzie, but by the time that happens, we will be a Communist nation. We don’t have the luxury of giving them time. Quite simply, we have run out of time.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Many conservatives started out as socialist, then progressed to liberal, and finally experienced enough about human nature to be convinced it was best to be conservative and traditional minded.

        • Betsey_Ross

          Time is short. We don’t have time to let maturation take place. We must fight here.

          • mwbm

            We’ve had thousands of years of time (no matter if you believe the bible or the scientists), believe me, the world, nor civilisation as we know it, is going to end any time soon. These last few hundred years people have had to re-learn everything that was pedantically ignored and eventually forgotten from the roman empire, because when that fell apart, people thought that we needed to completely forget about their wisdom. Now the collective wisdom of our species is being collected in all forms. Give everyone time to learn, and they’ll outperform any other society in history. (Provided we don’t stick our heads in the sand for a few hundred years again…)

    • 1endtimes2020

      One of the best ways to turn liberals around is to show them how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. For example, let’s say a liberal agrees with unions increasing costs to members who don’t make any effort to contribute. How long would that liberal want to carry that person. Or, agrees with higher taxes on small business people who are in business for themselves. Then the business isn’t making enough profit to pay bills, hire otherr and pay themselves a good wage. Would that liberal like that to happen to him or her? From a moral point, let’s say the liberal agrees with abortion on demand. But when it comes to him or her, the husband or wife wants to keep the baby, while the other doesn’t. Or the husband or wife wants to abort, but the other doesn’t. Isn’t it better, all around, to be more responsible in sexual intimacy, than risk the death of their own flesh and blood, and the psycological reminders to have to live with for the rest of their lives? It’s always easy to tell others what is best for them when it doesn’t affect them. With 50 million abortions in America, you would think ending abortion as a form of birth control would be right up there as a first priority. Too many people don’t even think about putting themselves in someone else’s place. Doing the right thing is always the best policy over selfishness.

      • cheyennecowboy

        times 2020, as you are trying, I’ve tried the logical approach with liberals. Problem is though, as I’ve found out, they don’t really understand logic and they really don’t want to try. I applaud your efforts, however, and like you, I’ll keep trying. They’ll listen to your logic, then say, “BUT”…and continue with the warped sense of how the world should be, in their simple view. Keep up the good work.

      • white531

        20 hours ago, is just yesterday, endtimes. I read your comment, and it was very emotional. I appreciate the time you took to think about it, and write it. Most of the people here on Scoop, make short comments, on the issues they are interested in. That is what the site is designed for.

        But there are those here, who think deeper, and those are the ones I look for. I enjoyed your comment immensely. I am still thinking about it, as I write this.

        I look forward to your future posts.

        • 1endtimes2020

          Coming from you, that’s a great compliment to me. I can say the same about your commentaries as well. I also appreciate those who write without using foul language such as A–. It detracts and distracts from the message they want to tell.
          Your husband and children are very fortunate to have such a profund thinking wife and mother to complete the family. Have a great Christmas time and all my best for the New Year.

        • 1endtimes2020

          Hi, White—I replied to you by ‘Link to Comment’ It appears right after your letter.
          The feeling between us is mutual. I enjoy your deep and correct thinking also. It’s comments such as yours that keep me returning to the Scoop, Have a great Christmastime and best of New Years.

      • Dukehoopsfan

        Well said. I believe that these people have been dumbed down over time by their environment. There are so many people who have been raised with the idea that nothing they do wrong is their fault. The reason religion is out of schools is because it say that certain things are wrong and that there are consequences for bad behavior.

        These are the same folks who grew up participating in “rec league” sports where no one kept score and everyone got a trophy. The same people who banned “dodgeball” in schools because it was not “fair” for the slow kids. Sadly their role models are members of the “if it feels good do it” generation who have poisoned them with their views. They have been indoctrinated into the legion of low information drones.

        My family owns guns. We were raised by a career Marine dad and an mother who knew the difference between right and wrong. Our dad recognized and understood guns and their potential – good and bad. We all learned to care for and safely shoot at an early age. I have raised my sons the same way. We count our blessings daily that we have conservative, educated, compassionate kids who work hard and save their money to get what they need and want out of life.

        • 1endtimes2020

          Thanks—I learned a few things from you. It makes sense because I have noticed many union members want equality in pay, but will load up the hard workers.
          Now that we have had socialist (Communist?) university professors indoctrinating students, the conservatives will have to be more vigilant In the near future, I sincerely believe all these things that are hurting the country will come to an end. First, there will have to be a self-education by the something for nothing crowd.
          You have done well to educate your children to what it means to be a conservative, hard working person. They are the ones that will be in demand, because they will be the best educated, most reliable and innovative, with good morals.
          Have a good Christmastime, and I wish you and your family all the best in the New Year
          I have posted a reply on Scoop, also..

          • Dukehoopsfan

            Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and yours!!!

        • mwbm

          “The reason religion is out of schools is because it say that certain things are wrong and that there are consequences for bad behavior.”
          The reason religion is out of schools is that it’s a nice set of stories, but something one may or may not believe in on their own. If you’re gonna teach religion in schools, then do it without being a hypocrite. At least teach all of the majors: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. So that children can make a properly informed choice what religion they believe in right? Because you wouldn’t want to be so arrogant as to claim that about 4/5 of the rest of the world are all stupid wrong heathens would you? Or would you do it more like it happens in practice, which is cramming your one religion of choice down the throats of young kids as religious dogma?

          • Dukehoopsfan

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

    • I assure you most of the blame lies with the parents, since I TOO am a product of the Public Education System (many of them VERY GOOD SCHOOLS), and EVERYONE I graduate with were idiots (as has been the situation for decades). But the ones that were SMART when they graduated had parents that were involved in their lives and promoted learning in their every-day life. I know my dad is RESPONSIBLE for stoking my interests in Computer Programming at age 10, and know that’s my major in College! All you need are involved-parents!

      • white531

        I agree, Brian. There is simply no substitute for good parents, now more than ever. God bless your parents, for making such a difference in your life, and giving us one more responsible adult human being, to help fight this war.
        I have really grown to like you.

        The Scoop family is amazing. And it just keeps getting better.

        • I’m an acquired taste! LOL!

          • white531

            No, you’re real enough. All we need is more just like you.

            • I’m not sure the world could handle more of me! LOL! It’s hard enough just BEING me…I can’t imagine trying to deal with a clone. Well…I guess it’d end up being either me or him! LOL!

              • white531

                Along with many others, you are one of those who make up the fabric of this country. To allow it to exist in freedom. You play a small part. But that small part you play, winds up being a big thing, when all the small parts are put together.

                That is what makes this country. That is what makes America. Don’t ever lose sight of that.

    • mwbm

      “When we make the statement, that the Progressives/Liberals/Socialists/Communists/, took over our educational system, sometime in the sixties, this is what we are talking about. It is called, “Indoctrination.” For a complete definition, look it up in any dictionary.”
      What’s so great about indoctrination is that it perpetuates very well. The indoctrinated will feel compelled to, in turn, indoctrinate their close relatives and friends. An interesting example of this is how religion is so indoctrinated in many people that they call the lack of religious indoctrination, “indoctrination”.
      Also, those “Socialists/Communists” are complaining even more about how you/us westerners got into their youth and education. Could it possibly be that the current generation has just shifted towards a middle ground worldwide. Because, if we exclude current terrorist activity, in general most parts of the world have seen a significant drop in the lust for war department.
      Furthermore, the current generation is much more tolerant of other views, cultures and political situations because with the internet they encounter it every day. This has lead to a worldwide decrease in (overt) racism and sexism, and generally more tolerant people. Which of course any sane person would call an improvement. Or should we stay a collection of primitive warring tribes who can’t agree over bits of land, some natural resources or, even more rediculously, ideas?
      To be honest, America would most likely never have fought in Vietnam if they had managed to stay out of World War II. They had just settled in a nice pacifistic isolationism, content to ignore the troubles of the world, when they were attacked. But that is just a side note.

  • ZM71

    A little off topic, but some good news.

    I just got of the phone with a friend of mine who has an AR-15 and went to go get ammunition today. He said that most of the gun stores he went to were so busy that they were having difficulty keeping up with the phone calls, and that he did not see a single one that wasn’t sold out of AR’s

    • DCGere

      Same in my area. And gun range packed.

      SRM is a joke.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      Denver Colorado:

      There is not an AR-15 on a shelf for sale anywhere. There is no .223 ammo to be had and very little 9mm. Absolutely no 20-30 round magazines for AR-15, NONE.

      Background checks for weapons purchase that normally take 20 minutes now takes 2 days due to volume..

    • mwbm

      All the other mentally unstable people stacking up for their copycat-shooting. But no, that’s GREAT news!

  • deTocqueville1

    Thanks Scoop. These instances of ‘useless idiot’ collusion and propaganda should be exposed far and wide when they engage in this sort of stuff, which is becoming more brazen as we go along.

  • medicinewomantwo

    Ah……..journalists…………another group gone by the way of the dinosaurs……….Pravda is proud!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • d1comment

    While we are having that “conversation” on the 2nd Amendment, maybe we should talk about some ways the 1st Amendment could be improved as well…?

  • all i want to know is how that guy got that big sign in .. im sure one of the reporters brought it in for them . goons

  • puma_for_life

    What A**holes.

  • Rshill7

    Some of the same people who protested the government during the Vietnam War are now that same government’s lapdogs and doormats.

    Little pygmy goosesteppers, worshiping what they once were against.

    Ain’t they brave? One of our local libs had his head bashed via billy club in ’68. Now he is one of the beater believers.

    What a bunch of sellouts. Who got to ’em?

    • tinlizzieowner

      Situational Hypocrites. They were once vocally anti-establishment. Well, the left has managed to make them selves ‘the establishment’ in the schools, the media and the government. Their mantra was “Question Authority”.
      Well, the tables have turned, it’s our turn to question authority. Thanks to the election of a blatant socialist as President, the pendulum has swung just about as far left as it can go. ‘And the times they are a changin’. Choke on that one Bob Dylan.
      😉 😉

      • I love that description you’ve coined: Situational Hypocrites! it’s perfect!

  • jgilman1

    OMG they are not just acting ignorant for the cameras, they really are. I just always assumed they were placating to the ignorant masses.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Proof positive they are the ignorant masses. 😉

      • True to their communists roots…they can’t beat us in war, so they will destroy us from within…I’d say the communists have a pretty good foothold on a good portion of our populace…

        • NYGino

          The foothold is the MSM.

        • tinlizzieowner

          In this ‘American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, Kardashians’ society. The right to be ignorant sure seems to be secure. 🙁

        • StrangernFiction

          “We will bury you without firing a shot.”

          • Who said that? and if you say “I did” I’ll flick you on the ear! 😉

  • NYGino

    There was a time when liberal bias, any bias for that matter, was to be avoided by the press or at least tempered outwardly. You could always find far left journalists and far right journalists but for the most part most tried to report news as they saw it without agendas and within the confines of fact. A free press is like a fourth branch of government, the peoples branch. As such it was their moral responsibility to report, not decide (other than on the Opinion pages). This is no longer the case.

    The media has become somewhat of an elitist club that has strict rules for entry. You must have no qualms about reporting things the way you personally want people to see them and you must want them to see things through the prism of liberal eyes.

    Cocktails after the address anyone?

  • johnos2112

    I wonder what these dipsh*ts would want if their child was under attack: A code pink member saying shoo go away or a guy with a gun!

    • Orangeone

      If I may: “A code pink member dressed in a v.v. costume saying shoo go away or a person with a gun defending them!”

  • Orangeone

    O/T Jon Hammar is back in the United States!

    • I know!!!! Thank you Lord!!

      • Something GOOD to be Thankful for! Thank you God again!

        In a time when good news is rarer than Gold dust found in the hoof of a Unicorn, this comes as very welcome news indeed… Lifts our spirit and gives us just a little light of joy in a darkness never before seen. There IS HOPE!

        • Amen Wolfie. It’s wonderful news for him, his family and friends. ♥

          • True! (aside… How did you get that little heart to show as a heart?)

            • lol I copy and paste off my facebook page. Every soldier story I post, I type hearts on (5 for each branch)

              • Very cool… I must try that copy paste thing… Wonder if it works for smilies. Can’t seem to copy the smilies… so I’ll stick with 🙂

    • nibblesyble

      Woot woot..Christmas miracle and thank God for that!

  • williamm

    Flashback: Clinton Requests $60 Million to Put Cops in Schools Apr 16, 2000

  • Sandra123456

    “…I think we’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the role that the media plays in whether or not we maintain a free democracy or not. You know, when I first started in politics – and for a long time before that – everyone on both sides, Democrats and Republicans, despised the press commonly, because they were SOBs to everybody. Which is exactly what they should be. They were unrelenting. Whatever the biases were, they were essentially equal-opportunity people. That changed in 1980. There’s a lot of reasons for it. It changed—an important point in the Dukakis-Bush election, when the press literally was trying to get Dukakis elected by ignoring what was happening in Massachusetts, with a candidate who was running on the platform of “He will do for America what he did for Massachusetts”—while they were on the verge of bankruptcy…” Pat Caddell 09-27-2012


    Most of the MSM are millionaires plus now. They have no concept of the realities most face in this country today. They must be driven out of business.

    • NYGino

      The press and academia are married partners.

    • Excellent sandra!! Thank you!

  • 12grace

    The Pravda media is at it again.

  • forrealcommonsense

    Many in the news business have turned pink, if you know what I mean…

  • snakepole

    this is a reporter? I pray not! sounds like grade school.

  • 1endtimes2020

    Couldn’t make out what they were saying. Can you tell us, TRS???

    • Me too (I posted asking for a transcript above before reading your post).. I’m glad I’m not the only one having trouble making out what is being said.

      • The first half is hard to hear, but listen closely when the girl starts talking.

        • Ok, I’ll give it a retry.

          Nope… The background noise is killing it for me. From what everyone said and Scoop reported, I got the gist anyway! 🙂

  • chatterbox365

    Sounds like a group of high school kids talking sh*t. Hard to believe these are adults, let alone journalist.

  • 911Infidel

    Libtards. They have don’t have the brain power or the time to listen to anything that comes close to common sense.

  • Rocco11

    This is the sausage that Leftist education (indoctrination) is producing these days, people like Bill Ayres are writing the textbooks. Think about that…

  • tshtsh

    They have not heard that old adage, I might not agree with you but I defend your right to the death. They have no idea they could be next but as non thinking parrots they would not know the difference.

  • aposematic

    So 10th grade. Seems the guy doing most of the talking is just hitting on the chick…
    The real scary part is that anyone would even in jest label these idiots journalists.

  • tinker_thinker

    The evil among us.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Sure seems to me that there have been a lot of mass shooting in the last 4 years?
    Have (so called) ‘Assault Weapons’ become that much more dangerous in just the last 4 years or might there be something to what the head of the NRA was saying about the increasingly (liberal) decay of the society in general.
    😉 😉

  • This is the by-product of what you get from the liberal “schools of journalism” these days. Most of these kids are probably MEMBERS of Code Pink, or at least organizations like them. I would like to also know how many of these morons are veterans? How many actually served in the armed forces in ANY capacity? I would bet you not a single one. And THESE are the people forming public opinion today. Marry that idea to the “low information voters” out there, and you can understand why the left-wing mainstream media is the way it is today.

    • Orangeone

      It’s time to bring back the draft, require mandatory military service for all! If someone drops out of high school without graduating, they need to serve even longer. Until they have skin in the game and realize that freedom is not FREE, they will continue in their taker mentality.

  • armyvet10

    After reading the 55 or so posts so far there really isn’t much to add.

    The education angle has been discussed. Our Universities and public school system has been saturated by liberal thinking individuals. Money from the taxpayers go to finance the educational dreams of the people who turn around to teach in our public school systems only to bash the very goons that sacrificed their all, so these educated idiots can spew their self indulgent rhetoric because they have a right won with blood, not by word.

    The hypocrisy angle has been pointed out all too many times. These so called elite citizens speak often of protection, yet live in gated communities complete with guards with guns and that’s ok. If the average law abiding citizen wishes to protect themselves; according to these idiots, the law abiding ciitizens must wait for the police to show up. Unfortunately in most cases, the police show up just in time to identify the victim, complete with body bags. These then brain dead elite citizens spew more insane rhetoric about the need to do away with all guns unless of course you are speaking of their armed guards. These dumb a$$ individuals need to read their history and see how Hitler himself used this tatic to make victims of any person alive that he deemed worthless. The scary thing about the thinking of these liberal elites and Hitler is that it is very similar.

    The rights angle. These elites are always talking about rights, rights of gay marriage, rights of bestiality, rights of mandatory government health care, rights of the U.N. to monitor our elections, the right to vote several times in several states so long as it is for their candidate, the right to destroy any fetus/child before birth so long as the person in questions feels good about it. The right to have their birth control paid for by everyone else so they can engage in as much extracurricular activities they want, not having to fear disease or pregnancy because the tax payers are on the hook for this cost as well. Then these lower located sphincters will immediately complain about the cost of health care. This subject could go on and on.

    The civility angle. Well, if you watch this or any other attack by these so called elites, you can see they will never be civil to anyone that disagrees with them. According to these lower extremity orifices, they are the only ones that deserve kindness and civility.

    Sorry, but these people effect me in such a way as to make me want to regurgitate.

    • Seems to me you found plenty to say armyvet. And it was all excellently said.

      • armyvet10

        Thanks AmericanborninCanada, I do have much to say, and truth be told, I like aiming my voice to liberals that will at least listen. Problem is that most liberals won’t listen to anything that differs from belief structure. IMHO I believe that if they were to ever listen to opinions that differ from their own, and if this causes any doubt, it would cause them mental and physical pain. As I try and tell my daughter all the time, I am not right all the time, but one must at least present evidence of my incorrectness to sway me one way or the other. Take the gun control issue at hand, liberals refuse to accept that the more guns we take away, the more victims we create. Look at the areas that have the strictist gun laws on the books, in almost all of these areas gun violence is much higher than in the rest of the nation. The one simple fact that many liberals refuse to face is this; if you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns. To further this tought one must add this to the equation; criminals will never give up their guns. May the blanket of peace keep you warm and safe.

        • I hear you loud and clear. A few of us were having a “conversation” and providing evidence last night on the Pierce Morgan thread. The guy swore he is a conservative, but his argument was based on nothing, yet he refused to listen to those who did provide stats. Sigh. I still gotta try. We all still need to try- we never know when someone is willing to open their mind and consider things.
          I’m like you, not only am I not right all the time, I’m far from knowing as much as some folks here- but I’m willing to read, read and investigate stuff. I just wish others would do the same.

          Have a Blessed day armyvetfriend.

          • armyvet10

            Thanks again, and may you have a blessed day as well. I tell all my students that if one tries with the full conviction of their heart and soul, there is no shame. We all will fail as well as all succeed. Let us not be judged for our failed attempt at success, but our refusal to give up without giving our best.

            • That’s the wisest councel I’ve heard in a long time. 🙂 Amen. Thank you.

          • Orangeone

            Great point sis and a reminder that many read our posts that many never post a comment of their own. So efforts to respond to the individual on the Morgan thread educate many, many others who then share the truth within their network.

        • I’ve learned the hard way that trying to have an intelligent, rational conversation with someone whose thoughts and opinions are based solely on the emotions of the moment and lacking any consistency, is pointless.

          Political Correctness is the idiot’s tool. It prevents stupid people from being confronted by their own stupidity. Why do you think liberals protect PC thought and conversation as if it were their bible ?

          Arguing with liberals is frustrating, because of these reasons. As the great philospher Ron White once said: “You can’t fix stupid.” Liberalism and stupidity are synonymous.

          • armyvet10

            Learning the hard way is often the only way. That is not to say I feel no sympathy for those people hurt by their own…for the lack of a better word, stupidity. I have had plenty of my own experiences with uh…moments of stupidity. As for Political Correctness, or Poor Choice as I have come to look at the term, I agree with your judgment on the subject. I often tell my daughter and the kids I have in class, that PC has never changed any one’s mind, only their terminology. I explain it this way; you can call a turd a chocolate bar all you want, but it is still a turd. Unless a person has a change of heart, you can change their vocabulary all you want; the person you are trying to enlighten will remain with the same in their thoughts and deeds. Thanks again for the reply.

  • FreeManWalking

    There are very few journalist but a lot of Wanna be MSM Personalities.

    Becoming the $tars of the broadcast, and they can opine instead of report and hobnob with the elite and be seen as part of the elite.

  • Rocco11

    I love the NRA, and LaPierre, but was there any reason to set this up as a press conference where rabid Leftists will almost certainly attempt to wrest control? And if that’s not bad enough, agreeing to go on Press the Meat with Chief White House propagandist/water carrier, David Gregory? Meanwhile, Obama introduces Jean Francois Kerry, takes no questions, and doesn’t even let Kerry speak! Oyve, can’t anybody here play this game?

  • 12grace

    I just found out about this incredible site, it has a plethora of information that probably is rarely available in our country now. Things our government doesn’t want us to know…

    American Deception

    The psychology section explains how they are manipulating us into Communism.

    • Thanks Grace, I’ve loaded it into a different tab for looking at later! I am always on the look out for new interesting sites myself! 🙂

    • Excellent grace! Thank you!

  • Is there a transcript? I’m sorry, but I’m having trouble hearing what was said. 🙁

  • You know what… The technology we have at our fingertips today… WE are the REAL Journalists! We ferret out the REAL story… We spread the truth, using social media, Facebook, Twitter! We are the ones that call our representatives! We are the ones that bombard the phone lines… Send the faxes, Tweet the truth!

    We are the Vanguard now! We hold their feet to the fire! We expose falsehood and lies and force retractions! We bring people REAL news! We are the educators! The Rebels if you will! We are the ones that will SAVE this NATION!!!

    So to hell with the old media… We embrace the NEW media and we shall set this Republic FREE!!

    Oh, and… er… Happy Christmas to all! 🙂

    • Orangeone

      Wolfie, I wish we could find out each of their names and Twitter handles so we could blast them in social media for being the ignorant brainwashed brats that they are.

  • notebene

    Why do we call these leftist fools reporters? They are paid propagandists and nothing more. They only push agendas, to their own detriment and the detriment of people, who are too ignorant to realize what they are.

    • Orangeone

      And they will all soon be unemployed because the liberal rags are going out of business.

  • CG patriot

    Good morning RScoopers. If I had to guess the ages of these 4 individuals, I’m guessing they’d have been hatched in the early 1980’s. Yeah– the ripe old age of late twenty’s or early thirties. Barely still green behind their ear’s and yet these youngster’s are the one’s bringing America the new’s of the day.

    So much wisdom and maturity, just makes everyone all warm and fussy from the inside. Yep’ they know and thing or two, to three about the real problems we are facing in the world. “Through rose colored classes”

    Snickering and reading with more snickering…..? put’s little to no doubt into how Obama was re-elected for me.

    Mr. LaPierre’s press conference was excellent, and factual. To bad it had to be interrupted with code pink’s B.S. So’ again, insert snicker here too……

    • What is pathetic is people don’t realize, and obviously the reporters don’t either, that their narrow minded proclamations made with prejudice is what is so ignorant.They aren’t interested in reporting, listening, or anything else. Their bias is their stupidity and it’s blatant.

      This country is going to die from it’s malignant narcissism.

      • CG patriot

        I’m afraid America is well on her way…

        What good is an education with-out common sense. That’s exactly what is not being taught, “to not” think for ones-self. Note the behavior we are witnessing in this video. These young journalist’s are only there to do what’s required of them, to show-up. Obviously, this was pre-planned like all the many other required speeches these young spoon feed progressives attend. The Big cheeses do their work for them back at the office.

        #Note: this is what we have out-lined for your attendance today for the NRA conference. Please stay with-in the talking point’s instructed to you.

  • Code Pink had to get press cred. from someone. Right?

    • NOBODY on the left ever answered this:
      “What do you do when a madman with a gun is shooting now, right now?!?!?”
      …They talk, and they say things, then talk more and say other things,
      they never answer this one either:
      “Who can stop a madman with a gun if he/she is shooting now, right now?!?!?”
      Yo, female (?) idiottess in a beige garb, here is an answer:
      “only a good guy with a gun can do it”.
      Oh, Mr. La Pierre said that? So what, you mumble.
      You, brainless ignorant commie, are K I L L I N G AMERICA without a gun.

  • poljunkie

    The chicky sure does think highly of herself.

    *What a bunch of dolts.

  • mikeinidaho

    What else would you expect from the 5th Column Lame stream Media?
    We’ll get rid of them at the same time we take care of the Demunists.
    We the People are coming, join us or get kicked to the curb.

  • NYGino

    Amazing how many people get into trouble by not assuming that every gun is loaded and every mic is hot.

  • …and there is dirty air and water for those good Americans, and clean air and water for Republicans ONLY……
    Sounds stooooopid???
    That’s what MSM was “reporting”…..MSM press-titutes, urinalists and regular red idiots dutifully kissing 50% white arshe

  • 57thunderbird

    You can give the credit for this to our public education system and universities where they teach you what to think rather than how to think.

  • msverde1

    Yep! All in the name of emasculation, a common practice running rampant on our college and university campuses, including lisp and all. So pathetic, distorted, and removed from reality these folks are. Where will they be when the manure hits the fan and evil comes knocking at their door? My guess is that a phone call or two will be placed to a “goon” nearby to protect their sorry arses from harm’s way. Evil acts have always occurred and will always continue to occur. GOT IT!!

    • WordsFailMe

      You nail it msverde! I just saw a commercial on cable showing men shaving hair off their chests and arms to please their women. “You can take off a little hair or all of it, ” the announcer proudly proclaims…

      Apparently the long term effect of taking BC pills for women is that they are more inclined to couple with men who are more like them. Don’t know if that’s true, but more and more leading men on the screen look like “Just In Gerber” these days or that disgusting mama’s boy, cougar hog–Ashton Crutcher.

      My wife also watches a lot of the new house buyer programs and I now see these power mama’s, real estate moguls and marketing executives, buying property in Puerto, etc., coupled with the sickest looking, namby pamby New wussies I’d eve imagined.

      Color me predjudiced, I suppose.

      • msverde1

        Amen, Brother! Amen!! It is so obvious, isn’t it? Pusillanimous to the nth degree, WordsFailMe! Aside from keeping abreast of news and events via video links on the web, I do not watch TV but have noticed through observation of and dialogue with women on the left, particularly here in my backyard of liberal NorCal USA, their subversive, surreptitiously nefarious drive to even exploit gay men as a tool and tactic of deception to use against MEN who they feel threaten by and too masculine for their own taste. They truly believe that the best response to defeating evil is instituting the “androgynous effect (see current trends such as names, clothing attires and colors, words and communication skills, etc.)” on manhood and man’s natural disposition. Since facts and history contort their cognitive sensibilities, I am sure they failed to recognize the villainy and evilness of the notorious Brown Shirts of WWII, who fit their idea of the “perfect” man. Ares/Mars is the god of war, Venus…well, we know. This dichotomy is the basis of the fundamental debate between nature vs nurture, the latter for which is gaining traction in the modern era, yet moving in the wrong direction.

        • WordsFailMe

          You Wrote:

          “They truly believe that the best response to defeating evil is instituting the “androgynous effect …on manhood and man’s natural disposition.”

          I don’t know if that’s your original thought or not but you could not possibly nailed the issue more squarely (I fully intend to plagiarize you for the next 4 years! Maybe longer…) You MUST continue to write and post such material here and everywhere! The gentle, loving conservatives, whose hearts bleed for their traditions and beliefs need to understand how deeply into the psyche of the American mind the communist, statist and National socialist thought has penetrated. There is no time left to pull punches, cajole and plead one’s case hoping to persuade. Thank you!

          You sound like you may have been at sacstate in the early 70’s, my friend. Gawd! I wake up gagging at the memories of the first nationally famous lesbians appearing like rock stars and the gays in parading mu-mu’s and straw hats “on the quad…”

          • msverde1

            Touche on the plagiarism, sir!! Touche!! You are correct that there is no time to acquiesce and placate seeeeensibilities and political correctness. Thanks for the encouragement, WordFailMe. I am right there with you, brother. There comes a time in which puerility and fantasy has to take a back seat when more pressing, high-stake issues are at hand like, oh, I don’t know, someone trying to take your inalienable rights away, or worse, eliminate you from the face of this planet because you refuse to believe in utopia and the common good when you know that equation does not stack up in the real world of natural law and duplicity, e.g., good vs evil, positive and negative, up and down, male and female, matter and antimatter, etc., etc. These among others are real, tangible components of the very essence of life. In other words, we LIVE in an unpredictable and very volatile and hostile world and keeping one’s head on a swivel should be protocol of the first order to sniff out BS and danger when it surfaces. Again, I concur 100% with you that now is not a time for infantile behavior when 20 precious diamonds, one unfortunate mother in the wrong place (both psychologically and physically) at the wrong time, and 6 heroes who dared to stare evil straight in the eyes to protect the innocent are no longer walking among us. This is the very reason I got out of the music business and recently completed my MBA finance program on Dec. 10 of this month. It is not too late for us to right our ship and set course in a healthier and more prosperous path for all Americans. The more capital generated by businesses the better a society as a whole flourishes economically. You will earned more dollars to put in your own pockets to by your own damn condoms, if you so desire, or pay for the lifestyle you so choose without demanding that I should do so for YOU by transforming our federal government to force the issue. The framers of our Constitution and Our Founding Fathers knew that at any point small factions or minorities, who would not have the courage to toil the hardness of labor like every other red-blooded American, would try to exploit the frailty of others to supplant, by the sheer force in numbers (i.e., see this year’s past election), our established system of a free republic, one that creates opportunities for everyone, if, and I say IF, one has the intestinal fortitude to work hard under the norms and civilized rules of law. So, what better way to gain enough power to transform our system of government than to become that system of governance. As Rome quickly discovered, the enemy within is clever and the demise of the republic will inevitably come to its full fruition if left unchecked and unchallenged. That is an undeniable fact of historical proportion.

  • Luker410

    does anyone have their names and networks? I’m almost certain some of those have applications in with Fox News. Their applications show themselves as conservatives. That is how Fox is getting neutralized and marginalized. Videos like this need to be categorized for future reference.

  • jleinf

    Hot mics never lie unlike otards

  • bjohnson55

    Every one of these liberal girly men (including the girl) would be the first SOBs to hide behind one of those carrying NRA people if a crazy bad guy with a gun started going off in that room. Stupid people…

  • 12grace

    The Globalist thugs ( One World Order) want us to be disarmed so that they can do things to us like the following:

    Death-Spiral States Eye Exit Taxes
    December 20, 2012

    Windows Media
    RUSH: It is a story from It’s not ABC, CBS, NBC. None of that. I don’t know how widely disseminated this story is. But here’s the headline: “When Will Death-Spiral States Impose Taxes on Citizens Who Leave?”
    It is a story that asks the question and then makes the case for it. Let me give you a couple of pull quotes. “Like Glenn Close rising from the bathtub to take one more stab in Fatal Attraction, don’t be surprised when death-spiral states resort to exit taxes as a last-ditch effort to forestall their impending bankruptcies. Exit taxes imposed on emigrants have a long history, including their use in both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union,” and naturally they would in places like that.

  • physicsnut

    I should have gone to alternet before. Speaking more about Scapegoating – how about these headlines. a) Jesus was a Palestinian. b) Does the Bible make Americans violent ?
    Then there is a rant about how the real fighters against tyranny are reporters and human rights types from europe, and 2 commie reporters who brought down Nixon. Oh – another scapegoat for the Left. It ends with “your stupid game prevents us from ending a threat to public safety.” ummm that would be confiscation. Like I said – just like Hitler.
    I know why they don’t like the second amendment. It dawns on them that we already figured them out, and thwarted their little totalitarian tendencies, and did it 200 years ago. We outfoxed them and they just can not stand it. It drives them to extreems – as if they were not there already.
    Just like Hitler, they state their aims in what they write.

    speaking of crazy, remember what we heard regarding Scapegoating ? What is on TV these days is a textbook example of scapegoating the NRA – by the media, Code Pink, Obama, Nadler, Bloomberg, Feinstein, and all the rest. It is amazing to behold. Or maybe it is a real live example of a Witch Hunt. They certainly put a lot of gusto into it. What Saul Alinsky advocates is out and out scapegoating.
    Oh, but we don’t even want to ‘stigmatize’ the mentally ill, never mind scapegoating them.
    As the Beatles discovered, America is a strange place. Millions loved the Beatles until someone made a remark about being bigger than Jesus, and the love affair came to a screeching halt. But being avant garde artistes they probably figured it’s just a bunch of gun toting troglodytes. It ain’t so simple. Oh well, chalk it up to ‘diversity’. Of course, Yugoslavia had ‘diversity’ and look at what happened to them.

  • Alborn

    I do not know what is so shocking about guards in all schools. We already have SROs(School Resourse Officers ie armed Police Officers) in all the middle and high schools in the town where my kids went to high school. Just add them to the elementary schools. Every time the county tried to cut funds for these officers there was such an uproar they always found the money to keep them there. Wake-up to the left crying foul for something that has been going on for years in lots of schools across the country. Oh and by the way some of them actually lived on campus.

  • theresaaa

    I watched the whole press conference and within an hour the were headlines showing up on facebook , hack jobs ! Every story was the same NRA’s only answer More guns ! or something to that effect . I tried to give them the truth posting links to the conference so they could hear what was really said . But that only lead to some nasty comments !
    Proving what the NRA said ( paraphrasing ) There are those who will put their political prejudice before the truth .

  • madnessofjack

    Watching this reminded me of something I saw on another site.
    From LegalInsurrection.

    “I’ve been observing my local media channels: ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and the incredible emboldenment of their reporters to refuse to report–and scoff at those who would challenge them–any news that does not fit their narrative. They no longer hide it, they’ve talked on camera about their plans to refuse to cover events. NBC Chicago reporters have now, multiple times, exposed themselves without fear. For who will report it?

    If you plan to write your congressman or attend a townhall meeting, consider calling out your local t.v. station instead. Write a letter to the editor describing their actions rather than a politician’s.

    The mainstream media has successfully softened the environment; the politicians we elect and the decisions they make are just manifestations of a media-indoctrinated culture.

    Let’s make the word of 2013: Insurrection. (Legal, of course.)

    Insurrection against the local media

    Insurrection against the teachers union and their stranglehold over the next generation

    Insurrection against keeping quiet at the dinner table or at your church

    Insurrection against the elements that no longer keep quiet about their desire to destroy America, and more important, the limits America was founded to restrict against its government.

    If we don’t insurrect (legally) in 2013, emboldenment will be outshone by persecution, of which we who support freedom and America have already had a taste.”

  • mwbm

    And of course the obvious point I forgot to make: when you get down to it, any type of education trying to shape moral values and behaviour is technically indoctrination. You are trying to get the next generation to follow the same moral and behavioural rules as your generation had. A perfectly good and healthy thing to do, because people should learn from the experiences from the generations before them. But we also mustn’t enforce these rules too closely without allowing new ideas and philosophies to influence the evolution of our species. Because stagnation has historically always lead to the decline of technology, peace, happiness and cultural development. It is the rot of an empire collapsing in on itself.