How clever: Obama literally gives Congress a “to-do list”

Obama is a real piece of work. He flies around the country on Air Force One, filling his days with endless campaign stops and fundraisers, and then he has the nerve to hand Congress a to-do list as if they’re his servants or something.

The President knows that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is M.I.A., and that most House Republicans want nothing to do with his disastrous agenda and for good reason. This is obviously just a shameless political gimmick, so Obama can continue running against the “do-nothing” Congress throughout his campaign. He has no intention of getting any serious legislation passed between now and November.

Come to think of it, that may not be a bad thing actually.

Via Weasel Zippers.

Here’s the list.

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  • 12grace

    And Congress needs to give obama a “to go” list!

    • FutureOnePercent

      More like a “go to ____” list.

      • 12grace


    • kong1967

      …to Kenya. “Time to go home Obama”.

      • 12grace

        Kenya now and hell later! smile

        For some reason I was unable to comment about a remark that you made awhile back about prophecy. I applaud you for your courage, intelligence and wisdom in being willing to rethink your position on bible prophecy and the gospel. I respect you, kong.

        • kong1967

          Lol, thanks, but it doesn’t take courage (for me, anyway). It just takes honesty and the willingness to admit that science doesn’t know all.

  • What an a$$.

    • Check off, huh? I’ld like him to OFF something, but it isn’t check.

      • kong1967

        He does ____ off something on Biden.

      • 12grace


    • GiantM

      Didn’t know you had it in yah sister. But, all of are patients are running thin at this point

      • I come out with it once in a while Giant. Usually I can roll with it, but after a while, all the stupid, smug, elitest BS just kind of piles up and I gotta do it 😉

        • 12grace

          We are on the same page, abc.

  • It’s a ruse. Reid has been sitting on the many House bills for one reason: to give Obama an excuse to grab more power and to lay blame on the Republicans. This “to-do list” just furthers meme that it’s a do-nothing Congress that forces him to act on his own.

    • I agree. What really pi$$es me off, is that the repubs will not hit back on it. Oh, they might make a half hearted argument as they usually do, but they won’t slam back on it.

      • They are more concerned with re-election than doing what is right (if they even know what that is.)

        • kong1967

          I can’t think of anything that he has done that wasn’t politically motivated or power motivated. Nothing. Everything he does is for him and the power of the stupid Democrat party. They have got to be laughing at their base every day for being so stupid in allowing them to use them the way they do.

      • 4Hoppes2

        You are so right, as much as I love Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, Zo, Bill Whittle and the rest of our outstanding conservative thinkers our current crop of elected officials are mostly marking time.

        • Lugar of Indiana represents this well. He’s 80 flippin years old, wanting to be elected again. Guess he doesn’t want to lose his cadillac health care when he’ll need it most.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Spot on. Allen West. Paul Ryan. Not many more after these two are really accomplishing anything.

      • 12grace

        Yes, who won’t the Congress go after obama and impeach and imprison him?

        • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! Sorry grace, didn’t mean to yell.

          • 12grace

            ABC, I’m yelling ( and crying) with you.

      • GiantM

        They seriously don’t know how too!

  • PFFV

    Obama = Arrogant, Pompous, Marxist, Racist, that wants to be a Dictator.

    • 12grace

      He is not a dictator. But, we must never give up on our America and getting our freedom back. Only an act of G-d can help us!

  • KM

    I’ve got a simple “to do” list for the obama:

    1.) Resign

    • Sober_Thinking

      Brillaint! It’s quite simply the single best thing he could do to help this country. Take you’re idiot VP with you.

      • leaky_sink

        Unfortunately, he doesn’t wanna lose his rockstar status. He’s having waaay too much fun. And hell with this country, as far as he’s concerned.

  • johnos2112

    Lets address these shall we. 1. Stop sending jobs overseas. I agree cut corporate taxes, capital gains and all taxes to bring those jobs to the USA. 2. Cut red tape? You mean like anyone with a pulse can get a house? Was that not the CRA? How did that work out? 3. How about cutting taxes for businesses that file as S corp instead and cut back on business regulation! 4. Create affordable clean energy? Sure. When a 747 can lift off using something other than oil AND it is more affordable I am in. We don’t have it yet. No more investing uh spending for solar that DOES NOT WORK! 5. Our heroes need as much opportunity as everybody else in this country. Get out of the way liberals and let the individual prosper.

  • 12grace

    And what are obama’s leftist friends up to:

    Piven Uses Class Lecture to Lay Out Strategy to Illegally Occupy Foreclosed Homes, Default on Student Debt
    CUNY Prof. Frances Fox Piven gave a recent talk laying out new, radical plans for the Occupy movement

    read more and see the video:

  • toongoon

    I hate having to wait until November so we give him a pink slip.

  • sjmom

    This is the epitome of arrogance by someone who has yet to do one thing worthwhile for this nation.

  • Yep, he wants to blame the Republicans. Anyone who buys into this crap is beyond help.

    • PFFV

      That would be about 40% of the population, sad to say. I am floored continually at how many useful idiots our union operated school systems are churning out. They walk among us but do not think for themselves.

  • wodiej

    It wouldn’t be a bad thing. Consider it a double blessing. Nothing gets done and more people see Obama for who he really is. What is worse is the GOP controlled House who holds the purse strings for everything is not doing a thing to halt Obama’s march to dictatorship. MIA.

  • conservative58

    Some days I tell myself that I have got to take a break from reading the news and watching these videos. Honestly, I get so pssssd with all this crap they keep shoving down our throats; it just makes me want to throw up.

    What do you guys do to keep your sanity through all this mess? As much as I want, I can’t ignore it.

    I think I’ll go for a walk…..

    • steprock

      I have to walk away too because I get into a rant and my wife is telling me to stop watching politics so much.

      Still, it’s hard not to. If you don’t, these jokers really will just get away with anything, laws be hanged.

      • DebbyX

        I’ve been told the same thing. But I am starting to think that too much politics rots the brain. Just look at the guys who’ve been in Congress for 145 years. They’re all brain dead.

    • Joe
    • leaky_sink

      I know how you feel. I want to know the truth & what’s going on, but then having to look at something like this everyday, makes me feel kinda hopeless. Like I was listening to Mark Levin podcast earlier today and I had to turn it off for a while, feeling so frustrated and depressed. It’s so clear what Obama and the lefties are doing, they’re almost not even hiding it, yet they get away with it and lots of people follow them blindingly. Maybe Americans (not all, but way too many) are as dumb as Obama thinks. *sigh*

  • Sober_Thinking

    ANYTHING to stop his insanity is welcome. He’s an arrogant liar and worthless. He’s already done his damage and he’s been in campaign mode for nearly a year now. Why start working now?

    Fire this poser now!

  • steprock

    Arrogant. As always.

    My list:
    A) Impeach Biden
    B) Pass a budget…any budget will do
    C) Send the President a pocket copy of the US Constitution (Highlight separation of powers)

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Well, now, hold on a second there, bubb … I thought you were going to act WITHOUT Congress? Now, you’re trying to tell us that you WANT them to do something? Why the change in course?

  • NYGino

    Speaking of lists, The Ship of State has developed a very serious, disastrous list the port side. We will correct this in November.

    • freenca

      Aye, Aye, Capn. !

  • I think more political ads should be directed against Harry Reid as well as Obama. Remind the American people again and again that no legislation can move through the Senate with a miserable worm like Reid in charge there. It couldn’t hurt and it would also remind Americans that the Senate has not passed a budget in over three years, something they are mandated by law to do. You never see or hear about that in political commercials and we should.

  • He really does think we are idiots. Does he really think that we can’t see that this is not a “to do list” but actually a list of people he wants to persuade to contribute to his campaign and/or vote for him? Namely, (1) the green lobby / the environment is no. 1 voters; (2) veterans/armed forces/patriots; (3) defaulting homeowners; (4) the food stamps vote (also known as the engines that drive small business, (Search for Karen Bass on this site)); (5) the unemployed or those whose employment is threatened by the superior skill and/or cheaper wages ofthose living outside the U.S.

    Yes, he does. So tricky you are Obambi.

  • This guy is a clown. If Obama were white, all white, where do you think he would be right now? Assistant manager at 7-11?

    This guy really is beyond a joke.

  • 12grace

    We need to put obama’s nonsense on the side for now and help others that are fighting in defense on our behalf.

    GBTV Sneak Peek: Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Goes Shirtless, Dances in New GBTV Documentary ‘Showdown Wisconsin’

  • joyfulgiver

    scoop, think you could just post transcripts of these speeches so we don’t have to watch/listen to them, blah, blah, blah, same old…same old :o)

  • GiantM

    I just wanta puke at this point.

    BUT MARK MY WORDS; (Joe you need to show me how to “bold” the text )

    “This election is going to be rigged, fixed, deviated, and be filled with fraud. In the end Obama will claim a false victory. If this attitude of his is any indication, this man will stop at nothing and Soros will make sure his puppet stays in office.

  • GEDouglas

    It is very embarrassing having this person as the POTUS. He really is an imbecile. I’m sure we are laughed at throughout the world for electing him. I pray he fades away after his loss in Nov but I fear he will become a worse embarrassment as ex-President than he is as President. Imagine Jimmy Carter on steroids.

  • kong1967

    Why don’t you put “pass a budget” on your stupid list, Obama?

    The ticker down at the bottom was Obama saying that six months is plenty of time for Democrats and Republicans to get together. With him as President it’s impossible. It’s his way or the highway. After November we aren’t going to have a choice but to do the same thing in the opposite direction. Giving in to socialist demands hasn’t worked for the welfare of our nation. Tell them to go to hell when they ask us to bend over backwards to work with them.

  • Philo Beddoe

    To do list?

    Why are 100,000 Russian troops coming to America starting end of May?

    There’s my To do list

  • Josh

    Looked up the list. Great list, but Obummer’s explanations are a bit off. Made a few recommendations of my own:

    –Reward American Jobs, Not Outsourcing
    Obama: Raise taxes on those who employ overseas.
    Congress: Cut taxes for domestic manufacturing companies and make the tax cuts permanent.

    –Expand Refinancing for Responsible Homeowners
    Obama: Cut the “red tape” so homeowners can refinance.
    Congress: Cut taxes on all Americans so they can afford the home and loan that they are in.

    –Invest in Tax Credits for Small Business Jobs
    Obama: Give small business owners a tax credit for hiring.
    Congress: Cut taxes on small business owners and make them permanent so they will not hire short term employees.

    –Invest in Clean Energy Manufacturing
    Obama: Pass legislation to invest in clean energy manufacturing.
    Congress: Vote NO to investing (spending) money that is not yours on pseudo-science. Drill. Drill. Drill.

    –Create a Veterans Jobs Corps
    Obama: Create a job placement service for our veterans.
    Congress: Honor our veterans by paying their salary, providing 100% resources, and respecting their ability to take care of themselves.

  • agas84363

    first and forever it was george bush’s fault…now its congress’s fault….barack’s campaign slogan should be …..VOTE FOR ME BECAUSE I’TS NOT MY FAULT!!!!