How Muslim proselytizing is creeping into public schools

Frank Gaffney writes today how the Loudon County School Board is looking at an application for a charter school that has strong ties to Turkish Islamist Fethullah Gulen. Apparently these charter schools are a way to indoctrinate our children and make them more susceptible to Islamic conversion. The Louden Count School Board, according to Gaffney, is trying to avoid the discussion of Gulen at all as they consider this application. However they will hear from a husband and wife who used to teach in a Gulen charter school in Cleveland, both of whom are willing to tell the truth about these schools:

WASHINGTON TIMES – Fortunately, the Loudoun County School Board is expected to hear from Mary Addi on Tuesday, in the course of its last public input session on the application for the Loudoun Math and Information Technology Academy. Ms. Addi and her Turkish husband, Mustafa Emanet, both formerly taught in a Gulen school in Cleveland. They have courageously made public their insights into issues sure to afflict the Loudoun County school system if the current application is approved: systematic mismanagement; use of Turkish teachers who are unqualified to teach, do not speak English comprehensibly or both; visa fraud; financial irregularities; chronic deviation from the curriculum and other rules and regulations meant to govern its operations; and so on. These issues have affected other Gulen charter schools around the country. Ms. Addi and her husband have even contributed to an ongoing investigation of the Gulen Movement and its schools by the FBI.

In a letter previously submitted to a select committee of the Loudoun School Board that — to its credit — actually recommended rejection of the Gulen charter application, Ms. Addi wrote:

“According to my husband, in addition to garnering as much taxpayer money as possible, the Gulen movement’s other agenda is to spread Islam though subliminal indoctrinations. More specifically, the mission is to spread Islam by means of the Turkish events such as trips to Turkey, the Turkish Olympics, other cultural events and teaching Turkish as a second language.

“Although the Gulenists are careful not to speak directly about their religious beliefs, it is their hope that by indoctrinating American students and parents with their culture and hospitality, that the students will likewise be more susceptible to religious conversion.”

Such behavior would, of course, fall afoul of prohibitions in the Virginia code barring proselytization in public schools. Like the rest of the Gulen program, however, unless the application is rejected, it is predictable that Loudoun County will find itself wrestling with what other school systems have confronted elsewhere: an entrenched school, indifferent to its obligations and responsibilities — and exceedingly difficult to discipline due, in part, to the Gulenists’ intensive efforts to buy political protection from county supervisors, state legislators, governors and others.


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  • sDee
  • Conniption Fitz

    Blind leading the blind.

  • HighontheTide

    The old slow boil of the frog. Read more about their plan.

    • pajamakat

      Pretty frightening stuff. Islam will eventually take over this country. None of our fearless leaders will do anything to stop it. It’s just a matter or time. I’m late 50s. Hope I won’t be here to see it.

  • notsofastthere

    My grandchildren attended pre-K in GA. About 70% of the instructors were Muslim and wore their native dress. I was in shock. The grandchildren are no longer in that school and are doing much better in the school they are in now.
    Obama and the Gulen schools know they need to get to the children first.

    • davienne

      good for you…

  • It’s been “creeping” into public schools for years.

    Oregon, 2006

    Islamic “Awareness” presentations, Cultural diversity presentations in Houston Tx/ Florida schools 2008

    Charter School teaches Islam in Minnesota 2008

    2009 Textbooks teach Islam (Saudi donations)

    5 Pillars of islam taught 2011

    Then there was the actual field trip to a mosque 2010

    • WHY, HOUSTON, just WHY??!

      It’s funny that they never seem to understand the word “diversity”
      It’s not DIVERSITY when you are only pandering to one religion, that’s called DIVISION………..which is what they REALLY should be paying attention to anyway, right?
      Got to get those witty brains in shape for those SAT’s for elementary in Math and Writing, becuase according to studies, we’re ranked last in education! Don’t want those 3rd world countries to think we’re stupid now, do we?
      Because being master “Trivial Pusuit” champion is A LOT more important than street smarts and skill! -_-

      • Excellently said Tex.

        It’s good to see you here today! 🙂

        • My boss is traveling at the moment, so nows the time! 🙂
          He only mentioned I couldn’t be on FACEBOOK and last I checked this isn’t facebook!


          yeah, I’m bad! 😉

  • Yazz55

    There should be all sorts of liberal extremists out there screaming against this violation of religion (church) & state.

    Of course, they’ll require appropriate new textbooks that only contain sharia law. Perhaps they’ll even have a course on suicide bombers to attach synagogues and churches. But that can wait a year or so until alqueda infiltrates the system a bit more.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “There should be all sorts of liberal extremists out there screaming against this violation of religion (church) & state.”.

      There should be but there won’t be because they are all just a bunch of Situational Hypocrites.

  • sjmom

    Separation of church and state is for Christians only????????????

    • tinlizzieowner

      You can’t separate Islam from ‘the state’, IT IS the state.
      Obama holds a Ramadan celebration on White House grounds during his first year in office, but that’s OK, it wasn’t a Christian celebration. 😉 😉

      • Correct Tinlizzieowner, whether it is the Gulen Cult, or whatever group, their main goal is to implement S’haria law. This is what they are doing in my native Turkiye and now that Gulen is wanted in Turkiye for trying to overthrow secularism …the Amerikan upper brass of the CIA protects Fetos on his “Golden Generation” compound. Gulencis in Turkiye have infiltrated our: Education, judiciary system, polis, politics (AKP Party is Gulencis) and now they have infiltrated our military. So do you stupid Amerikans still think an Islamic based army is your ally? Not for long. I smell civil unrest soon in my country.

        • tinlizzieowner

          “So do you stupid Amerikans still think an Islamic based army is your ally?”

          I for one, have never thought that. Shia Islam is the religion of subjugation and submission. I’m a military historian, I am (somewaht) familiar with the Ottoman Empire and the affiliations of the Grand Muft,i though I would never presume to be an ‘authority’ on your country.

  • Since 911 I will not and have not trusted ANY Muslim! No matter what they say! Now that’s sad to say if you think about it. If there are “good” Muslims reading this, then don’t blame me! Blame the extremists in your own faith for what they have done! And then blame the “rest” for basically not condemning those extremists to any real degree. Putting a Muslim on this TV show or that TV show, months apart to tell us how we’re wrong… Just isn’t cutting it!

    Think about it! I’m a Catholic! If there were some extremist “catholic” group out there beheading Protestant or “others not of our faith” to you think for a second that there would not be a worldwide Catholic outrage! That our Pope wouldn’t come out and condemn this evil from the very top of our church?!?!

    So tell me… Where is the “moderate” Muslim outrage? Where is the condemnation of bombing children and women? Where is the condemnation of a father killing his daughter for daring to date outside her religion? Where is the condemnation of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda? Where is it? I’ll tell you.. There is NONE!

    We are suspicious of you and your faith because of your deeds, action, and words! And nothing you have done has made us feel less suspicious!

    Just sayin’

    • 1endtimes2020

      Consider this, Wolfie; If there was another 911 assault tomorrow morning, do you think for a moment that Obama would want to strike back?
      I doubt it. Instead he would feed us some rhetoric about terrorism, without mentioning the word ‘islam’, and make some kind of promise to get to the bottom of things, and leave no stone unturned, etc…you know, the usual lies—-the usual ‘tell them what they need to hear’ take a few questions from the faithful lefty reporters and go back to his den.

      • I find nothing you wrote to disagree with. Sad state of affairs we find ourselves in isn’t it. 🙁

        • Mary Sieg

          Yeah, and Fort Hood was workplace violence.

      • When you have a President that is trying to disarm the public, you would be helpless to fight back. I have to hand it to you Amerikans you are fighting back nicely against the Gulencis. But I will warn you, even after so many of their schools are denied their applications, renewals or expansions the Gulencis are persistant and have a goal of over 600 schools in the USA.
        They have marching orders from Fetos “if they close down one school build 5 more”…
        and “you must work into the arteries of the system until you reach all power centers”

        Gulencis aka Imam Ordusu follow orders like busy little ants. Their biggest flaw?

        They use the same precictable methods and cannot or do not know how to diversify their thoughts as they have been taught at an early age that Gulen is everything.

  • colliemum

    First the indoctrination of our children by the left – who are of course totally opposed to Faith schools, i.e. schools run by churches – then followed by the indoctrination by muslims. Funny that the left is not against those ‘faith’ schools …
    Or rather: frightening how well fitted for each other are islam and socialist ideologies. Both are fighting Christianity – and both are trying to get wimmin back into the kitchen: the left with soothing words about contraception and abortion rights, but no guns, nononono, there are ‘rape-free zones’ – and islam by talking about ‘honour’, and that everything in islam is a rape-free zone. Well, if you submit and wear bin bags over your hed for the rest of your life …

  • Another strong argument for Home Schooling!!

  • The most convincing argument for home schooling yet. Frank talks about this stuff all the time and I’m glad he does, because this Islamic proselytizing in public school is nothing new. It’s only gotten since you know who got in the White House.

  • 1endtimes2020

    These days, our enemies don’t need to use military action to invade the country. Just immigrate here and have a lot of babies, while the host country aborts its own. In 20 and 30 years they become a real force to reckon with. It’s part of their proven history. In the meantime, they are free to use our freedom and work to convert as many supporters as possible.
    I said it many times before, “why are we allowing them to immigrate here?” The way they murder in their own country is plenty of evidence they are not the kind of people this country should accept. Still, the media attacks the religion that has developed this country to the point when people from all over the world want to come here, and start a new life.
    Muslims come here to extend their way of life and to take over, and throw us out.
    Talk about insanity.

    • This and the Yemenis and Somalians are having large families and many are on public assistance. A carry over of the Dhimmi System, they believe infidels should pay for it all as in the old Ottoman Empire that Gulen hopes to restore.

      Is it any coincidence that the Gulencis have schools in the USA the majority are in heavy immigrant, low income, hispanic and black neighborhoods. Their kids are seeing the Gulencis Missionaries teaching them Turkish, feeding them Turkish food (even cooking classes for their parents) having Turkish Olympiads (9 in the USA) and then fly them to Turkey to showcase their Turkish skills to the delight of the Turkish politicians and TUSKON group who watch in delight with tears in their eyes as African AMericans and Hispanic Americans are dancing and singing in Turkish. Do any of you know the history of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and “Turkification”

      Study up, it’s comming to your neighborhood soon. The Gulencis start with front groups (NGOs) they form these nonsense Dialogue groups (more like a sales job on Gulen) offering free trips, and honors to politicians, local media and academia then before you know it they are applying for a charter school with the support of the puppets who have gotten free baklava and trips to Turkiye.

      Predictable but so far effective.
      Here is a list of the Gulen Charter Schools in the USA, warn your fellow Amerikans, neighbors, relatives, groups….because trust me will win if you fight them back. Don’t depend on the politicians, put the power into the hands of the people before it’s too late. You are still in the infancy stage of their spread.

  • Rshill7

    Affirmative Action is always good you sillies! Whether it be in favor of race or religion. Islam needs an extra special boost goshdaskit! Get over it.

    Dagnabbit, my head fell off again. ‘Scuse me a second..

  • Sober_Thinking


    Evil NEVER sleeps.

    • sjmom

      True, but neither does God. The Lord has not forgotten His people. 🙂

      • Sober_Thinking

        VERY true, amen. 🙂

  • stage9

    OH, WHEW!

    At least is isn’t the founding faith of the nation, Christianity. We can all breathe easy now. It’s just creeping islam.

  • 911Infidel

    Loudon county has been infected with leftists from MD and NY. They are trying to do the same kind of damage to Va that’ve achieved in their own home states and doing a fine job.
    Now Edward Said gets more play than Ibn Warraq. Education has become non-education. More like absorption into the leftist borg.

      • 911Infidel

        Shweet. That’s damn straight.

    • 911Infidel in Turkish you are a “Gavur”
      you are incorrect, this is not so much the “left” or Democrats. The Gulencis employ the help of both parties whoever will be their puppet.

      • 911Infidel

        In “English” you are running a flag operation. A ruse. You might want to save your criticism for the rubes that occupy government in Loudon County. The rest of us in here are a lot smarter than they are. Wala wa bara as the saying goes.

  • 57thunderbird

    I see a lot of Scoopers posting about home schooling.I said this on another post,but I will mention it one more time.Three times makes it spam.There is a UN agenda known as the UNCRC(the United Nations Conference on the Rights of the Child)If the senate ever ratifies this UN treaty,home schooling will be banned just as it is in Germany,which is already signed on.Google it and then write your senators and encourage them to cosponsor the Parental Rights Amendment.

    • Isn’t it banned in GB as well?

      • 57thunderbird

        I believe you may be correct.Perhaps they have signed on as well.

  • Is this Tennessee??

  • Since Satan resides in Islam this doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is the sheer amount of Islam in the state of Virginia. They have lost their Founding Father roots and wisdom.

  • deeme

    Here’s a little something you can look forward to..

    • 57thunderbird

      After we have been disarmed.

      • deeme

        Never….as long as we have a say..

    • tinlizzieowner

      Some of the Brits are beginning to catch on. 😉

      • deeme

        They need to make one of those here , maybe the uninformed voters will get a clue…

  • Lee

    ISLAM IS A PAGAN CULT. It is not a religion. We need to stop referring to it as a legitimate religion. Worshipping Mohammed as the messenger of Allah is the epitome of the very blasphemy that Moslems shriek from the rooftops, since Allah was actually a pagan moon-god. The very definition of Islam is paganism.

    • 57thunderbird

      Islam is anti-Christ!

      • Mary Sieg

        That is exactly right… and they think all Christians should be killed….that’s in their Koran….if they follow their religion, they need to get out of my country. Get them out of our schools, tear down their mosques, and send them back to camel country! They’ve practically taken over Detroit. They have established large populations in some of our largest cities…strategically in areas where they can be most destructive. Jesus must be coming soon.

    • imsteph

      plus it is attached to a political/letigical blue print that goes completely against our constitution, common sense, and human dignity…

      you cannot have the one without the other.

  • martha chandler

    As Barney Fife would say, Nip this in the Bud.

  • Godisright

    They ram planes into our buildings and so we invite them into our schools?
    We have created 2 Islams in this country since 9/11. We have embraced the Islam that we created and doesn’t exist. Islam is not a peaceful religion and never will be — NEVER!

  • Ray

    I thought there was a separation of Church and State. Apparently not against a CERTAIN religion.