Huckabee: Federal contractor told employees to vote Murkowski

Here is an exclusive video that airs during Huckabee’s interview with Joe Miller, which Miller readily condemns as outrageous. A federal contractor is telling his employees to vote for Murkowski because she is already on the appropriations subcommittee which of course sends a lot of money to Alaska. He says her opponents will likely not get on that same appropriations subcommittee and thats why they should vote for her. Considering these are federal contractors, I would assume the end result is that he is inferring that their jobs could be at stake if they don’t get funding. Just a guess though.

P.S. If you download the Skyfire Browser ($2.99) on your iPhone/iPad, you can view this video. I’ve been using it and it works great. Probably a 20 second delay before you can watch it but it works.

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  • coastal

    Viral time!

    • Anonymous

      Hope so!! how does that happen? This one is not YouTube. How do things go viral? Shall we send them to all we know?

      • Extremely Right

        Put it on you tube. All you need is a logon account.

  • This is inexcusable! That guy was implying that if they vote for Joe, they’re gonna lose their jobs. That’s not true and that man needs to be fired immediately!

  • Anonymous

    WHEN, WHEN, WHEN, will the State, the Division of Elections, SOMEONE IN CHARGE, bring the hammer down on Princess Murkowski and her CORRUPT network of insiders and supporters who have bought, threatened, and lied their way to possible “victory” in this race?

    How much CORRUPTION do we turn a blind eye to? SOMEONE, PLEASE, BUST HER!

    • Anonymous

      You answered your own question when you mentioned her “network of insiders”.

  • Payovich

    That is absolutely pathetic! Unbelievable!

  • roscoemt

    Safety Meeting?

  • Northern Cynic

    The Murkowski’s and the rest of the Corrupt Bastards Club sold Alaska’s soul to the Company Store.

  • This is just ugly. This guy should be fired.

  • Do you have a separate occasion for write in balloting?I thought it would be done on one occasion,just indicating a separate name

  • How did it happen, that e write in ballots are not yet counted?It was the same ticket, same occasion, it should be over now. Did Lisa not accidentally run twice?
    as a normal and as a write-in candidate

  • Billfurd

    Murkowski is such a piece of garbage, it’s great to know we can trust her to represent us with honesty. She did what she did because there is money in it for her…Period.

  • Don17k

    I can’t see blaming Murkowski for the comments of a Federal contractor. The contractor was telling his employees what he understood as a no-brainer: Murkowski is on the Appropriations Committee, and she gets money for projects in AK which they work on. Miller may not be on that committee, but even if he is, he’s committed to reducing Federal spending… so a lot of those projects they work on won’t be funded. He may have to lay people off, and then, Miller has said he thinks unemployment insurance in unconstitutional….

    • Rich

      Totally missed the point didn’t you Don. I’m not surprised. I don’t care what Murkowski and Miller believe, what this guy did is illegal.