Huelskamp on being booted from budget committee: It’s not about principles, it’s about blind obedience

Rep. Huelskamp says him being booted from a committee because of his dissent over raising taxes will just feed the cynicism people have about Washington, that it’s petty and vindictive and it’s not about principle but rather blind obedience.

Here’s a short statement he made to Heritage today on why he believes he was ousted from the budget committee:

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  • Proud American

    Beohner is a cry baby who walks with his tail either wagging or tucked in his hind legs in front of Obama. The establishment is making me sick. 2014 is still two years away.

    • warpmine

      I told you all that unless you go to DC with guns in hand or at least protest for two months straight with two million strong, nothing would be done in terms of change.
      Nobody is willing to take one for the team and certainly that’s exactly why nothing changes. Revolution is the only way, the only thing that threatens them and until it happens, it will be business as usual. Tootalou.

      • So much for the Taxed Enough Already wave of 2010. 2014 is just around the corner though.

      • 12grace

        I understand your frustration and anger, however, it seems that some people think that the kind of action you are referring to would be playing right into obama’s hands. That is, obama would love to have a reason to murder protesting Americans in the street.

        I’m not sure what, if any, course of action the American people can peacefully take to stop this brutal dictator and regime.

        • warpmine

          “I’m not sure what, if any, course of action the American people can peacefully take to stop this brutal dictator and regime.”

          Well, if there’s nothing peacefully to do then the next option is what I’ve described, ARMED REBELLION. Obama is a coward in the 1st degree, he hides behind virtually everyone else for his mistakes and deserves whatever misfortune awaits him and his traitorous minions. I’ll bid $10k for the honor of pulling the lever for the trap door. Do I hear more?

          • 12grace

            W, I may not have worded this correctly, we are on the same side, I am angry and frustrated just like you.

            However, I am hoping that we can resolve this w/out violence. I am concerned that if the American people protest in the streets that obama and his thugs will use this as an opportunity to murder Americans that stand in their leftist way.

            I am not saying that we should concede, I am just wondering what measures the American people have done or could do to peacefully stop this regime.

            • warpmine

              Give them all a good college try and in four years of disappointment, give me a yell and I’ll replay if I’m not dead already from his majesty’s secret police. We’re at a point in history where we’ve allowed there to be secret police, police that bait people into action for arrest everywhere which brings me to a very important point which is how could anyone ever successfully stage a revolt when you have potential infiltrators from every conceivable govt entity which could turn your operation into mush at a moment’s notice. 240 years ago we could meet in churches or safe houses owned by like minded patriots but today everything is bugged or watched by the police. Speaking of police, we’re not sure who’s side they break on.

  • Is it possible these conservatives were taken off these important committees as a concession to Obama’s offers?

    • anotherworriedmom

      Of course! Boehner wants to make a “deal” but he’s demanding that the deal include raising taxes. If the deal doesn’t get out of committee then it’s dead. So he’s making sure that if he makes a deal with BO that raises taxes, he’ll be able to get it out of committee and to the floor, where he has more control. So much for the Taxed Enough Already wave of 2010. 2014 is just around the corner though.

      • HarrietHT2

        Give me a break: “2014 is just around the corner.” Just like 2012 was? What difference does it make what is just around the corner when the corner finally arrives and the Boehners of the Party neuter conservative rookies?

        Answer me that. My opinion about the Republican Party is that it deserves permanent political oblivion and all the fine conservatives within it bail out to form at long last an OPPOSITION party.

        • ApplePie101

          Exactly. We’re strung along with the promise that things will get better, always in 2 or 4 years’ time, but if we start rolling now, we’ll be in a stronger position in 2014. We should be communicating with the Tea Party Caucus to see which members (besides Gohmert) are serious about asserting the constitution. If a few make the bold leap of formalizing a third party, they’ll find many supporters among us. Then you’ll see a real game change, not just the Punch and Judy show we’ve been decoyed with for the past several years.

          • Martin2717

            We need to get the ball rolling on this, now. Don’t wait. A new party is needed.

          • HarrietHT2

            “[B]esides Gohmert.” Do you mean in addition to Gohmert? Or that Gohmert has declared himself uninterested?

            • ApplePie101

              In addition to Gohmert. Michele Bachmann comes to mind, though she’s been pretty quiet of late. Steve King, Joe Wilson, Tim Huelskamp, John Fleming have also been outspoken constitutional conservatives in the past.

        • warpmine

          You’re correct and revolution is what’s needed NOW!

          • HarrietHT2

            We may not have the same idea of what constitutes a revolution. There was a “Glorious Revolution” in England in 1688 when James II fled to France after committing egregious overreach of his powers; William (of Orange) and Mary (James’ daughter) were invited to assume the throne in James’ place. No blood shed, except for the dastardly deeds of James.

            This sort of revolution I highly endorse. Burying the Republican Party and raising up a true opposition party I also endorse, if that’s what you mean by revolution.

            I’ve had it with the feckless wonders in the Republican Party and their consultant hangers-on, like Karl Rove, who is reported to have amassed a whopping $45 million this past election cycle.

            • warpmine

              I wished as you do now but come to the sad realization that blood must be spilled to refresh the tree of Liberty. Be it mine or the enemy, it’s just a sad fact of history, peaceful revolutions/civil wars accomplish nothing. We’ve given it our best shot by peaceful means, stolen elections, wealth redistribution, have secured the tyranny we’re under and communists rarely voluntarily give up the power.

              The Founding Fathers were right on almost every account and we failed on almost every account to heed their warnings. Fight or live in bondage, it really is up to you.

        • As much as I admire and respect in high esteem, the great Rush Limbaugh. I disagree with him on not leaving the Republican party to start a 3rd.
          Harriet HT2 is correct! The time is now to form an opposition constitutional conservative party that adheres to literally the laws of the Constitution, the rational and humane- Bill of Rights, and the principles and, ideas of- The Declaration of Independence. The first true manuscript of the American mind as Thomas Jefferson once proclaimed it.
          This is the litmus test that we opposition party conservative will put towards anyone who will be running for elective offices in the near future. Enough said!

  • marketcomp

    How do we remove Boehner? The million dollar question!

    • theresaaa

      If only I had a million dollars for the answer !

    • Don

      Vote Tea Party or conservative only. To keep electing RINOs is committing the same mistake over and over and it most circles considered insanity. In 2010 the conservatives made a move in the House that had not been seen in decades. To think we can reverse the sommunists/socialists who have been attacking our country since the start of the 20th centurty with one election just reinforces the position of weakness we have allowed them to put us in. If we allow the communists/socialists to takeover our country then we have no one to blame but ourselves. Every election where we let them lie, steal and cheat their way to power pushes us closer to the point of no return. They own the mainstream media who prostitutes the truth like a two-bit whore and that puts us in a serious disadvantage. When it comes to our way of life, there should be no fear.

    • Vote West!

      • marketcomp

        I think he can be nominated as Speaker! But, that process as passed! Your right, K-Bob! Maybe in two years!

    • Chris Witham

      Is it possible to start a petition to remove him (or anyone)? Seems like if we, the people, do not like the way Government officials act, we should be able to remove them in a peaceful, democratic, and orderly manner.

      • marketcomp

        With speaker the candidate must be nominated among the members. However, now that time has passed but any member in the House can nominate a person, whether a govenor or a citizen, to be speaker.

      • warpmine

        Ethics violations! Make them up if you have to but get rid of his stupid azz.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Resistance is futile. Comply or die.

    Washington is a quagmire. And the GOP has declared open season on REAL conservatives.

    Boehner deserves to be fired. He and McConnell and Cantor are all boneheads.

    • sDee

      West was one who refused to shut up, go down to the basement office, and raise money for the GOP.

      They stepped up their game on him.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Agreed. How fitting would it be if he became their President in 2016? MAN, I would pay BIG money to see that!

        • warpmine

          Be much more fitting if he were to head an army against Washington.

          • Sober_Thinking


  • Sober_Thinking

    And this is why the Republicans are fading…

    • Don

      The leadership of the republican party are cowardly eunuchs who cringe in the face of conflict. If you have no leaders, then you have no party. When an incompetent liar like Obama can intimidate you into forsaking your country, then you are un-American and unfit to represent the American people. There are NO such things any longer as democrats and republicans……only 1) elitest progressives and 2) those they want to enslave.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Well said.

      • sDee

        Their clear pattern of immediately and intentionally removing leadership when it emerges, adds another dimension to what you say.

  • NoToTyrants

    The Tea Party gave the GOPe power. Without Constitutional Tea Party Conservatives the GOPe are “unelectable”.

    What we give we can take away.

    We will never takeover the Republican party. The GOPe are too entrenched in the bureaucracy and in the “Republican” media. In addition, the GOPe have rigged the primary process, They control the big donors, and thus the flow of campaign money.

    When faced with a political “Maginot Line”, you go around it.

    It is time for a principled Constitutional Conservative 3rd Party!

    I am partial to calling it the “Federalist Party”, because I think its’ primary task should be to decentralize power by returning it to the states where the founders intended.

    • Constitutional Freedome Party NoToTyrants!!

      • NoToTyrants

        I like it! Fight!

        Liberty is too precious to surrender to tyrants like Obama or to his unwitting GOPe court jesters like Boehner, Cantor, McCain, Graham, Collins, Snowe, etc.

        • We have no choice anymore but to fight!!

          • NoToTyrants

            You said it my sister!

            We are no longer represented by Republicans, so why should we continue to empower them? Why should I vote FOR them?

            I will no longer vote against a candidate, I will only vote FOR a candidate.

            I love your spirit! FIGHT!

        • Chris Witham

          Why is it that we have no problem fighting tyrants overseas, but somehow feel so bashful fighting tyrants in our Homeland? We have a right and a duty to defeat tyranny wherever it is.

          • NoToTyrants


            I think we have a greater obligation. We own it to those who fought and died to preserve our Liberty. We also owe it to our posterity.

    • Unfortunately, only students of history understand that the word “Federalism” is NOT about the Federal government being stronger.

      Most average folks think that federalism is bad because it is about big government being more of a bully (it’s the feds!). But Obamacare is about people in government being niiiiice. Or something.

      • NoToTyrants

        Exactly! We can use it to our advantage.

    • Have a look at the constitution party platform. Conservative, established & more members than any other 3rd party. 🙂 I’m dropping the GOP — most of us are. Time to let the old RINO establishment go the way of the Whigs.

  • stage9


  • Rocco11

    Divide and conquer, Boehner is getting played like a fiddle.

  • There’s no difference between liberal “d” and liberal “r”
    We need to demand Boehner’s resignation of the Speaker of the house. He is derilict in his duty and does a disservice to the people who voted for him. Bring on Michele Bachmann as Madame Speaker.
    As for the ouster of these Conservatives from these committees, there has got to be a way of speaking out against this. Talk about a dictatorship in the House!

  • Rocco11

    The Obama Regime has something juicy on Boehner, just like they had/have something on Chief Justice Roberts…

    • Obama keeps Boehner’s filberts in his back pocket.

    • sDee

      I think it has to be big too. I always believed Boeher’s tears on securing the Speakers chair, were tears of relief knowing he would be in the position to deliver what was demanded.

  • sjmom

    This is a travesty. The RINOS must be removed and replaced.

  • DebbyX

    Yeah, that’s about right. If ya’ got anything on the ball, and in you’re in the Rep. party…………YOU ARE OUT!!

    Bunch of dummies.

  • deTocqueville1

    Absolutely correct. I see that DeMint, the Heritage Foundation and others are joining Palin and Levin in deriding the spineless GOP leadership. And where is Mr. absent ‘conservative’ Paul Ryan who joined in signing the Bonehead letter to Obama. Yes the battle has been joine finally victory will come one way or the other.

  • poljunkie

    Barely treading water…hanging on to what we absolutely believe in… morals, principles….true convictions, and concerns.
    Still cant believe the Country voted to re-elect SCFOAMF.

    …And then this….happens from the “right” side of the aisle. #I’d be stunned and outraged, if only I could pretend I was surprised.

    • p m

      Re hanging on, pol, I took a look at the Drudge page today – and it revealed so much that is wrong with socialism, and what it has wrought to stifle our freedoms and principles, that I actually took a screenshot. It’s a one-page snapshot of today’s world – such as it is…including the surveillance of the entire population. Very scary.

  • kloyd0306

    De Mint is our only hope.

    Can we clone him?

    Sessions is worth cloning too.

    • ApplePie101

      Actually, we are our only hope. And God.

  • sDee

    “now Tim….we’d not want the folks to figure out their cynicism was actually realism. Would we?”

  • bbitter

    Yup. And this is one of the huge reasons why I didn’t vote for Hatch in the primary, why I wanted him out. One of the ‘good ol’ boys’ in government, and assuring us, that if elected, he would be part of the finance committee which would allow him to pass a balanced-budget amendment.

    Remember this when everyone is breathing down your neck for some political goal; those outside your state don’t know more than those of the state, what is best for the state.

    There is no way anyone can convince me that the political machines will allow ANYONE to stand in the way of their power-grab, let alone someone in their ranks.

    “What did we get from a House majority in 2010? … A smaller majority in 2012.”
    -well, that’s because the republicans have forgotten that their voting bloc is not comprised of mindless lemmings. If both sides are going to lie to our faces, we might as well not show up.

    …and that’s what happened.

  • BHliberty

    Hey, conservatives frm Ohio & Virginia are you listening?

  • ryanomaniac

    Anybody ever feel like a piece of crap, in the heat with flies all over ya? I never have but these fellas do.

  • Is it true that these two guys voted against Ryan’s Budget?

    • p m

      Yep, they think it doesn’t cut enough spending fast enough to make a difference.

  • ApplePie101

    Nevertheless, 4 years from now, the republican leadership will be telling us to get our esses in line and vote for their latest Manchurian candidate. They have no pride and no shame.

  • AmericanDream12

    This guy gets my vote! Rare thing a gutsy man in Congress.

    Could anyone confirm that Allan West yesterday said he kind of agreed with the new Boehner plan? insisting that he wants to stick to his principles though but would vote for it?

    Huelskamp seems to be very against it.

    I am confused..

  • snowshooze

    It just gets worser and worser.
    I really feel bad for this guy. And everyone he represents. This is so wrong.

  • Jerseygalnny

    This is typical of beltway insiders. They are struggling to keep what power they think they have. Saw a post on FR urging calls to Speaker Boehner, and it lists a phone number. I’ll be calling tomorrow!

    • proudhispanicconservative


      • NoToTyrants

        On it!

      • RCL

        Like he gives a shit!

        It’s time to move on mi hermano.

      • Jerseygalnny

        Thanks for adding the numbers!

  • bhaskin

    Can we have Allen West replace our current speaker of the house when the new congress starts? Hell I’d even go with Newt that would be fun to watch!

  • It has never been a Conservative principle to support cluttering the tax code with distortionary and unfair loopholes.

  • We need to start a movement to remove Boehner and Cantor as well. McCarthy doesn’t thrill me either.

    • RCL

      Don’t waste your time. The GOP isn’t worth the trouble.

      Encourage the real conservatives to WALK AWAY. The Republican Party sprang from the corpse of the Whigs. It’s time for another renewal. The GOP must die.

      • In the mean time, as you don’t waste your time, we have all important fiscal vote as well as more fiscal votes in the future. So yeah it isn’t a waste of time and unless you personally are going to drag them out of the House by their hair you had better get busy. Your cynicism is clouding your judgment. You better worry about the immediate or you are writing off the future.

        Let me guess…you stayed home.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I love this guy, it’s hard to remember his name, but is easy to remember what he stands for, this is a true conservative. Here is the video why he was booted

  • mallardxx

    As a Kansas resident am very proud to have Rep Huelskamp represent our state. Some day the good guys will win our country back.

    • kong1967

      I don’t mean to get too personal on you here, but where are you from in Kansas? I’m on the outside of Wichita.

      There’s another guy here called “kansasguy”. Looks like we are well represented here.

      • mallardxx

        I’m located in the Wichita area.

        • kong1967

          Wow, what a small world!! We live near each other. That’s cool as heck.

  • kansasguy

    U.S. Rep. Louis Gohmert, from the 1st District of Texas, moved to appoint Gingrich Speaker of the House. Not one other Republican seconded his motion.

    • kong1967

      Hello fellow Kansan. Out of curiosity, where from in Kansas? I’m from outside of Wichita.

      • kansasguy


        • kong1967

          I drive through there now and then. Nice neighborhood. We have three Wichita area commenters on this site….that I know of. So cool.

  • There better be one Miracle of an Answer here or there will be more backlash than Speaker Boehner is getting now. I am talking from a RED STATE Speaker! Texans don’t put up with whimps. Get your suntanned, a$$ back to the drawing board and bring back those Freshmen with new ideas. Yours are OBVIOUSLY not working. Too much time on the Golf Course with Obama I am guessing. You can walk out with him when he is Impeached.

  • aquaviva

    This is remarkable that Huelskamp would “break ranks” and air this grievance in public. Not criticizing it, (I applaud it); but it’s remarkable he would say this about current leadership in a public forum when Boehner is amidst “negotiating”.

  • kong1967

    To all of you that laugh at Kansas, he represents my state….a big time conservative state. 🙂

  • bongobear

    Refreshing candor from a congressman. He’s correct in that people like him need to go public with the insider politics in D.C. and tell the American people what’s going on behind the scenes.

  • 4dees

    He tells it like it is. The GOP is attempting to look just like the Dems. Boehner and McConnell plan to sell us and this country down the river.

  • 12grace

    Rep. Huelskamp is a great man of honor and principle, it’s no wonder he was fired. The Washington rats can’t have anyone that would shine a light on them, as rats scatter when light is shone on them.

  • Beak86

    We need more brave conservatives in Washington to speak out about what’s really happening. The political game is fixed and since the election I do not believe we can change it by appealing to our representatives. We need to change the culture and make the corrupted Washington power cartel irrelevant.