Hypocrisy from the left over high gas prices

As we approach record high gas prices, the media seems oddly silent. This video from around this time last year is a good reminder of when high gas prices used to be a bad thing.

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  • Sinsonta

    BHO has no shame!

    • maynardb50

      The news media has NO shame!

    • MiketheMarine

      Actually, he is very proud as he is doing exactly what he said he would.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      And no legitimate birth certificate.

      • MiketheMarine

        Or social security number. How many other similarities does Maobama have with a few million ILLEGAL ALIENS?

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          He’s got ears like Yoda, that’s for sure.

          • MiketheMarine

            Alfred E. Newman

      • Sinsonta

        Agree 100%!

  • Nukeman60

    Hey, if gas prices rise to $1000/gal, we could eliminate death completely. Woohoo.

    European prices range from $8 to $10/gal. The only difference between their prices and ours is government taxes:


    This is what the Obama administration wants to do. Even Romney wants a $2/gal tax increase. They aren’t fooling me.

    • sDee

      Look at energy policy from a Statist’s perspective:

      A free strong nation is dependent on abundant energy. The current reality of physics is that it must come from highly portable fossil fuels and highly efficient nuclear power.

      An energy supply sourced from unstable foreign sources results in free citizens and enterprises to be dependent on big government to protect that supply.

      An energy policy based on extremely expensive, inefficient and impractical “green” energy” strengthens the dependence of unstable foreign sources by diverting energy investments away from domestic development of fossil and nuclear sources.

      Expensive gasoline prices greatly reduce freedom of movement of citizens, force citizens to use government regulated mass transit, and promote migration to high density urban centers which are highly dependent on government infrastructure and municipal services.

  • RobertMahoney

    I would hope the GOP was watching this, but I am sure they are more worried about whether or not women should be allowed membership in Augusta.

  • Trust1TG

    Actually – both parties have a vested interest in high gas prices. Romney even wants to add a $2. per gallon tax.

    The Powers That Be (PTB) ie, Bushes, Romney, Soros, Buffett, FED, Big Oil Companies, OPEC, do not want American energy independence – OR – lower gas prices.

    That is why they had to get Sarah Palin out of Alaska and why they are determined to defeat NEWT.

    • W.

      Frack them all.

    • sDee

      Yes we overlook that we did very little domestic energy or nuclear expansion under Bush along with his multi billion dollar subsidy of the hydrogen fuel fiasco.

      • MiketheMarine

        I do want to point out a major difference between Clinton, W. and Maobama. During W.’s term he dealt with 09/11 and Hurricane Katrina. Personally, I’m willing to forgive him a lot of mistakes because he dealt with both of these events better than can reasonably be expected. Clinton and Maobama have dealt with what?

        • BP oil well sabotage disaster.

    • kong1967

      Is that something you can prove or is it just bloated rhetoric and accusations with no factual basis like the left uses? I’m not accusing you. I’m just curious if you can prove it. Or is it just your opinion (which is fine)?

  • Remember whenever gas prices are high and a Repub is in the White House, it’s because the Repub’s greedy oil companiy friends and their lust for profit.

    When a Dem is President and gas prices are high, the MSM lament, “there’s very little a president can do to affect gasoline prices”.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is MSM.

  • Sober_Thinking

    The Liar-and-Chief!

  • denbren52

    We should not have to be watching amateur video (no insult intended) of some guy piecing together video of Obama and other Democrats displaying such blatant hypocrisy. Mainstream journalists should be doing pieces like this on a regular basis.

    Oh! My bad! Journalism is dead. I forgot. But it’s coming back to life in the blogospere thanks to bloggers like Don Smith and The Right Scoop. Thank God!

  • GreenBeretWay

    If you drive faster, you get there quicker, you save more gas right?


    Merry Christmas 2013.Oh Yeah!

    • kong1967

      Everyone should drive 175 m.p.h. so we spend less time on the highway and less people get killed. Hey, just thought I’d try my hand at stupid arguments. They seem to be working for the left.

      • GreenBeretWay

        This bad boy does 206 m.p.h. But hey I will be contributing to the state with the speeding tickets right? This will blow the batteries out of the Hybrids as it zings past.
        Probably will flip a smart car over on it side just with the wind current.

        • kong1967

          Lol, there was a guy in my high school that flew by an 18-wheeler and the pressure change as he went by caused him to lose control and he went off the highway and into the top of trees growing next to a river (the river was down in elevation so the top of the trees weren’t much higher than the surrounding pasture). Tony Resnick, a rich kid with a fancy car.

          By the way, stop and pick those batteries up. Sell them back to Obama for a profit.

          • GreenBeretWay

            If “Someone” had his way,all those rich 1% kids would be driving a Algae powered Volt.If they catch on fire,all the better.He could rid the world of those “Greedy” little self absorbed capitalist once and for all.LOL

            So did Resnick make it? Got to hear the follow up on this one.

            • kong1967

              Yeah, he did. I don’t even think he was injured very bad. And, of course, the story I told you is the story he told everyone else, so he could have lied as to how it happened. I did see his car in the trees, though.

              I sure hope the left doesn’t succeed in burning up the wealthy 1% group. Well, if they are driving algae powered volts they would just be killing off the rich libs.

  • wodiej

    The only two people in the political arena who have addressed our energy problem and solutions to solve it are Gov. Sarah Palin and Speaker Newt Gingrich and that’s a plain and simple fact. This matter has needed resolution for many years and no Republican or Democrat has done much to promote a solution. Many conservatives sadly have allowed the GOP establishment to lead them around by the nose.

  • kong1967

    Obama….a lady had to quit her job because gas prices were too high? Uh….so making zero money is better?

    I love their insane arguments. Every month about 1100 people don’t die because there’s less pollution in the air. Where do they get their figures? No, no…don’t bend over!!

    • And notice Obama’s claim he met this person or that person on the campaign trail that told him this… If the MSM actually did their jobs correctly, they would’ve followed up on his claims, tried to track down these (non-existent, I’m willing to bet) people, & ask a ton o’ questions… Ah, but I forgot — this is the MSM, the lapdog of Chicago Jesus…

      • kong1967

        I think we are better off assuming the people are make-believe. Even if there is a lady that quit her job because gas prices are too high really doesn’t matter. She’s an idiot unless she found a closer job first that would net her more money in her pocket. In order to make that big of a difference she would have to drive a very long distance. I drive 15 miles (one way) and even if they double the price of gas the money it takes to actually go to work wouldn’t be enough to make me change jobs.

        Remember the family the left put in a commercial that couldn’t afford health care for their kids? Come to find out, they owned a $400,000 house and a warehouse. I’d say that’s a matter of being bad parents if you ask me. The car is more important than the kids’ health. Yet, the MSM never broke the story…..as usual.

    • Also, 3 million jobs were “saved” by Oblama! WTF?

      • kong1967

        Oh, he saved jobs alright. Union jobs. Gotta keep that paycheck coming. That is one ring that needs to be destroyed because it’s gotta be one of the most criminal things in existence. Use our money to pay off unions and fatten employee pockets with cushy benefits, salaries, vacations, and pensions, then get their own pockets stuffed by the very people the libs prop up. Two winners (unions and Democrats) and one loser (the taxpayers). Why this is not a crime is beyond me.

    • Right on kong, I remember the one at the Dummycrat convention when Al Gore got up and told a sob story about a little old lady who for years pushed a cart collecting cans to sell. She then came to the convention in her Winnebago after saving her can money to get there. The sheeple Dummycrats hooted and applauded while the rest of us where trying to figure how many cans it took for redemption to buy a Winnebago, then show up for the convention.

      • kong1967

        Lol. Additionally, if someone survived off of saving cans….who in their right mind would spend that money on a trip to go to the Democrat convention to talk to Al Gore? Anyone who believes Al Gore actually gives a rat’s butt about their poverty is a stupid idiot.

  • msverde1

    Enough said! Just a perfect video exposé of liberal hypocrisy at its wretched and fecal heights!

  • carolt2

    What a jerk Obama is in general but more so in this one when he told the man with 10 kids he should drive a hybrid. I am willing to be he could’t afford to buy one.

  • 12grace

    Adolph obama must be so thrilled to know that he has almost brought America aka “The Great Satan” to collapse. What he hasn’t figured out yet is if he does manage to collapse America his leftist friends will have no use for him, and he will go down with us.

  • NCHokie02

    I don’t understand BO’s logic that when gas prices are high, instead of trying to fix the price we should all just buy more fuel efficient cars. What about the farmers there BO? I guess they should buy fuel efficient combines?? And good luck driving a chevy volt around farmland trying get to different parts to mend fences and whatnot. But I suppose one could install a recharge station out in their pastures so when their volt gets stuck they have somewhere they can still charge it up after the charge dies in 30 min.

    Maybe someone in NY City can look at getting a more fuel efficient car but people outside of the cities don’t always have that luxury. Sometimes those big trucks are neccessary and aren’t just a fashion statement. I mean by BO’s logic he should be pushing for everyone to get a motorcycle because those things get great gas milage and the tank is small so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to fill up all the time.
    “Whats that, you need to take your kids to school and sports?? Well, shouldn’t have had so many kids. Now you learned I guess.”

    Someone needs to directly ask in an interview why under Bush high gas prices were bad and under Obama higher gas prices are actually good. Makes no sense.

    And even if there is little the POTUS can do to lower the actual price of gas, all the printing of money that Obama had done, twice, led to higher gas prices and taxing the oil companies more is going to lead to even higher gas prices. So he may not be able to lower the price by himself but there are certainly things he can do to stop raising the price.

    • and just how much electricity does it take to charge them Volt batteries??? that’s sooo fuel efficient & really saving energy there! can you believe how stupid this nation has become? oh but i digress. “we” do own that government motors company now, right?!

  • Democrats are World Class Hypocrites! What Liars and Thieves….they are working to make up for the destruction of the United States that the Soviet Union could NOT do in 70+ years.

    Obama is the epitome of a Liar, Phony, Fake and Hypocrite! He is a Marxist.

    $1.87 a gallon when this Incompetent took and $4.00+ right now…and the Jerk is making fun of we common folks. Time to impeach this Marxist Lapdog.

    The Union Media is in the tank for the Marxist Obama. I guess Communists just stick together rather than support their country.

  • ima76patriot

    All of this is moot at best. BHO will get re-elected even if he comes out and states “I is a non-citizen Marxist-Communist-Socialist Muslim running for president to re-make America and I need your vote!.” All because there are no longer enough real American Patriots left who care. We have allowed the gov’t to control the people too long and too wide to ever be able to “Change Back”. Uncontrolled immigration and un-American folks in Congress. Romney is just another one-world-government, Bush look-a-like. Buy lots of ammo only if you plan on using it.

  • Gas prices haven’t so much gone up as the real culprit is the devalued dollar. The Dummycrat horn gets tooted about oil production is at an all time high. It’s also $100 a barrel. If supply is abundant,then the cost normally wouldn’t be $100/barrel would it? Of course not! Now,the congress and endorsed by Oboy has gone 1069+days without a budget. The House voted down the Oboy budget of more spending yet he is still spending chasing green energy sources like algae and now manure. How so without a budget? The almighty printing press! The current money supply is way excessive and the more that gets printed the more it devalues. There’s no precious metal to back it as constitutionally mandated so it’s just fiat funny paper. How come the Bush years had the same Federal Reserve system with the printing press on tap,that gas and everything else was cheaper? Bush and congress had a budget. The printing press remained dormant hence the dollar remained stable. They went 400 billion in the hole but wars are expensive to pay for. Reduced taxes and high employment kept revenue up to pay the bills.

    Supply and demand is a pretty basic thing to understand. Oil supply is at a high point but demand is down due to excessive costs. Excessive money supply via the printing press creates an inflated backwards economy. Everything right now is backwards with a high supply coupled with high prices and lowered demand because the devalued overprinted dollar buys less. Hence gas is $4/gallon. It’ll continue to get far worse if another 4 years of this same inane budgetless administration is voted back in to chase pipedream energy solutions with manure and wind and throwing money at it like it’s water which at this point it has the same value as water. It’s time to clean house in Washington!

  • I am looking for an article that has a collection of these. Especially ones that include previous campaigns like the clip of Hillary saying to vote Dems in if you want lower gas prices. We also need someone to step up and say that we are going to build some refineries in the US so we can process what comes through. Having the majority of them on the Gulf Coast is not adequate. When we ween ourselves off fossil fuels, we can start exporting it just like the other major producers do now. That will do wonders for our trade imbalance.

  • backwaterbilly

    The “Shameless Bunch” doesn’t care what they say today,because they can just change it tommorrow. That’s how they roll

    • nola0911

      Bad news….that’s how they ALL roll! What party they belong to doesn’t make any difference there.

  • gwynnc

    I blame W and the republicans for our current situation. Had they not spent like drunken sailors, we wouldn’t have the big “O” and his marxist regime.

  • gwynnc

    I blame “W” and his crew (republicans) for our current mess. Had they not spent like drunken sailors, the big “O” and his Marxist buddies wouldn’t be in control.

  • bhudda

    If gas prices rose 1 penny during the Bush presidency the media raised all out war on Bush .If they fell It was because Bush and Cheny were sleeping with the oil CO’s . The prices where I live go up sometimes as much as a dime a gallon .Thats becuase I live in rural America so the gas prices don’t change til new supplies arrive .Try to budget gas prices in on a fixed income then go grocery shopping . You already have your 4th mortage on your house and are driving a jalopy to get by .

  • buffojb

    For each $ spent on a gallon of gas the oil co. gets 3-6 cents. The dealer gets 8 cents and the government gets 30-50 cents depending on the state your in. So if Obama wanted too he could cut the taxes on a gallon of gas. He certainly has enough room to do that. But he hasn’t even mentioned that either has the media.

    • nola0911

      Do you have any idea where the tax money goes? Sure you won’t mind driving on dirt roads…might take more gas, but what the heck, it’ll be cheaper by the gallon. And we don’t need those interchanges kept up, either….

  • azjen

    The MSM & BHO is in cohoots.