IDF District Commander warns of a third intifada

Not great news:

YWN – According to the IDF’s Etzion District Commander, Colonel Yaniv Alaluf, a “third intifada has begun”. The statement comes amid growing concerns that the increasing Arab violence directed against Jewish residents and security forces throughout Yehuda and Shomron may lead to a third intifada.

In his briefing to reservists preparing to take up position, the colonel explained that while we may not see thousands of armed Arabs with AK-47 assault rifles, we should not take the new reality lightly as the number of attacks appears to be increasing daily.

The colonel remains optimistic, stating he does not expect the situation to deteriorate to that of the so-called second intifada, which was accompanied by suicide bus bombing attacks. He also feels the military is well prepared for the current reality and will succeed in keeping the violence under control.

Speaking of a third intifada, Israel is now having to build a 43 mile fence in the Golan Heights to protect from Islamists crossing the border from Syria.

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  • las1

    Did the second intifada ever really stop?

    • That’s what I was going to say. Good thing I refreshed to read comments first 😉

      • Same here! I thought the second intifada was still underway. They never stopped launching rockets, as far as I know.

        • Got this in my e mail earlier today, along with the news that Israel will build a wall along the Syrian border…

          Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is still the 1st intifada.

          • holy…! there’s so many they have trouble keeping track of them all.

            • non related question K-Bob. All day, I’ve had a banner along the top of Scoops page (none of my other sites show it) saying I have an outdated browser for this site- gives me choices of stuff to choose from. My explorer has always worked best for Scoop, but now it’s running like crap. Do I really need to change over now to another one?

              PS- have explorer 9 now, for windows 7
              PPS- It’s also showing up on my AOL- which is the most updated one. What’s up with this?

              • I’ve never seen that before, probably because I always use Firefox. I’m guessing it’s related to Adobe’s Flash software that all the browsers support. That gets modified a lot. But it could just be that your security updates are “aging.”

                One other thing is that browsers are getting more and more compliant with HTML 5 so maybe the WordPress platform and AOL have updated recently. Just a guess, tho.
                I think the “update” menu for Explorer might be hanging around under the “About” menu, but I don’t use Win 7 often enough to be sure. If you can’t find an update menu in explorer itself, you might try going to and letting that site help you find out what all should get updated.

                I always use whatever option you select to make it tell you which updates its going to install. That way I can skip a bunch of stuff I don’t want it to bother with.

                • Thanks K-Bob. I’ll check my updates first and go from there. 🙂

                • Got firefox up and running now. Works like a charm. Thanks K-Bob! 😀

                • Good deal! FF is the best platform for web developers, so far, because people have written some amazing add-ons that help you do all kinds of useful things when writing website code. Some of the plugins are really useful for just surfing the web, though.
                  (I recommend getting AdBlock plus. Also “NoScript”)

                  Chrome is getting a lot of traction, there, too. I see more developer types are using it.

                  IE, not as much. Microsoft is resistant to letting people use their browser like a a tool for making things. (They want you to use the Microsoft family of products instead.)

                  However, real programmers find a way to get it done, regardless of platform. That’s why we’re such ornery cusses.

                • Well if I ever learn more I might be able to start having more fun. I’d rather have firefox than chrome even though we do have that too- but too much google makes me paranoid lol. 😉

                • Heh. That’s pretty much why I avoid Chrome, too!

    • BlueGood

      Radical Muslims interpretation of the Muhammad = If you love me you will KILL for me…

      Almost all other Muslims = “Shhhhhhhh………”don’t talk about it”…………

    • tinlizzieowner

      No more than the first one ever did.

  • MiketheMarine

    Israel will strike first and it will be massive. I haven’t the first concern that THEY know what they’re doing. Again, Mr. Netanyahu, If you desire my services, all you’ve got to do is ask, Sir.

    • We need you here myMarine.

      • MiketheMarine

        Let’s not forget our Theological studies, My Dear Duckie. It will all come to a head at Ar Megedon, which is there and I plan on taking up arms in the battle to end all battles if it takes place during MY life span.

        • Conniption Fitz

          Prayer is powerful warfare. So is Scripture. We have mighty weapons that break evil spiritual strongholds and forces.

          Isaiah 31:8-9

        • I’m still hoping we’ll be coming BACK with Jesus when that happens myMarine! 🙂

        • BikerHoop

          I’ll be there beside you, Mike.

    • tinlizzieowner

      We have already seen what a little, tiny country with a lot of guts (and a righteous God) can do in the past. 😉

  • Sober_Thinking

    May God continue to protect and keep Israel – the last bastion of sanity in the Middle East.

    I still blame Obama for aiding and abetting the enemy.

  • Joe

    It should never have gotten this far

    Zero has a ZERO strategy

    How he received a “PIECE” prize is beyond me

    What is wrong with these people anyway ?

    Enuff for me today

    I feel sick!

  • stage9

    Building a fence??? That’s racist! How will they get votes?

    • tinlizzieowner

      I know you mean that as sarcasm but the Israeli’s aren’t as stupid an unenlightened as most ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Americans are.

      • stage9


  • colliemum

    Does anybody need any proof that Bibi knows exactly what he’s doing, that he doesn’t give a toss about ‘liberal’ public opinion, and that his strategy to defend Israel is bearing fruit?

    The fence along the border with Egypt is practically finished, the one against the West Bank has shown exemplary that it does exactly what it said on the tin: keeping suicide bombers out. So fencing the Golan is now very important, and I hope this can be accomplished before Assad falls.

    These fences also show clearly that Israel is defensive, not aggressive – and it forces the enemy to use open and massive force (not that that will avail them much) as opposed to sneaking in and killing Israeli women and children.

    As for the pali ‘sleepers’ inside Israel: I think Shin Beth will know who they are and will deal with them. As they did in Gaza a few weeks ago.

  • sjmom

    Israel has planes, nukes, tanks and weaponry that can wipe them out, so the stupidity of these people is astounding. Stupid is as stupid does. Whew!

    • aposematic

      Stupid and brainwashed…a terrible combination for sure. Just look at what it is doing here in America…