IDF Infographic: Hamas Rocket Threat to cities in Israel

The @IDFSpokesperson twitter account put out this infographic that shows the different rockets and the threat they pose to Israeli cities:

And just to give you an idea of how people in Sderot have to live, @IDFSpokesperson also tweeted this 2009 video that was published during the 08-09 war:

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  • KurtUSA

    Only determined Isreali leaders can stop the rockets. It is time to unlease the brave IDF to do what they were trained to do, as Rush I believes says about the military, kill terrorist and break things. They should not stop until Hamas in Gaza is no longer. Isreal’s citizens, especially their children, deserve no less. Time to send some islamic terrorist to meet their makers.

    Good luck to the IDF and God speed. I for one am rooting and praying for Isreal’s complete victory. Its Isreal’s land and time they took it back.

  • Joe

    They should have showed this during the campaign – over and over

    Maybe people would get it! (especially Jewish Americans)

  • Rshill7

    Illustrative. Puts things in perspective for folks.

    I love me some Israel. Defend yourselves brothers and sisters. To heck with Obama and anyone else who tries to criticize you over it.

    Self-defense is a universal right. “This land is your land”…and I ain’t talkin’ about Woody Guthrie either.

  • Breaks my heart…

  • Too bad the rest of the world will still blindly and stupidly blame Israel.

    Lord help these people.

  • stage9

    “More than 6,000 rockets. Would your country allow that?”

    Unfortunately, yes. With the idiots we have running our government, not only would they allow it, they’d probably sell you the weapons to do it with!

    • opinionatedhermit

      “Fast and Furious – 2.0”

      • tinlizzieowner

        We already have ‘Fast & Furious 2.0’ It’s called Benghazi. Obama shipping acquired Russian weapons from Libya to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria through Turkey.
        Anybody who doesn’t know how this is done, has never heard of Joe Wilson.

    • warpmine

      Mine probably would under this regime. They’ve allowed Mexican drug cartels to operate with impunity so there’s our answer.

    • Josh

      Our country? Yes. Our people? No. Just one of those fired into Texas and I think that they would secede from the union and nuke Mexico.

    • hbnolikeee

      Did you notice our response to Libya?

    • demographicallychallenged

      And then apologize for upsetting you.

  • FreeManWalking

    I sure do hope one of those Hamas or IDF rockets doesn’t mistakenly take out 0b0 while he is riding through the streets on his next mooslem apology tour.

  • jaym68

    Does this surprise anyone?

    UN Calls Emergency Meeting Concerning Israel’s Attack on Hamas Killers

    • toongoon

      The United Nations has a profound ability to take sides

      • jaym68

        But like ABiC posted, it’s not just them:
        “the rest of the world will still blindly and stupidly blame Israel”

        Right is wrong
        Wrong is right
        It’s GWB’s fault
        Blame Israel…

        • toongoon

          So true. Israel is God’s chosen. They must be punished.

      • warpmine

        …and usually the wrong one.

  • All eyes should be on Iran to see how they react to this. If they are close to getting a nuclear bomb, they may want to widen this war. If not, they will let the jihadists in Gaza twist in the wind. The big question now is whether or not Hezbollah in southern Lebanon will attack. So far, it looks like Hezbollah wants to stay out of the fight. But I don’t know how long that will last.

    • sara holy land

      I see you know who our enemies. :-))))))))))
      I am waiting for the response of the mouse from Iran.
      With God’s help we will overcome.

  • John_Frank

    RS, thanks for posting this information.

  • TitaniumEagle

    This continues to demonstrate why, as Jewish-American; I feel pain at the fact that my fellow Jewish-Americans overwhelmingly voted for Obama. It’s almost certain that this will be painted as Israel’s fault by the majority of the world and without a morally-sound President in office in the USA — the Israeli people may be all alone.

    • (((())))s TitaniumEagle.

    • Dodoforever Canspell

      I somehow don’t think Obama is against Israel. I think he just can’t get along with Netanyahu … must be something personal. 69% of the American-Jewish vote must mean that those voters can see something good in him that we can’t … but we can opt to wait and see what happens in this present crisis with Israel/Palestinians.

      • TitaniumEagle

        I certainly hope you’re correct. Note that among American-Israeli citizens, Romney won the voting 85% to 14% (

        • From the article: “An exit poll of 1,572 Jews who hold dual American-Israeli citizenship cast their absentee ballots overwhelmingly for Romney — 85 percent to just 14 percent for Obama. The poll, which has a margin of error of 2.5 percent”

          Meanwhile, among Jewish Americans: “WASHINGTON — Exit polls indicate that President Barack Obama received 69 percent of the Jewish vote Tuesday.”

          I say shame on every Jewish person who supports the Progressive Socialist agenda and supports NObama!

      • Mitt Romney and BiBi are old pals. They worked together in the 70’s. They’ve remained friends ever since. They even have many of the same big money political donors.

        That’s mostly why petty little Barack Hussein Obama hates BiBi. It’s a mere grudge — and the entire country of Israel will suffer for it to be sure.

        That — and Obama just plain hates Jews.

      • NObama is against Israel. Leftists worldwide are against Israel. Stalin wanted to wipe out the Jewish people as did Hitler (National SOCIALIST). Israel has a right to defend it’s borders and it’s people and should use any and all means necessary to do so. Up to and including nuclear if that is what it takes. To he!! with NObama and the Leftists UN and their “letters of condemnation” and “paper tiger resolutions” as well!

        Israel! God is on your side! Do what you have to do!

    • warpmine

      Don’t bother with the feeling of pain for those “Jews” in America that voted for the scumbag, they are lost beyond redemption in as much as Marx was.

      • Well said! I agree! They are traitors to their faith and their spiritual homeland!

        • warpmine

          Their spiritual homeland is up Obama’s sphincter.

  • aussieguy64

    Its pretty damn clear Hamas is using the place as a platform to hit Israel.

    I say draw a line in the sand (no pun intended), and say “Enough appeasement, it’s clear they don’t want peace”. Hamas have had their chance. IDF should initiate an operation to take back Gaza territory. Its political leaders must initiate a PR campaign that makes it clear to their people that appeasing those who hate you in their hearts is NOT a path to peace. (That’s clearly some Left nonsensical thinking)…I suggest the latter because you can’t fight a war without the support of the country.

    IDF needs to just go all out.

  • kong1967

    This might draw some criticism, but it’s getting to be time for Israel just to wipe the MF’s out. Carpet bomb the entire threat.

  • Yazz55

    This routine has been repeating regularly since Israel expelled all Jews from Gaza about 8 years ago. The Hamass terrorists and their friends shoot rockets into Israel daily. And no one, especially Obama, the EU or the UN dares to complain about it. But when Israel shoots back, Israel gets condemned for it.

    Probably will require another ground operation again. When the Hamass arab terrorists are losing badly they complain loudly and get a cease fire shoved down Israel’s throat. That way they can re-arm and resume their daily rocket fire into Israel. Cease fire means Israel ceases and the Hamass arab terrorists fire.

    To be repeated…again and again and again and again

    The expulsion of Jews from Gaza was supposed to bring piece (not peace) to the region. It brought piece. The hamass arab terrorists got a piece of Israel to shoot rockets from.

  • colliemum

    A pity that Kiryat Malachi isn’t on this map.
    This morning, three Israelis died there due to a missile from Gaza.

    I can’t begin to describe how sick and angry I feel that the left across the world is bewailing the fate of that criminal killed yesterday, but is totally silent about the constant stream of rockets being fired into Israel – for years.

    Since the left is so fond of calling Gaza a ghetto, perhaps they need some reminders of what a real ghetto looked like, and what children in that ghetto looked like (graphic pictures):

  • colliemum

    My I recommend the great live blog by Jameel at the Muqata:

  • westbankmama

    Good picture showing the area affected by the rockets in American terms:

    • Yes, that’d be an eye opener. Too bad too many people still wouldn’t care. Thanks though for the link westbankmama. I’m going to post that on my facebook.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This breaks my heart. Pray for Israel.

  • 911Infidel

    Find their launch sites, destroy them and kill Ham-a$$. Screw the collateral damage.

  • Haywoodjbl

    unleash HELL and be done with the shouting, hollering, flag burning and chanting rag heads!!

    DO THIS NOW!!!

  • Going to have to update this now to include the ability to hit Tel-Aviv.

  • bull shit Isreali