Idiot ‘Gasland’ director says ISIS can ONLY be defeated by love, not bombs

Well let’s end Good Friday on a high note and make fun of liberals!!!

In today’s edition the moran director of “Gasland,” a fake documentary against fracking, actually berated people for praising the bombing of ISIS.


Why? Because only love can defeat ISIS. Says the idiot.

I don’t even want to explain how stupid this is. It’s just amazing.

Oh yeah, teachers would have defeated ISIS.

How insanely stupid and naive do you have to be to believe this crap? It’s amazing.

Uh, no it’s not. Do words even have meaning anymore?

So horrifying terrorists would have been boy scouts if we had just given them trillions? Great worldview, genius.

Now, to be fair, there is one way in which this is true. In the very generalized theological sense, YES, only love can defeat evil. And that embodiment and source of love is God, who will defeat evil completely. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t bomb terrorists. In fact, bombing evil is a show of love – a love of justice, and truth, and of saving innocents. I know that sounds somewhat contradictory, but we live in a fallen world, and those are exactly the moral quandaries that we have to struggle with.

And that’s why the victory of the resurrection that we celebrate on Easter is so important.

Whoah, see what I did there? Dang, that was skillful!!

Have an open thread why don’t you.

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