‘If you want to talk to me, hire people that LOOK LIKE ME!!’ – Black activist throws temper tantrum on CNN

Angela Rye is one of the more annoying black activists, but she turned it up a notch when she tried to explain to CNN’s most insipid host, and that’s saying something, Brooke Baldwin why she doesn’t give a damn about endorsements of people she should look up to.

It’s quite impressive in it’s smug solipsism.

Watch below:

I swear some of these Millennials are the most insufferably annoying self-centered spoiled brats in human history. I don’t know how old she is, so if she’s not a Millennial then she’s certainly absorbed their lack of rational values. I love her petulant whining that, “if you want to talk to me, hire people that look like me… get an ad firm that looks like me and can speak in my voice.” It’s really remarkable.

These are the same morons that say, “it doesn’t matter if you have diverse Republicans, it’s their policies that matter,” and then turn around and demand minority quotas. This is why I’m a conservative – because their policies speak to my mind and my soul as a human being, not as a skin color or an ethnic demographic. It’s pathetic that Angela is so proud that she can be summed up by the amount of melanin in her skin.

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