Is Pro-Abortion Host Tomi Lahren OUT at The Blaze?

Tomi Lahren, who said on The View that she is pro-choice and called pro-life conservatives “hypocrites” may soon be gone from The Blaze, the website and network where she made a name for herself doing … whatever it is that she calls what she does.

The Daily Caller reports that Lahren could be gone at the end of her contract, if not sooner.

“The chances of her being brought back [in September] were pretty near zero before yesterday,” the source said. Whether Lahren remains at the company until September is “up in the air,” according to the source, who added that Lahren is likely “talking to other people who might be willing to buy out her last six months.”

Lahren tends to grab attention by saying controversial or angry things and then stoking up the more excitable side of social media; both the outraged left and the red meat right. But she might have gone too far this time, at least for the principled among us.

It’s one thing to call yourself not politically correct. It’s another thing to tell your own audience they’re a bunch of hypocrites because they oppose killing babies. Not really a “The Blaze” point of view, either.

Besides, does she really want to call anyone else a hypocrite? Considering her flip flop?

In any case, it looks like this flip may in fact be a flop for the young provocateur. Unless, as Daily Caller notes that some speculate, she gets a Fox News gig out of it. Her hair is the right color.

UPDATE: Thanks to sharp-eyed Right Scooper JT (in comments below) for this tip: Dana Loesch may be leaving The Blaze TV this summer!

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