‘ISIS a far graver threat than Al Qaeda and the ONLY decision Obama willing to make is which golf club to use’

Ralph Peters really goes after Obama in today’s interview below, saying he furious that Obama seems only interested in protecting what’s left of his reputation. Peters claims there was no reason to leak that we are flying surveillance drones over Syria, saying that the leak basically tells ISIS to hide their vehicles and prepare the human shields, or just disperse. Peters asks what’s the difference between Obama putting these leaks out there and Edward Snowden doing it?

Peters also takes issue with Obama claiming the White House wasn’t warned with regard to ISIS, saying the intelligence committee tried to warn him but the White House didn’t want to hear it. And now, as Peters points out, Obama claims that ISIS is a cancer, yet he spent a year trying to ignore that cancer and now he only once to shave little pieces from it. But Peters argues this tumor is malignant and it’s growing fast.

Peters adds that without any hyperbole or exaggeration, that the emerging caliphate of the Islamic State is a far graver threat than Al Qaeda ever was and that Obama hasn’t kept us from war, but has only delayed our entry to it.

And with all these threats looming, Peters notes, the only decision Obama is willing to make these days is which golf club to use.



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