Islamic Terrorism: Why is it so hard for liberals to just say it?

The latest ZoNation:

Liberals have a very difficult time recognizing radical Islam. They have an even harder time uttering these words, or other words like, terrorism, jihadism and radical muslim. The left does not have difficulty blaming Christians for every perceived injustice, so why can’t they blame jihadists for the Boston Marathon attack, the London beheading or Benghazi? Find out why on this ZoNation.

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  • Keyes

    We MUST quit using the term “radical islam”. It’s islam. Period. There is no peaceful islam. There is only islam and it’s a radical ideology. We don’t say “radical Communism” or “radical Fascism” or “radical Nazism”.
    This would be a great bumper sticker:
    “It’s islam…stupid”.

    • Keyes AMEN!

    • BS61

      I can’t remember who said it, but they said moderate Islam is Osama!

    • kong1967

      Keyes I never thought of it like that, but you are dead on.

    • NCHokie02

      Keyes Agree.  You never hear any so called “moderate” muslims condeming this behavior.  Perhaps in english they will but will then praise the actions in Arabic.  The muslims that don’t believe all of this are the ones who don’t know much about their faith.  They are like the “christians” who say they are christian because they believe in Christ but they live anything but a Chrisitian life.

      • Keyes

        NCHokie02 Keyes 
        The only thing muslims tweeted after the Boston bombing was how happy they were …and these were muslims living in Boston!

    • jrenai67

      Keyes I agree but now that we as a world have let the car out of the bad and have welcomed them across the world we are left with all of their destruction.  Things were much better before the 80’s when they were confines to their own regions and they could just destroy their own.

  • Love you Zo!

    • MeanGreenBeret  Zo has no idea who the duckie is, but that doesn’t matter- YOU know who the duckie is 🙂 That’s what counts. Duckie loves you too.

  • LouisLaGuardiaIII

    Zo has shown himself to one of the very few leaders in the black community who have truly carried on the legacy of Dr. King.

    • LouisLaGuardiaIII Except, you can’t lead a group to anything that has already jumped off the cliff following Jesse and Al.

  • JeffWRidge

    The lefties will use anything and everything they can to smear Christians and right-wingers. They will accuse them of “hate crimes” and intolerance for things Christians never did. At the same time lefties will shield Islam from any blowback caused by Muslim terrorists. 
    If a single right-wing Christian were to murder someone and claim he did so in the name of Christ, the lefties would use that one instance to trash all of Christianity. However, when countless Muslims actually do murder and torture people in the name of Allah, the left covers for them. 
    This tells you that it’s all about destroying Christianity and right-wing ideology and not about stopping violence, intolerance or extremism. If the lefties really cared about religious extremism and intolerance they would go after the Muslims with at least as much force and anger as they use to go after Christians and right-wingers. 
    Why don’t they? Answer that question and you can better understand the left. Almost everything they do has a sinister purpose.

    • kong1967

      JeffWRidge “Almost everything they do has a sinister purpose. ”  —  JeffWRidge
      Yes, and every bill they pass is nothing like they tell the public it is.  Their bills are named to be deceiving and totally misrepresent what’s in the bill.  The intentions of their bills are never what they claim, and never get the results that they claim it’s supposed to get.  However, they do achieve the goals they never revealed up front….the devious ones.  Like the stimulus.  Not designed to stimulate anything except for the liberal agendas and to fund liberal causes.  Jobs?  Not intended to do that, but was sold to us as such.
      It’s this way with everything they do in government.

      • JeffWRidge

        kong1967 The left has long mastered Orwellian doublethink and newspeak. If you think about it, doublethink is exactly what the left engages in when they do their logical acrobatics in order to take diametrically oppose stances on the value of life when it comes to abortion and the death penalty, or on supporting freedom of speech while trying to shut down right-wing speech, or on a myriad of other issues.
        All political correctness is, is a nascent version of newspeak. Just like newspeak political correctness is intended to limit free thought and control people. If you control the language, you control the people.

        • kong1967

          JeffWRidge  Very well said, and I heard an example of this on the radio the other day.  I didn’t catch the whole story, but a guy killed a pregnant woman’s unborn child somehow or other.  He was charged with murder of the baby.  The lady asked how that can be when the mother can kill that same baby and not be charged with anything.  For the man, they say it was a live human being, yet for the woman they say it’s part of her body.
          I’m not trying to spark a debate on it, but just pointing out the contradiction that makes no sense whatsoever.

  • famouswolf

    Fascinating. Pretty smart kid.
    Is that Karl Marx on the t-shirt?

    • nonames

      Is that Karl Marx on the t-shirt?
      No. Federick Douglass

  • Kindred spirits all of them. They only get their panties in a bind when the the snake comes back to bite them for just standing around. “What, I don’t understand why they attacked, WE(liberals) never uttered a word referencing barbarism and Mohamad, it was the Christian conservative right.”

  • kong1967

    That was great.  He seems to be getting better and better.

  • NanNJ

    Blessings to Zo. Love your posts.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Zo always makes more common sense than your average Obama voter can grasp. 🙂

  • colliemum

    “Spiritual Dyslexia” – great observation by Zonation.
    He’s brilliant, and he always homes in on points which the media and even the blogosphere seem to overlook somehow.
    Btw, here in the UK we’re of course not told everything about this terrorist attack, so as not to infuriate us. But facts are slowly coming out. Here’s one very disturbing one:
    How bad must this attack have been! 
    And how incomparably beautiful, courageous and loving was that Christian lady who sat down next to him and prayed for his soul, putting her hand on his back.

  • ryanomaniac

    Way to go Zo. Unfortunately terrorism is the only way this country will wake up. Its an unfortunate truth. As Michael Scheuer has said, it’ll take thousands of American’s dying. Many more thousands than 9/11. More often also. Obama has ushered that in already after his speech the other day claiming the War on Terror is over. Americans are in for a rude awakening. I bet that border security thing will get a lot more attention after the mayhem to come.

  • The Sentinel

    Easily one of his best!

  • ryanomaniac

    I also love the Fredrick Douglas t-shirt. You talk about a real black man. I take that back…you talk about a real AMERICAN.

  • physicsnut

    Excuse me ?  They WANT islamic terrorism here. Why the heck do you think they advocate bringing them here ? For a freakin picnic ?
    Furthermore – these poison letters in the news are an awfully convenient distraction – i bet they sent those letters to themselves.

    • Keyes

      I think so too and they tried to make it look like a Right Winger sent it.

  • CalCoolidge

    The liberals don’t condemn the terrorist because both are on the same side of the ideological struggle.  Both of them hate America

  • jrenai67

    The bravest people on earth right now are blacks that shout out for conservatism.  As a race or ethnicity I don’t understand how Jewish or black can simply hand over control to a controlling government and not see it for what it is.

  • jrenai67

    Whatever a liberal accesses the right wing of doing is exactly what they do.  They are hipocrites

  • RSFan

    It would be great if Alfonzo Rachel would get on some TV news shows. A man like this needs more exposure.

    • bookmoviegeek

      RSFan I agree. Wish Fox news would give him some air time and stop shoving Juan Williams down our throats.

  • GreatAmericanPatriot

    …political correctness is the LAUGHABLE joke that American liberalism is trying to pull off.
    …all people, countries and cultures are NOT the same, ie NOT equally valid – it’s a LAUGHABLE and RIDICULOUS idea – NO ONE would take it seriously if it weren’t for American Liberals and the sham they’re trying to pull off on the country….
    …that London meat cleaver is NOT “equally valid”  – the soldier was protecting society, the meat cleaver was destroying it – that’s exactly what liberalism seeks to do…..  DESTROY America, DESTROY The West, DESTROY peace, DESTROY jobs, DESTROY wealth, and MOST OF ALL DESTROY YOUR FREEDOM and YOUR RIGHT TO TELL THESE CREEPS WHO THEY REALLY ARE….. !! – this Obama simulacra and his politically correct cabal in the white house know who they are and know what they’re doing….these creeps KNOW who they are………do you?

  • RichardDrakos

    Another great video from Zo. This moral relativism that Liberals throw around in annoying, really annoying. The response from the left is pretty typical honestly.

  • shadetree56

    zo is the man – check out his other videos at pjtv or youtube.