Islamists recruiting children in Mali to bolster their numbers against French

Islamists have no sense of decency. They use human shields and in this case they are recruiting children to fight with them against the French:

MCCLATCHY DC – Just as he was paid to do, Madou Ndaou stood guard over his bank in Diabaly and watched for days as Islamist rebels moved across the village battling French aircraft before finally disappearing Thursday evening.

“There were many Arabs, many blacks. Some were old, some were young. They spoke all different types of languages. They were all heavily armed,” he said.

One observation in particular irked him.

“Some were boys as young as 15,” he said, speaking on Sunday in Diabaly. “I was shocked.”

The French military intervention, which began Jan. 11, is hugely popular among Malians, especially in the south, mostly because the Islamist militants who have toppled their government are not. A French convoy rolled through the streets of one central Malian town to shouts of “Vive la France.”

But the Islamists seem to have a strategy to circumvent their tenuous standing among their host population: Make nice to the young, and then recruit them.

But their brief stay in the central Malian town of Diabaly gives some clues as to how the Islamists have tried to spread themselves deeper into the society of northern Mali, where the rebels have been alone to rule for the past six months as the international community debated what to do in response, and where some places already practice their brand of conservative Islam.

Several adults admitted they relied on their children for information during the crisis. While adults stayed mostly indoors, terrified to venture out, the rebels in Diabaly encouraged the youth to wander around, offering candy and money, asking them to sit and have tea.

“They say, ‘Don’t be afraid of us, we are your friends,’” said Fousseni Traore, a rail-thin 19-year-old whose bright red sunglasses transformed to two white orbs under the Malian sun.

The rebels used the youth as intelligence sources, asking children to point out the families of soldiers or government officials, residents said. Traore said he was given the equivalent of $2 and then asked for such information. “They say they are just looking for the kaffirs,” said Traore. Kaffir is an insult meaning unbelievers that the rebels use to describe government soldiers or officials, whom they then execute and refuse Muslim burials.

“They told us we are free to join them. They promise money,” Traore said


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  • deTocqueville1

    This should surprise no-one. They have been brainwashing and deploying children in the Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and indeed all across sub Saharan Africa for a long time now. The flip side of this coin is the relentless war they have waged against children of Christians and others in these same areas, leaving devastation, death and and wounded and maimed bodies and souls in their wake.

    This is an evil religion and is the work of Satan.

    • Well said.

      • warpmine

        This isn’t atypical for totalitarian political systems, it’s standard practice. We can even see it here with the indoctrination of our young into the policies of the left. Free money, free no strings attached debauchery free education etc…..This is always their methods when taking control, entice them with free stuff and cement their politics in the minds of the young, ignorant and the easily swayed.

  • Sober_Thinking


    Satan at his finest.

  • colliemum

    Sweets, money … it looks to me as if these islamists are behaving just like drug dealers: give something away, to reel in the unsuspecting youths, hook them and use them as disposable human materiel in their battles.

    And these are the people we are told to value for their ‘religious beliefs’ …

    • bbitter

      These islamists, drug dealers, they are both merchants of death and it shouldn’t surprise that they use the same tactics. Appeal to greed, to the body… those things usually trade-off with death in one form or another.

  • sjmom

    Have we not all read Islamist mothers train their children to be martyrs for Allah??? This is why the Left and Islam get along so well because theirs is a mutual culture of death. Islam sacrifices the children to Allah and the Left sacrifices theirs to abortion. Both gods are one and the same; the god of death a.k.a. Satan, the “god” of this world.

    Jesus told us in John 10 He has come to give us life more abundantly and also said the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. Do these people know who they’re serving? No, and why Jesus also said “Father forgive them they know NOT what they do.” However, whether ignorant or willful its still serving the god of death and the young are being placed on the altar just as they were in the OT as sacrifice to Molech. Amen.

    • badbadlibs

      Standing ovation! Well said, truly.

  • notsofastthere

    Obama will bring peace by making sure that America is not a Christian nation. He wants to remind the Muslims of their rightful heritage, bringing science and language to the world. He would like everyone to hear the beautiful Muslim call to paryer in the morning.
    The holy quran tells us…… the quran it say….bla, bla, bla
    Hey, Progressives! Do you get the picture now

    • warpmine

      No! They never will as either willfully ignorant or complacent conspirators.

  • NYGino

    So, these actions differ from Obama’s how?

  • davienne

    OH MY !!!! are they running out of suicide bombers and cant wait for the children to become adults… maybe they should re-think their strategy… oh wait …. they dont think

  • mikeinidaho

    Some advice for the French in particular and the West in general:
    Kill them all and let God sort it out! This is another Middle Ages crusade, just in reverse. This time the muslims are out to wipe out the Christians and Jews where last time the Christians were out to wipe out the muslims and Jews. (Hmm, I think I see a pattern!)

  • Conniption Fitz

    Islam is a hate group and has been from its beginning. Hate for Jews and Infidels is written into its core texts. The behaviors of Islamists today are the same as the moorish hordes – human rights abuse, brutality, aggression, injustice, rape, murder, pillage, lies, genocides, intolerance, slavery… servitude, punishment for who differ or dissent. Islamic texts and preachers even grant permission for the practices of sodomy, pedophilia, bestiality and cannibalism.

  • Conniption Fitz


    Truly, Islam is an anti-Christ spirit.

  • This reminds me of the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, when the Iranians used to get young kids to go out and clear mine fields. The Iranians considered kids expendable but not trained soldiers, which is why they sent the kids to clear the mine fields. Needless to say, most of them didn’t come back. And liberals wonder why these animals should be hated so much. And if they’re willing to do this to their own kids, just think what they would be willing to do to infidels like us. Just think of 9/11/2001 and that will give you a good idea of what little respect these vermin have for human life, theirs as well as ours.

  • TexasPGRRider

    Let me share a few things I`m learning as I research islam and sharia. Arab muslims are the top of the food chain with all other races in various phases of servitude. (Now I know why B.O. bows before Arab kings and leaves his wife at home. It would be considered an insult in sharia if she was in audience !) Black muslims are relegated to being slaves to their masters and traditionally that is just the way it is. (I suggest our black brothers and sisters do some serious soul searching and researching before dropping their Christian names and faith and jumping on the bandwagon of islam). The muslim brotherhood is alive and well within our borders and have infiltrated all levels and structures of government and private sectors of this Great Nation, plus the military, evidenced by the Ft.Hood “workplace violence”. Their efforts to destroy our individual Rights and Freedoms are rapidly becoming obvious. This effort is a Worldwide movement. As I continue my research my prayer remains: Lord, THY will be done…Peace be with you all….

  • WordsFailMe

    Recruiting Muslim children? Good. You don’t have to lead ’em as much.