Israel tells Obama he must make clear to Iran by Sept 25 that US will attack if they don’t cease nuclear program

Israel has delivered an ultimatum to Obama saying that he must make clear to Iran that America will take military action to stop their nuclear program if they don’t do it themselves, or Israel may be forced to attack Iran. And Israel doesn’t want a half-hearted statement noting that the military option is on the table. They want a clear and unmistakable threat to Iran that it must acknowledge. This is an existential matter for them and they say time is rapidly running out.

Watch below:

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  • Philo Beddoe

    Note to Israel:

    FYI–Insisting that obamunist attacks Iranand he does, may assure another 4 years for him as POTUS. He is now a desperate politician. So quit putting crazy idea’s in his head,

    He does not like you, he likes people that want to exterminate you.

    • Joe

      Carnac – What’s in the envelope ?

      Good news I hope!

      • Philo Beddoe

        In the envelope: —We’re screwed

        Question:– What will happen if obamunist is reelected

        • Joe

          Scary stuff

          BUT I pray every day he’s not

        • Rshill7

          The chances of that are diminishing daily.

        • I don’t know. What would the SS Admin want with 174,000 rounds of 357 Sig hollow points?

    • B-Funk

      Sad, but true.

    • Note to America. We know he hates us, but it’s your job to elect him out of office, please do not put that responsibility on us as well, this is didducult enough for us. Our job is to save our country from nuclear destruction, something we are struggling to do because of American pressure.

      • Saus, if the Jewish Americans would help, just a fraction of the Jewish voters, we could vote him out. I’ve never understood why Jewish Americans vote for democrats in very high percentages when it is against their interest as a people?
        I pray for Israel.

  • Joe

    Why any Jewish American likes Zero is beyond belief

    EVERY day that goes by is another nail in the coffin of Israel

    I am now becoming convinced that Zero WANTS Israel to fall

    This can be settled in two weeks by Israel and the US

    I don’t get it at all

    • keyesforpres

      Obama wants Israel destroyed. He is a closet muslim and we know what muslims want.

      • Spartan4Palin

        Obama doesn’t like ANYONE but himself. The man just hates our way of life, our philosophy and our principles. He’s been groomed to hate. I don’t understand why people in the ‘sane’ side of the democratic side can’t see that? He points to it in his books. He talks about it in his speeches. Dot,,,,connects to,,,,,dot. Refusing to admit it is just as frustrating when they brush off Joe as just being Joe?

        Joe Biden vs Clarence Thomas

        • keyesforpres

          Joe is truly insane.

      • mark1955

        Not only that,but Valerie Jarrett,who is actually the real President and running the White House, was born in iran. The Obama administration would attack Israel,well before it would ever attack iran.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    If I were a gambling man I’d call Vegas and put a huge sum of money on the “He (obama) Won’t Do It” side of a wager. I can’t imagine obama ordering an attack on Iran under any circumstance even if it meant that without action Iran would go nuclear sometime this year. obama will sit on his hands and blame George Bush or Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan for letting Iran get nuclear weapons. I would be very concerned about depending on the United States to attack Iran if I lived in Israel. Iran might hate Israel the most of all countries, but the US is a close second. And who knows what the crazy leaders of Iran will do once they get their hands on nuclear weapons…….

    • Sandra123456

      Barry might start a war if he thinks it will get him reelected. I think that is one reason why he had Bin Laden hit.

      • keyesforpres

        He didn’t have bin Laden hit. He was on the golf course when it happened. They knew Osama was there for 8 months and O refused to take him out. Panetta went behind his back and had it done.

        • leel004

          Say what? Can you prove this? Interesting idea..

    • capelady

      I think Israel has to do this to clear the way to go it alone. Bibi Netanyahu is a very intelligent man and he knows Obama will not comply with this, but it gives Israel cover to act as they must to ensure their own survival. Most of the world does not even recognize the danger they are in and does not believe that Iran is an existential threat for them (they also believe in Israeli apartheid against the Arabs which is utter nonsense!). This is Obama’s “last call”… I don’t think the Israeli’s are under any illusions. And if all of this does happen right before the election…? The majority of Americans support Israel’s right to defend herself – it won’t make Obama look good – certainly not the “great international leader who got Bin Laden”… yeah, right. Chalk that one up to Bush’s advanced interrogation techniques, our magnificent military, and Navy Seals!!! After all, it has been revealed that Obama did not give the order promptly, but procrastinated, which is what he does in the face of every crisis!!!

      • las1

        Israel knows… that is Netanyahu knows that Obama is a radical subversive Islamist. He’s providing himself cover for a pre-emptive strike without the US. He knows he will have Americans’ support, but not Obama’s. He will kill two birds with his demand to Obama. First… Israel will cripple and hopefully end Iran’s program. Second… Israel’s premptive strike will rally Americans around Israel for not committing to Israel and not coming to their aid in time of need. When that happens Obama will lose the election.

        I predict more voices will be raised in America calling Obama a traitor. And this will drive the Democrat Media Complex apesheit. Hot times are approaching.

        • Rshill7

          Good insight Las. We are in the midst of an ‘on the edge’ suspense movie. Living it. Kind of like the WWII generation.

          • las1

            Things could get really bad. An attack from the Chinese, the Russians or from the Iranian proxy Chavez or a homeland attack… but I definitely feel a change happening. A strong undercurrent not yet reflected in the Democrat Media Complex (no surprise there of course). But it’s a current all good people are feeling and getting. It’s our job to wake up those still snoozing to the malfeasance of OZero and his subversives.

            And speaking of Venezuela…did you know that Venezuela is a vassal state of Cuba? That the Cubans have great influence over Chavez. Castro waiting for his revenge moment. Everything is a perfect storm right now.

            Our wonderful Ezra Levant at Sun News interviews Humberto Fontova from New Orleans about the Cuba/Venezuela connection and Hollywood asskizzers. Fontova is one of America’s greats… and few people know him.

            Enjoy (8 mins)

            • Rshill7

              Yep. Certainly they’d want to strike while the irons hot, or make the iron hot by striking. Know what I mean? They would much rather do it with a commie dingbat in charge. While a guy who is at a minimum, wishy-washy on where his loyalties actually lie, versus where they should lie.

              I feel uncomfortable having to use that word “lie” twice right there. Whatever Obama says is 100% irrelevant at this point. At least to most listeners in this country. Eyes wide open brudder. Ears to him, closed.

              • las1

                While a guy who is at a minimum, wishy-washy on where his loyalties actually lie, versus where they should lie.
                I think Obama’s moved way beyond this… actually I don’t think he was ever wishy-washy. He’s absorbed Leftist Marxist critical theory and Alinsky into his being and he’s even more loyal to Islam. The two fit perfectly together. They both hate America and want to subvert it. Thus “The Subversive Obama” is my standard descriptor of the man.

                • Rshill7

                  I was sleepy when I wrote that. A lone sugarplum was stretching before it and company started dancing in my head.

      • Rshill7

        Right, right, reit. o’ couldn’t vote present that time.

  • MaxineCA

    As most of you know, when I was growing up we experienced the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis. As scary as those times were, I must say I’m more frightened today than any other time in my life.

    We’ve let this problem grow for too many years waiting for an “international” solution through negotiations and sanctions. How many years does it take to determine the policies aren’t currently and haven’t been working for many years?

    We’ve allowed the “international community” to waste time, and now both Israel and the US have been backed into a corner.

    Let’s not forget that we KNOW there are Hezbollah cells already here, just waiting for the word to unleash their terror on us, thanks to our unprotected borders. This time, I doubt it will be buildings. Think of the damage that they could inflict on our entire country if they attack our shipping ports, major freeways, railroads, refineries, etc.

    It seems to be a no win situation, and it’s very depressing!

    • Landscaper59

      Max, I’m 53 and remember those days well. Buy extra ammo real soon, trust “God and a well aimed shot” if goons come a-calling to take from you or your family. Peace, love and Remington.

    • Freempg

      Our infrastructure is fairly well defended (apart from the Alaskan Pipeline). Look instead for multiple simultaneous attacks in places like shopping malls. Their modus operandi is to terrorize. They cannot shut us down but for one exception, an electomagnetic pulse weapon exploded high above the continental United States. Millions would perish.

      We may have already been threatened by one, possibly by China (after Bernanke’s disclosure of QE2). A missile was launched off the coast of San Diego. It remains a mystery as to who launched it. A scud missile tipped with a crude nuclear device launched from a ship off our coast would be sufficient.

      • MaxineCA

        Ah geez, thanks for the EMP reminder. But if that is their plan, why are the terrorists here internally?

        • Freempg

          The Iranians couldn’t accomplish an attempt to assasinate a Saudi diplomat on our soil. I don’t put much credence in their ability to coordinate a guerrilla-type terrorist operation. Remember the fear that Saddam had infiltrated elements of the Revolutionary Guard? About the only thing close to that was some evidence there was an Iraqi involved in the Oklahoma City bombing. Some reports indicate the guy was identified.

        • leel004

          ….war gaming (some background in that area)…if the terrorists were instructed to “act at that time with improvised bombs”, they would for the sake of allah. And given the tremendous social struggles going on….well let me not say more. Just a reminder the power of prayer to the Almighty. As Washington demonstrated in his dire moments, get on the knee and ask for His guidance and protection.

  • As subversive as they are, they’d probably end up making the threat, just like Israel wants, and then there would be a half-hearted attack that would really be a technology transfer (i.e. the missles would not go off and they would be our highest level tech).

    Questionable items that lead me to this conclusion:

    Seals landing with an all of a sudden defective high tech helicopter that they have to leave behind.

    High tech drones landing defectively in foreign land.

    Russian/Chinese submarines off two of our coasts already.

    NASA agreement to work (and almost surely share newly researched technology) with Russia.

    START III treaty.

    I’m sure there are more that don’t even come to mind. My memory is good, but not that good.

  • Freempg

    The Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett will be the decider.

  • 911Infidel

    When has the IDF ever advertised ahead of time, actions taken against its enemies? The operations against Uganda, Iraq and Syria were all secret operations. Why the sudden interest in advertising a possible operation against Iran? Obama is not on the side of Israel. If the IDF is trying to pressure the Osama slayer toward taking a hard-core stance against Iran, its a waste of time. Or perhaps its all a rhetorical parry of the Mahdi-ist saber-ratling. I don’t think that anyone is going to stop the 12ers from getting the bomb.
    I fully expect that Aknard and his jihadist Nazis will get the bomb and use it on their rivals in Saudi. O’Marxist and his small-brained staff will just keep delaying and obfuscating the issue until the election.

    • Do you think maybe they are going to spring a surprise attack before that “deadline” to force a decision on Obama’s behalf, and to pre-empt the Iranians, which may be busy trying to influence an American position?

      • 911Infidel

        Nope. The IDF has a great airforce but they lack areial refueling capability which would require them landing in another country to refuel. They also lack overflight rights to any country near Iran. Without US assistence, it would be hard to pull off an effective attack. An attack would only serve to bring more uncertainty to the future price and and availability of ME oil along with a concerted attack by Mahdi-ist surrogates in Hamas and Hizbullshiteah on Israeli cities. Obama and his Ikwan State Dept will shill for Islam and support any OIC (read UN) resolution condemning Israel. Oh yes O’Marxist is that dumb this close to an election.

  • Could this be the October surprise?

    • There is no doubt that they are trying to influence our election, which I don’t like, but seeing as how the region is close to chaos, I’d do whatever I could to survive as well.

    • Rshill7

      As Scoop wisely points out, “This is an existential matter for them…”. It doesn’t get more serious than that.

      The leaders of Iran believe in the Mahdi and that major chaos will usher him in. They’re all like, “bring it on”. He’s like their messiah. Sounds like the antichrist to me. Someone’s in for a world of hurting that’s for sure. God’s got Israel’s back and we are His hands and feet, or should be. I read those last few parts in a really Good Book. Hopefully through it all, Russia and China can remain neutral.

  • It’s too bad that there was not a populist uprising in Iran in which the US could step in and help topple the regime. Oh wait… nevermind… Israel you already know your answer.

    The only guy worse for Israel than Obama is Biden. Wonder by Jobs Biden is VP… Bueler

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama attacks Israel instead. Either way, looks like fireworks are coming for my birthday. Oh joy.

  • MaxineCA

    I’m going to throw a few more thoughts at there, and maybe some of you can help me connect the dots. When I do it, the conclusion scares the crap out of me and has for awhile.

    As Ozzie mentioned we’ve had Russian subs in both the Gulf and the coast of CA. We caught Russian fighter jets flying way to close to Alaska. All recently.

    Russia & China are both working with Iran & Russia is knee deep in Syria.

    Iran has been working very closely with Venezuela and Cuba.

    We know for a fact that the terrorists have been coordinating with the large drug cartels, so have many countries from the middle east. I saw a report at Drudge today, the we’ve agreed with MX to send our Spec. Ops. Team after El Chapo. ANOTHER freaking leak!

    There are many more, but when you add them up, my conclusion is, Israel is not the only one being surrounded. We have enemies within, and there are now in our hemisphere, and no longer a far distance from us.

    • Rshill7

      I wish Reagan were President right now. As usual though, God’s in control. His will be done.

    • Personally, I think it was China off the west coast…..but that’s not the point I’m going to make 🙂

      There is a large China presence in Mexico- that was the point. Happens to be right by our weakest border.

      You’re right, we are being surrounded……no one would do that unless they already had it in the bag. I wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

      • MaxineCA

        There is so much going on in the world, in our air space, off our coast and on our borders there are days I can’t keep track and just want to scream! China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi’s, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, and the list continues as it has for recent years.

        I have never in my long life felt less safe than I do today. None of us could possibly know for certain what is going on “behind the scenes” and frankly it scares me that we seem to have a traitor for a leader.

    • librtifirst

      Ironically, Russia and China will be the last two independent States who go against the anti-Christ. What does that tell us about where the US ends up, or is already?

  • B-Funk

    You know, I tend to be somewhat pragmatic when it comes to life, but we may see, in our life time, the hand of God moving to protect his chosen people. How incredible that would be, but at the same time, I don’t want it to happen because we (U.S.), the gentiles grafted to that branch as a people, need to step up and defend our brother.

    • las1

      It’s actually the church that is grafted in. The most we can say is that He blesses those who bless his people Israel and curses those who curse His people Israel.

      Pray for Israel and ourselves at the same time… that we remain true to Him.

      • B-Funk

        It’s not the church. It’s individuals. Good reminder on the curse/bless, though.

        • las1

          Yes, you are correct about individuals… but not to be a stickler… it is the “church”… the church of Christ, the Bride of Christ who is grafted in.

          “that nation is blessed whose God is the Lord”
          (Ps. 33:12).

          This foul subversive leadership and many of her people are fast removing America from that status.

          • B-Funk

            Exactly what I was saying. ^_^ Remember, though, leaders may be bad, and the people will join them in punishment, but God also shows mercy to the people. Like you, I’m so hoping nothing happens with Israel until Mitt gets into office. That, or Obummer gets smacked in the head during a game of basketball and makes a good choice about Israel for a change… Okay, that last isn’t much to hope for. -_-

    • librtifirst

      Agreed, but at the same time, we need to make sure that we are not being used as chumps for the new world system that will ultimately go against Israel, and who will have an overt war with the bear from the north and the 200 million man army from the east. Right now, we are just fighting covert, or proxy, wars with them in the middle east for territory and resources. We need to be careful of what we support, and make sure that it is really benefiting Israel. So far, we have helped to surround her with her enemies, (bible prophesy) while also funding and supporting her enemies militarily. This has been going on for a long time.

      The US is not very good and deciding what is best for Israel, so we need to simply support her right to defend herself.

      • B-Funk

        Under any other President, I think we would support her. :-/ November can’t get here soon enough. January too.

  • Sober_Thinking

    How sad that we live in these times. How exciting too… The Lord may return sooner than later.

    Israel will go on with or without us… but I know most of us will stand with Israel. I pray that our feeble leadership wakes up and does the right thing. Only God can break through their ignorance and enlighten them.

  • Oh yeah, Junior says there’s still time for diplomacy, because Imadinnerjacket has been just so willing to listen during the past 3 administrations.

    Bite me junior- you’re an idiot. You’re an evil idiot who works a lousy public relations job for your evil dictator.

    • michael carpenter

      The shot has been fired.
      And It is still in flight.
      Are we to believe that obama can slow down time like Neo from The Matrix and unleash all kinds of diplomacy on everyone’s @ss before the bullet strikes the target?
      How convenient for them when it is another persons @ss on the line!
      Pray for Peace in Israel!

  • librtifirst

    As time goes by, I become more convinced that we are going to be hit with a dirty bomb soon. The thing is, I don’t know that who they blame will actually be whodunit.

    Governments gain their power through fear. It seems that we are so afraid, as a nation, that we will fall for anything. (such as the TSA, Patriot Act, preemptive war, ect.)

    I am a Christian, and I support Israel as a nation, but I believe that this is most likely Israel baiting us into attacking Iran, but not for the reasons that most think. I believe that some leaders in Israel may be in with the global elite who are simply moving through middle eastern countries in a race to gain ground in proxy wars with Russia and China. It is the NWO vs the North and the East. This is simple Bible prophesy.

    I realize that some people are not Christians, and don’t believe in the bible, but for those who do, “quit worrying about Israel”. We, as a nation, need to do what is right. What is right, is to support Israel as a nation, and not to take out every country around her and turn them over to their Muslim enemies. Yet, this is prophesy come true as well.

    Nobody here should deny that the US has created a middle east that is a threat to Israel. We have handed governments over to their enemies and then we give them billions of dollars. Who is Israel’s real enemy?

    Every nation in the world (including the US, who will likely not exist by then) will come against Israel. GOD WILL PROTECT HER.

    This is not to say that we shouldn’t deal with Iran if they are a real threat. After hearing our politicians go out into the media misquoting the IAEA reports to make it look like the opposite of what the reports actually said, and in an attempt to stir up a bunch of fear for war support, I don’t trust what they tell us anymore. Give us proof, or back off. If Israel believes that they are an imminent threat, then support their right to defend themselves, and let them deal with it as they have said they will.

    We need to quit buying in to their propaganda.

    • John_Frank

      Iran admits giving WMDs to terrorists
      Rogue state threatens Israel over Syria

      • librtifirst

        I believe that Israel and Iran need to work it out. If that means that “Israel” takes them out, then so be it. I just don’t believe that Israel should have to get permission from the US. Naturally they want us to back them up, but in this case they seem to be wanting us to go in, or are bowing to our president’s unwillingness to support their right to do it.

        There has been a massive amount of propaganda in the US media on Iran. I would not say that unless I have seen proof of government and media lying to us with some of their fear mongering talking points.

        I would be one thing if they were actually willing to protect the border, but the last few administrations have been almost totally unwilling to do so. Instead, they are using gestapo tactics on US citizens that have no real effect in stopping terrorism.

        The Iranian people are not a threat to us, but their government is. The things that we do to their country cause the people to have to back their evil government. If everyone were to just back off with the crippling sanctions, the people would rebel against their government and we wouldn’t have the threat that we do. When this has happened in the past, we helped to make sure that they continued to have oppressive leaders. Iran would have been, and historically has been, a secular nation, but our policies, in conjunction with the UN, has been detrimental to having a secular ruling class in Iran.

        There are ways to take out extreme government leadership without bombing the heck out of the country. Sadly, we seem to have to bomb the crap out of them, send in Muslim terrorists that we support with money and weapons, and then let the new Muslim regime take over. ( Egypt, Libya, and soon to be Iran) The governments of Afghanistan and Iraq were not the threats to us that we were sold on, and none of the goals that were stated were ever achieved. Some of the other goals were. Again, government and the media lose all credibility.

    • Jesse Levesque

      Why would you, a proclaiming Christian even concern yourself about what’s going on in the world? Your bible teaches you NOT to be concerned, but to focus on constant prayer, right? Yet here you are proclaiming you’re a Christian telling people what’s going to happen when in reality it’s what you believe is going to happen based upon your Christian dialect’s translation of the bible! People like you make me want to puke!

      • librtifirst

        You don’t know much about Christianity, do you?

  • kong1967

    This is good and bad. It’s the right thing for Israel to do, no doubt, but I’m worried about the timeline. If I remember correctly Obama told Israel that if they attack Iran before the election that Obama won’t lift a finger to help them. Gee, Obama putting his re-election ahead of the survival of an entire nation….who woulda guessed? If Obama gets re-elected I don’t think he’ll help them anyway but he wants to make sure we can’t boot him out of office for not helping Israel.

    If Israel attacks Iran before Obama is removed on January 20th, what is Obama’s reaction going to be? His own advisor said we should shoot down the Israel jets on the way to Iran (when we were in Iraq), so I can only imagine that he’s going to position the United States as Israel’s enemy. Israel can’t wait until after January 20th. I’d like to hear everyone elses views on what Obama will do to either help or work against Israel.

    • librtifirst

      Obama will hold off until he has no choice politicly. I personally don’t think that he is against attacking Iran, I just don’t think that he wants to before the election, without a good reason. That is why I tend to think that Israel’s ultimatum will likely end up forcing a false flag event in the US to justify going to war in Iran. Iran wouldn’t be stupid enough to do it based on that timing. Obama needs a big event to justify going. I am sure that he knows that such an event, and a subsequent war in Iran, would help his re-election.

      Law enforcement all over the country is being prepared for an “event” this fall. Troops are training in the streets in the south, and massive domestic ammo buys by DHS. Right now, it looks like it may happen somewhere in Luisiana.

      Or, all of the signs pointing to this may just be normal things that don’t add up to anything bad.

      • kong1967

        “Or, all of the signs pointing to this may just be normal things that don’t add up to anything bad.”

        This is true, but Obama has proven to be so self motivated that I don’t write anything off. “Fast and Furious” (hundreds of people killed) and the leaks about Bin Laden that endangered the lives of our servicemen in the field and put a doctor in prison that helped us. Obama doesn’t give a crap about collateral damage. He will do anything to maintain and elevate his power.

  • JoeMontana16

    Soon as I hear about this attack I’m filling all three of my cars up and my motorcycle and my riding lawn mower. Gas prices will freaking shoot higher than a giraffes a$$. Y’all better too.

  • MiketheMarine

    As soon as the attack happens I will offer my services to Israel. Quite frankly, I like Israel and her policies better than my own country.

  • Where will we get the money, troops, or equipment for another war?

    • librtifirst

      The Fed. Where else? China is pulling out of funding our debt, and so is everyone else who has a brain in their head. We knew this was coming, and it is the end of the Fed Note as a viable economic currency. We need to pull out of the middle east, and start shoring up our sovereignty and our borders.

  • POTUS will start a war with Iran, or create some national crisis: then declare marshall law and delay the election. Watch and see.

  • What’s stopping Israel from fighting their own wars?