“It’s not that hard” Krauthammer explains how Romney should answer Obama bain attacks

Krauthammer lays out exactly how Romney should answer Obama’s Bain attacks, by pointing out that after Obama took over the auto industry, it lost over 140k jobs and it still hasn’t recovered yet:

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  • 12grace

    Krauthammer is a patriot. He knows how to deal effectively with obama…Romney should take his advice.

    • kong1967

      Romney used a quote from Michael Savage’s book, so maybe he’s listening to pundits and looking for good ideas on how to counter the attacks.

  • marketcomp

    Well said, Krautheimmer! The problem with Romney is his inability to comminicate. I will support and vote for Romney because the time for chosing is over. But he really has to learn to use his daily speeches to counter this propaganda that Obama is spinning. I mean if he cannot do it let his buggest cheerleaders do it, Ann Coulter and Chis Christie since they were all over the primary process!

  • c4pfan

    But, didn’t Romney say he deserved credit with the auto industry too?

    • teri_b

      Perhaps his dumbest moment ever. It was the wrong thing to say on so many levels.

  • wodiej

    A competent leader would not need Krauthammer to advise him. It doesn’t give confidence in Romney or his team or conservatives for that matter when all we’re talking about is gay marriage, Ann Romney being a housewife and high school pranks. Obama and the liberals set this in motion and the conservatives have been taken off message. How many times does this have to happen before we learn? Gingrich handled this kind of thing like a pro. Whenever he would be asked something like these things, he would give a short answer and then go back to talking about the economy and jobs.

    • physicsnut

      I wish Gingrich hadn’t been clobbered but women seem to hate him – and others too, but usually they are not specific. As usual things have degenerated to the level of a high school cafeteria food fight. Conservative blogs have sunk to that level – more baloney about Elizabeth Warren – but nothing about how she and others are guiding POLICY, and nothing about arguments against it – or for it, for that matter. The mud will wash away, but the policy will remain, and probably contribute to more mess.

  • Nukeman60

    It’s not that hard‘ – Krauthammer

    That’s what I think about defeating Obama. It’s not that hard. What he has done to this country should warrant something involving a rail, feathers and tar (I would have said a rope, but the left would consider that racist – as if we only hung black people in the past).

  • odin147

    This is just a tactic to put Romney on the defensive, even If he answers the question they will keep asking him the question over and over again while ignoring the one this is a colossal waste of time Romney should just address the issue in his website and ask the folks to go to his website and move on

    • kong1967

      I’m dying to see the softball questions the media throws Obama for him to hit out of the park. We know they are coming and nothing will put him on the spot or make him give an answer beyond platitudes. Romney will be given gotcha questions left and right. The media is going to show their true colors once again and hopefully there will be Democrats who can’t stand the arse kissing and move away from Obama.

  • kong1967

    Romney won’t answer that way. He will just be on the defensive. A lot of conservatives don’t even like Bain Capital, but life’s a bitch. When a company is dying the only way to save it most of the time is to drop dead weight…..jobs. Slim down, become more efficient and add jobs back on when the company is healthy again. Obama stopped none of this….it was still done. Except he saved the unions and the company hasn’t restuctured (that I’m aware of) and will be in the same boat in the not so far future.