It’s Time to Get Rid of These FRACKING Rules and Regulations!

The time has come to (finally) revoke Obama’s anti-fracking rules, and a whole lot of other mess that he stuck America with on the tail end of his disastrous term in office. According to Christopher Guith of U.S. Chamber of Commerce in an interview with The Daily Caller, that’s exactly what’s happening under Trump.

“Trump is clearing out the political shenanigans from the Obama administration,” Christopher Guith, a vice president for energy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Regulatory kudzo such as the EPA Methane Rule, the Clean Power Plan, the Waters of The United States, and the last minute monument designations are certainly being reviewed right now. The previous administration just threw everything they could at the wall to cater to their environmentalist base after Trump won the election.”

The DOJ has already filed to change the fracking rule, says The Hill. Good.

Democrats cry and point fingers when business doesn’t run well or produce enough jobs, then they turn around and strangle it with stupid legislation, regulations, and presidential nonsense in order to satisfy the loudmouth wacko enviro groups. The hard left orgs have a marginal tether to the actual environment, while generally being in the business of promoting redistribution of wealth and the promotion of “social justice.” It’s why they call it ‘climate justice.” Because what they are doing is intentional: they strangle business on purpose.

But not for long.

Green groups largely got their way under the Obama administration when they attempted to prevent drilling on public lands.

“Even if it meant an advantage for the economy, the trade deficit, or U.S. jobs the Obama administration took steps to keep-it-in-the-ground,” Guith noted. “Under Trump we at least have an energy policy that is conducive to job creation and ultimately American competitiveness.”

Studies find that the removal of drilling restrictions on federal lands and water could create 2.7 million energy jobs, while another 1.8 million could be created by encouraging fracking. Such a regulatory change would add $663 billion to the economy annually for the next 30 years.

“Trump is setting the stage and creating the pathway forward to start unwinding some of the most restrictive energy policies in the history,” Guith said. “The way the Dakota Access Pipeline and other energy projects were treated was a lot like the ways banana republics treat companies. The law didn’t matter, the politics did.”

The left can whine about it for now, but they’ll thank Republicans later when there is higher employment, lower energy cost, and more independence from foreign oil interests. It’s not just about business, after all. It’s not even just about putting food on American tables, even though it will do that. It’s also about our national security.

This is a very good thing.

Cover photo via Flickr

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