“It’s time to step down” Mark Levin calls out Eric Cantor for threatening civil war over VAWA

Mark Levin calls out Eric Cantor for threatening civil war against certain Republicans in the House if they stopped the Violence Against Women Act from coming to he floor. Mark Levin says it’s time for Eric Cantor to step down and directed a Levin Surge to Eric Cantor’s office:

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  • UnCL3

    Canter, Boner, McConnell, McLame, Grahamnesty, ALL OF THESE RINO TRAITORS to the Constitution need to GO!!!

    • JoJo58

      And Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker…

    • Don

      Great point UnCL3, but as long as the liberals/socialists on the left fringe own the mainstream media, the constant indocrination with their lies and deceptions will continue to propagandize the American voters as never before in our history. When you have a totally incompetent, pathological liar for a president and the mainstream media reinforces his actions as messianic, the ignorance of Americans is being exploited on a daily basis. The mainstream media exists because their existence is reinforced by the attention of all Americans. They are the tool used to destroy our way of life and as long as their ratings remain stable, the message will never change.

      • UnCL3

        VERY true, Don. Another thing that needs to change is the gov’t monopoly on education. Until school vouchers are available to all, the indoctrination of America’s youth will continue unabated.

  • Bring it Cantor!

    • c4pfan

      From that article, he did and the Republicans did what he wanted.

      • Because they aren’t hearing enough from us.

        • garyinaz66

          oh, they hear it, they just ignore it. once in the establishment pocket never out of it. if you try to run against one of the establishment fellatorsthe supposed conservative pacs and the establishment destroy you. believe me i know, johnny “amnesty” mccain is, unfortunately my senator 🙁

          • I hear both you. There is one weapon left short of war…don’t vote at all. Organize a boycott. It would be the first vote boycott in history.

            • StrangernFiction

              That’s better than voting for a statist R.

              • NJK

                I agree. I’ll be staying home the next election if they put up another McCain or Romney. They will be pushing Bush, and they’re going to get clobbered. I almost feel like not voting just to take out the GOP establishment. I want Boehner, Cantor, and their ilk removed, one way or another.

                • Bitter Scribe

                  Oooh, keep talkin’ that pretty talk.

            • WhiteFalcon1

              Better idea….STOP funding a govt. that suppresses more and more of your rights each and every day!
              A voter boycott would be sweet, but an absolute an undeniable message is a Tax Revolt…..THAT, they’ll hear loud and clear! Think about it, Laurel, 49% to 53% of this country doesn’t, never has and never will pay taxes or support itself, ONLY because WE do it FOR them, if we cut off theirs and the govts. support, they now have NO choice left but to listen and obey, We the People!

              We don’t work for them, they work for us…cut their pay! The looters are going to riot regardless of anything we do, this way we get it over with while we can still defend ourselves against it AND replace a tyrannical govt. at the same time AND put the looters on notice that their days are seriously numbered!!
              (see ya’ over at Zips)

              • How are you going to do that?

              • Air_Cav

                Hmmm, if 49% to 53% of the country doesn’t pay any taxes or support themselves aren’t they the majority and aren’t a goodly number of them (shudder) White people?

                Listen and obey, hmmm Sadomasochism or ?

        • warpmine

          They never will as they are tone deaf. Of course this is in reality ideology deafness.
          We’ll never get the country back unless we grow a big pair and make shooting war on those on the left and in Congress. You see folks, they’re still not threatened by us conservatives because WE refuse to take the ultimate step which unfortunately to make war upon them and their possessions, families and things they care about such as their very lives. Twenty-three decades ago, some 30% of the colonists had enough of Britain and her tyranny so they made war upon Britain.

          Hope you enjoy the soft tyranny.

          • My dear I hear you and understand you but you best remember that first the FF’s weren’t quick to war. Next up a civil war in the 21st century will not look the same. Be prepared to have a whole lot of other countries converge here and interfere.

            Also remember it took a long time before the actual Civil War came about.

            It isn’t about enjoying soft tyranny but it is about complete and utter devastation.

            Don’t make wishes so cavalierly and be very careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

            • warpmine

              I hear you my Dear but frankly, I’d rather die fighting tyranny than live under it’s jackboot so let’s get on with it already.

              • white531

                Thank you.

              • famouswolf

                Ditto here. I wonder how many there are like that who seem to prefer the tyranny.

                At any rate it is getting to fish or cut bait time.

                • I don’t think Scoop is going to want to hear a lot of “let’s start a shooting war” talk at this time.

                  It’s enough to be prepared, and discuss being prepared for anything. Besides, we have not exhausted the political process. Jumping into talk about violent response is just not where we are yet. Keep your powder dry, but work for peace. That’s the deal.

                • Exactly!

                • You are another one! Ammo up and take the first shot tough talker.

                • famouswolf

                  We don’t have a prayer due to pc cretins like you.

                • Yeah whatever hot head.

                • There is more than one way to fight tyranny.

                • warpmine

                  Sure there is but yelling” stop doing this already” or I’ll yell “stop again” doesn’t exactly put fear into the perpetrator. Can you do any better?

                • I can think of a lot of things that would be better but if you want a fight…then you go and fight. Don’t let me stop you or stand in your way.

                  Interesting classification you have there with ‘perpetrator’.

              • Ammo up!!! Take the first shot!

                • warpmine

                  Most assuredly, I’ll end up doing just that as I’ve reached my fill of rage.

                • Ok. You let me know when and where. I want to witness.

                • warpmine

                  So brave. Get your rifle and come along and participate or at least hire some to go in your place as it was done during the revolution and civil war.

                • Bluster.

                • warpmine

                  What do you think of my 2 million person on rotation protest? Would you participate being it’s the last peaceful attempt?

                • What 2 million rotation protest?

                • warpmine

                  Wait, change that, if we had 2 million + protest ind DC for a couple of months, you might get their attention. Can you achieve that? Same problem as the tax revolt, no participation. I’ve outlined a plan for this months ago but everybody yawned and said no because of concerns like it’s to far to travel or I cannot leave work for that period of time. Again, I gave solution as a rotation of one day every 14 days or two-3 days presence and then again the next month but people have to be rotated in any event. Any other suggestions for the protest would be welcome.

                • Actually a well organized protest on some sort of massive scale like that would get some attention. I didn’t see what you posted months ago so it is difficult to speak to it.

                  As to a tax revolt…that won’t happen because the feds grab the money upfront and most people pay too much so they want their money back. Feds manipulated people into a corner with tax code a long time ago. Not only is it social engineering, but it is FORCED social engineering. Ironically the biggest aggressor to that end was Nixon.

                • warpmine

                  Laurel: You see, I’m a hot headed nut but have tried to put forth ideas that would forward our mission on peaceful scale. However, the current filth that continues to bilge from this regime gets the better of me among others that have reached the limit on some days. Ever had a bad day with that last piece of proverbial straw piling on your back? Of course you have. Well, the last three days have been just that. Work was absent for the most part for two months. I survived because I’m an ant that conserves but it still makes one edgy.

                  Anyway the bids are now contracts which means I’ll be once again be working my butt of to feed the grasshoppers which I have refused to do any longer. See you in jail or see me on the news at 6PM. Death to the regime and it’s goals to destroy the country.

                  Back to the protest. Do you know who could get such a thing a start? I’m not the one to get it going because of my skill set level in IT April 15 would be a great time to start with the weather becoming warmer. Want to make Harry and his bitch Barry or is that reversed(who knows) sweat at the site of 2 million protesters.

            • white531


              • You think so? Ammo up cowboy and start shooting because anything else you say is bluster.

              • You think so? I guess you pay very little attention to what is going on in the world.

                If you don’t think it would be Syria on steroids then start shooting. China and Russia would love to play some war games with you.

                Who are you going to shoot first? A soldier? A cop? politician? neighbor?

              • You think so? I guess you pay very little attention to what is going on in the world.

                If you don’t think it would be Syria on steroids then start shooting. China and Russia would love to play some war games with you.

                Who are you going to shoot first? A soldier? A cop? politician? neighbor?

                • white531

                  I guess you are right. I am not very smart. I know that. But I’m trying to get better.

                  I live in a trailer park. A nice lady who lives on the next street, saves her old newspapers for me. I try real hard to read them. I think that helps me a lot.

                  I know about China and Russia. I’ve heard about them before. Not sure about Syria, but if you think its important, then it must be.

                  I’m not sure I want to shoot anybody. My neighbor says guns are bad, and I know she is real smart, because she likes Obama.

                  I hope you come here again. I like you.

                • Oh puleeze…and why are you trying to insult via the back door people who live in trailers? Where did I say you weren’t smart?

                  So far all you keyboard warriors spoiling for fight haven’t had a good answer for me and because of that you deflect, you bluster, you talk tough, but you have no actual response of value.

                  You gather your army and let us all know when and where the shootin’ is going to start.

                • white531

                  Oh puleeze, Laurel, don’t try to play the game with me, that you play with everyone else. It won’t work. You are one of the most arrogant people I have ever seen on any of the sites I have visited.

                  Most of us use blog sites like Scoop to share information. We have a common goal, that brings us together each evening. We love this country. We don’t like what Progressives are doing to it. We want to change that. We are Conservatives.

                  Some people, like you, use Scoop and other sites like it, as pure entertainment. You think this is your personal Sports Arena. You think you can make outrageous comments and then bully everyone else into believing what you believe.

                  I’m sorry. Not while I’m here.

                  The history of all your conversations here on Scoop have been mostly confrontational. You like picking fights with people, to see what they do. Most of them back off. A few of us don’t and never will. I would like to say you don’t belong here at all, but that’s up to Scoop. This is his site, not mine. Let me make that perfectly clear. I have my own business, he has his.

                  First response I ever had from you, was in response to a post I made about the Feminization of America. Something that is real, and actually exists. Your comment was, “Ridiculous!” We could have had a conversation on that subject, but your response pretty much made sure that never happened.

                  Maybe everyone else here loves you. I have no way of knowing. I guess I will find out soon enough. I don’t really care which way that wind blows. I just don’t like your attitude. I don’t like arrogant people in general.

                  I don’t think they contribute anything to the mix. Maybe I don’t either. But I try. If my comments don’t reach the mark, it doesn’t matter. I’m good with that, too. I am perfectly happy with what I believe. I will take the friends that I have here. I will take the enemies, just as well.

                  But unlike some of you, I am willing to talk about it.

                  The Moderators present, can have a field day with this. They can delete pieces of it, or all of it. I’m guessing all of it. Fine with me.

                  Like the Forrest Gump character in my previous comment, I really do like you. I just don’t like the arrogance you present, to the rest of us.

                • I call them as I see them and it bothers you because you know it is truth. You call it arrogant but in essence what it is you just can’t forgive me for being right.

                  As to your feminazi post…yep I did absolutely call it ridiculous and I stand by that statement because is was factually and historically incorrect and you want to talk arrogant?

                  Go re-read your post. You smack of misogyny and you are incorrect. There is a great big wide world of books on the topic try picking up a few.


                  Nah…you don’t want to discuss you just want to start wars with other people’s lives. You have absolutely no clue as to what you speak of. NONE!

                  And what is this?: “Like the Forrest Gump character in my previous comment, I really do like you. I just don’t like the arrogance you present, to the rest of us.” First of all who is ‘the rest of us’? Is that your army? And what is with the Forest Gump mumbo jumbo? Drama much?! That is that same drama and bluster that wants to start a war with no clue. You project way too much and with little in the way of thought processes.

                  Now K-Bob tried to put the kabosh on this topic and I will as a courtesy to him and to you. Quit while you are ahead my dear because from here on out you will be ignored. Have a nice night.

              • You think so? I guess you pay very little attention to what is going on in the world.

                If you don’t think it would be Syria on steroids then start shooting. China and Russia would love to play some war games with you.

                Who are you going to shoot first? A soldier? A cop? politician? neighbor?

          • white531

            I understand your comment, and I agree. Problem is, the first thing you’re going to have to do, is shoot all the people on welfare. They are the ones spending our money. They are the ones we have to get rid of. And their numbers are growing daily, as we speak.

            • warpmine

              No, I disagree completely. While they’re a terrible drain on society, they are just doing what comes naturally to those that are taught to play victim and mooch off government. The people that need to be executed are the politicians that are doling out the money simply to stay or get power and this includes members of both parties in Congress including the executive and judicial branches of the illegal immoral government.

              Give me ten thousand soldiers and I’ll retake the government in DC and have the current military setting up gallows for the usurpers occupying the Capital, WH and SCOTUS. We have a lawless illegal government that refuses to abide by the constraints of the Constitution they all swore to defend. Do it today and you can be home for Christmas to give thanks to the Prince of Peace, our Lord. Wait still longer and you can wallow in the suffering that’s still to come.

              • white531

                Perhaps you are right. I certainly have no argument against what you just stated.

              • WhiteFalcon1

                No, what you’ll have is 10,000 dead bodies and will have accomplished nothing! STOP PAYING THEM, Go Galt, do whatever, but if you pay taxes, they’ll use your money against you and not lose a seconds sleep! You converge on DC with 10,000, they’ll slaughter you long before you get there….stop the funding, they’ll listen!
                THEN, if they don’t or won’t, your option becomes viable, but true is true, 10,000 march on DC and you’ll meet Apache’s long before the beltway…guarantee it!

                • warpmine

                  Our police aren’t that brutal as you paint them. They have families and essentially want the freedom that Liberty rewards as well. So long as we carry the flag and God within our hearts, we’ll achieve our goal without to much bloodshed. The armed forces will not interfere as it’s against their oath, against their common sense as they want the same thing. Hell, they’ll probably join in the march.

                • Bitter Scribe

                  Absolutely. In fact, why don’t you grab your rifle right now and go parade around the nearest Army barracks, National Guard armory, or wherever the nearest military installation is. Yell for them to help you remove the usurper POTUS. I’ll bet they’ll fall in right behind you.

                • warpmine

                  You would chit bricks if they got in line, wouldn’t you?

              • Bitter Scribe

                Sounds like a plan. Where do we send the ten thousand?

                • warpmine

                  May as well start somewhere close by like the national cemetery. Form our lines there…be like old times.

          • WhiteFalcon1

            It hasn’t come to a “shooting war”….yet! Cut off their funding, OUR taxes, and it all grinds to a halt on April 16th, 2013!
            This is MUCH more then a republican leadership issue, its an out of control, tyrannical govt. issue, on BOTH sides, they believe they can do whatever they want without consequence….without OUR money, such as it is, they can do NOTHING at all…if THAT doesn’t get their attention, THEN your option becomes a necessity!

            • warpmine

              “Cut off their funding” It will never happen and you know it. They draw tax revenue from corporations and liberals and idiot GOP moderates that still believe that elections can change the direction back to sanity. Ina a sense, Pelosi is correct, It’s a revenue problem, and WE aren’t going to make a dent without a serious concentrated refusal to pay the quarterly dues and therefore, it won’t happen. War is the only solution to tyranny and you know it and our problem is no different.

              Wait, change that, if we had 2 million + protest ind DC for a couple of months, you might get their attention. Can you achieve that? Same problem as the tax revolt, no participation. I’ve outlined a plan for this months ago but everybody yawned and said no because of concerns like it’s to far to travel or I cannot leave work for that period of time. Again, I gave solution as a rotation of one day every 14 days or two-3 days presence and then again the next month but people have to be rotated in any event. Any other suggestions for the protest would be welcome.

              • Bitter Scribe

                “…everybody yawned and said no because of concerns like it’s to far to travel or I cannot leave work for that period of time.”

                Yeah, that’s not something you would have to worry about, is it?

                • warpmine

                  I’m a contractor so I can make the time and have on important occasions but never mind that. Did you agree with the concept of rotation to keep the pressure on?

          • Bitter Scribe

            Yeah, bub, go ahead and make war. We’re all shaking in our shoes.

      • StrangernFiction


        I hope they pass this bill and I hope they back down on the sequester. Conservatives need to wake up to who the Republicans are. We need a 2nd party.

        • white531

          I disagree Stranger. We have been kicking the can down the road now for fifty years.
          I say, let it happen. Allow the people of this country to finally understand what a worthless government they have had all these years.

          It is the only way to get a new one.

          • StrangernFiction

            I’m done with the GOP and have been for some time. They are a bigger threat than the ‘rats because they pose as conservatives, thus marginalizing actual conservatives. If kicking the can down the road and passing more statist laws in bipartisan fashion is what it takes to kill the GOP, then I’m all for it.

            • white531

              To use a crude farm analogy, sometimes you just have to evict all the chickens from the chicken house, and clean up all the chicken***t, and start all over again.

  • Sorry Eric, you don’t know civil war. You rinos keep on bowing and grovelling to the leftists and allowing un Constitutional and criminal behavior you most likely will see what a civil war looks like.
    Democrats are the real anti women party and this has nothing to do with women you jackwagon. Grow up and grow a pair. Do your damn job and take your oath seriously.

    • PVG

      You need to send this in a fax…….but be respectful. HA!

      • It’s hard to be respectful to those who have none. This is about my limit. I can try. I imagine won’t get much for it except maybe a knock on the door…

        • PVG

          If you get a visit, wear it like a badge of honor!!

          • you know it.

            • white531

              First, ask them for their credentials. Second, ask them if they have ever read The Constitution, in its entirety. Third, ask them to leave your private property.

              • Nukeman60

                And fourth, tell them you’re packin’.

                • white531


        • M_J_S

          lol…remember not to answer

        • white531

          Do what I do. List your address as a P.O. box.

    • M_J_S

      My friend, I kissed your words my computer screen-THE HELL WITH ALL OF THEM!

  • Sandra123456

    Cantor has been in office 12 years. Time to leave. Should be term limited.

  • PVG

    Problem is, ALL of Cantor’s phone lines are programmed so you CANNOT leave a message!!! You’ll have to fax. Call your reps and tell them to oppose cantor and this bill.
    Washington, DC Office

    Phone: (202) 225-2815
    Fax: (202) 225-0011

    • Patriot077

      His staff probably heard Levin surge and cringed. If the numbers you posted don’t work we can try his local office staff:
      His Culpepper Office is Phone: (540) 825-8960
      Glen Allen Office Phone: (804) 747-4073

      If I can’t get through on those numbers I may even gerry rig an email

    • OneThinDime

      McConnell the same! Chicken nuggets, the lot of them.

  • c4pfan

    Isn’t Cantor speaking at CPAC? People need to let Eric Cantor know we don’t take the crap when he speaks.

    • Stehekin912

      When he speaks, everyone stand up, turn their backs,….hold for 10 seconds and file out of the room.

      Reject him.

      • c4pfan

        Now, that’s a good idea!

      • OneThinDime

        Chanting RINO might be fun while walking out

    • PVG

      Call CPAC and the RNC and tell them you will not support them!

      • c4pfan

        No, I don’t want CPAC to play that game. The people there should let Cantor know.

      • OneThinDime

        Great idea. CPAC should pull Cantor and Boehner, they are both bullies.

    • I hope that’s a joke-

      • c4pfan

        Nope, I read he’s speaking there.

      • OneThinDime

        So is Boehner and Romney. Who would pay to listen to RINOs lie?

  • Stehekin912

    ThatGuy calls me his enemy. My Party wants to wage Civil War against me. Bring it on.

    • StrangernFiction

      Yup, conservatives are knuckle draggers, hobbits, and now simply the enemy.

  • OneThinDime

    Freedom Works scores Eric Cantor at 33 this year so far and 38 in the last Congressional session. Eric Cantor is also pro-illegal alien amnesty.

    And this is how the RINOs are doing an end-run around secured borders. First the Dreamers get amnesty, now all the females.

  • jleinf

    The list of lameness grows daily. Honesty, how many are worth keeping- 15?

    • i don’t even think it’s that many. 🙁

      • Bulk of the Tea Party is intact still. Question is will they expand and primary these fools.

        • white531

          Tea Party endorsement is worthless, at this point. That’s already been proved. We are past that point now. We are on our own.

          • OneThinDime

            Exactly! Someone on a post told me it’s really FreedomWorks that is identifying great candidates (ie Ted Cruz). They have a fantastic Scorecard here http://congress.freedomworks.org/ . I was surprised (not so much any more) on Ted Gowdy’s score.

            • colliemum

              Thanks for that link – this is a most valuable resource.

              It is sickening to see how many Republican Congressmen vote like their dem counterparts.

              Keep this link, so you’ll know whom to kick out in 2014!

              • OneThinDime

                Have done, taking notes and recording names! Hopefully FreedomWorks is identifying more candidates like Ted Cruz!

    • StrangernFiction

      If that.

    • white531

      I think you’re being generous.

  • aposematic

    Cantor, another Virginia R turncoat. So very sad.

    • c4pfan

      Yeah, what the heck is happening?

      • white531

        What is happening, is you are losing your country.

        • I wonder if the country swirls counter-clockwise or clockwise as it goes down the drain in the Northern Hemisphere?

          Maybe I can get a grant to study this.

          • white531

            I don’t think it swirls at all. I just think there’s a giant sucking sound, and then its gone. Coriolis has nothing to do with it.

            • Ross Perot’s one contribution to the national discourse.

              And he’s right!

              • white531

                I loved the guy. I loved his spirit. I loved the fact that he loved this country, the way he did, and still does. I loved the way he spent his own money, to get his employees out of a critical situation, without waiting for the Federal Damned Government. I loved the contempt he had for The Federal Government, then and now. Same as mine.

                Ross Perot represented the other path. The one we did not take. That we did not take that path, represents the sadness we are living with today. It could have been a turning point for this great country. We will will never know. Because we went down the other path. The hopeless path we are on right now.

    • white531

      He won’t be the last.

  • WI4Walker

    What is the Violence Against Women all about anyway? Isn’t violence, well violence? And aren’t women now combat-ready? Just another stupid divisive bill.

    • Wigglesworth

      It’s another tort stimulus package put together by progressive lawyers. The Senate added new language to the bill so now causing “emotional distress” can be considered domestic violence. It in essence criminalizes speech. They also threw a bone to illegal aliens in the bill. The House passed a clean reauthorization last year, but for some reason the Senate is trying to get the House to pass their version and the RINO traitors are going along with them.


      • clockwindingdown

        “… now causing “emotional distress” can be considered domestic violence.”

        4th degree assault, “a perceived threat”, no actual threat has to be made, the person claiming they were assaulted merely has to perceive it that way! It is a catch all for leftist to force compliance or suffer in the “Gulags”.

        • Patriot077

          … and domestic violence conviction under federal law will cause you to lose your ability to possess firearms. (according to Mark Levin)

          • OneThinDime

            Mark Levin is correct. It’s on the federal firearms form you complete at purchase. End-run-around amnesty and the 2nd Amendment.

            • white531

              They stay up nights thinking about these things.

          • clockwindingdown

            Correct in my understanding too, an if Police are called to domestic violence they are in many places required to bring someone in, meaning required to start procedure to remove ones inalienable right, yes an oxymoron…

            inalienable |inˈālēənəbəl|
            unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor : freedom of religion, the most inalienable of all human rights.

      • white531

        Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

    • white531

      You’ve no doubt heard of the Race card, right? Violence against women is just another Race card. One of these days, I’m going to put together a tool bag for Progressives and sell it on Ebay. I’ll make millions.

  • aZjimbo

    They all should step down starting with barry all the way to the GOP Rino’s.

    • white531

      That’s an easy statement to make, but we all have to do some work to make that happen.

      • aZjimbo

        totally agree.

    • It’s going to take a hand to the shoulder blades and an extended foot in front.

      • aZjimbo

        whatever it takes.

  • cabensg

    Boehner = Cantor. One = the other. This is how it’s been from the beginning. We need to rid ourselves of both of them.

    • white531

      I don’t know about you, but I fall asleep watching Boehner talk.

      • OneThinDime

        I did like his “arse” comment though!

      • uhHis speech impediment uhdrives me uhcrazy.

  • That would be the honorable thing to do, step down, but we all know the GOPE lost it’s honor a long time ago…

    • white531

      Step down, and lose all those benefits? Are you crazy?

  • Eric Cantor is a tool.
    It just goes to show you that Cantor is power-hungry.

    • white531

      Aren’t they all, Booker?

  • clockwindingdown

    Once again, NAILED IT!

    Wow, VAWA even tramples on the 1st Amendment, and these so called anti big government party members are pushing it forward…

    Did anyone else watch the video link in another thread regarding Agenda 21? This type of legislation is covered by the video.

    All credit for the link goes to the original person that posted it, unfortunately I cannot remember whom that was and give them proper credit… Terribly sorry!

    I do have a link to the video on youtube:

    • wtd

      Thank you for posting that link. It goes hand in hand with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations effort which met today in Vienna.

      “. . .the goal of this Alliance is quite clear, even if it is not stated explicitly: to impose the will of the United Nations on all Western countries, especially those that have not yet implemented laws against “defamation of religions” as demanded by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.”

      read all about it at The Gates of Vienna

      • clockwindingdown

        I simply reposted the link, someone else originally posted it and they deserve the credit, unfortunately I cannot remember whom and give them their due credit… That said you are welcome, an I hope you are able to pass it on too.

        Thank you for the link to, “The Gates of Vienna”.

        There is no conspiracy when they are up front an out in the open with their plans…

        These fools will sell anything for a trinket, today they are selling the world…

  • RocklinConservative

    This is going to be payment to have some type of bone thrown to the GOP in the sequestration process. This was a back room deal made with leadership.

    • white531

      I appreciate your comment Rocklin, because it illustrates the corruption.

  • PVG

    NOTE: You CANNOT leave message with Eric Cantor’s office! CONTACT HIM via: Fax: (202) 225-0011 .. TWITTER: Eric Cantor @GOPLeader .. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ericcantor?ref=ts&fref=ts AND https://www.facebook.com/HouseChamber
    ALSO, CALL YOUR REPS and tell them to oppose VAWA.

    • I should be expecting company any time now- or at least time out in twitter gulag.

      @GOPLeader, theVAWA has nothing to do with women.Democrats are the real anti women party yet you threaten OUR side?!You ought to be ashamed!

  • garyinaz66

    eric cantor and jay carney are so similar they could be brothers. i bet they were both beaten up on a regular basis for being weasels, now they are getting their payback

  • daimon1

    I have never trusted Cantor and Boehnor is right on the margin – I would like to seen them both go.

    The VAWA is nothing more than a further destruction of the Rule of Law.

  • aposematic

    Inch by inch our freedoms are being taken by both Political Parties conspiring together to implement Agenda 21 here and around the Globe.

    • white531

      aposematic, there are so few who even understand what you just said.

    • clockwindingdown

      BINGO, folks we have a winner!!!

      The rest of you to the Gulogs….

      • OneThinDime

        Only my dead body, I shall go out fighting

    • StrangernFiction

      They are certainly taking our freedoms away.

  • mark1955

    I wonder if after all of this, Mark Levin still believes a 3rd party isn’t realistic?

    • Depends on the circumstances. We need to start the groundwork for a third party, but there’s not enough time to make it work by the 2016 Elections, and we really need to focus hard on the 2014 elections now, because the Rovian, anti-Tea Party types are already starting to propose a bunch of *DICC’s be pushed forward for office.

      *Democrats in Conservative Clothing

      • mark1955

        There’s enough time and we don’t have a choice. There has not ever been a better time,since shortly before the Civil War in the 1850’s , when the repub party replaced the then ‘Whig’ party, because it to, not so coincidentally, had also become a mirror image of the slavery supporting democrats. If we don’t start a Conservative 3rd Party to replace the repubs soon, we will not have a Republic in 2016. That’s not an Exaggeration.

        • We certainly do have a choice. Hell if I’m going to be dictated to by the Cotton Conservatives.

  • white531

    Most of the time, my main focus is fighting against Progressives, and Socialists, and Communists. I guess I am going to have to include Republicans in that list.

    The Washington Swamp is a very real thing. Similar, in some ways, to a black hole in space. It devours everything. It devours intelligent thought. It devours good intentions. It devours allegiance to our Constitution and our Founders. Worst of all, it devours Freedom. It does that by encouraging people not to seek Freedom in the first place.

    It assures them that the Federal Government represents all the Freedom they need. A bald faced lie of course, but they sweeten it with government welfare.

    Our Federal government, which was originally put in place to protect our Freedom, has since evolved into something quite different. It has become the largest impediment to Freedom, since England itself.

    After two hundred and some years, the Federal government now occupies itself mostly, with taking away our Freedom. On almost a daily basis.

    Believe it or not, the performance of Congress is generally measured by how many bills they pass. Excuse me? Bills passed by Congress, do one of two things, and sometimes both. They restrict your Freedom, and they spend your money.

    I don’t know about you, but I would greatly appreciate it, if they did neither of the two.

    I could easily see myself living in a world where no new laws are enacted, for the rest of human existence. I think we have enough already.

    The passing of new bills, and the enactment, by those bills, of new laws, do one thing and one thing only. They restrict your Freedom even more than it was already restricted.

    The sooner American citizens wake up to the fact, the sooner we can turn this ship around, and get back to what our Founders envisioned as a nation of free people, not shackled by the bonds of the King of England, or the bonds of King Obama and Prince Harry Reid, or Queen Pelosi.

    Here is a thought you might consider for a moment. Conditions right now, are far worse than they were when our Founders took their long rifles off the wall and bid their women goodbye, to gather with their brethren, to seek a solution to the heavy hand of England.

    Granted, we are a much larger and immensely more complicated country now. That being said, please tell me how that changes the ideas of Freedom our Founders had. I don’t know about you, but I still like my Freedom, and I resent a government and politicians working in that government, who want to take it away.

    • uhm, whitefriend? This is the best comment I’ve seen for days, and I’ve seen some good ones. Excellent. thank you.

      the last bit reminds me of something similar to what I said back in october
      “I guess I just still don’t know enough about American government, but seems to me, our Founding Fathers would have done something by now, why the hell haven’t we? Evil is what they are, and evil doesn’t care about truth.”

      Yet here we are nearly 5 months later, still complaining…. sigh.

      • white531

        I had an extra glass of Chardonnay. Works every time.

    • clockwindingdown

      I’ve been saying this for years about legislation, people look at me funny and say, “Thats not true.” When I explain further they see it but refuse to face it, they have been led to believe in our society government enables not restricts…

      Such is our school system and the understanding taught of our once great Country.

      • white531

        Aaahh, Clockwindingdown, my favorite subject. The Progressive Indoctrination of America. Taking ordinarily strong males and turning them into worthless wimps, and giving control of our nation to Soccer Moms, thereby producing new citizens each year, who will listen to everything Obama and the Progressives throw out there.

        Destroying our School system, by hiring Liberal schoolteachers (is there any other kind?) to indoctrinate our children. Re-writing our History books, to take out all mention of the bravery and sacrifice that was made by our veterans and the Patriots in our History that helped make this country what it is today.

        I ask you this simple question. What has it got us? Look around you. What do you see? An entire generation of young people who have no sense of direction, let alone the ability to earn a decent income and raise a family.

        Churches with empty pews. Theaters filled to maximum. Our new God, is Hollywood, because anything Hollywood produces, must be good. Mind you, I’m talking about the good stuff. What exists on the Internet, makes Hollywood look like Kindergarten.

        And Obama and his minions preside over this cesspool, and think its normal for America. Not only that, but they want you to believe it is normal. Well, I have a question for you. DO YOU?

        • clockwindingdown

          Right there with you.

          While traveling in Scandinavia, going to small churches throughout the country side, enjoying the art within, and the settings churches occupy. Most of the time no one else was there, however at one church there was a, preacher/pastor, he said, “Times are too good, money too easy, no one comes in times like these. It is too easy to live a good life and take things for granted, but in bad times everyone believes”. There is much truth and wisdom in his words.

          • white531

            Geez, clockwindingdown. I was getting ready to shut down the mac, and I saw your post. But I was glad I saw it. I have never traveled in Scandinavia. At my age, I probably never will. But the idea of traveling in Scandinavia excites me. You know, I may be in my late sixties, but I still feel sixteen. The body ages. The brain stays the same.

            Small towns in Scandinavia, small towns in America. Aren’t they both the same really?

            “It is too easy to live a good life and take things for granted.”

            Isn’t that what we are doing, while ignoring God?

  • WE had this bill in South Dakota last year. I spoke against saying that if there is an altercation SOMEONE has to go to jail per the officer’s choice…they even wanted it between 2 men upsetting each other and wanted to call it “domestic abuse: SD Sen Deb Peters brought it (should be a suspect always…was endorsed by the Governor and received $11,000 from gay rights PACs)….and guess what…if you are found guilty of “domestic abuse” YOU LOSE YOUR GUN RIGHTS FOR EVER! Just like in SD even if the “partner” doesn’t want to press charges SOMEONE has to go to jail and ends up as a felon.

    • clockwindingdown

      It is a way through law of disarming and controlling behavior of our citizenry.

  • PatriotInk

    Cantor, and other Grand Old Pretenders, are proving to be quite the sneaky little miscreants.

  • Obama will not destroy the republican party, they are destroying themselves.

  • Ray

    The interstate commerce act WAS ONLY PLACED IN THE CONSTITUTION TO STOP ONE STATE FROM IMPOSING TARIFFS ON ANOTHER STATES PRODUCTS PASSING THROUGH THAT STATE. What we have now is an abomination and pretty much nullifies the 10th amendment.
    I HOPE Levin comes here and reads this. Your mistake Mr. Levin is thinking Republicans are Small Government conservatives. You cannot impose your vision of what you think they should be. We had a short window where that was half true, when Goldwater influenced some in the party, and during the Reagan years, however, he did have big government types in his administration esp. as Vice President.
    Lincoln decimated the 10th amendment and made the USA a strong centralized government. Eisenhower gave us the Health, Welfare, and Education Department. Nixon the EPA. Bush 1 the ADA. Bush 2 the DHS, strengthened the Education Departments power over the states with No Child Left Behind, and strengthened the DHS with the Prescription Drug Program.
    They do what Canter does because they believe in the Federal Government’s Power over the States. Until you start to understand this, you will never come to terms of WHY it seems they cave all the time. To them, they are not caving, they are doing what they believe in. They know HOW to do “conservative speech” in order to keep conservatives in line. Once you start to understand this, then what they do starts to make perfect sense.
    Your response to it plays right into their hands, you try to call them out, and in so doing you call more conservatives into the Republican party for a futile attempt to change it. IT WILL NOT CHANGE, but you are building their voter block with more people.
    In order to defeat the strong Federal government republicans, we must not vote for them. We have to start thinking differently. It may take 10 years, but we need to start voting for viable candidates into third party local governments.

  • mark1955

    At approximately 1:50 of the audio, Mark Levin says, “But Cantor and the republicans are so scared of being accused of being against woman”, as the reason why they are going to try and push VAWA through. BULSHE Mark and you know it! The reason Cantor and the repubs would like to pass this Bill is because they are ALL NWO lefties, in total agreement with the dems and the Rockefeller/Rotschild One World Government, marxist/islamist slave state. That’s why Levin. The American people don’t want any of this crap and the repubs could have ended every last bit of Obama’s agenda over the last 4 plus years in committee, if they wanted to, including Obamacare and the repubs always find a reason to keep pushing it through. That’s not a coincidence but Treasonous complicity. It has nothing to do with wanting to be liked and everything to do with the repubs being lefties like the dems and you know it.

    • No.

      No, they are not lefties. They are cowardly, Rockerfeller Republicans and Cotton Conservatives. It’s not complicated at all.

      • mark1955

        Yes they are lefties. The communist manifesto is the bible of the world takeover for the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers are also running the democrat party also. Your correct…”It is not complicated”. Every step of the way a repub steps forward o advance the Obama agenda. They have stopped nothing and could have stopped everything. They are moving with a purpose,with their dem buddies, to undermine and destroy the United States o America rom the inside. That’s not “Cowardly”, but Treasonous complicity. If it wasn’t, someone would have stepped up by now among the repubs and stopped something but they haven’t. The repubs are among their own people with the dems. That’s why the entire repub legislative body lives on msnbc. Also, I you look into most o the repubs ormer backgrounds, you will find they were mostly radical leties who were recruited by Karl Rove to look and talk Conservative, while voting with the dems so they can achieve a NWO.

        • No.

          The Rockerfeller Republicans and Cotton Conservatives are not lefties. Otherwise, there’s no point in calling anyone a lefty because there wouldn’t be enough room on the right for anyone but The Tea Party and libertarians.

          There’s a huge amount of difference between Obama and Boehner.

          Our problem with Boehner and his ilk is that these cowards actually belie e they can play Obama well enough to survive and thrive in the aftermath. They are delusional, as are most people in the so-called center.

          We need to work around them, and even defeat them, but they are not lefties. Not even that brain-dead fool David Brooks, at the NYT. True lefties are like Valerie Jarret and Hillary Clinton. Then further left is Obama, and further still are the Occutards.

  • white531

    I’m going to leave you, because I have an early day tomorrow.

    I guess my closing question to you, would be this. How many Republicans do you really trust, and how many do you think are in the game for us? Make a list, just for fun. If its like the list I made, it is very short, indeed.

    I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a sad comment on America, and our chances of saving this nation, from people like Obama.

    • Linky1

      Who would I trust?

      Like the famous line from the X-Files goes: “Trust no one.”

      • Reminds me of two old one-liners, one of which is a toast:

        “Here’s to you, and here’s to me, and if we should ever disagree, to hell with you, and here’s to me”


        “Everyone’s crazy but you and me, and I’m starting to have my doubts about you”

  • jgilman1

    I don’t know whats worse, the fact that Republicans constantly cave to Liberals or that as Conservatives we can never get them to cave to us.

    • iaintlyin

      They won’t cave to us because deep down (but not too deep mind you) theier ideaology is closer left than toward us. This is painfully and abundantly clear at this point, anyone doubting it is just kidding themselves or knowingly trying to bs a conservative.

    • Kordane

      I’ll tell you what’s worse than those things: The fact that even after all the terrible things the Republican party have done, its supporters still have “resolve” to continue trying to salvage it, even though they’re up against hordes of statist Republicans who will fight them with tooth and nail, and even though there isn’t much time left to save this nation from destruction.

      You’d think that given the little time we have, that people would realize that there isn’t enough time to experiment at salvaging the Republican party. I think these people don’t realize just how little time we have. I think they truly believe we’ve got decades, if not centuries, for them to fight the Republican establishment and salvage the Republican party. They need to realize that we’ve got maybe one or two more elections before it’s Armageddon for this nation. We don’t have time to mess around!!

  • JohnCraven

    Mark, everything you said was absolutely correct.

    This law is a total disaster for our nation.

    And the man you quoted as saying if the Republicans pass this bill “we should stick a fork in the party” was also correct. Unfortunately we should have stuck a fork in the party years ago and began building an alternative party to the Big Whigs like Boehner, Rove, Cantor, et al., which will stand and fight the left wing jugernaut.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  • Fireplug52

    You know, the battle lines have been drawn. They are not between the Democrat and Republican party, but between you and I between the Democrat and Republican party.

    It seems apparent that the Republican establishment is resolute in losing the majority in the house with these actions by Cantor. This will have ramifications even further down the road than 2014. I think that the Republican party is already campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton will not only be our first woman president, but will also be the first to have the opposition party campaign for her four years before the 2016 election. They would rather have her elected than Sarah Palin because of the values that Sarah Palin hold and believe, which I believe many of us here hold near and dear to our hearts.

    No matter what you and I do in this process “We The People” are the losers. The former “fine gentleman” Senator Trent Lott and the others on K Street stated correctly that they would co-opt those elected through the Tea Party process in 2010. That is why he works on K Street because no matter who is in the majority they will always get the money as long as they can manipulate the puppets inside the House and Senate.

    I guess we are the best example of being crazy because we do the same thing over and over expecting different results. We just need to come up with a different pill because no matter if we take the Blue or the Red pill it is the same. I am up for a Green pill as long as it would make a difference in bringing us back to the original intent of the Constitution in governance.

  • Cantor is all in for Chris Christie’s re-election.

    Article is about Romney also being all in, but calls out Cantor, specifically, as well.

    Get ready for the great RINO push to roll Christie over all objection, folks. Right to the nomination. It’s a pincer maneuver: threaten us with Rubio, come in with Christie.

    How about we select our own nominee this time?

    Hey Rubio, how about becoming an originalist, Restoration conservative?


    EDIT: Club For Growth (yeah, I know) began a website called Primary My Congressman. Looks interesting.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Eric Cantor is the Chuck Schumer of the Republican party.

    There is no sanity left in Washington.

    The Republican party is done.

  • ryanomaniac

    I’ve listened to quite a few interviews with this guy and he is full of it. Talking points, talking points, talking points. Its like watching ice melt.

    These guys are destroying any chance we have of turning this country around. Its us against them. The Tea Party needs to focus ALL their attention on getting out the vote against McCain, McConnell, Eric Cantor, Lindsey Grahm and John Boehner. I wouldn’t work anywhere else except on them. Cut the head off the snake.

  • Pancake3

    Could it be that Cantor’s threats of a civil war amongst the Republicans is really just the Tea Party effect on Rinos? Whatever, rumors of the demise of the Tea Party are vastly overrated, methinks.

  • Kordane

    Hey Conservatives. How is your salvaging of the Republican party coming along? I see you’re failing at it.

    I don’t want to, but I sense an epic “I told you so” coming your way in the very near future.

    • MominNV

      HA! I sense an epic Tea Party TSUNAMI in 2014. Just saying……

      • Kordane

        Yeah, the same tea party that let Obama win a second term, that same tea party that loves social security, medicare and medicaid so much, and the same tea party that let a Democrat drunkard beat Tea Party poster-boy Allen West in Florida.

        Yeah I’m sure they’ll come out in force in 2014, and if not 2014, then 2016, and if not 2016, then 2018, and if not 2018, then 2020, and so on….

        • MominNV

          YOUR anointed one received “its” 2nd term because ‘it’ CHEATED thweety. And as for Social security & Medicare “WE” PAID FOR IT OUR OWN DAM SELVES. So pull you head out your @s$, quit drinking Thy Royal FOOL-aid, & WAKE UP, thweety. Have an ENCHANTED evening in your obamaNation Utopia.

          • Kordane

            I’m no Liberal. I’m further to the Right than most people here. It’s just I’m very very critical of the Right’s pathetic efforts at defeating the Left, especially their reluctance to dump the Republican party in favor of a new party that doesn’t have the Republican party’s flaws.

            • MominNV

              Then WHY attack the Tea Party, thweety? WOW! Like
              I said, Have an Enchanted day. See Ya…………..

              • Kordane

                I’m not attacking the Tea Party. I’m criticizing you for fooling yourself into thinking that the Tea Party is more powerful than they actually are. There are issues that need to be resolved on the Right, such as dumping the statist-sympathizing Republican party, and rallying/regrouping behind a stronger, more united party that can actually defeat the Left, and not be a bunch of unprincipled weaklings when in power. I actually like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz a lot. I’d like to see an entire party comprised of them. Unfortunately that’s a dream that can only be realized if people stop trying to salvage the Republican party from its penchant for statism.

                • MominNV

                  Keep grasping at those straws, thweety. The Tea Party is alive & well. { – } (_!_)

                • Kordane

                  I don’t dispute they’re “alive and well”, but I do dispute your over-estimation of their power to win elections for the Right.

                • MominNV

                  progressive ang iwanan akong mag-isa.

                • TMZ2

                  Let me get this right. What is being said by Kordane is that it is time to dump the GOP and create a real party. The tea party is not enough and has its own issues. but even if it didn’t and was lock and step, then it is still difficult to beat the establishment. I, personally, feel we should have all backed Michele Bachmann last year and she would have maybe chosen Allen West or Nikki Haley as a running mate.

                  But instead we got Romney because of major infighting between conservatives and co-opting of the movement from libertarians. It is all water under the bridge, but now Bachmann, having won re-election in Minnesota, is nowhere to be found, Boehner removed several people from committees and we lost that election and we lost Allen West, of which people still want West to have a future in politics. And Palin left Fox News too.

                  So our electoral system is broken and our GOP is dead. They doubled their efforts to destroy the party after 2010 and did nothing about fraud in the election. That Pledge to America, the house tried to promote, was ripped and throw out the window. Every man and woman for themselves seems to be the law up there in D.C.(Dysfunction City).

                  If we don’t do something quick like create a new party or secede or do something more than yell then I feel we will all have a conflict coming.

                  Obama and the left want to destroy the country, his past is murky, and his plans are evil and divisive. We have had enough of it and so it will slowly rumble into some catastrophic event where the two opposing views must and will collide.

                  Obama wants a conflict. And we are tired of the left and the GOP dictating to us what to do. So it is ripe for that conflict. Some say a rebellion, revolution or revolt. Some say a civil war or a coup of the government, like what happened in 2009 in Honduras. Others say World War Three or Four, depending what you consider the Cold War to be, is around the bend. And the economy might collapse and so on. Least we forgot about radical Mexican and Islamic groups wanting to take out the USA.

                  So at some point something has to give if we keep on sliding. And at this point if we got one of our own in the White House, the left would probably go nuts anyways and conflict would ensue anyhow.

                  Our country is in dire straits. I support forming a new political party and taking out the socialists in the GOP for good. A Nationalist Conservative Party based on Borders, Language and Culture.

                  Virgil Goode was right to say the GOP is too mushy to stand up to Obama so that is why he left the party. As did Alan Keys who took on Obama in 2004 for senator in Illinois and has been questioning Obama’s background and character for years. They are right in leaving the GOP and calling the establishment out.

                • MominNV

                  kordane is a moby. Nothing more than a troll sent here to DISRUPT with saul alinsky tactics.

        • MominNV

          VIVA LE’ TEA PARTY, thweety!

        • “let Obama win”

          What, is this some stupid game?

          You are equally guilty of “letting” Obama win, if you want to use such a bizarrely perjorative term.

          • Kordane

            Politics is a game, yes. I don’t dispute that Obama winning was the fault of the entire Right, but what I do dispute is the poster’s exaggerated opinion of the power of the Tea Party. A Tea Party “Tsunami” he says, yet there was no such thing to oust Obama in 2012, so why should anyone assume there will be one in 2014 or 2016, etc. People often tell me “But they went into politics”, yet what do they have to show for themselves other than two Tea Party candidates in Ted Cruz and Rand Paul…. up against that entire horde of statist Republicans I’d told you about previously. People have to be fooling themselves to think that the Republican establishment is going to let Rand Paul become the candidate for 2016. No no no, they’re going to stop that from happening. When will you and others like you realize that the Republican party is your enemy, not your friend?

            • That last comment shows you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Unless you’re connecting from Bora Bora or someplace really out of it.

    • Oh, I don’t think so. You wouldn’t go to the trouble to act like that and pretty much ruin any shred of goodwill you’ve built up, would you? Because it’s not helpful in the least.

      But you knew that.

      • Kordane

        You’re right. I wouldn’t bother doing it, and to be honest, I don’t even know if I’d get the chance to, given that we’d be in civil war by that point and everyone would be out fighting. The Left vs the Right. The final battle for supremacy over this nation.

        • And as always, war is a time for settling old scores. It’ll be ugly.

  • This is absolutely overreach by the Federal Government into states’ rights. Not only that but it is infringement on the First Amendment because anyone can then be prosecuted for even calling someone a name. Thought police at our doors, PC run amok.

    Isn’t there any sane people left in Washington, or, are they so power hungry that destroying this free country is their goal?

  • TxGold

    Levin gets a little too carried away at times.

    • Lippenheimer

      I love it when he’s fired up. And he’s spot on about Cantor.

    • This isn’t one of those times.

  • Valhallavoice

    Isn’t violence against anyone illegal? Don’t states have this under control (except maybe Illinois & Michigan) At what point is this not the country we thought we were living in? At what point are we all illegals in the Redistributive States of Ombamica?

  • BostonBruin

    This bill passed the House today 286-138. Every Democrat voted yes. 87 Republicans voted yes and all 138 no votes were Republicans.

    So, once again, the GOP House leadership passes a bill without the majority of the majority.


    • Lippenheimer

      Gosh, seems like Statists in the GOP are losing the civil war against the Conservatives. Reload!!!

  • suedixon

    my fax to eric cantor:


    FEBRUARY 28, 2013
    ERIC, you had NO right threatening conservative members into voting for the VAWA bill. Shows you are power hungry and have forgotten who made the republican party the majority in 2010. You want a civil war? It would be better for you to resign NOW rather than wait until 2014. You see you opened up a can of worms and we, the voters, will show you a real CIVIL WAR – only it will be at the voting booth. We will defeat each and every faux conservative republican in 2014 and in 2016. We will rise up, and take back our country from you socialists who want to destroy America from within.
    You took an oath to uphold, protect, and defend our sacred document – the Constitution – but somewhere along the way, you have violated that oath. When you threaten fellow members of Congress wit h Civil War because they stand for their principles over wanting to be LIKED by the demoncrats and the media, you overstepped your authority as majority leader.
    Had it not been for CONSERVATIVE VOTERS in 2010, your party, the one that has left millions of us, would not be the majority party. You have compromised your principles for political power. You and others like Boehner, McConnell, McCarthy, Romney, Christie, Rove et al will be the result of a third party springing up and the death of the Republican Party.
    The Tea Party is NOT DEAD! Common sense conservatives are NOT DEAD , but by 2014, your party, the GOP will be asking themselves what happened? The answer will be “We, the people, your EMPLOYER, said it was time for you RINO’s to be FIRED!
    We will be victorious in 2014 and 2016. Chris Christie will NOT be the standard bearer for conservative voters and we will no longer accept the Bush/Rovian mantra that he is the only one that can win. We will no longer hold our noses and vote for another moderate. Christie is NO conservative, and Eric, neither are you, Boehner, McDonnell and others who keep telling us you are. You see, your actions speak LOUDER than your words. Promises made by you and the GOP have been broken. You have become just like Obama – a little dictator.
    Millions of conservative voters stayed home in 2012 because they saw no difference between Romney and Obama. Romney was the weakest candidate and the one Obama wanted to run against. But you didn’t listen to us the real conservative voters and as a result we get four more years of the worst president in the history of our great nation.
    I’m a 62 year old wife, mom and small business owner with my husband, and I’m opposed to any more bills being passed to pit one group against another. It’s time we all become AMERICANS and stand up for what our FOUNDING FATHERS provided for us in that document, for conservative principles and the right to disagree without being threatened with war.
    You were hired by the people, not the gop leadership, to work for them. We are tired of threats, broken promises and the inability of the GOP to stand up to the obama regime and the liberal media. If, we, your employers, can see what is happening, why can’t you? We know that you and the other RINOS like yourself will cave once again. So please RESIGN NOW!!

  • NJK

    This so called leadership won’t be in leadership anylonger come 2014. They’re going to lose the House, we’ll make sure, because we won’t vote. I’d rather lose the House than support these traitors anymore. Hear that, Cantor, you’re finished.

  • Longiron

    Mark, you need to be part of a NEW conservative TV news network to offset MSNBC. Sure wish someone would start one ?

  • Finally some of the more courageous Republicans are breaking away from the party mold and showing support for women. A tipping point indeed, kudos to Cantor.

  • VAWA will inflate the market value of the Grrrrls so much, no man can afford one, either financially or purely on a risk basis. For a man, to marry or have a live in, aka: domestic female, the risk and cost of becoming a VAWA statistic of the FemNazi’s is just not worth it.

    I hope the independent, strong, wimminz out there enjoy their apartment rent forever and their domestic feline partners forever, because as a man….I’m done.

  • white531

    Gee Laurel. I wish I could be an Administrator. I wish I could talk down to people and trash their comments, and then just shut them down and keep them from responding.

    Must be great to have that kind of power over others.

  • SamR

    HAHA hilarious. Do it Levin! You tell ’em! Powerless like nobody’s business.