“It’s unacceptable” – Mark Levin calls out Paul Ryan for fiscal cliff vote

Mark Levin wonders how Paul Ryan can craft a serious budget to deal with our fiscal woes and yet vote for this horrible fiscal cliff deal:

I know Paul Ryan voted for this disastrous plan. I know he put out a statement explaining it – I read it. I cannot defend it. I cannot defend it. I don’t even understand it even having read his statement. …

This is the man who proposed a budget that was serious, that was significant in terms of trying to begin the process of reforming some of these entitlements and cutting some of the spending. How can you propose that and yet vote for this? It’s unacceptable!

There are no more gimmies now ladies and gentlemen. No more gimmies.

Listen below to hear the rest, including him calling out Orrin Hatch, Ron Johnson, and Pat Toomey:

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  • Thank you Mark for calling him out. It was completely unacceptable. It went against EVERYTHING he campaigned for. I am officially done with the Republican party. Bring on the third party Tea Party

    • Nukeman60

      People are now leaving the GOP en masse. Check out the fledgling CFP and bring all your ideas with you. The hope is to gather in all the scattered conservative groups and form a third party, one way or another.


      • ApplePie101

        All we need is one good and true candidate who can get on a third party line in each state. It doesn’t have to be the same third party. Just as long as they aren’t also running on the democrat or republican line. I’m not going to vote for one of those again.

      • SKL53

        Totally agree! Americans must find a solid, conservative alternative to this garbage we have now called the GOP! GOP should stand for…GET OUT of POLITICS!!!!

  • aZjimbo

    Let Ryan and all the other gop wimps call and talk to Mark. They won’t. They all can go straight to hell. All thieves.

    • Yeah they wont call cuz they know he will rake them over the coals and smack them down so hard they will feel it for a month.

      • aZjimbo

        I agree.

  • I was never in favor of a third party thinking it would take votes from Reps, but since Reps are going to vote with the Dems any way then bring on the third party…We can still have a 2 party system we just call one Demicans and the other The Better Choice…

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      LOL…right on!

    • Ariadnea

      I was one of those who were afraid of splitting the votes the last time. As RINO are losing the votes and ignoring conservatism anyway, why not gather all conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists to form a new party. Let Republican establishment compete and split with Democrats in wooing the moderate and leftist votes, while Conservatives get majority of real conservatives.

      • SiennaP

        Because it’s a sure way to lose. If we can’t get enough votes to win an election with the GOP a third party will get 15% of the vote AT BEST. So stop this idiocy of third party talks and let’s elect a real conservative (Marco Rubio) to lead the GOP to victory.

  • Nukeman60

    Seems like we have a black list, of sorts, now. Start marking these people off, one by one and finding new, energetic, conservatives to primary. The battle has begun.

    The Republican party is dead, on way or another. Either we keep backing them and watching the Dems skewer them alive or we form a new party, made up of the various scattered conservative groups that are willing to say – NO MORE, I’ve had enough of the progressives and RINOs in the party I was forced to vote for.

    And for what? For Obama to say, “Elections have consequences. I won. Get in line”? No thanks, it’s time the people had a say. Obama only got 30% of the eligible voters – 30%! We can do better than that. Elections do indeed have consequences.

    • I agree Nukeman, but this election was fixed! How else could he have won.

      It’s over! We are seeing the very beginnings of a dictatorship albeit already just about in full swing.

      • Nukeman60

        I agree the election had tremendous fraud. A third party is only one branch of a three pronged attack that I desire. We also must bust the LameStream wide open (by using what I call the New Guardians – we, the citizen journalists) and we also must expose the electronic election fraud that turned this election on it’s head (we need a secure election process. If the bank ATMs can do millions of transactions each and every day without fraud, then why can’t the elections be that way. There is a system).

        People don’t have to be politically inclined. Anyone can take one of these three branches and run with it. The key is we get as many people as possible involved. Obama, fraud and all, was only elected by 30% of the eligible voters. Surely, as a nation, we can do better than that.

  • Godisright

    No wonder why the Republicans didn’t win. They didn’t believe themselves.
    Their actions are traitorous to the conservative ideals that founded this country.

    There was a post by Scoop a few weeks ago that said it all by Bill Whittle:


  • WI4Walker

    I totally agree. Very disappointed in Ryan and Johnson. Thought they understood what they were dealing with – evil!

    • marketcomp

      Let’s just hope they have another plan to thwart this mulligan. I want to give them some slack, but just once. Look these politicians are not going to vote the way we want them to all the time. But I am willing to admit that they have no clue how to deal with this evil. Obama has been thoroughly schooled in Marxism and these republicans need to find scholars and think tanks to create plans and strategies including using the Constitution to marginalize and eliminate this evil.

      • pmb88

        I’d rather see how they are overall when their term is up rather than making a decision based on a vote. We always want these people to vote our way and we get disappointed or angry that they didnt.

        • marketcomp

          I completely understand, pmb88.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      “Thought they understood what they were dealing with – evil!”

      Yh I thought so too. Especially when the RR campaign called Obama a nice guy who was merely incompetent. And also during the 2-3 hours of Romney agreeing with Obama at the foreign policy debate, I was convinced they knew what we were dealing with then. Oh yh and also when they refused to contest the clear-as-daylight massive voting fraud after the elections. Definitely! Ryan and his buddie Romney hit the nail on the head back then didn’t they. Just a shame they’ve ONLY JUST begun letting us down! Just a shame eh.

      The sarcasm’s painful I know. But so should being the GOPE’s battered and bruised b*t*h day in day out. Wake the [redacted] up conservatives! Wake up!!

      • ApplePie101

        While I agree with what you say, you’ll only alienate people by using that tone of ridicule, especially since it sounds like you just woke up during the Romney campaign. Be thankful people are waking up now.

        • 401_Unauthorised

          I understand your point about alienation. That’s why I attempted to equilibrate my comment with a tone of empathy, eg “The sarcasm’s painful I know. But…”

          Besides, sometimes we need to use such a tone on each other. Job said (I paraphrase): Shall we expect good alone from the Lord and not also evil? Likewise, 401 says: Shall we expect only kudos from fellow patriots and no barbs at all? We need to jolt each other my friend. Besides, if we can’t take subtle hidings from each other over the internet, what’s the point? Its not like what I said was anything new. Its just been said too nicely for too long. Its urgency now needs to be couched in pricklier terms. And thats what I am trying to do/was trying to do.

          • ApplePie101

            I definitely relate to your frustration, and of course understand that it comes from a patriot’s concern for their country! Thanks for explaining.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    It’s about time, Mr. Levin. How many chances are you going to give the guy? He deserves no quarter.

  • What an excellent show today. Still listening to it right now, and it’s the first full talk radio show I’ve listened to since the election. I’m still on a small break from politics, but I’ll slowly get back into it.

  • I will be anxious to see if Mark Levin has Paul Ryan on his show again. I would love the hear the him try and defend himself. NO EXCUSE PAUL RYAN, NO EXCUSE! Shame on you and all the comrades who voted along with you. Taking your children down the river with the rest of us, makes no sense to me.

  • 401_Unauthorised

    Disqus error

    (In response to @allen) “I would love the hear the weasel try and defend himself.”

    And what a defense he’ll put up. You just wait and see.

    “In life you have to compromise… we had to work something out… yadi yadi yada …

  • I will be anxious to see if Mark Levin has Paul Ryan on his show again. I would love to hear him try and defend himself. NO EXCUSE PAUL RYAN, NO EXCUSE! Shame on you and all the comrades who voted along with you. Taking your children down the river with the rest of us, makes no sense to me.

  • Ray

    Paul Ryan NEEDS to be called out. Levin was a great supporter of Ryan before the election, now we see Ryan’s true colors.
    We need to start getting people in the local elections that run for state offices to register as TEA party NOT Republican. It will take a few years, but I think the numbers will then speak for themselves.
    GO TEA Party!

  • white531

    This is a government in absolute chaos. There is no other description.

    • History is repeating itself. WE ARE ROME!

  • aposematic

    Don’t participate in this ruse, this debacle, this disaster… An (in)action the R’s should be living by! Choose not to participate in destroying, closer now to finishing off, this once great Republic.

  • Mark Smith

    Why is Mark Levin never sitting across from David Gregory on “Meet the Press”? It would give him an audience of millions and I think Gregory would have him on. I’m tired of “listen to my show for what I think”.

    I come here most of the time for his audio. Hate to say it, but not much is accomplished by preaching to the choir.

    • SiennaP

      Agree. Mark Levin needs to take it to the mainstream media. The only people who listen to his show are the people who already agree with him. We’re not advancing his conservative ideas if he just preaches to his choir.

  • Relative to Mark’s comments today is this excellent article from Senator Rand Paul:

    Nuclear Option Destroys the Senate

    This is why we need Rand Paul in the Senate, just like we need Paul Ryan in the House. Neither is Presidential material, but both are important voices (think about how John McCain’s mug is always in the news every time a foreign policy issue pops up).

  • Rocco11

    Frank Luntz and Mike Murphy probably advised Ryan to vote for it..

  • Conniption Fitz

    Double Amen to that, Mark Levin!

    The only excuses for the Boehner Republican Congress right now are:

    1. They are feinting to the left and now are ready to blind sucker-punch Obama and Pelosi and the Democrats into outer space with an unexpected, sly counter move that includes Impeachment of the ENTIRE corrupt, evil OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.

    2. The Islamists have secretly planted nuclear biochemical dirty bombs in every major city and are blackmailing the nation’s leaders into doing this foolishness. But the leaders have secretly been tracking down the bombs and have counter-blackmailed the Islamist/leftists by having a plane in the air with a bomb keyed to the GPS coordinates of Mecca and will unleash it unless the Islamists back down.

    Yep, I’ve watched too many movies with real gutsy heroes and happy endings.

    I don’t see any of those right now in DC. Right now, it looks bleak and hopeless, like the Obamas and Hillaries and San Fran Nans are winning.

  • wynnsjammer

    I myself am “Disgusted” with the Republican Party and who knows, maybe it’s a blessing Romney/Ryan didn’t make it into the Presidency. I absolutely “Despise” Obama and have to turn off the TV every time his face enters into the picture. I absolutely hate this man and his followers and what they have done and are doing to this once “Grand” country we used to call the United States Of America. I don’t see it anymore, maybe because it’s become a “Melting Pot” of takers. “Third Party” is starting to sound pretty good to me also Nukeman and I highly doubt many of my votes will be cast for Republicans at least the type that exist now. This Congress I don’t recognize and the Conservative/Republican party has much work ahead of them to “Oust” all the lying “Trash” that we have over the years placed behind Sacred Walls to do the “Peoples” work which they are not doing. This year the Middle Class will be taxed to death and penalized for excepting Obamacare which has been completely shoved down our throats. There will be no more Middle Class in the near future, just the very “Poor” and remember that word “Poor” because that is where we are headed and I’m dreading it.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Well said! Bravo!

  • tdaly

    He’s no fiscal conservative Mark, just look at his budget that doesn’t balance for almost
    30 years and increases the debt as well and look at his voting record…

  • tdaly

    Third parties don’t win elections, start by taking over your precincts from the bottom up and replace the old dogs. Precinct reorganization starts within the next couple months, get together with like minded people and make a plan and reach out to all your precincts in your county and start taking them back and then re-elect new Chairman, Vice Chair and so on. Every county has precincts that aren’t covered or are with people that are the old GOP… vote them out and keep doing it until you finally take over at the State level. Become a committeeman and President of your Precinct.

    • ApplePie101

      If third parties don’t win elections, shall we conclude that parties that don’t win elections are actually third parties? The republican party certainly acts like a third party, even a third-world party. What we are lacking is a second party.

      • tdaly

        I guess you didn’t grasp my message…

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Let me help you understand, Mark. Number of years in the DC money pit is not subject to age. It weakens whatever backbone you had. Call Sarah Palin to get some therapy. You will be backing a so called “third party” soon. All others are corrupt.

  • Because Ryan was not prepared to throw the Speaker of the House under the bus, unlike people like Obama. In the final analysis, I don’t even know if you could have stopped this bill from going through. But with the debt ceiling fight that’s coming, we’ll see how much of a backbone ALL of the Republicans in Congress have. THAT will be the true acid test.

    • ApplePie101

      I can tell you from past experience that they will put up a staged Kabuki fight until the 11th hour, and then pass it. That’s their MO.

  • ryanomaniac

    My wife and I are middle class Americans and our payroll taxes will go up two percent. We just had a baby and can’t handle losing that money. How in the hell with a straight face can you demand higher taxes from me when you have done your jobs so poorly that we have sixteen trillion in debt? The waisting of billions of dollars and you want more? Screw you!!!

    • Wisewoman2

      Sorry to inform you that just because the congress called it a “payroll tax” does not mean that that was what the tax actually was. The truth of the matter is that Obama and congress decided to allow everyone employed to stop paying 2% of the 6.3% payroll tax deduction for social security. They did not want to properly call it a social security deferrment tax as it truly was. The deferrment ended as of dec 31, 2012 and everyone went back to paying the correct amount (6.3%) instead of paying 4.3%. This little trick they played also helped to starve the Social Security fund of its revenues set out by law. Instead of cutting spending they robbed Peter to pay Paul with Peter’s own money.

  • colliemum

    Well – that’s the point: these critters who voted for this bill do not feel any obligation to their voters, or even to their own children and grandchildren.
    They have been in Congress for such a long time, they feel obliged to their colleagues, especially to those with power of patronage.

    So work to get a term limit, so that nobody can spend their whole lives as congress critter, and work to get the possibility of a recall by the constituents for their representative.
    Some of our MPs are working on that, btw. Takes a long time …

    As for Third Party: if in staid good old England a fourth Party, UKIP, can grow, from a single-issue party to a national one, now polling 14%, and growing, then why not in your beautiful country, wehre you have a far greater tradition of grass root movements? And where is it written that a Third party cannot enter into an electoral coalition, with TEA party candidates?

    • ApplePie101

      UKIP is an example of what men and women can accomplish when they have clear principles and backbone. Nigel Farage is superb.

  • ApplePie101

    The only good from these few weeks is that many more of us see these self-styled ‘conservatives’ for the bureaucratic hacks they really are. I’m sorry for the few stalwarts, like Louis Gohmert, who have to live and work in that polluted pond.

  • john lewis

    He has no future. He’s cutting deals while in power. After all he has a right to secure his $$$$ future and take care of his corporate masters.

  • bjohnson55

    Got to Love Mark Levin!! The apathy within the Republican Party is caused by the actions of these RINO Republicans like Ryan and my very own Representative Cathy McMorris-Rogers. This is THE cancer killing the Republican Party, these kinds of capitulations on core principles are what cause Conservatives to not become more engaged in the process of turning this country back around to sanity. When will these people stand up and just say NO MORE!!! I think they all need a lecture from Nancy Reagan about just saying NO!

  • 12grace

    Gerard Depardieu Leaves France For Russia Over Misguided 75% Tax On the Wealthy

    Why Do They Want Us Disarmed?

    Coming to America…75% tax on wealthy and worse.

    Perhaps this is why they are making it increasingly difficult for American citizens to travel or leave the country. And they are trying to disarm us. They want to ensure, that as they give illegals Amnesty and their oppressive legislation continues that we will be forced to stay here and pay for their mess.

  • BHliberty

    Oh yeah, I enjoyed Mr. Levin’s lecture as always, especially the part where he cited when Thomas Jefferson, who at the time was leaning as an anti-federalist, believed that there should be a 12 month window between the time a bill was proposed to the time it should pass. He believed the people should have the time to read the bill and understand it before the congress took it up on the floor. At which time, the people could communicate to their reps if it was worth standing. Well, well, imagine that! Such wisdom our framers had!

    Now, congress shoves bills down our throats without even reading them to the detriment of all of us. The people should demand that we return to this form of legislation.

  • Constance

    I know it’s a well-worn and boring statement, but it still rings true. It is what a person does, not what they say, that truly defines them. Talk is cheap – actions tell you who that person is. So, in my opinion, Paul Ryan and Toomey and all the others who voted for this, have told me they are not who they tell me they are. Just watch what they do and ignore what they say. The truth always comes out that way.

  • I like Paul, but was very disappointed in his vote. I do understand the pressure they are under, and the fact that they are routinely asked to vote for things that have content they don’t agree with (i.e., pork). It is beat into their head that this is just how the sausage is made, so deal with it. so it is relatively easy to feel personally principled and vote for something a lot less than what you like in order to avoid something far worse.

    HOWEVER, if the Republican Party wants to survive (and I don’t care at this point), they had better start understanding that there are people on the other side and in their own party that are counting on this train of thought to advance the socialist/anti-constitutional agenda that is raging through our country’s elitist circles right now. They are now in a position to choose the right vs. the politically expedient. They are now in a position to risk their own political status and position, but walk away with their integrity.

    There is nothing sacred to the political elite (I can’t distinguish D or R anymore, because this isn’t just a D problem). In their mind they have all the good ideas. The Constitution is inconvenient and burdensome. The free market is dangerous and heartless. They reflect their own disposition by calling their conservative enemies cold and heartless. They aren’t interested in solutions that make a better society. They are interested in policies that slam society to their knees in worship to their political power. They’ve seen the power of hope, and they seek to covet that power by making you hope in them. This problem is why founding fathers like Washington were weary of people who wanted to be professional politicians.

    This is nothing new. It has been a problem with governments throughout the centuries. Even in the Biblical times when word came out that the “King of the Jews” was to be born, Herod committed infanticide on an entire town to avoid even the possibility of a challenge to his power and influence. Later in life, after killing James and trying all he could to quell the growing influence of Christ’s church, he intimidated the people to look unto him instead. He then put on his royal robes and tried to fool them into worshipping him. God had enough with him at that point and took care of the problem.

    Our conservative representatives need to understand that they are not immune to this disease in Washington. They need to be clear about why they are there, and not seek to be career politicians. If they find themselves being asked to choose between what is bad or worse for the people, they should choose neither. They should not only choose neither, but they are responsible to create and promote a better solution with like-minded colleagues. They will either do what we need to save this country, or they need to be “let go” (as Eastwood said so well).

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Ryan is a politican, did you expect anything different? Thankfully he did not get the Speaker of the House position. He would have sold us short, for sure.

  • Stehekin912

    We are betrayed and beset on all sides.

  • The first word that came to mind when I saw that Ryan voted FOR this debacle was “schizophrenic”. How can you be the author of REAL reform and then vote “yes” for a crap sandwich??? It’s truly, mind mindbogglingly schizophrenic.

    The problem is, and Rush articulated it so well yesterday, MOST of these Republicans (and I still believe Paul Ryan is one of them) are committed to fixing this mess, at the same time that they’re acknowledging a Dem-controlled Senate and a D (well, really an “M: (Marxist)) White House – so they THINK they’re leveraging positioning for future “debates” when all they’re doing is selling out their core beliefs and becoming an irrelevant party.

    “They’re still not understanding who they’re dealing with”. Amen, Rush. Amen.

    • mark1955

      BULSHE! The repubs “Understand who they’re dealing with” very well. The repubs have caved on everything! They could have stopped all of it including Obamacare in committee ( Olympia Snowe “When history call” ), Dodd/Frank ( Scott Brown,the final vote out of committee ), Food Safety and Modernization Act ( Tom Coburn,single vote by ‘Unanimous Consent’ ). Those repubs single votes could have ended those monstrosities in committee,but instead passed them. That’s not an accident,or stupidity,or cowardice. It’s Treasonous Complicity. But that’s not all. let’s take a look at where many repubs ,almost unanimously joined the dems in legislation to deliberately destroy our republic: Renewal of the Patriot Act,The NDAA right before this past Christmas with it’s indefinite detention of American citizen’s clause, the FISA Bill and not needing a Warrant for wiretapping,the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ dealearly New Years day. Every step of the way the repubs could have stopped EVERYTHING!

      Now comes the Big Enchilada. Trying to Abolish our God Given Second Ammendment Right’s. That is the Right that guarantees all others and gives them teeth. The most important Right that separates us from being a third World Dictatorship. And guess what? The repubs are going to give the dems that too. Why do you think Mark kirk made his sudden appearance today in the senate? To stab us in the back on the Assault Weapons Ban. http://www.southwestiowanews.com/council_bluffs/news/grassley-gun-control-should-include-other-weapons/article_5737b43c-4a48-11e2-b7cc-0019bb2963f4.html That link tellus not Only that Grassley wants the Assault Weapons Ban,but they are also looking at going beyond all Firearms and would like to regulate knives also. They ain’t stopping at Firearms and the reason the repubs are going to sell us out on this is because they are afraid we will find out they are Treasonous NWO sleeper cell lefties,who have been working all along with their dem Comrades to destroy our Republic from the inside for their Rockefeller/Rotschild Bankster Bosses! Also Rush is an NWO propped up phony. After the repubs sell us out on the Assault Weapons Ban,there will be nothing else for them to cave on and YOU think they don’t understand who the dems are. What they don’t understand,is who WE ARE!

  • this will doom ryan’s chances of ever becoming a presidential candidate – if he ever had/has one.

  • kssturgis62

    I just really do NOT UNDERSTAND why people are surprised by Paul Ryan’s vote.

    He was the Perfect Running mate for Romney. Does anyone read the government websites for their votes? Does anyone Bother to look at the votes and who voted for what.

    Paul Ryan has voted for the patriot act, for NDAA, he has voted for TARP, he voted for all kinds of spending and programs. His list of votes is UNREAL – HE talks out of both sides of his mouth and people are actually SURPRISED !!! Here is his list of VOTES and then tell me again that just because he talks about a budget, and took on Obama for Obamacare, does not mean he is CONSERVATIVE.



    Please even though some will – the ARGUMENT that if you don’t vote GOP the Liberal wins. THEY ARE ALL LIBERALS. Just some are farther left than others. There is no GOP member that doesn’t vote for pocket book or their interests. Oh yeah Justin Amash, and Rand Paul are pretty together. Sorry GOP you are pushing me so far right to libertarian. I believe in some government, but you are way to far left for me.

  • SKL53

    Now it makes total sense why Romney chose Ryan over Rubio! The insiders knew Ryan was a RINO! Rubio was NOT! Fiscal conservative my A#$!!!

    • kssturgis62

      Rubio is not this great guy either. Rubio does NOT have great character. Rubio has done things that are unacceptable, and more and more his true colors are showing.

      For instance why did he side with John McCain and bash Michelle Bachmann over the Muslim Brotherhood? Why is always pushing amnesty? Why did he take illegal campaign Contributions? Why did he use the Credit Card in Florida? Why did he gut 31 immigration bills in Florida? Why is he changing the date to pre date his birth of his father’s citizenship?

      rubio is not who or what he claims to be. if Rubio runs in 2016 I won’t be voting for him. Rubio is not who or what he says, and nope no candidate is perfect, but my gosh, is there anyone out there with character anymore. Oh and rubio wins on the tea party ride in 2010, but then refuses to stand with and for the tea party.

  • I gave up on the Republican Party ages ago and self-identify as a Libertarian-Conservative these days. They are focused on all the wrong issues.