Jackson Lee urges Obama to use 14th Amendment

Sheila Jackson Lee opened her mouth again today and let everyone know she’s a fool. According to Jackson Lee, here’s the laundry list of consequences from the economic collapse that would occur if the Boehner bill passes:

  • No more Medicare
  • No more Pell Grants
  • Seniors would be put out of nursing homes
  • Social Security would be trampled on
  • American savings would be lost
  • No one would be able to buy homes
  • Airplanes, trains, and buses would all be compromised
  • Children all over the world would die in the street

Ok, that last one I put in there myself. But why not? It matches perfectly her level of stupid. And of course it just got worse as she then told Obama to use the 14th Amendment:

And if we cannot pay our bills Mr. President, use the Constitution and use the 14th amendment…

They are really coming out of the woodwork to make Obama a dictator!

So what’s she holding up when telling Obama to use the 14th amendment? Funny, but I don’t remember the Constitution being that thick at all. Maybe it’s the liberal version of “Constitution for Dummies”. That would make more sense.

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