Jason Mattera chases down Harrison Ford to ask him about his getting his chest waxed for climate change

Jason Mattera tries to find out of Harrison Ford has anything to say about his hypocrisy on climate change after getting his chest waxed to bring awareness for the cause.

Consider this an open thread.

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  • stage9

    Um, is he wearing an earring? I didn’t know Indiana Jones/Hans Solo was a flamer.

    • SheerPolitics

      stage9 He got that after he hooked up with that goofy Calista Flockhart after dumping his wife of many years. One of those mid-life crisis things that now looks even more stupid on an old man like him!

  • badbadlibs

    Leftists are compete and utter imbeciles. At least this was funny to watch! What a total idiot!

  • YoJoe

    Jason is funny !
    Harrison Ford is testimony to the Holly Weird bunch – 
    This stunt is proof positive 
    7 – Seven planes -Very hypocritical
    “All men are created equal – but some are more equal than others”

  • mike3e4r7

    Bam!  That was great to watch!  Harrison Ford – another useful idiot talking down to us.  A follower after the latest fads (Kipling’s marketplace) trying to pretend he’s a leader, independent thinker, and educator.  Pretends he’s looking out for the little guy’s interests, when he doesn’t have a clue about what really effects the life of your average American.  I’ll give you a hint, Harrison, it aint climate change.  I know you live and wealth and comfort, but the rest of us are trying to deal with out of control government, taxation, inflation, and zero growth economy – not climate change.

  • Laurel A

    Every time I see Harrison Ford I see a man that holds the world record for the biggest mid-life crisis in history.

    What a tool…actually scratch that…tools are useful and he isn’t even that.

  • mike3e4r7

    Did you hear Indiana’s sarcastic response  of  “good question’ to Jason’s first question about whether he plans to have his chest waxed again?  So even before Jason started tearing into him he was being arrogant with this peasant bothering him with a stupid questioin about getting his chest waxed again.  So if had had any sympathy for Indiana before hand, it was totally lost with his arrogant and sarcastic response.  Go get em Jason!  No mercy on the fool.

  • DCGere

    Typical libtard – do as I say, not as I do.

  • njmom

    Another misguided hypocrite.

  • Laurel A

    If liberals really cared about the climate they would lower corporate taxes ie institute a flat tax and repatriate the money and jobs to America. But they don’t. They care about the climate nor do they care about the working man despite what they say.

    • WordsFailMe

      Laurel A  Just announced in California- “This is the second coldest April in history.”  So much for global warming and the rest of the communist treachery.

  • For crying out loud. I’ll never be able to watch Indian Jones movies again.  What an hypocritical idiot.

    • BlueGood

      AmericanborninCanada GOD BLESS JASON !
       we must continue to call out these sleazy lying sock puppets for what they really are…….
      Contact ROSA KOIRE…..google her and her incredible EXPOSE of the whole U.N. Agenda 21 & Climate Change. Rosa is from Cali!
      Never AGAIN will I watch Harrison Ford….

      • BlueGood AmericanborninCanada Sleazy lying sock puppets.  I like it.  I’ll most likely steal it and use it 😉 thanks BlueGoodbrother.

  • K-Bob

    With rare exception, the character on the screen has nothing to do with the actor.
    The best actors seem to be people with no actual personality of their own, nor any clue about reality.  Like a bright child desperate to please his parents, they simply trust the writers and directors (their parents) and make themselves “believe” anything the writers and directors (parents) put in front of them.  However, unlike a bright child, they don’t learn from anything they see. That only interferes with acting.
    This is why actors need to stay out of politics and “causes.” They are the most gullible people on the planet.

    • chicagodemrevenuestream

      K-Bob very interesting perspective

  • Barney59

    Puppets, all of them. If you look closely you can see the strings…

  • DebbyX

    He looks really gay with that dumb earring…………………not that that’s a bad thing.
    But it could be.

  • That was painful for me to watch.  I’m a big Ford fan ever since Star Wars and I think he’s been fed a line of crap about “climate change” and bought into it.  I would have though him more intelligent than that.   I don’t care if he owns 7 planes or 70 planes, if he has the money for them, good for him.  But he needs to re-evaluate this whole “climate change/global warming” nonsense and quick!

    • WolfieUSA speaking of 7’s he’s 70ish. Senility is just around the corner

      • Orangeone

        glegakis WolfieUSA Probably already reached it

    • Orangeone

      WolfieUSA Well he is with Calista “airhead” Flockhart…..

  • clubgitmo

    Gotta love Jason.

  • MaxArtifice

    Maybe it’s just me but I’m not getting the whole visual of an action movie star wearing a female accessory.