Jay Carney snarks at Ed Henry’s question pointing out unemployment for government workers is 4.2%

Ed Henry asked a fantastic question of Jay Carney today, asking why the president said on Friday that the weaknesses were in state and local government hiring when unemployment for government workers is 4.2% versus an unemployment rate of 9.5% in the agriculture-sector and 14.2% for construction workers. Carney responded by accusing Henry of ‘cherry picking’ statistics and then blamed Republicans for not passing the presidents proposal that would supposedly have decreased the unemployment rate for construction workers. Carney also mentioned “the worst recession since the great depression” several times. Imagine that.

Watch below:

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  • johnos2112

    With what happened in Wisconsin I say take the gloves off and defeat these people! Go after them! And go after what Obama really is a MARXIST! Call these people out for what their policies do.

    • conwis

      You are correct. What happened in Wisconsin should not stay in Wisconsin.

  • Amy

    When you don’t have a tax base that’s employed, it’s a little difficult to support public sector employees. It’s really that simple. Yet, try to explain that to a liberal and all you get is screeching hysteria. Honestly – simple math escapes these people.

    • kong1967

      They’ve got it all figured out. A shrinking private sector can only keep paying for an expanding and overbloated government one way….higher taxes. So, they DO have a plan…..get out your wallet, Amy. Asking for government to take cuts is out of the question.

      I hope we put Democrats in the minority for the next 40 years and I hope the unions die.

      • Amy

        I’m from Wisconsin – we showed them what our plan is… The general public liked it and showed the public sector who pays the bills.

        • kong1967

          That’s not all you did. You led the nation and have started what could be a wave of other states to follow.

    • #LiberalMath

    • Richard Easbey

      That’s because math is RAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!

  • onewaypockets

    Immediately Carney starts in on Henry with the standard Democrat mocking and derision…then seemlessly ends on Democrat talking points “much work to be done, etc”.

  • What I find interesting is that Carney says that we lost 8 million jobs since the start of the recession. He said that Obama was “responsible” for 4 million new jobs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that still means we have a net loss of 4 million jobs, and that’s according to Carney himself. That doesn’t sound like much of a “recovery” to me and I’m wondering if we would not have gotten those jobs anyway as a natural course of coming out of a recession. In short, doing nothing probably would have gotten us the same results. Instead, we’ve spent trillions of dollars we don’t have for a stagnant economy and high unemployment. That doesn’t look good for Obama heading into November, and the White House knows it.

    • FutureOnePercent

      Five trillion dollars in new debt, and someone please tell me what we’ve got to show for it?

      • Richard Easbey

        How about a president and a first lady who are having a REALLY good time on our dime? No?

  • dk_in_tn

    Carney is a JOKE. Is it 11-06-12 yet??

    • FutureOnePercent

      I started planning my Election Day party today… we’re gonna celebrate when this Imposter is replaced.

  • teri_b

    This administration tries to pretend that the economy Jimmy Carter left for Reagan to clean up was somehow not as bad as what Obama inherited.

    The long gas lines, the rationing, the mortgage interest rates of 17%, and high unemployment.

    I will agree that after Obama’s first term, we are now in worse shape than the Carter economy.

  • kong1967

    All this administration does is point fingers. I can’t wait to see liberals crying in their beer in November.

    • marketcomp

      me too!

      • kong1967

        More than likely they’ll be rioting and accusing Republicans of cheating (with no evidence while there will be tons of evidence of Democrat fraud…like always).

  • poljunkie

    I said earlier that Obama should dance out to the podium in the Kool Aid mans suit.

    One second thought Jay Carney should.

    I hope we make it til November.

  • marketcomp

    What about the stimulus! Wasn’t that almost $1Trillion suppose to create “Shovel ready jobs,” and then we heard the President saying that, ” I guess those jobs weren’t so shovel ready afterall.” This is why these people have lost all credibility with the American people. They lie all the time! These people really think we are stupid!

  • SSDD.

  • bartman44

    Cherry picking stats? I guess it’s okay for Obama to tout 4.3M new jobs in the last 27 months, which is not only cherry picking numbers, but not true to boot. Using BLS numbers, Obama used the lowest civilian labor force number during his administration (end of Feb 2010) and went from there. The true change in civilian employment is 3.7M jobs, not 4.3M. For his overall term, Obama can only claim 552K increase in this number. Carney is off base accusing Henry of cherry picking when Obama does more of it than anybody. Remember, half-truths are whole lies. I think “Carney” is a nickname for his job, CARNIVAL BARKER, because there’s always a side show he’s advertising.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    At this point, I think that the Press Corps should show up and — all of them — only ask a single question: “What does President Showbama take responsibility for?”

    Short of that, I honestly don’t see any need to have these press conferences.

    • Joe

      You are correct

      They should all boycott the next one

      That would be awesome

      or better –

      just Jake Tapper and Ed Henry should show up

  • There’s a reason it’s the Worst Recession Since the Great Depression: Obama has been implementing his policies throughout the recovery effort.

  • wodiej

    I’ll pass on listening to obama’s pr tool. He’s only slightly less smug than Gibb’s was. He spins things around for obama “like a record baby.”

  • I especially liked the reference, the hole was deep and filling it back in takes some time.
    I think that’s the same strategy the vietnamese communist used to fill their deep holes near the Hoa Lo Prison, better known as the Honie Hilton.
    Know the enemy.

    Tea Party Patriot

  • Sober_Thinking

    He’s a prepuce. Seriously, how does he get away with being such a weasil? He must get beat up in the halls and his lunch money stolen.

    • Joe


      “part” of me is offended


  • Joe
  • If they were fair Obama wouldn’t have been elected in 2008 3 years late a dollar short

  • PapaLouie

    The Obama regime has it exactly backwards. Government employees do not produce, they only consume. Creating government jobs does not create more jobs in the private sector. It is the other way around. A growing private sector creates the need for more government jobs.

    It would be like a doctor treating an anemic tapeworm victim by placing an IV in the tapeworm and telling the patient that growing the tapeworm and keeping it healthy will help the patient become healthy. That’s insane. It ignores the fact that a bigger, stronger tapeworm will siphon even more nutrients from its already weakened host. In a similar way, growing the government will keep the private sector weak by siphoning even more money away that could have been used to create productive jobs.

  • drphibes

    Poor Jay Carney. He thought he landed a dream job. Now, with every passing day, he’s been reduced to sounding more imbecilic and nonsensical with his double-talk defenses of the indefensible.

    • jondos

      Yeah, what is it with all of these journalists REPORTING on stuff? It only makes Jay Carney more and more confused.

  • drphibes

    What Krauthammer recently said of Clinton is true of Carney. We’re getting “word salad” – the incoherent ramblings of a psychotic.

  • sno_warrior

    “We knew the economy was in trouble, we just didn’t know how much trouble it was in.”
    This EXCUSE is getting pretty damn old!!!

  • jondos

    What I don’t understand is why this guy Obama was so surprised by exactly how problematic the economy was when he took over? He was a United States Senator and he had no clue about the condition of the economy? Are you kidding me? He had access to all sorts of classified and secure information, yet he was still surprised? He sat there with Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid and Chris Dodd and Hillary Clinton and what……..crickets? What an a**. This in itself should have been a red flag for voters in the last Presidential election.

  • hongryhawg

    It’s always funny when the rats go down with the ship.

  • J Carney “…The President will continue working on this, in between, golf, vacation, concerts, basketball, fund raising and campaigning. He’s on it!”

  • HeadHunter54

    Jay Carney’s ONLY function is to put a positive spin on the Obama administration’s ‘ achievements ‘ . He reminds me of the smart-assed guy in a bar, talking smack about you and / or your girlfriend because standing right next to him is the 6 ‘ 5 ” 295 lbs pro football player ( Obama ) so you are afarid to say anything back…

  • ram

    i use to hate jay, till i realize how of a job he has. imagine have the task of standing infront of the press and lay for the obama. always having to find words to say and elavorate on each lies. well jay f#[email protected] yourself for willing to lie to the american people who pays your salaries idiot. still hate your sorry ass. hope your parents are so froud of you for screw them, their friends and the american people. nice job to sell your sole to the devil.

  • giomerica

    I’m not surprised by any of this. We are, after all… suffering through the worst administration since the Great Depression.