Jay Carney refuses to condemn Priorities USA ad, calls Ed Henry a hack

Ed Henry asked Jay Carney today how the president could call for changing the tone, making it part of his vision in 2008, and yet stand by idly as a Super PAC run by one of his former aids alleges that Romney is responsible for someone’s death. Carney starts by calling into question Ed Henry’s allegiances:

I don’t imagine you are asking the Romney campaign why they haven’t condemned the third party ad that suggests the president may not be an American citizen.

Ugh. Instead of answering directly, he chooses to malign Ed Henry for asking the question. He then asserts they don’t control third party ads and refuses to even utter anything that sounds like a condemnation of the ad in question.

Ed Henry does a report after the segment where he reminds viewers of this:

“While they keep saying this third party group is far outside [and] they’ve got nothing to do with it, we do have to remind everyone that back in February the president sorta blessed this democratic Super PAC, urged his campaign donors to give to the group and that top White House aids like David Plouffe have been involved in fundraising for this group.”

A very important point.

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  • johnos2112

    Imagine what these clowns would do with a second term. Obama would probably declare Henry in violation of the NDAA and throw him jail!

    • Hey Jayboy. Perhaps the reason Ed hasn’t asked the Romney campain anything is because he is the WHITE HOUSE cOORESPONDANT.

      • johnos2112

        Whatever hotshot.  Carney is a piece of garbage!  U know this!

        • By jayboy I meant carney. I was adding more to your statement. Carney is as smug as they get. I just wish Harris said that he’d be happy to ask Romney as soon as I am assigned to him instead of your smug puss.

          • johnos2112

            My apologies.  This election cycle has me on edge.

  • Ranger1325

    If I were Ed, I’d point this out every single day until election.

    • Yazz55

      I’d also ask him what the capital of Israel is daily.

      • sybilll


  • maynardb50

    Carney, you are a punk!! at best.

  • WordsFailMe

    I like the part where he condemns Romney for failing to disavow Sheriff Arpaio. You’re draggin’ a**, Carney–Pick up the pace or take off the petticoat. troop.

  • MaroonRepublic

    Carney is the hack. Sounds like a 12 year old when ask them a direct question about something they did but the deflect and say all the other kid’s do it.

    Hey Obama Administration. For once, take responsibility for something.

  • 911Infidel

    Speaking of hacks, I just looked up the word in the dictionary and it defines the word hack as a Carney. As in clown Carney.

  • DCGere

    As with everyone in this admin, avoid direct answers and spin. This is blowing up in their faces big time.

  • When Obama endorses this superPAC and sends his staff out to fund raise for them, they have ceased to be independent.

  • RH

    Jay Carney , I mean Mr. Claire Schiffman is the hack .

  • Oh for pete’s sake!!!!!

    The Obama Super Pac was created in response to the citizen’s United ruling and was formed by Obama’s inner circle and top staffers. Take note to be on Obama’s staff in any way, shape, or form you have to be part of his inner circle.

    Wake up world before it’s too late. Also note that anytime you hear “Koch Brother’s” from anyone it is to provide cover and deflection for all of the rich folk supporting Obama that includes Soros, his pals at Progressive Insurance, Hollywood, Wall Street Bankers, Unions, Silicon Valley. And that is the short list!!!

  • steprock

    The WH SpokesTool often does that. He doesn’t like the question, so he mocks the questioner. It’s classic behavior. Immature and in keeping with a totalitarian state.

    • It’s straight out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. I forget which number it is but you can look it up on the web.

  • odin147

    First of all Mr. Spokeskid, there is no evidence of any fundraising or connection between Romneys campaign and the third pary PAC that questioned the one’s citizenship, when there is enough evidence to bring that question up. He does not think, walk, talk like an American may be he is not American.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Jay Carney always looks as if he’s about to cry…I would to if my boss was obama! But Carney signed on to the job so he should as least try to look and sound convincing when he’s spinning the “stuff” that comes out of the White House!!! Is he the worse Press Secretary ever or what??????

  • I just realized that there is money to be made in all this. All I have to figure out is how to sell lies from the Democrat party. I could push Warren back another step on the richest list.

  • Rshill7

    I have a difficult time even looking at this guy. He’s a criminal accomplice of the same stripe as Iraq’s Baghdad Bob was, only waaaaaaay less likable.

    If he could hold his breath for 2 minutes, he deserves a full 3 minute bear hug from yours truly. Might that make him blue? Sure it would.

    Just letting off a little steam there. “Here is my handle, here is my spout…”
    I think Ed Henry enjoys getting under his scales skin.

  • p m

    Carney is such a pimp, just like the rest of this administration.

    • Rshill7

      I think they’re all whores. The pimps are Soros and the author(s) of “Das Kapital”.

      • p m

        A fine distinction Rs – not really up on that kind of thing!
        But yeah, the executors of the commie policies would be the w’s and Soros and his shower plus most of the media are the p’s.
        Thanks for clarifying.

  • TheRedLeaf

    For awhile now I’ve thought white house representative was one of THE hardest jobs because whoever stands there has to sing and dance the current administration is good and dandy, so why can’t they find anyone else better? Lying is an art, and this guy has no talent.

  • marketcomp

    These people look a every opportunity to demean anyone who challenges their actions and to further solidify their lies. These administration should be called the lying administration because everything that they do is either based on lies or policies created from lies.

  • tvlgds

    Jay Carney is a tool. I can’t take anything he says seriously. He looks like Obammy got him out of a middle school somewhere!

    • GreenBeretWay

      He looks like a little Boy Scout that washed my car at a fund raiser the other day.

      Only the Boy Scout was polite,efficient and truthful. (He found five bucks under my seat and made sure I got it) Carney on the other hand would have pocketed it and swore he never saw it and refer you to Treasury for answers.

      What a reject.

  • white531

    Jay Carney could stand on the sidewalk with a camera filming him in a driving rainstorm and tell the camera with a straight face that it’s not raining.

  • badbadlibs

    Ah, the pesky truth….carney and his vicous ilk just don’t like it when they have to answer for their deceit.

  • GuessWhoFan

    This little turd deserves an atomic wedgie. What a punk.

  • I don’t know how Carney can live with himself and look at himself in the mirror. He must have sold his soul itself because that’s the only excuse I can thing of.

    As for Ed Henry. If NObama manages to rig the election and win, Mr Henry will be sent away “never to be allowed to ask questions” again… If he’s LUCKY!

    As for that SuperPAC. I believe it’s as independent as Media Matters or Move on or the HuffnPuff… er… well, nevermind.

  • stage9

    “I don’t imagine you are asking the Romney campaign why they haven’t condemned the third party ad that suggests the president may not be an American citizen.”

    First of all imbecile NO ONE HAS SAID Obama is NOT an American citizen…what they’re alleging is that he was not BORN IN THE US and therefore is unqualified, according to the US Constitution (our old standard of government before 2008), to be president of the United States!

    You can STILL be a US citizen WITHOUT being a NATURALIZED citizen!

  • Sober_Thinking

    I’ll just go on impotently pointing out that Carney is a tool and Carney will just go on effectively proving that he’s a tool.

    I love that the press is picking up on this. Ed Henry goes into the lion’s den every day. I appreciate him.

    Obama’s campaign is a massive pile of of lies and deflection. He’s guilty of so much lawlessness and slander… and lemmings still follow this lying Pied Piper to America’s doom.

    • toongoon


      • Sober_Thinking

        Toongoon… yes, I’m interested. I appreciate your consideration. Thanks!

        • toongoon


        • toongoon

          My avatar is the lone warrior.

        • If you have a hard time finding toon, you can try mine, and I’ve got the duck avatar there too 🙂

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    Jay Cornbread call Ed Henry a hack?


  • GreenBeretWay

    Someone needs to drop kick Boy Wonder and his Under-Roos into next Friday.

    • I nominate you! 😀

      • GreenBeretWay

        Me? I don’t think the secret service would look to kindly on that action.I know a few guys that went on to work there,but I don’t think I would get a pass.I would spend the rest of my days in a cage.

        • Sorry myGreenBeret, I’ve had a bad summer cold and my brain is not working lol. I’ve been sweating it out, so it’s clearing some and I see the wisdom of your words 🙂 I wouldn’t want that! Although it’d be fun to watch someone kick junior to next week. Have a blessed day my friend!

          • GreenBeretWay

            I hope you feel better Duckie.Summer colds are the worst.

            I would kick the little skunk if it made you feel better.
            He is a mealy mouthed twerp.He never has an answer if it makes O look bad.
            He has a case of amnesia.
            Convenient huh?
            What do you think about the Ryan pick?

            • LOL you make me laugh. Sweet!
              The Ryan pick is OK. He could’a done worse. Besides I like it when liberals are bleeding out their eyeballs, and I imagine the Ryan pick has caused some of that lol!

              As for junior- he’ll get what he deserves some day, but maybe he’ll grow up and get a clue before then.

              • GreenBeretWay

                I was gaming for West as you know but I think Ryan will force the economy back on the table and O is avoiding that conversation like the plague.
                Claire Shipman needs to whack Junior over the head with some common sense,but she needs to find it first.
                Man I hope they can pull it off in November.If not I am gonna leave this job.I’m a 2 digit midget right now and will not re-up if things don’t change.

                • I was hoping for West to go along with Cain or Bachmann. But that’s long gone. Like I tell my boy, when he asks, “Will mitt do anything good?” I tell him he’ll be able to get the economy moving again. I’m really not holding my breath for much else, but I’m keeping my mouth shut for a while on all that. Hopefully things will go better, and hopefully November will come, the election will happen and we won’t have a marxist dear leader anymore, and myGreenBeret will be a happy guy doing whatever job it is that he does well 😀

  • Obama never admits wrongdoing. Even when it came to Wright, he didn’t admit Wright did something wrong. Instead, he made excuses as to why Wright was the way he was and that we should give him a pass.

    Romney needs to come up with more scenarios like this where Obama won’t back down and everyone knows it’s bad for Obama the longer he resists. Or rather, Romney needs to let Obama and/or his superPAC’s come up with more scenarios like this.

  • greatj

    SHAME ON YOU BARAK OBAMA and all your Democratic party misinfomation/propagandists.

  • aZjimbo

    And jay carney still continues to be the dumbest of the dumb.

  • forgetyoutooo

    I believe this nation needs a lesson on Socialism. On a daily basis. And as soon as possible.

  • forgetyoutooo

    Carney has learned from his boss the art of “they don’t need to know, I don’t want them to know anything and they can just keep asking and the liberal media will make them look stupid for asking. We have it made!”

    They all have that same smile and laugh when they are lying, they know we know they are lying and they continue to lie and smile and laugh. They are enjoying it all so much.

    It’s all a game for Obama and his Chicago Thugs.

  • TheRedWriter

    I watched the whole video twice. I never heard Carney call Ed a hack. This headline is a lie.

    • he did in effect call ed a hack by accusing him of not condemning a romney ad. this is the usual tact by the skinny marxist and those who toil for him– diversion and projection are their favorite tools and their operating principle is: why dazzle them with brilliance when you can baffle them with bull sheet.

      • TheRedWriter

        He did not use the word hack, which is what the headline says he does, therefore, this headline is false and misleading.  I’ve found that this website uses hyperbole quite frequently in its headlines.  I’m not sure why.  Reality is bad enough.

  • donmoffet

    Carney is a snotty little jerk.

  • jay the press brat is as slippery as a watermelon seed. he does occasionally look like a stunned mullet but he usually has a ready lie or two to right the ship. someday he will run out of lies and people to lie to but that won’t happen soon enough i’m afraid.

  • cheyennecowboy

    Same-O, Same-O…if dems and liberal wing-nuts can’t win the argument based FACT, they attack the other person, PERSONALLY! Shameful..they are idiots!