JESSE JACKSON: Trayvon didn’t get a jury of his peers… FOX NEWS HOST: You don’t think they were Americans?

Jesse Jackson was on with Fox News host Harris Faulkner today and she challenged him on some of his race-baiting assumptions. She started by asking him what he’s fighting exactly, given that this process of justice that we’ve all agreed to finally yielded a verdict of not guilty. Jackson responded by blaming the jury, saying that Trayvon Martin didn’t get a ‘jury of his peers’. But Faulkner interrupted him asking “you don’t think those six women were Americans?” Jackson responded that those six women don’t represent Trayvon’s ‘peers’, saying that not one male, not one black was in the jury.

Faulker didn’t let him off that easy, asking Jackson if he was then upset with the prosecution because both they and the defense picked the jury of six women. Jackson agreed and said the prosecution tried to avoid the issue of race altogether and said if Trayvon had been a young white boy, Zimmerman wouldn’t have followed him.

Ugh. There’s more below. Watch:

UPDATE: A great point by Johnny Dollar:

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  • badbadlibs

    Wasn’t it Zimmerman that was suppose to face a jury of HIS peers? Or do I have that wrong?

    • AnnePackSeay

      badbadlibs you are correct

      • badbadlibs

        Thank you, that’s what I thought. So, what is Jackson talking about??? Either he is ignorant to the facts or he is deliberately trying to make sure his followers stay stupid.

        • MaroonRepublic

          Lol. Probably both albeit inadvertently.

  • Political Pugilist

    Who was on trial? Trayvon or Zimmerman?

    • tinlizzieowner

      Political Pugilist  
      That’s a good question? The White House, The ‘Just-Us’ Dept, The NAACP, the media and the Black Panthers had already ‘convicted’ Zimmerman?


    This jerk Jackson is nothing less than another Apostate prostitute.

  • sirrusrider5150

    What the Reverend conveniently forgets is that Zimmerman is on trial therefore it has to be a jury of his peers not a panel of thuggish dropouts which would be a jury if Tryvon was on trial .

  • Alicia701

    Anyone notice the Workers World Party on the sign saying Capitalism is racism sign…huh..interesting…..

    • MolonLabe17

      Alicia701 Yep…the communists and marxists.

  • enoughofthenonsense

    He is an idiot… is hereditary and he passed on to his son who is in/or going to prison where his father belongs too…..

  • celestiallady

    When are some of these people gonna get over the past. How long are they gonna keep this up? Forever? It’s way past being old!

    • badbadlibs

      celestiallady It’s how he and Sharpton make their living. They live fine lives, nothing but the best. They must make sure MLK’s dream never comes true (judged by content of the heart) or else they will have to get jobs and that will never do.

  • “Doing all the right stuff. Going home…” Really? Is that what the Martin guy did? Did GZ hunt him down to to his father’s GF and kill him on the porch? Pretty sure, that’s not what happened. Wait, I was wrong, George and green dragged him back a couple of blocks and staged the crime. Only Hollyweird could make that chit up.
    “We as a nation cling to the notion that all are innocent until proven guilty…: Except in cases where a black is killed by a non black, then Jesse and company must assume said non black is guilty regardless of the facts.
    ” A jury of Travon’s peers” Never heard him dispute OJ’s  all black jury. If they were all white because the victims were white well, OJ would kinda be dead right now…..

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Trayvon Martin didn’t get a ‘jury of his peers’.
    You’re right Mr. Jackass. The jury didn’t consist of Black Panthers’, did it. 😉 😉
    Your son didn’t get ‘a jury of his peers’ either, it wasn’t stacked with ‘crooks’. 😉 😉

    Better luck next time. 🙂

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Bam!  Nice one!

    • Nukeman

      Seems to me a jury of Trayvon’s peers would be 6 dead, black thugs. Might smell up the courtroom, but it wouldn’t have been any more of a circus than what we saw (until the verdict, that is).

      • tinlizzieowner

        Nukeman tinlizzieowner 
        Trayvon Martin was a product of the times. An ‘entitled’, spoiled, brat that was excused of any responsibility for his actions, again and again, until one of those actions (attacking somebody with ‘packing power’ instead of punching power), cost him dearly.
        Actions have consequences. In spite of what the (liberal) ‘excuse makers’ say.

  • opinionatedhermit

    Earth to Jessie: In our little part of the world, we normally don’t put the dead guy on trial…..

    • Keyes

      Yeah, in order for it to have been a jury of Trayvon’s peers they would have had to gone to a cemetary.

  • Proud Army Wife

    LOL.  I thought Jessie Jackson was suppose to be smart? Stupid me!!!!

    • Proud Army Wife Compared to Obama he is.

  • MaroonRepublic

    What an idiot. When I saw Scoops headline, I was like who was on trial again?
    Sooooo, I guess in Jesse’s eyes, black men are incapable of looking at the evidence and giving a fair verdict? I mean to see the evidence, there was no other fair verdict to be given.

  • nosilasunny

    He was on Fox with Judge Pirro directly before the announcement that there was a verdict last night. He was playing fast and loose with the facts then, so I am not surprised that he would do the same with Constitution today. He has probably never read it. Then couple of minutes I saw last night was so bad I had to turn it off. I am now extending my Obama rule to include Jesse Jackson…I will not voluntarily subject myself to listening to him.

    • hbnolikeee

      nosilasunny The only reason the Revun hain’t red it iz cause it ain’ bin transated to Ebonics.

  • marketcomp

    Does this dumba**, The Rev. Jessie Jackson- the cheatin husband who had a baby out of wedlock, know that both the prosecutor and the defense picked the jurors and had to agree on the choices! And if there was a problem I am sure the prosecutors would have objected! What a loser!

    • MaroonRepublic

      They thought they could pressure a guilty verdict and when they didn’t get it, whaaaaaa!

    • Proud Army Wife

      marketcomp Rev Jackson is counting on the sheeple not knowing the facts.  He is counting on them just agreeing to what he says.

      • badbadlibs

        Proud Army Wife 
        And he has nothing to fear, sadly.

  • DCGere

    Johnny Dollar is spot on. But Jackson doesn’t care much for facts in pursuit of his agenda.

  • Proud Army Wife

    Johnny Dollar nailed it.  I love it when these race baiters are made to look exactly like what they are RACE BAITERS who try to make money off of something they have no business being a part of.

    • MaroonRepublic

      You would think he’d turn his attention to his own backyard but there are no cameras there and no money to be made.

  • KarenMayerHopkins

    Jesse Jackson is a parasitical hate monger who THRIVES on HATRED.  Jesse, go sit on the toilet and then YOU’LL be in YOUR rightful place!  WHAT do you have to say about all the BLACK ON BLACK CRIME?  WHAT ABOUT THE OJ SIMPSON VERDICT?  WHAT ABOUT THE CRIMES OF YOUR OWN CHILD?

  • uncmetsgal
    • MaroonRepublic

      So true.
      Mr. Holliday is a polar opposite of Obama and his ilk.

    • uncmetsgal Indeed!

  • DHardy

    What Jackson wanted was a group of black people to try Zimmerman…Jackson It’s a group of Zimmermans peers NOT Trayvon the thugs you moron…If it was a group of Trayvons Peers we would need to look to the state prison for the jury……

  • lilium479

    Jesse the Poverty Pimp should be in jail with his son.

    • joperole

      He is on the corner of south side chicago drinking a 40 oz of democrat juice

  • billma40

    Jesse Jackson is  correct that Travon didn’t have a jury of his peers but that’s because they don’t hold trials in prisons

    • DHardy

      billma40 Trayvon was on trial…so it’s supposed to be a jury of Zimmermans peers not trayvons..

      • billma40

        DHardy billma40  
        Sorry to correct you but Zimmerman was on trial, not Trayvon, so Zimmerman is supposed to have a jury of his peers.  Maybe I should have typed sarc,, but i figured most people would understand I was being sarcastic toward Jesse the Jackass.

  • uncmetsgal
    Maybe the media, and Reverend JERKson would have time for THIS story, to celebrate THIS hero, if they weren’t so busy creating – and then fanning the flames of – racial tension.

    • Keyes

      That should have been national news.

  • uncmetsgal

    Oh, what the heck… here’s ANOTHER…
    And we could go on, and on, and on…  But confronting ideologues with facts is an exercise in futility.

    • Keyes

      Oh my gosh, that is heartwrenching. Did he shoot that baby on purpose?

      • uncmetsgal

        Yes, he did.

        • Keyes

          So beyond evil.

  • VB501

    I just can’t even watch it!

  • PNWShan

    “They should not discredit the legacy of Trayvon Marton.” What kind of legacy does some dope-smoking, gangsta-wannabe have? People who do the right thing regardless of circumstances, people who achieve, who fight for good … they have legacies. Not people who decide to beat some one up and then get shot in the process.

  • ElizabethDowney

    Jesse Jackson is assuming that he knows what Zimmerman was thinking…assumption is the mother of all f**k ups…and what about Jesse Jackson talking about all the blacks who kill blacks?…let it go…the verdict is not what u like so u keep pushing the race factor…he (Zimmerman) is also a minority too!

  • Keyes

    Is this the same Reverrrerend Je$$ee Jack$son that said he was relieved one night when he heard footsteps behind him on a city street and turned and saw it was a white man?
    That Reverrrerend Je$$ee Jack$on?

  • PNWShan

    And why are youth 50% unemployed? Could it have anything to do with failed social welfare policies that encourage young women to have children without fathers? Could it have anything to do with a failed educational system, run into the ground by teachers’ unions and political correctness? Could it have anything to do with failed economic policies of the Obama regime?
    So painful to listen to Jesse Jackson! Not just for his idiocy and lies, but he talks like his entire head has been numbed by Novocain.

  • steveangll77

    Do not pay attention to the fact that black on black murders are sky high.  That black men are statistically far more likely to commit crimes and black teens are even more likely to commit crimes.
    If there were a white guy in a hoodie acting all drugged out it is very likely that GZ would have done exactly as he did with with TM.

  • Kcid Rekrap

    Oh Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, you are one messed up race baiter.
    Talk to me, son….., talk to me about the killing fields in Chicago,
    the gun free zones where dozens of your brothers and sisters
    are killed every month………….black on black!  Must not be any
    incentive for you in going to war over that. Color me confused,
    but I don’t see white killing their own en masse like the ghetto bros.
    The white man is not your issue,  a&&hole………… Gain some
    self-respect and deal with it, moron. Your legacy is waiting.
    As for Trayvon, he found out their are consequences to thuggery….. tough s**t!

    • No_BlahBlah

      Kcid Rekrap interesting name, lol
      Yes the rev is all hyped up it seems, maybe he’s into the ‘Lean’ for his beverages,
      According to rev flimflam last year there were 57 ‘murders’ of citizens by chicago police 93%(?his mouth marbles get in the way)  of which were young black men??
      jes baby, how many kill each other every week up in chitown?
      I’m surprised the police even get out of bradley vehicles up there, for what?
      It’s a gun free zone! oCommie and rahmbo say that leads to No Crime.

  • nhLevinitized

    What technicality is it that Jesse claims got Zimmerman off? This is news to me that GZ got off on a technicality.

    • volgeek

      nhLevinitized In his world, the total lack of evidence of a crime being committed is a technicality.

    • PVG

      nhLevinitized A technicality, like an ill-fitting glove?

  • joperole

    Jesse Jackson the American people have had enough of your Uncle Tom–ery… Your knuckle head son Jesse jr. Did not represent his voters, just himself in Chicago… Why don’t you and that bootleg rev al sharp ton do something about all the young homosexual black men who gunning each other down on the south side of Chicago… But you are busy Uncle Tom-ing up and jaw jacking, and Bo jangling on tv.

  • bluerose3335

    I see as usual the Rev Black Bigot is opening his polluted trap door and nothing but BS streams out of his lying mouth.  Hey Jesse go BONK your Mistresses…oh dear REVEREND of the FRAUD CHURCH.  93 percent Jesse…go stick that in your mouth…93 PERCENT OF BLACK CRIME IS DONE BY BLACKS JESSE…how about addressing that Rev Black Bigot.  This pathetic selective and predictable BLACK OUTRAGE…as usual….and notice how the Rev Black Bigot REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT ZIMMERMAN is HISPANIC!!….amazing for a man of the cloth….YEAH RIGHT!

  • Why does FOX News, a supposed conservative news outlet have this sorry racist excuse for a human on their  network in the first place?  Anyone that allows this POS on their news is giving credence to this ignorant low-life shit stirrer.   He and Al (not so) Sharpton need to share a cell in Leavenworth Federal Pen together.

    • volgeek

      MadJack I guess since they have hired his daughter as a paid contributor, they have to bring him on occassionally to keep her happy.

  • bluerose3335

    What amazes me…how we are told NO HIGH FIVE CELEBRATING OF JUSTICE….but it is OKAY FOR THE BLACKS TO RIOT, DESTROY, VENT, SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT…but the MAJORITY should just be good little boys and girls fold our hands and take this CRAP!  This is just incredible….not once and I mean not once did any WHITES RIOT after OJ….not once….and BLACKS CELEBRATED that man’s verdict for a crime that was as evil as could be…yet here once again WHITE PEOPLE BEHAVE and BLACKS do whatever….it is the problem with BLACKS and will continue.  BLACKS ARE BLACKS worst enemies and always will be!

  • doofuschmartz

    The real crime, Jesse Jackass, is that 95-99% of those people (not 50% as you said) are unemployed and collecting welfare money and food stamps from the hardworking taxpayers of this country, so they can be out there on the street acting the fool and causing more trouble than they’re worth…AIR BANDITS…

  • nibblesyble

    Love Harris more and more. She said yesterday that the only racial thing said was from Trayvon for calling George a ‘cracker’!

  • stardog235

    The prosecution had to interview and approve the jurors, too. Evidently Mr. Jackson skipped that day in 8th grade civics class.

    • volgeek

      stardog235 What evidence do you have that he made it to the 8th grade?

  • mommabearoffour

    I can’t understand half the things he said.  This guy is a joke.  Him and his buddy Sharpton.  They think they have their little group in the President, the DOJ thinking they will be their puppets.  The sad thing is it’s probably true.   If they want the racism to stop, stop bringing it up.  And for a girl to sit on the stand and say white cracker isn’t offensive is just disgusting.  I am beyond done with this crap.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I believe the term was, “creepy a$$ cracka.” Truly a revealing look at modern day race relations… Yes – disgusting.

  • volgeek

    Hey Rev, remember this? – “Thou shall not bear false witness”? Knowing that you will be burning in Hell for all eternity for your likes makes me smile.
    Of course Zimmerman would not have been following him had he been white, the community was not dealing with a series of home break-ins by white teenagers.

  • XL0GIC1013

    Let’s move on! George Zimmerman will never have a normal life. He will always have to look over his shoulder. The media smeared him on purpose. The DOJ had better not file charges. This situation got worse because Obama said something that started another fire over a year ago. He never learns!
    I also want to see a consistent policy in the social media forums. It is tiring seeing some very irresponsible posts and trying to delete them. The worst one was Spike Lee’s doozy that put the lives of an innocent couple in possible danger.

  • Mickey33

    Jesse jackson and al sharpton are two of the most racist people in the United States! if they weren’t out there dividing people and shouting how racist all of the white people are they wouldn’t have a jobs !!!! Why are they not out there in the streets of Chicago shouting about all of the shooting deaths there why aren’t they shouting those shootings are racist????They are both horrible people !!

    • BS61


    • DawgfanInFL

      No justice for Darryl Green, Jesse? I get it, it’s ok since he was riddled with bullets by a gang of his peers. Peers who left his body to decompose. You are a washed up racist Jackson.

  • brjohnson

    OH hey there is Jessee, I was wondering how long it would be before he poked his head up out to the slime.

  • PVG
  • kong1967

    Jackson, you’re a race baiting jerk.  The jury is not there to get justice for Trayvon.  The jury is to get justice….period.  In this case, there WAS justice.  Justice does not mean “guilty”.  Justice is getting to the truth and making the right decision no matter which way it goes.  
    Jackson makes it sound like they should have stacked the jury with 6 angry young black men wanted blood.  He’s responsible for helping the blacks stay on the Democrat plantation by keeping them believing they are victims of the white man and the Republican party.  Democrats are completely responsible for the plight of the black man today.  They are intentionally keeping them down, so Democrats have not changed at all since the KKK and slavery days.  They’ll do it one way or another.

  • BS61

    Ugh is right TRS!  I can’t bring myself to listen!  As a former Chgo Dem, I’ve heard way too much from him!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Just curious: What made you cross to the other side? It’s hard to change convictions. A Chicago Dem, no less! How did the truth finally sink in? Perhaps your conversion can help us work on the seemingly brain dead gimmecrats in our own lives. TIA.

  • twoblackcats

    Uhm,, what do you suppose he thinks about his son being convicted of fraud?  Still not legal?  Still racial?  Two way street brother.  In Chicago, many black youths are killed.  Where are you on that?  I don’t see you in the street rioting about that.

  • WordsFailMe

    Obama could have been Jesse’s son. And probably is.

    • Orangeone

      WordsFailMe Or the son of the sharpless idiot.

    • Orangeone

      WordsFailMe Or the son of the sharpless idiot.

  • GregZotta

    black racialists did not listen to the facts of this case. They were stirred up
    by the race-baiters and the manipulative media and their only concern was a
    black ‘child” was killed, by a “white” Hispanic. Do you think they are
    concerned with the multitude of black children that are being killed on a daily
    basis in cities around the country, by black thugs? Trayvon Martin is dead because of the actions of Trayvon
    Martin. This case should have never been brought based on the facts. It was
    brought on by the Obama Regime race-baiters. George Zimmerman was doing his job
    as the neighborhood watchman, when he was attacked by Trayvon Martin and had to
    shoot him to keep from getting killed. What does have relevance is Zimmerman’s frame of
    mind when Trayvon continued to bash Zimmerman’s head against the concrete.
    Zimmerman was in fear of his life and believed Trayvon would kill him. Therefore,
    Zimmerman has/had the right to defend himself.

    • Orangeone

      GregZotta IMO the blacks are to ignorant to understand directions to the highway let alone the basics of our judicial system.  In their minds and with Holder and Obama’s repeated demonstration with Fast and Furious and Benghazi, blacks’ actions are always legal, whites are always illegal.

  • GregZotta

    Jesse Jackson is a race baiting, tax cheating, extortionist and is ignorant of the law. George Zimmerman was doing his job as the neighborhood watchman, when he
    was attacked by Trayvon Martin and had to shoot him to keep from getting
    killed. Trayvon Martin is dead because of the actions of Trayvon Martin. This
    case should have never been brought based on the facts. It was brought on by
    the Obama Regime race-baiters. It has also been learned that Trayvon had some
    problems in school and was caught spray painting graffiti by the school guard
    and Trayvon was found to be in possession of jewelry stolen in a burglary along
    with a burglar tool.. When asked about it Trayvon claimed he was holding the
    items for a person he refused to identify. The jewelry was then reported as
    found property and turned over to the police.

  • GregZotta

    Jesse Jackson STFU. George Zimmerman did NOT murder the thug Trayvon Martin, you FOOL, Zimmerman was DEFENDING his life, which is a BASIC civil right!

    • The Sentinel

      Seems to me that the jury reached that same conclusion.

      • Orangeone

        The Sentinel  GregZotta And the Martin family thug friends are calling for the murder of the jurors.

        • The Sentinel

          Orangeone The Sentinel  GregZotta 
          Oh come on… is that true? If so, then that is inexcusable and those people should be in jail. This is pathetic.

        • Orangeone

          The Sentinel OrangeoneGregZottaWell you have their “call to action so this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s child” and this ““,” and this “all them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid”

      • Orangeone

        The Sentinel  GregZotta And the Martin family thug friends are calling for the murder of the jurors.

  • sdharms

    Why didnt she point out what a fool he is by asking him if TM was on trial? Thats who gets a jury, the one on Trial. Why does no one make fun of him? Same with Obama. They need to be ridiculed.

  • Proudhispanicconservative

    He probably only agreed to the interview because he thought he was going to get off easy on the interview because Harris Faulkner is black……………… Wrong.

    • Orangeone

      Proudhispanicconservative But she is stupid.  She is ignorant that it is the defendant who is entitled to a jury of his peers.

  • Sgt Zim

    And I suppose that if another James Byrd-style murder were to happen, reverand jesse would want those murderers to have a jury made up of klansmen?  Epic fail, jesse (like that’s a big surprise).  Go crawl back under your rock.

    • Orangeone

      Sgt Zim Great point!

  • The Sentinel

    Jesse Jackson won’t get paid if he doesn’t play the race card (again and again and again).
    This man is a joke.

    • Orangeone

      The Sentinel And belongs in GenPop at the fedpen with his criminal son.

  • The Sentinel

    Alright, my final observation about this case.
    1. Even though the police found Zimmerman innocent and didn’t charge him, the corrupt and DOJ-influenced AG in Florida dragged Zimmerman in, charge him excessively, and could barely contain her glee at announcing it.
    2. They picked 6 women for the jury… perhaps the prosecution thought they would take Trayvon’s mother’s side and judge Zimmerman harshly for killing her precious baby?
    3. Throughout the trial, the judge did everything she possibly could to taint the trial and sway the evidence against Zimmerman. (She should be disbarred btw)
    4. The media had a blitzkrieg on Zimmerman and did everything they could to convict him and distort the facts. Even today, MSNBC is saying Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon – perhaps to help the next case?
    So, the leftists, racists and idiots of this country got everything they could want and yet Zimmerman was rightfully acquitted. Now they’re gonna whine about it and cry even louder? Zimmerman is likely going to be dragged through more courts and eternal condemnation from racists for the rest of his life. He will always be in fear of his life. And Jesse kept his big lying mouth shut for months, only to come out of his cave now when he senses an opportunity.
    This is what America has become: guilty until proven innocent. Zimmerman was proven innocent. PROVEN! But that won’t stop the damned bottom-feeders from trying to take another nip out of him.
    I’d like to see Trayvon’s family stand up now and say, “Enough’s enough. Stop the protests, stop the riots, stop the racism. Let us all heal now and move on with our life.” But Jesse, Al and all the other parasites simply won’t let it go. I guess they have nothing better to do… plus, without their racism, they won’t get paid.

    • DZortea

      The Sentinel You are correct! Think about all the cases making the ‘net! (I would say news, but..) If the verdict is not to their liking, they just shop judges until they get one that ‘see it their way.’ Despicable!

    • Orangeone

      The Sentinel Martin’s family is saying, more, more,more and they are paying their attorney to rile up the racial tensions.  The more their thug criminal kid stays in the news, the better the book and movie deals. They are salivating as cashing in on their dead thug.
      My conclusion: Obama—>>  The SCOTU has nullified your vote when we don’t agree with it, the DOJ will do the same with your verdicts. You are under our dictatorship now.

  • NCHokie02

    First obersvation about the video, there were two signs that jumped out to me.  One said capitalism is racist.  I don’t know what capitalism has to do with this case.  The second said workers revolution.  What does a workers revolution have to do with the martin case??  Silly marxists.  
    I don’t know why they invite people like Jesse Jackson on.  He does nothing but continue to stoke the flames of racism.  And he apparently doesn’t know the law since, as RS mentioned, the defendant gets a jury of his peers.  Perhaps Jackson should do more work to help those father-less black youths in the inner cities to stem their path of violence and drugs.  Everytime you hear from one of them who makes it they always credit a strong figure in their life, usually their mother or grandmother or such.  But that person acts as a parent to them and teaches them right and wrong and boom…..they make it out of poverty and get through college and become a decent contributing member of society.

    • Orangeone

      NCHokie02 The thugs don’t work, they use their ObamaPhones to tweet death threats.

  • I’m just amazed that ANYONE still listens to Jackson anymore. I wonder if his son, who was convicted and sent to jail, had a jury of his peers? Was he satisfied with THAT conviction? Zimmerman was innocent from the start of murder, and people like Jackson just don’t want to admit that if Martin had simply stopped and done NOTHING to Zimmerman, maybe just talked to Zimmerman rather than assault him, he would certainly be alive today.

  • welltempered2

    Do you think that if the DOJ doesn’t bring a law suit Jackson will act on his old threat of castrating Obama?

  • welltempered2

    Obama makes a statement that we “are nation of laws not men.”. Obama said that?!!!

    • Orangeone

      welltempered2 And then called for gun control :{

    • coachpan

      welltempered2 BO never said that ! He just read it from a teleprompter speech that was written by one of his writers.

  • I willalwaysBWhite

    Jackson is forever part of the problem never part of the solution.

    • CalCoolidge

      I willalwaysBWhite He makes a living creating the problem.

  • ElizabethDowney

    Bahahahahahaha…really Travon did NOT get a jury of his peers…uh last time I checked Travon was dead…this trial was NOT about Travon getting a jury of his pears stupid Jesse Jackson…know what in the hell u r talking about b4 getting on national TV! This was about Zimmerman…if Zimmerman killed Travon in self-defense or just murdered him…the jury that was set up FOR Zimmerman’s trail…found that he killed Travon in self-defense! What a total dumbass Jesse Jackson…

    • coachpan

      ElizabethDowney Liz, you hit a homerun . Jesse and Allen are just morons (“they think we are stupid”) Since when is self-defense racist? I’m really getting sick with this excuse. Whenever you disagree with the libs, you must be racist?

  • Orangeone

    Shows the lack of intelligence with Harris, everyone knows it’s the accused that is entitled to a jury of his/her peers. What Jackson is saying is that the violent racist thugs should have sat on the jury.  Sorry JJ, doesn’t work that way, go to Syria it might there.
    And BTW, JJ, there was a black juror!

  • Stoptheusurper

    Why isn’t Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (Jackson is from Chicago) and the Black Panthers (they are from Chicago) and President Obama (he is from Chicago) protesting the Chicago Police Department for not solving the murders of Donald Young and Larry Bland. These two men were black homosexuals, two reasons why these perverts mentioned above should be protesting the cops. There is a strong possibility that the murders were “hate crimes” right? Not only were these men black homosexuals, they were close friends of Barack and Michelle and attended Jeremiah Wright’s church with Barack and Michelle. Now there is a reason for a “beer summit” it there ever was a reason. What a great opportunity for Obama to declare that the Chicago police are “acting stupidly.” Young, by the way was investigating allegations made by another homosexual and drug addict Larry Sinclair at the time of his murder. Why the hell isn’t the left wing media demanding that the cops do their job?
    Oooops, the silence may be the result of the possibility that it may come to close to the ONE they love and defend at all cost, even selling out their cause for justice.

  • nodummie

    i hope ole jessie gets his justice in this life and the life after.  let his sins fall on his own head.

  • nodummie

    if trayvon had gotten his hands on zimmerman gun zimmerman would be dead. he was a thug in the making.

  • samcarman

    Ugh.. Jury of his peers? Its the defendant who is entitled to a jurry of his peers.. Idiot..

  • Bac Si68

    I listened yesterday with my pepto by my side at the people that complained about not receiving a trial by his peers, white lawyers, judge jury ect.  What do they want now go back to 1950’s separate but equal?  Maybe they  just want their own way on their terms, and make their own rules as they go along.

  • JungleCogs

    Jackson says, “The assumptions are all over the place”; gee Jesse, do you realize you are one of the most guilty that you speak of?

    • CalCoolidge

      JungleCogs He is trying to justify his own fantasies are reasonable.  After all, the facts adduced at trial are of no use to him.

  • KenInIl

    Zimmerman was profiled by TM because he was short and fat. He would be an easy target to practice his MMA skills on and in a place no one would see. 
    GZ is no different than the BHO when someone publicly (like on facebook/twitter) threatens the pResident, the secret service takes it seriously and pays them a visit. Zimmerman took TM threat “you are going to die tonight” seriously too.

    • CalCoolidge

      KenInIl Profiled him as a member of that genre known as creepy-ass crackas

  • SurfinCowboy

    Young boy? For goodness sakes, he was 17 – hardly a boy, and using that definition of boy to apply “young” to it is playing emotional games. The term is young adult. One year from being an “adult” according to the law. A young adult, who likes guns, violence, fighting, and drugs. What a shocker.

    • coachpan

      SurfinCowboy You forgot how he liked robbery !

  • froggy19510

    Gotta love Harris Falkner. She may be the only one at  FOX that would have challanged the race baiting Jesse  Jackson.

    • CalCoolidge

      froggy19510 She was excellent Saturday improvising through the breaking story.

  • SisterMary

    Trayvon Martin has a legacy?

  • WordsFailMe

    I have to agree with Jesse-Ho– Trayvon Martin did not get a “jury of his peers.” Trayvon Martin was not on trial. 
    Did the earth suddenly slip into a different orbit or is this exchange just another example of victim logic? Has the whole race gone suddenly moron? Don’t words still have a meaning or is it all just visceral, is it all just based on a taste in one’s mouth?
    Let’s burn this whole sb down and start over.

  • coachpan

    Jesse still can’t get the marbles out of his mouth !

  • WSobchak

    Who picked the jury, Jesse?

    • frisky

      WSobchak  the jury was deciding Zimmerman NOT Trayvon…..Trayvon was not on trial………….

  • airvet1968

    Jesse Jackson is NOT a reverend but he is a RACIST !

  • BobAzarigian

    There is no doubt in my mind that Jesse Jackson is in the top 5  racist in this country. I heard nothing from him when OJ was acquitted of murder. I am sick and tired of hearing that when an African American is a victim of  a white person, that person is a racist. There are many times more white people victims of serious offenses by blacks than the other way around. And never is there mention of racism when the victim is white.

    • AnnePackSeay

      BobAzarigian You nailed it right on the head!!!

  • frisky

    Jackson and Sharpton should never be listened to or believed…………….

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Jesse your “stuff” related to anything in America being unfair is really getting old and tired.  Speaking of tired:  You look old, puffy and tired.  Put your race card away for a few years and get some rest.

  • stage9

    Um, Jackson, if Trayvon was white, you wouldn’t have given a DARN that he had died, would you?

  • DavidShovan

    Trayvon Martin was not on trial.  It did not have to be a jury of his peers.  It was suppose to be GZ jury of his peers.  He better stick to something he knows.  ??????

  • Educate_2013

    How exactly would a “guilty” verdict have helped those urban youths that Jesse Jackson is supposedly advocating for? He says that statistically they are 50% unemployed, the most maligned, the most jailed, and the least educated with the implication being that these things are caused by white racism. The truth is, if the verdict had been “guilty”, life as they know it would have continued on the exact same path. People like Jesse Jackson should spend more time showing these urban youths how to help themselves rather than reaffirming their belief that their situation is hopeless because of white racism.

  • Chini

    Oh and I bet he also thinks that his son and daughter-in-law will be spending a combined roughly 42 months in jail because of a racist and flawed justice system… not at all because of the tax evasion and misappropriation of hundreds of thousands of donated dollars they bought rolexes, vacations, and fur with for which his son and daughter-in-law pleaded guilty for.  How can you ask this poor excuse for a man to set an example for the community he claims is a leader of when he can’t even set an example for his own son.