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This is the most ridiculous argument. First of all, Pamela Geller acquits herself quite well of these false allegations of hate and bigotry coming from the left, accusing her of calling all Muslims savages. She says she doesn’t even mention Islam or Muslims in her ad, that in fact she’s referring to Islamic extremists otherwise known as jihadists. She further states that she doesn’t believe all Muslims even sanction jihad.

Of course, none of that even budges Wallis from his position of calling it hatred – big surprise! But what got me was when he told Geller this:

“I want to say to Miss Geller that Christians all over the world are going to pay for this kind of hateful language. And I speak on their behalf, begging you to stop talking. Please stop talking, because so many people are going to suffer from this kind of hate language. If you want to save lives, Miss Geller, please stop talking this way.”

So let me get this straight, there’s no personal responsibility in Islam? By Wallis’ logic, the Dutch cartoonist should have never put Muhammad in cartoon form. By Wallis’ logic, we should appease simply these Islamo-nazis and just get rid of our first amendment so that we don’t cause these jihadists to riot and kill people. Ugh.

By the way, if you call a jihadist a savage and he reacts by killing and beheading innocent Christians (or other people), doesn’t that make the point that he is indeed a savage?

(h/t: The Blaze)

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