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This is a trailer for Accuracy in Media’s upcoming investigation called Religious Liberty and The Birth Control Mandate and it features Rep. Joe Walsh discussing the attack on religious liberty by ObamaCare. But out of all the good stuff he says in this clip, I love it when he says that if he were Speaker, that he’d bring ObamaCare up for repeal every month. And I completely agree.

This has been in part my problem with Boehner, that he sees no reason to continue to go after ObamaCare because he did it once, and it’s done. Tell me, how many people in the public arena will remember that they voted to repeal ObamaCare when they first came into office? Probably very few. I’ve always believed that we must constantly make the point of how radical and unconstitutional ObamaCare is, that we continue to bring it up and make it a point of discussion for repeal because it MUST be repealed and the public must know it. It’s a show of strength to do it and it communicates to the public that the Congress is firm in its goal to repeal this unconstitutional monstrosity. And it offers the public hope.

But Boehner is weak. He is all about compromise and good press. He was the wrong guy for the job during this difficult time of gridlock.

At any rate, this is a great clip and I can’t wait to see the whole investigation:


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