Joe Walsh’s heated interview with CNN host Ashleigh Banfield

Wow. This interview went on entirely too long and I will admit that Walsh used Ashleigh Banfield’s name a lot. That said I think he’s getting somewhat of a bum rap on this interview. Most people are editing this video down to just the times Walsh said ‘Ashleigh’ over and over and making that into a video, saying that he lost it during the interview. The problem is that Banfield put him on the defensive and kept him there with her self-righteous attitude about his comments and Walsh was’t going to put up with that.

The point of this interview is that Walsh was simply making the point that his opponent, Tammy Duckworth, a wounded war hero who served in Iraq and lost both her legs in an attack on her Black Hawk helicopter she was piloting, is using her war service as a crutch (pardon the pun) to get her elected instead of talking about the issues. Thus he made the statement that most veterans he knows hardly ever talk about their service, contrasting them to her to make his point.

Of course Banfield decried his comments asking him who is he to criticize her for discussing her service and I think Walsh got a little to caught up in the interview the longer it went on and didn’t make his point as clearly as he could have. But even so he did make his point but Banfield continually told him what he was wrong, that she was talking about the issues. He even gave examples to make his point but she wasn’t having any part of it.

Watch and judge for yourself:

Here is Walsh’s interview from tonight with Laura Ingraham which was much more calm and I think that is due in large part to the fact that Laura Ingraham was more understanding of his position unlike Ashleigh Banfield:

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