John Bolton: McCain wrong about Libya

McCain is suggesting today that the rebels in Libya are heroes and that we need to support them with more air power. Bolton, however, isn’t sure how McCain can even make these claims given the fact that we aren’t even sure of the political makeup of these rebels and the fact that we are hearing that the rebels are summarily executing Qaddafi’s men. Bolton reiterates that our focus should entirely be on killing Qaddafi, especially given the risk that he may win and restart a nuclear program in Libya.

Bolton goes on to call our current mission in Libya, as dictated by the administration, as incoherent and a victim of ‘re-creep’:

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  • destroyer of moonbats

    big mac’s a has-been loser.

    • sDee

      not so fast…… have you failed to consider McCain’s brilliantly disguised campaign to ensure the installation of America’s first authentic socialist regime while handily destroying Sarah Palin at the same time?

      • Anonymous

        Handily TRYING to destroy Sarah Palin.
        She has been diminished the most by the Left’s media’s lies.
        She has the most to gain when the truth in uncovered.
        That what campaigns are for.
        Sarah Palin 2012

        • sDee

          indeed I should have said “trying” – tongue was caught firmly in cheek 🙂

          she rose above him.

  • Anonymous

    I find it hard to believe that someone who has served our Country can call those who support Al Qaeda “Heroes.” The men who stormed on Normandy and the Pacific to push back the fascists are Heroes, and I don’t put them in the same category of those who stand by Al Qaeda.

    I don’t see any honor in Libya, not in the rebels, and most certainly not in the government.

  • Anonymous

    All this from a guy who is best known for his policy of regime change, anywhere, any reason, all the time. If he’s so concerned about government supporting Libyan rebels, then why wasn’t he so concerned about supporting the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, the Badr Brigades, the Iraq Dawa party, and the contrived Iraqi National Congress?

    Oh, that’s right, he’s not part of this administration, that would be why.

    • Anonymous


      How exciting!

      It’s Battlin’ Bolton vs. Masher McCain!!

      Their ‘differing’ opinions would merit serious consideration if it wasn’t for one teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy thing:

      Mr. John R. Bolton –


      Mr. John S. McCain III –


      People, this is all pure theatre. Just the CFR’s usual false dichotomy in play, only this time it’s their A-Team vs. B-Team strategy.

      Either way, the US will eventually FULLY invade Libya in order to control its oil, confiscate its gold, force it into the central banking model, destroy its people, prepare for it upcoming war with Iran (to save the Israelis) and add another pearl to the string it’s establishing to choke off Russia and China.

      Wake up to the Rockefeller Group/Soros Fund Management -funded CFR mindgame!

      You’re being played for fools.
      Stop getting caught up in the WWF – Washington Wrestling Farce.

      When will people wake up and shake off the chains of their New World Order masters?

  • Anonymous

    I thank McCain for his service in the military.
    I thank McCain for introducing us to Sarah Palin.

    That’s enough now. Time to retire.

  • Anonymous

    I like Bolton. One thing I like about him is that he is not a politician. He doesn’t talk or act like one. Yet I would be happy if the next president gave him a job. He is a principled man with the courage to stand by those principles. The only reason he would extend an open hand (like Obama said) to any of these mid-east dictators, would be to slap them silly.

  • Anonymous

    McCain is a doddering old fool who should be forcibly retired.

  • Anonymous

    I’m beginning to think John McCain is either senile or working for the marxists. He needs to resign and I’m amazed he was even voted in again. He’s got to go. I just saw a video on Gatewaypundit where these so called rebels beheaded someone.

  • Annie

    Quite a contrast of the Johns. Poor McCain. I’d hope this great American would just keep his mouth shut and fade out of the picture before all we remember of him is that he has never been a very great Republican and has been a lousy senator. Thanks to John Bolton who once again can make things clear to us – well, as clear as anything concerning Libya can be right now.

    • cuda

      Well said.
      McCain is obviously being played for a fool by his “good friends” the democrats. He’ll soon announce we have to have a bi-partisan agreement to put our military in charge on the ground. I wonder what they promised him.

  • Lawrence

    At least McCain is taking a clear stand against Gadaffi. Something our illustrious president appears reticent yet to do.

  • Will_hal

    How in the hell is McCain helping and doing the people’s business of AZ by taking a tour of unknown rebels in Libya?

  • Anonymous

    For decades rino traitor AMNESTY-JOHN has supported America-based terrorists and extremists who hate America and want to destroy it (i.e., the lunatic-left d-crat socialists). So it’s a natural step for AMNESTY-JOHN to do the same with the non-America based terrorists and extremists who hate America and want to destroy it (i.e., the anti-gadhafi rebels: al qaeda, radical Islamic muslims, America-hating Jihadis, mercenaries working for ahmadinejad and The Muslim Brotherhood/hamas.)

    AMNESTY-JOHN is consistent (consistently wrong, that is).

  • medina

    How in the hell did you fools in AZ put this idiot back in the senate. JD Hayworth, anybody would have been better.

    • Anonymous

      Sarah felt she owed him I guess.
      Loyalty is a good thing. . . but there are limitations.
      They met some weeks before she helped him.
      He probably promised her he would vote conservative.
      He then probably forgot he promised, or maybe he forgot what conservatism is.
      Sometimes I wish he would just forget to go to work.

  • Roneil18

    The Blaze is showing bodies that the Libyan rebels (also known as McCain’s “heroes”) beheaded. Maybe McCain should extend his visit…and get to know his new friends a little better.

    Is there anything this moron won’t do for attention?

    Here’s my favorite McCain quote: “We have nothing to fear from an Obama presidency.” Shoot, I’ll bet McCain even talked himself into voting for Obama; we know his drug addict wife and fat daughter did.

  • Slowtraincoming

    “My friendSHzzzzz, you don’t have to be afraid of a President Obama.”
    – John McCain, 2008, Campaign Trail

  • Guest

    Go to .. why were the CIA and MI6 in there and why was a new Oil Company and Bank immediately established ? Remember the CIA is controlled by the Federal Reserve and that is owned 90% by Foreign Bankers. In essence it’s a Coporate Terrorist Oraganization.. Not to mention both of Obamas parents work for the CIA.. Was it the N word that caused this?? Nationalization ?

  • Cindy08

    Here’s the ‘maverick’ trying to reach across the aisle again by noticeably helping our opponents. Could he just go away and in the same step take his daughter away with him? Time to retire Senator!

  • Phil Byler

    Wait a minute. John Bolton agrees with John McCain that Ghaddafi must be removed. The question is what we do in connection with that removal? I hear a McCain position: embrace the rebels in an effort to promote democratic change in a Middle East in the throes of change. What is John Bolton’s position? Remove Ghaddafi and a pox on the rebels, too? What sense does that make?

    John McCain on the ground in Iraq 2004-2007 talking to Captains and Lieutenants learned what he did and consistently advocated for an increase in the number of troops in Iraq. What became the surge strategy announced in January 2008 and thereafter successful was a vindication of what for years McCain said we needed to do in Iraq.

    McCain has known and still does know his stuff with respect to military matters, foreign policy and national security. We as a country are suffering now because Obama is Commander in Chief and not McCain. So if McCain is saying what he is concerning Libya, then McCain should respectfully be listened to as someone with a track record. McCain’s posiiton reflects a knowledge that amidst the forces of change in the Middle East, we cannot afford to appear weak AND we need to support as best we can those who will struggle to bring a more democratic Libya.

    If we leave Ghaddafi in power, we look weak and invite more grief from the radical Islamists. Obama has very badly mishandled the Libyan situation. But we must also have a game plan for the future.

  • Jimbo

    I sure as heck wish johnny mac would just ride off in the Az. sunset with his liberal daughter and just go away for good.

  • Spirit

    Bolton is clear – and his knowledge is deep
    Allen West is clear – and his courage is rock solid and historical knowledge formidable
    Sarah Palin is clear – and in WI she went deeper than the sound bite
    Paul Ryan is clear – and despite what Obama said, the US needs a good accountant
    Mitch Daniels is smart – and his wit shows it
    I cannot imagine that with a team composed of these people that we would have such a hidden, clumsy, vague, stumbling, set of foreign and domestic policies as we now have.