John Bolton says Obama failed to take Palestinian UN vote seriously, also Israel making big mistakes too

John Bolton says that the Obama administration absolutely could have stopped the UN vote to recognize Palestinian Statehood from happening because they failed to take it seriously and they deserve most of the blame for it happening. But he also blames Israel for taking the threat of not collecting taxes for the Palestinian Authority off the table and he says they are making a BIG mistake by downplaying this.

And as many have said, Bolton said now the Palestinians will now try to exceed to the International Criminal Court Treaty to engage in ‘lawfare’ against Israel.

Bolton explains how the US could have stopped it below, just like he says we stopped it 20 years ago:

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  • Don

    Basically what Bolton is stating is the total incompetence of ObamaClaus and his sychophants is more widespread than just his gang of thugs. Someone needs to tell them the campaign is over and no reason to constantly campaign unless that is all you know how to do.

    • Sandra123456

      Are you sure it is incompetence?

      We have 4 more years of Obama as a Lame Duck. Now he can advance his true agenda.

      • Rshill7

        Obama has so many strings attached to him, he is simply a willing marionette. A slightly darkened version of Islam’s Pinocchio, apparently tasked with taking down Israel and the USA. Where does his allegiance lie? It lies with all those strings. I trust that God almighty will hogtie him with those strings, set us free, and fight for Israel.

        Sound like a miracle? God’s all about miracles; and since he’s omniscient, nothing ever occurs to him. There’s only one master control panel and he, the only one with access.

      • Don

        I agree where you are coming from, Sandra. My point is that Obama is the mouthpiece for this movement and he is the celebrity that “campaigns” to deflect the actual interworkings of those behind him. The “incompetence” comes from his lack of intelligence of trying to transform our country into an economic system that does not work. Socialism/communism is destroying the world economy. Without any alternative to those failures, the future looks dim. Obama and his thugs are too incompetent to lead, but are dedicated to reinforcing the failure of the same economic systems that are in steady decline on a global scale now.

    • Don – Campaigning is the only thing that Obama knows how to do with any competence. He has more than adequately demonstrated that he can’t lead (except from behind, whatever that means) and that he can’t manage. Oh, I forgot, he has also demonstrated the ability to continue having his family take lavish vacations on the taxpayer’s dime.

  • I have been living with the feeling that the “other shoe is about to drop” ever since the election. There are so many scary things going on that we can’t do anything about. It’s like a slow-motion train wreck but we are all on the train with no hope of getting off.

    I’m just glad I’m no longer eligible for the draft.

    • sjmom

      Since the election things have been moving quickly; the Islamists are more emboldened, we are reading more about the UN involvement in our nation’s affairs and now Obama’s fiscal cliff offer offers nothing. All part of his agenda of destruction.

  • Rshill7

    Acquiesce: to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively.

    I’ve seen that word ‘submit’ before. Islam means submission. Look at the number of countries who have submitted to Islam with this vote. Bolton speaks about how Jim Baker handled this kind of thing 20 years ago. The USA under current leadership did nothing of the kind. The USA submitted, acquiesced.

    Now the terrorstinians will be stampeding the international court as often as they “pray” towards Mecca, and as often as other Islamic countries use them as scapegoats, kindling, fodder, and propaganda peons. Those rejected and turned away by surrounding Islamic countries are nevertheless willing to be the snakes and scorpions to Israel’s mongoose.

    The “palestinians” are Islam’s throw-away group.

  • WordsFailMe

    These heroes we continue to seek–Romney, Netanyahu– feet of clay.

    • Be careful putting Netanyahu in the same class as our seemingly weak politicians. It’s an entirely different circumstance in Israel with much of the Middle East bent on their destruction and much of the world sympathetic with the Palestinian cause – and now the United States is looking more like an enemy than a friend.

      I have a lot of respect for Netanyahu and though I disagreed with the cease-fire and and wish he’d have taken a harder stance against this UN vote, the truth is it’s a hell of a difficult situation over there.

      • colliemum

        I agree, and would like to add that Netanyahu’s aim, which he stated again and again, is the security of Israel. The ceasefire means that he still is getting US help to build the things Israel needs, from David’s sling to bunkers,to stuff we’ll never hear about until they come into operation.

        Netanyahu is walking a very thin tightrope, but he is the only one, as far as I can see, who is able to do it.

      • sjmom

        I think Bibi knows exactly what he is doing unlike the administration and trust him a whole lot more than Obama. Bibi is a very smart man.

      • Dukehoopsfan

        I also respect Mr. Netanyahu but am puzzled by the fact that he backed away with hamas on the ropes. It makes me think that owebama convinced him that the US would back him up when it came time to vote on Palestine and then welched on the promise.

  • Conniption Fitz

    A writer at American Thinker believes the UN has really created an irreconciliable mess with this vote.

    First of all, there is no unity or unified government in the fictitious land of ‘Palestine’ and there is no ‘Palestine’ – but three separate entities: Hamas-cursed Gaza and the Fatah-dominated West Bank, purportedly run by Abbas, PLUS the little bit of land on Mount Zion that is occupied by the Gold Domed Mosque. These are three separate pieces of land run by two separate political groups. How can they ever be one nation?

    Netanyhu has said if Fatah and Hamas unite, there will be consequences. Hamas and Fatah have talked, but not united.

    Islamic writings contain irreconciliable contradictions and directives. This is the reason Islam is always at war within its own followers as well as with other nations. There is no peace and can be no peace for Islam.

    For Christians, Jesus is our peace. He is the only vehicle for salvation and reconciliation with GOD. Ephesians 2:14.

    • PicklePlants

      Simple – leave the UN and it will fold without our support. It is a corrupt and weak organization that has outlived any usefulness it ever had.

      • Dukehoopsfan

        It’s too simple for the “leaders” to see.

    • sjmom

      It’s time to look up; our redemption is nigh.

  • Liberal Jews, clap for yourselves.

    • sjmom

      Amazing isn’t it how many vote against their own interest.

      • medicinewomantwo

        More importantly their own family.

    • 12grace

      7 Possible Reasons Liberal Jews voted for Israel-hater, obama.

      1.I think Jewish people as well as other religious groups, members, fall into one of two categories, that is, they are “culturally” involved with their faith (like the self-proclaimed Christian that goes to church only on Christmas day and after the service ends, joins their family for a festive meal. And then,they all gather around the decorated tree while opening presents) versus being “spiritually active, adherents” to their faith.

      2.The Jewish people have forgotten the history of pain, degradation and massive savage murders, their people suffered under Socialist and leftists regimes.

      3.Or it could be that many Jewish people come from Socialist countries and feel right at home with obama’s leftist agenda.

      4. Perhaps many Jewish people align themselves with the democrat party because pervasive PR has made many people believe the democrats are more “humanitarian” than the other parties. And, the Jews, as a group, have been scapegoated and persecuted for centuries and labeled as ruthless, money-grubbing and immoral in business.

      Consequently,many Jews may subconsciously want to change their image, of people that are generous and care for the needy and oppressed so that they, one day, will not be oppressed in the society in which they find themselves. So, it seems that this maybe one reason, why, Jews, as a group are predominately, card-carrying democrats.

      Digressing, in early serfdom, the Jews were only allowed to take jobs as bankers and business people and as is often the case, their off-spring continued in the same professions ( professional imprinting, perhaps?) Ironically, after the Jews had been relegated by those in power to take ONLY business jobs, their off-spring were later persecuted for being associated with money and business.

      5. Maybe the Liberal Jewish people suffer from Patty Hearst syndrome aka Stockholm syndrome, that is, they empathize and identify with those that seek to wipe them off the face of the earth.

      6. It could also be that they are self-hating Jews ( See George Soros for a psychological prophile of that phenomena) and want their people to suffer.

      7. And, to be fair, their are numerous “useful idiots” of all religions.

      Personally, I am very worried about the Jewish people and Israel, I believe obama and the UN will enforce the “Responsibility to Protect” legislation. And the UN will collectively invade, Israel.

  • sjmom

    John Bolton, like many others, fails to see the real reason the Obama administration laid back on this is because it is part of their agenda to enable the Islamists. Obama, whether in the light or in the shadows, is promoting Islamists and dissing Israel.

    • Dukehoopsfan

      I suspect Bolton knows all too well but is currently powerless to do anything about it in addition to recognizing that only Fox and the blogs will give it any air time.

  • StrangernFiction

    Sort of like Obama has failed to turn the economy around, or failed to reduce the deficit.


  • Well, maybe Obama didn’t WANT to stop it? Obama hates Israel and wishes it would just go away. What better way to do that than to be for “fairness” and give the Palestinians their own state? Even if the US vetoes this in the security council, the Palestinians will be elegible for a wide array of UN benefits and entry into its many organizations. It will also be seen as a moral victory for the Palestinians and just another way to pressure Israel to give even more concessions. Just plain stupid since it didn’t even have to happen in the first place. So, knowing how easy it would have been to stop this, do we now think that maybe Obama wanted to throw the Palestinians a bone, so he let it happen? You make the call.

  • UN = UNconscionable UNconstitutional Useless Nincompoops! Get them the hell out of the USA, and the USA out of the UN and pull ALL funding! This is an UN-American Pro Socialist Pro Islamic UNelected waste of space!

  • Spartan4Palin

    I’m sick of the ‘incompetence’ meme thrown at this crapweasel (Obama). To turn the phrase that is endlessly uttered by these bastards. ‘Let’s be clear’ these people KNOW full well what they’re doing! There is NOTHING incompetent about them. It is just pure evil. The one’s that are incompetent, are the ones of so-called leadership on our side who can’t seem to realize the scope of danger we and this country are facing. Then again, maybe they do and couldn’t give a rip? We’re not facing 4 more years of this. We’re facing generations of this gawd awful regime and all the nutball squirrels along with them! Not just here, but across the globe. I’m afraid we are just now seeing the beginning phases of something very sinister and dark yet to come. What’s even more frightening, is that today, will be considered a ‘good day’ when history looks back on this?

  • tinlizzieowner

    “John Bolton says that the Obama administration absolutely could have stopped the UN vote to recognize Palestinian Statehood”.

    Now why would Barry want to do something like that and possibly offend his Muslim Brotherhood pals?
    😉 😉

    • 12grace

      Pastor John Hagee: The Day America Turns Its Back on Israel, God Will Turn His Back on America

      John Hagee for Israel: ‘Prevent Obama from sacrificing G-d’s holy Israel for Palestine” CUFI’11

      Can America Survive? The Rejection of Israel -John Hagee

  • dcnj

    WWIII. Period.

  • Rocco11

    Naive RINO’s like Bolton are almost as dangerous as the communists formerly known as the democrat party.

  • Susitna

    As long as we don’t understand and Mr. Bolton doesn’t finally tell the audience that Obama is neither incompetent nor failing, we will never defeat Obama’s Regime. Everything Obama does, says and thinks is with the sole purpose of fulfilling his Anti-Israel and Anti-U.S. plan. Every single action of Obama is identical to the written manifesto from Osama Bin Laden. So how many times do we have to hear that Obama is failing before we finally react???? We are the ones who are failing! And what scares me the most is that it is just the beginning……….the next 4 years are going to be painfully long, devastating and dark!!!

  • Yazz55

    Obama has too many muslim brotherhood advisors to be uninformed about this.

  • 12grace

    Palestine now gets non-member membership in the UN and the next step that is sure to follow is the enforcement by UN’s “Responsibility to Protect” policy that states that the UN can decide to invade a country if it thinks the leader is abusive to their people. And of course, many Islamic countries have stated that Israel is guilty of “war crimes”. Interesting to note that the accusers of Israel’s “war crimes” allegations conveniently forget the rockets and violence it has perpetrated on Israel.

    Pray for Israel, it looks like bible prophecy regarding all nations going against Israel may be happening soon. This is beyond distressing.

    The Coming Four Blood Moons. This is a very important series that may help to explain what may very well be coming our way in the near future.

    By: Pastor John Hagee
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    This sermon will walk you through the details of the Bible, giving Scripture verses and historical dates of when things happened in the past and how they will affect our future. As Creator, God has exact control of everything: the sun, the moon, the stars. The earth is God’s billboard. When he gives us a “sign in the heavens” as described in Genesis, it is a signal that something big is coming!

    Sermon 2 of the series, The Coming Four Blood Moons

    Joel says, “These signs will announce the destruction of those nations who join with Gog and Magog in attacking Jerusalem.” Pastor Hagee says that God has continually watched over Israel since her inception. He is not going to sit idly by and allow Russia and Iran to cross her off the map. Our God is a high tower, our shield and buckler. When any of us is in trouble, we can run to Him for safety. Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord SHALL be saved.

    Listen to this in-depth teaching that intertwines Scripture with world history and see how the coming four blood moons tell us not only of the past but of our future as it relates to the Jewish people. Make no mistake; Israel will prevail!

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    Listen to this in-depth teaching by Pastor Hagee and learn how historically those who rebel against God or deviate from His will are chastened. In God’s Word, obedience brings the blessing. Disobedience brings judgment. Find out what the future holds as Pastor Hagee describes the New World Order.