John Bolton slams the Administration: They can’t be left in the same room with our national security

John Bolton has leveled some of his harshest criticism yet at this administration:

Look, the administration made up its mind what the reality was whether it was engaged in a cover up, whether it was ideology that dominated the view, whether it was incompetence – at this point we don’t know the answer to that but we know one thing unmistakably.

They were flatly wrong. They got it wrong before the attack. They got it wrong after the attack. They’re getting it wrong now.

So we can psychoanalyze them all we want but this is a demonstration [that] these people cannot be left in the same room with our national security.

Bolton goes on to say that he wishes for the sake of the country that this were just a cover up because that would at least indicate that this administration understood reality. But he believes it is far worse, that this is a problem of ideology that stems directly from the president.

In fact Bolton believes everything with respect to blaming the video came directly from the president. He says that people can criticize Susan Rice all they want for blaming the video, as some Republicans have, but it’s not her fault. He says that it’s the president’s fault and calls it the “blame America first” mentality.

He describes what he means by ideology by framing the president’s view on Libya like this:

The war on terror is over, Al Qaeda has been defeated, sweetness and light has broken out in Libya – that’s what he thinks!


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  • Jerseygalnny

    Bolton pulled out the stops! And it is about time!

    “In fact Bolton believes everything with respect to blaming the video came directly from the president. He says that people can criticize Susan Rice all they want for blaming the video, as some Republicans have, but it’s not her fault. He says that it’s the president’s fault and calls it the “blame America first” mentality.”

    I couldn’t agree more!

    • Don

      I agree, Jerseygainner. When you have a president who is incapable of the truth, it infects those who he controls. Susan Rice and Jay Carney are just sycophants who respond like lemmings at his direction. Hillary is probably a better liar and deceiver tha even Obama is. Her whole life has been a lie and deception has put her where she is. Having Obama and Hillary at the forefront of our national security, we are weaker now than anytime in our nation’s history. They will not go easily.

      • gunclinger

        “They will not go easily.”

        But GO, they MUST!!

        I look forward to the day when they are out of power, and even moreso to the day when they are all convicted of TREASON against this nation!

      • Jerseygalnny

        Thanks Don. Even with a Romney win, we must still be concerned with all that could happen between election day and inauguration day. I wonder if Barack and Moochelle will be more willing to leave the WH than the Clintons were….

  • Patriot077

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but Bolton’s statement about Zero’s mindset hold a lot of water:

    “The war on terror is over, Al Qaeda has been defeated, sweetness and light has broken out in Libya – that’s what he thinks!”

    After all, Obozo even thought he won the debate!

    • Jerseygalnny

      I heard that Patriot! Unreal, ya know? What a narcissist!

      Hope you are doing will, friend!

      • Patriot077

        Yes I am busy being Sweet Gramma D, thanks, and back at you.

        He really is a pathetic excuse of a human being.

        • Jerseygalnny

          I’m so happy for you, Patriot! God bless!

  • Don

    If you can’t trust Obama with the security of your country, how can you trust him with your life and the lives of your family? Just asking.

    • “Obama Donates 7 Alaska Islands to Putin for Zero Dollars

      This is what our beloved president Obama has done in 2012 for America so far this year. This got very little press to keep it unknown from the American public”

    • Orangeone

      I don’t

  • ***”the ring Obama has been wearing for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada: “There is no god except Allah.”
    ***”The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” – Barack Hussein Obama”
    ***”The Muslim world knows Obama is a Muslim. We are too politically correct to even question it.”
    Is there ONE brave soul in MSM to pursue that? Probably not.

    • sjmom

      I also read about the ring and am now convinced Obama is a Muslim. My question is: what kind of a Christian is Jeremiah Wright to marry someone with a Muslim wedding ring? What a disgrace and what a betrayal of Him who he confesses as Lord!

      • Orangeone

        What makes you think Wright is a Christian? Remember, under Allah, you can openly lie and deceive Christians for the greater good and that is to kill those that oppose Allah.

        • sjmom

          Good point.

  • drphibes

    Great coverage by Greta. I was about to type, “if only the MSM would cover it.” I have to break that habit. We’re the new media. Let’s start covering it as citizen journalists and as those who demonstrate the power of a story by discussing on sites like Scoop.

    • Orangeone

      I tend to ask “when will the alphabet soup stations cover the truth?”

  • Sober_Thinking


    Again, it’s time to review all of Obama’s short-comings publicly – especially now before the election. He may have a “big stick” as Biden claims (whatever the heck that means) but he has no foreign policy chops and he’s been exposed as an incompetent leader.

    This seriously should slow the “flood” of voters going for Obama down to a trickle. How anyone can think this bonehead is qualified or capable to be our President is mind-numbing.

    • Orangeone

      His big stick is the Muslim Brotherhood

      • Sober_Thinking


  • aposematic

    I rarely disagree with John Bolton and I don’t disagree here but would just add one thing that Bolton should consider when speaking of Obuma ideology: This coverup by Obuma by blaiming some obscure video clip had more to do with covering for the evil that is Islam…i.e. we made them do it because Obuma believes we American’s are the evil ones. Bolton does allude to this at one point but it is the main reason for Obuma’s total lack of security and the Obuma Admin.’s promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood into power in the ME.

  • colliemum

    Bolton has worked in the State Dept and he was Ambassador to the UN.

    He knows from experience how the State Dept ticks: it’s socialist, ‘blame America first’ to the core and has been for decades.

    So his assessment of both Obama’s mindset (“I killed Osama”) and the way the blame-the-video meme got started rings true.

    I wish Pres Romney would make him Sec of State and let him clean out the stinking socialist mess there – some of which was on horrendous display at yesterday’s Hearing.

    • In “Audacity of Hope” BHO writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    • Orangeone

      The only way to succeed is to identifythem and house in solidary confinement until they die.

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    Of course it came from the top. I wish the Libs would find another piece of earth to call home, so they could worship their master in complete solitude. Why don’t we just give them California? All the Libs can move there and they can start their own country. We’ll take Puerto Rico as the 50th state and move on…

    • Orangeone

      They need to be relocated well outside the borders of the US, cutoff from civilization and communication channels. Let them eat each other for nutrition.

  • iaintlyin

    Amen John Now we gotta get a couple of high ranking Military brass to speakout. It may be a case of them needing to resign(can they do that fast enough) before the election to reveal just how sense deprived this administration is. These rotten to the corp progressives have done so much damage in two years I’m thinking when Romney wins that’s going to be another chore he’ll have to perform, clean house at the pentagon too.
    How about that Carney (so appropriate, that name), wouldn’t you like to punch his lights out when he does that Elvis lip curl?

  • This is scary stuff, because we have dead Americans here and Obama still is NOT recognizing the fact that Libya is filled with al Qaeda militiamen and that al Qaeda is still a major threat. Always remember, we lost TWO American embassies in Africa AND we suffered the attack on the USS Cole prior to the ultimate attack on 9/11/2001. This attack on the embassy in Libya could be a sign of things to come, but if the White House is determined to ignore this warning, then we could see a lot more Americans getting killed in the near future due to this willful negligence. This is shameful and people had better start waking up to the fact that the global war on terror is still very real and still here. We ignore these warnings at our own peril.

    • NJK

      He’s not admitting it, because he’s helping them. He’s one of them. His name is Hussein in case anyone hasn’t noticed.

      No, I’m sure it means nothing after 9/11.

  • The Obama administration are a VERY DANGEROUS THREAT TO OUR FREEDOM.

    • iaintlyin

      ya think?

  • iaintlyin

    Now, this could lead to a Clinton Obama primary like slugout. Since the day after the Benghazi attack Hillary has been looking pretty nervous or, unsettled if you may. There seems to be a growing rift in the Administration and I think its because the Clinton’s are finally realizing 0’s allegiance to the Muslims is much stronger than his allegiance to the Liberals. Is it possible the Left is finally realizing the monster they wrought on us just for the sake of advancing any black man.? I doubt/hope many in the Demacratic Party are on board with this guy anymore, they are plain and simple afraid of repercussions if he wins, as its been since early in his administration, thanks in a large part to Reid and Botoxi. Clintons have to distance themselves FAST from this guy at this point if shes to have a chance in 2016. The rats are about to scatter

    • Orangeone

      This Administration has shown the true belief of those that put another country before American in how they refer to themselves.

    • NJK

      Clinton has committed major crimes against this country. She is as guilty as he is. She is not to be in a primary. This is insanity. She can’t be separated from him at this point. She’s his accomplice.

  • MS. Lamb and Rice should be indicted for murder!

    • Orangeone

      Absolutely! Lamb admitted she and 2 others were the decision makers. I noticed rep Sandy Adams asked for names and wrote them down. Cannot wait to see those 2 men in the hot seats.

    • NJK

      And treason!

  • Folks take a moment today to pray for our country and that we be delivered from the satanic power of Obama and the democrat party. Thank you.

  • This one is bigger than Carter’s hostage crisis. This one is bigger than Nixon’s Watergate moment. This one is as big as Clinton’s flop with the first attack on the World Trade Center in NYC. An American is in jail, for what? Insulting a bunch of third-worlders over a movie? Bite me!

    The debate-smirky-boy-king can’t pull ‘a big enough flaming bunny’ out from behind him, to come out clean on this one! He murdered that ambassador, and the military members, doing their duty for this country!

    • the movie maker is a palestinian terrorist. the video was a plant by terrorists, and promoted 1 week before the UN, to have a platform to advance the blasphemy laws. do your research on this matter. the FBI has been trailing the maker of the video for over 30 years. the washington times picked this up about 3 weeks after walid shoebat broke the news.

      • NJK

        It’s entirely possible that Obama and Clinton played their role with the UN. If this is true, they need to face the highest punishment possible which is execution. Hillary Clinton needs to face punishment. She thinks she’s above the law.

    • Orangeone

      Arrested in the middle of the night by 12 armed officers for alleged probation violation for use of the Internet. He was convicted of white collar crimes, not child molestation. Compare his treatment to the treatment of Sandusky.

  • las1

    Describe for us sir! Describe for us what you mean by ideology. Mr. Bolton, you are much to smart for that. Don’t throw out the word “ideology” and not clearly describe what you mean by that.

    The war on terror is over, Al Qaeda has been defeated, sweetness and light has broken out in Libya – that’s what he thinks! No No No sir! That is NOT a statement reflecting ideology. That statement is what Obama uses as camouflage.

    So what ideology are you talking about? Or is it not politic to say the truth before November 6th? If you are hinting, but hedging… then you get a pass till after the election. After that time… open with both barrels.

    • iaintlyin

      las1, right on brother. I feel as though a complete attack on this conspiracy within the white house would be unbelievable to the typical American. Its so vast and has so many dots to connect Bolton would need 3 hours to prove its existence. I’ve posted this quote before by j edgar hoover, “the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he can not believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.” Lets get Romney elected on the basics, after that hopefully the Pentagon, Senate and others will rediscover some of their testicles and expose what they know about this Muslims hidden(to the average working slob) agenda.

      • las1

        Good point. The unraveling will come after a Romney win… if they have the kahonas to do it… not with Boehner at the helm, I fear.

        • iaintlyin

          Boner, Boner, that half ass crybaby should be banished to being a Park Ranger somewhere in the Yukon. Don’t even mention that loser while things are rollin our way.

          • las1

            Sorry… I’ll be more gentle next time.

        • NJK

          I’m sick of Boehner. He’s part of the problem not the solution, and needs to be removed. If his own constituents don’t have the intelligence to vote him out, the House members need to do it.

          • las1

            I’m so in agreement there NJK.

      • NJK

        I think to some people Hitler is a fantasy. He was real.

    • WordsFailMe

      I think/hope that Bolton is right on the verge of saying that Obama is a Muslim hell bent on the destruction of this culture and it’s replacement with Sharia. He must be replaced and every muslim dug out of the body politic like so many maggots.

      Can Obama be a liar, stupid, incompetent and now blind to the facts? No I don’t think so.

      It’s time to recognize the Obama is not a traitor, he is a muslim insurgent, He will take down the Jonestown, racist plantation and the white, effete progressive Democrat communists and then he will line up the gays up in a stone quarry the day after he is re-elected. Those parts I can live with… But this man is an impostor, an international criminal. and as a muslim, he is the enemy of freedom and a curse on humanity.

    • Orangeone

      It’s about timing. You are correct, Bolton is extremely intelligent. He will out the Muslim right before the election, likely after the last debate.

    • Though I do agree that Obama is always for blaming America first and he has a deep lovefest for those who desire to destroy the US. I am having a difficult time trying to tie Obama being an “Islamist” and his Liberal tendencies on pro-gay marriage and pro-murder of children and pro-feminism in his leadership circles. These two ideologies do not add up well.

      So far, he has demonstrated strongly for the secular humanistic worldview, living it thoroughly. A part of this worldview is the ever towing towards fear of the Muslims. It would seem that he believes that Christians are to be mocked and discarded but Muslims are to be feared and to give in to all their demands. This is not necessarily an Islamist as much as a secular humanist who by definition has no core.

      • las1

        Puritan… Judge Obama by who he surrounds himself with. He asked us to do so himself. So I’ll just give a few names here. it’s sordid and detailed and I will list only a bit of what we know:

        Rashad Hussain
        Deputy Associate White House Counsel. Appointed 2009 for National Security New media, involvement with Brotherhood groups and organizations. He helped draft Obama’s Cairo address.

        Dalia Mogahed
        Obama’s White House appointee to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. She defended ISNA and CAIR against FBI’s determination that these front groups were co-conspirators in terror funding. She supports ICNA which supports jihad. She has made pro-shariah statements.

        Mohamed Magid closely connected to Obama and the White House is a schemer who most notably helped remove connections between Islam and terror from the military and FBI.

        Huma Abedin also close to Obama and particularly to Clinton. Abedin has MB links through her mother, brother and father and worked directly in a defacto arm of the Saudi Foreign Department in a department set up by her father.

        Salam al-Marayati, a truther appointee of Obama, who blamed Israel for 9/11 and defends the jihad terrorists Hamas and Hizballah, was appointed by Obama to represent the US at the OSCE for a Human Rights Conference. Marayati founded the pro-Islamist Muslim Public Affairs Council.

        Most recently Obama’s cousin, using Obama’s Granny in a money shoveling scheme in Kenya funnelling money to send students to Shariah schools in Saudi to turn Kenya into a fully Shariah compliant nation.

        The list is endless…If a Republican was to have just one of these connections, ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE.

        This does not even touch Obama’s family and the fact that Obama himself was born a Muslim with deep connections to Islamists in Kenya… which he campaigned for in Kenya when visiting as a US Senator.

        A rose is a rose… Obama’s NOT just a leftist.

      • las1

        Puritan… one last thing:

        These two ideologies do not add up well.

        They connect perfectly because of two similar tracks. Shariah is collectivist and the left is collectivist… it’s a perfect fit. The other track is the anti-Western/anti-Christian nexus.

        One thing is evident, that you are not quite yet up to snuff on understanding these things. May I suggest Jamie Glazov’s book United in Hate. As well… simply start reading Front Page Magazine… David Horowitz et al are doing splendid research on these issues.

        • Las1,

          You may miss what I am stating. Yes, Obama is a great Muslim sympathizer. He has connections. This though in and of itself is not what makes one Muslim. Does this man go to mosque, pray towards Mecca 5 times a day, make his wife and children live under Shariah law? Yes, I know that Obama was schooled in a Muslim private school. Has he claimed he is a Muslim?

          I do agree with you that Shariah law and the desires of the Left have some parallels that the few governor the majority. Yet, they have stark contrasts in their belief systems. Their worldviews are polar opposites in different categories. They have parallels as you state, but they do not cross.

          If Obama is a Muslim as some are trying to claim, he is the most secular Muslim one has ever seen, even the “moderate” Muslims do not advocate for homosexuality (even if it is secretly practiced), or pro-abortion, anti-death penalty, or fill in the blank (opposition to leftist moral positions).

          Again, I do agree that he is the greatest sympathizer and motivator for Muslims due to what they may agree on as you pointed out on collectivism. It is just as plausible that Muslims are using Obama for their end more than he is them.

          One problem with the line of thought trying to be argued is then one would have to say that most of European leadership are Muslim as well. Should we not then also state that any person who claims that Islam is a religion of peace is pro-Islamic?

          Are the Left and Islam on the same side when it comes to the US and its foundational beliefs, ABSOLUTELY! Do they both need to be defeated, yes. Their common enemy is Christianity and if Christianity is ever wiped out (not happening), or made such a minority view that Christianity cannot counter either one, they will attack each other over their great moral divide. Because, Leftists are not Muslims and Muslims are not Leftists.

          I am aware of FrontPage Magazine, thanks though for the link.

          • las1


            Finding the “smoking gun” of Obama’s Islamic faith is just not going to happen. For a whole host of reasons like maruna, kithman, and tiqiyya, (Islamic doctrines of deception) Obama’s “Islam” is ideologically practiced in stealth. Obama is not tied to the mosque structure, he operates as a free-radical. His is an Islam grounded in hate and ideology. Obama has many not-so-well-hidden racial and class hatreds. Obama has no personal Islamic piousness.

            Obama’s brand of crypto Christo/Islamic sympathies are encouraged by authoritative Islam… particularly useful from someone of his stature. That’s why there are few-to-none calling for “death to Obama the apostate”. So in order to identify Obama’s Islam we can only judge by his political relationships, his actions and the outcomes of his actions.

            You are correct about the left… the left holds no sympathies to Islam as a religion… just Islam’s political inclinations. That’s the only nexus of common belief. They are simply naive and will have their heads removed soon enough.

            As far as European leadership is concerned… they don’t have the Islamo/ideological provenance of Obama. On the local levels in Europe (Holland for example) some politicians are downright Islamist. But European politicians on the national stages are not pro-Islamist… they are just weak, naive and foolish and leftist to boot. Obama’s more than this. And that’s the distinction.

            • I am with you to a point. The struggle here though is that what you gave is at best circumstantial. I agree we can only judge Obama by what he has done. And that is the main problem with the assertion that he is a Muslim. I was talking it over with a world religions teacher who knows the Koran better than I could ever wish or desire, he stated that Obama so far as can be determine is not a Muslim even with all the doctrines of deception, which include lying but never lying about being and exercising Muslim beliefs.

              So far, Obama more readily promotes leftist ideology of pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda, pro-feminist agenda, socialism. So far, Muslims are only one for four on that list. Granted, I totally agree that he is the greatest secular sympathizer to the Muslims to walk this planet. You are right that he has made his political bed with the Islamist of the Middle East. Yet, one then could argue that any president that makes his bed with Israel than is Jewish. His foreign policy is pro-Islam which fits with the leftist ideology (anti-capitalism/anti-Israel) and yet his domestic policy has no major leanings towards Islam as much as it is the Liberal desires.

              Maybe Europe does not have the ideological tendencies Obama has and leanings. However, London is more Muslim than any city here in the US (even Dearborne).

              Sorry for the delay….been busy 🙂

              • las1

                I already concluded there is no smoking gun. No prayer rug-burn dot on his forehead will be found.

                Yet, one then could argue that any president that makes his bed with Israel than is Jewish.

                That statement is a non sequitur. It’s an illogical conclusion given everything we already know of O’s background particularly his MB affiliations and the more (much more) than circumstantial partial listing I gave. Supporting a Jewish state may make you Zionist, but not a Jew.

                Europe’s problems are a suicidal immigration policy. Agreed, but it will still destroy them without committed Islamists running Europe.

                An examination of the Koran is not going to smoke out evidence of Obama’s Islamism. I already stated his Islamism is ideological/political. He has no outward personal Islamic piosity… nothing we can see at this point anyway… other than the recently revealed inscription on his ring.

                One thing to ponder is Obama’s leftism. It’s there certainly, but it appears more utilitarian than doctrinaire: he does not appear to have the conviction a true believer in Marx would. Left-wing progressives behind him are rubbing their hands in anticipation of a communist putsch, but Obama’s focus is elsewhere… to destroy America’s strength and power to enable a Caliphate… his introduction of UN Resolution 1618 and his most recent speech to the UN was his most blatant statement in favor of international shariah/blasphemy laws. Obama sponsored a Defamation of Religion Resolution with Egypt at the UN previously in 2010 as well.

                Again… judge him by his actions, not his personal piousness. Are his actions circumstantial? No. They orchestrated and deliberate.

                In conclusion… I understand the left in America very well and their connection to Obama. But the left is the lesser evil motivating Obama. Islam stirs him much more.

                Puritan, thanks for the response. Your arguments were reasoned and well presented.

  • Faithwalk

    It is not “what he thinks” but it is what he wants us to believe.

  • Faithwalk

    It is not what “he thinks” but it is what he wants us to believe.

  • deeme

    So when a President that should of been impeached, at least three times now, gets reelected, do you inaugurate first or impeach right away…? I think instead of Forward, they should of gone with Above the Law….What’s really sad is all the people who don’t really care about or National Security that much…

  • 12grace

    The problem is that our enemy in the white house is directing our military to endure victory for our Islamic enemies around the world.

  • sjmom

    Saw this last night and thought finally someone is calling it like it is. Obama is more than a Leftist; he is a radical who needs to be stopped. I will still say there is something more sinister to this because why would you pull security in such a dangerous place?

    Example: In preparing for my son’s wedding I was speaking with someone and recalling my own and where I had purchased my wedding gown. The place had burned to the ground not long after we were married. What I did not know is they never received the insurance money. It seems at the time of the fire they had all of the gowns sitting outside in a trailer and nobody was in the store at the time of the fire. The insurance company refused payment.

    Is mine a conspiracy theory? Don’t know but I keep wondering why anyone would remove security in such a dangerous place. It’s akin to leaving your door unlocked and going out when you know there have been robberies in the neighborhood. Stupid…maybe or is it more? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Finally, Bolton said out loud what I have wondering since all of this began 9-11-12. Hillary up to her eyeballs in this by not authorizing more security and Obama thought that because bin Laden is dead that the war on terror has been won.

    The night that bin Laden was killed there was much celebrating in the streets of DC by young people and I thought at the time how stupid they were because the war on terror will be forever until we finally put our foot down and get rid of the Muslim presence here in the USA. They can be here, but they have to assimilate and most are not willing to do that. The celebratation, I realized, was because they thought it was all over and they could go about their lives as if Obama had actually done something life saving and important. They forgot or didn’t want to recognize that Bush had made bin Laden kind of irrevelant.

    Well, since Bolton’s appearance I realize that the president has the same mindset and naive persepctive as those students. He thought he had done the world a favor and really it wasn’t that big of a deal. I can’t believe that some of the country trusted his judgement. We need an adult and we don’t have one except for Romney. We are in great danger.

    • tshtsh

      b.o. reluctantly authorized bin laden death and has offering Americans as sacrifices to make up for bin laden.

  • anneinarkansas

    Agree completely. Susan Rice should be questioned under oath to find out who sent her out there on those shows and who told her what to say.
    Blame lies much higher up.

    • Orangeone

      Watch the full Trey Gowdy statement posted by Scoop. It is fantastic!

      • anneinarkansas

        Thanks…I will…love Trey Gowdy…that man is on fire for what is right!

  • iaintlyin

    Just brought out on Fox news that Congressman King is questioning Gen. Betrayus’ way of thinking. Betrayus is as dangerous to us as o is. THAT guy became a big pos because of his hunger for power. The move from the Military to CIA didn’t make sense at the time. A yes man, a guy who put his own personal advancement in front of protecting the country. He’s a bum who should be tried for treason.

    • NJK

      I agree with you. He actually became or was the entire time, Gen. Betrayus. He will pay for this.

  • menschmeyer

    In giving away the Keys to the Kingdom to a man we didn’t and still don’t know, we now are at the mercy of a Trojan Horse who has given our deadliest enemies open access to control of everything that has been our defense and protection as a nation and a people.

  • test

  • NJK

    People call this criminal rules of engagement. This is designed to murder our soldiers. THIS IS THE WEATHERMEN AND MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD who’s running the govt. Why won’t anyone come to terms with this?

    People have been screaming at the top of their lungs that this is a band of criminals running the govt. and no one who can do anything will listen. They just keep letting Obama, Clinton, Rice, Ayers, Dohrn, and various members of the Muslim Brotherhood kill innocent people. Isn’t trying to overthrow the govt. considered a crime? Isn’t it designed for people who would have the power to do it? Why won’t someone stop it?

    I’m listening to Rush right now, and I’m listening to someone who I thought was a nice person, Diane Sawyer interview the Muslim infiltrator about Joe Biden. DIANE SAWYER, YOU’RE A MONSTER. I USED TO LIKE YOU, AND WATCH YOU. i would never have thought you were evil! You forgot to ask him his favorite ice cream flavor? Don’t forget that.

    We have murderers running the govt. Arrest them, try them, and execute them, before they execute others.

    Thanks for letting me rant. I can’t take anymore of this four year inside terror attack.

  • NJK

    Yes, “This is a moving picture, Jake, you stupid little boy, just listen to me, the big boy, Jay Carney, spokes liar and chief.” Jay, you sold your soul to the devil buddy, you are not going to escape punishment for this. You’re going to hell with him.

  • stevenstrunk

    That does it…I’m growing a big-ass moustache and dyeing (the rest of) my hair gray. John Bolton is the s_ _ t.

  • 1rightguy

    Remember that when she became Ambassador to the the UN, Amb. Rice insisted that her position be elevated to Cabinet level and report directly to the President rather than to the Sec. of State as all the previous UN Ambassadors have done. Now when the State Dept testifies that they never said the Benghazi incident was a protest that got out of hand it isolates the Rice story to the White House and to POTUS not Sec. Clinton. That IMHO is why the State Dept. is being so cooperative with Rep. Issa. Hillary is getting back at Rice for pulling her stunt on moving her position so that she is not a direct part of the State Dept. and its strategy. Hillary is also isolating herself from the POTUS’ tangled web. While the State Dept has enough egg on its face for the security fail, it is the President ALONE who is responsible for the lie promulgated by Amb. Rice, undoubtedly at his direction. Hopefully all three will soon be history!

  • Just watched the second debate and Obama claiming that he called the attack on our Embassy and the murder of Stevens, a terrorist act the day after! That is before he hopped on a plane to fly to his fund raiser in Nevada! Uh! I would swear that he continually said it was a riot that followed the video and in fact, he repeated that lie six times at the UN! Obama thinks we aren’t paying attention! Candy tried her level best to help him tonight! Shutting down Mitt, and allowing Obama to ramble, and not giving Mitt a chance to rebut! AND at one point, she aided Obama by grilling Mitt Romney over an issue! Amazing! Do you think people can’t see the bias in the media! We have had three debates and all the moderator’s are liberal Democrats! Unbelievable!