John Kerry: Climate Change just as important as Iran getting nukes

John Kerry took to the floor of the Senate yesterday to lament the fact that the American people no longer believe that Global Warming Climate Change is an important issue, that it has lost credibility in the eyes of the American people. Of course he blames a huge disinformation campaign by the Right, but now he’s trying to bring it back again as a relevant issue again and to do that he’s bumping up the hyperbole, saying that climate change is just as important as the civil war in Syria and even Iran getting nuclear weapons:

(h/t: CNS News)

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  • warpmine

    Not quite Lurch (sorry Lurch). Climate change is as important as Chewbacca’s(not the S-W character either) favorite color and that’s about it

    • Joe

      Lurch –

      “That’s funny right there- I don’t care who you are!” – Larry the cable Guy

    • Rshill7

      I really appreciate how you called him Lurch twice in the same sentence 🙂

  • Joe

    This guy is really an idiot!

    The “green” days are over – We tried that plan – it did NOT work!

    We want JOBS you jackass – down and dirty JOBS!

    • capelady

      Spain tried the government-sponsored cap & trade program that American leftists want to implement. The government subsidies were unsustainable and as soon as they were withdrawn, the green companies failed, and they now have 24% unemployment! The only people who will benefit from any carbon credit system are a handful of wealthy leftist elites who (trust me) don’t need the money!!!

  • CaseyGeorge

    I used to watch the Addams family, and it seems Lurch has just gotten dumber with age.

    • aZjimbo

      Not seem, he has got dumber with age.

    • 20Chitowndemrevenuestream12


    • Let’s not insult Lurch-he was cool. This senator is an embarassment, a liar, a poser,
      a scoundrel, a fake Vet who shot himself in the a$$ for his medals, is without honor and who really listens to this phony monster anymore?

      • Should we place him in a Q&A with, lets say, Bull Shannon(Richard Moll from Night Court, in case anyone was lost)?!? How many believe Bull would win? I most certainly do!! I think the head smack would become widely used anytime Lurch, er, um, Kerry spoke.

  • keninil

    So how come he is not at the UN accusing China and India of gross violations. How come he is not accusing Brazil of massively cutting down rain forests to grow corn for ethanol to sell to the US (to save the environment). Senator Kerry, like Al Gore, is pissed that the investments he made in climate change industries are not paying off and will not pay off till cap & trade is instituted.

  • 3seven77

    Kerry is a fine example of the out-of-touch elite liberal dumb ass.

    Edited to add: Wasn’t Obama supposed to fix the rising of the oceans, the warming of the planet, yada, yada, yada?

    • Betsey_Ross

      Yeah, he was. It turned out to be a campaign money laundering business. Solving a problem that doesn’t need a sollution.

    • Guest1776rcp

      Kerry is a fine example of the out-of-touch elite liberal dumb ass.

      That may be true about a naive relative or neighbor but people like Kerry know exactly what they’re doing with their watermelon-communism agenda.

    • James1754

      Please the Ass is a much more intelligent animal than John ever will be.

    • I’m gonna go ahead and say HE DID IT! Give him full credit for it and we can now move on not worrying about it ever again.

  • virginiagentleman1

    When will this idiot choke on his own words? He still has one purpose in life though, he shows the ignorance and false religion of climate control that he so favors.
    Please Mass., vote this marxist POS out of office the next chance you get! He and Markey have made your state/commonwealth a laughingstock!

  • Nukeman60

    “Sort of” real crises? So these problems are what, man-made? Well, yeah, I guess they are.

    Climate change, as an agenda, is being debunked more and more every day. Naturally, we always have ‘climate change’. The seasons are important. You drop the term anthropogenic from the phrase AGW to try to be more deceptive.

    • PovrlaChasse

      That was the key sentence in the whole speech. That was the sentence in which he gave himself away as to how even he truly thinks. Listen to his words.

      “I believe, Mr. President, that the situation [Global Hoaxing] is as dangerous as any, sort of, REAL crises that we talk about today.”

      Even he himself knows that the GW hoax is not real. He is attempting to make it “real” by desperately associating it with actual tangible crises in the world today.

      Also, he saw how AlGore made a billion dollars hawking this nonsense and he wants in on the action. AlGore has become dormant on this subject and Kerry (who served in Viet Nam, BTW) may think he can take his place as the leader of this failed movement. Furthermore, by diverting the discussion back to this outdated ruse, he deflects from discussing the economy, unemployment, home prices, or any other substantive issue before the election.

      Liberals have nothing good to say about anything they have done or are doing. Unless we continue to rule, the Earth will end and everyone will DIE!!! They must rely on dogs and ponies and smoke and mirrors to continue to fool and distract their followers. Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever they are calling it these days is exactly that.

      • Nukeman60

        Nicely said. Welcome to TRS, btw.

    • capelady

      It has recently proven that the period of warming that took place in the UK in the medieval period (around the year 900-1,000 AD) was actually global in scope… carbon emissions, was it??? The earth has cycles and only the left is arrogant enough to believe that mankind can control the weather!

      • Nukeman60

        We do affect climate, but it is localized, in cities for example. We always have to be responsible about the environment (I don’t throw pop cans along the roadway). The Earth can counter anything we do, however.

        The hydro-carbon vents in the Marianas trench and all the world volcanoes vastly outweigh any amount of CO2 put out there by our automobiles. The idea that rising CO2 causes rising temps is actually backwards (it’s the other way around). Most importantly, the 13 year Sun cycle and the differential tilt of the Earth causes the vast majority of our changing periods of temperature.

        I find it interesting that the same amount of temp. rise in the last few decades here on Earth has matched the exact same temp. rise of other planets. Caused by the Sun? What do you think?

        I could go on and on, but I don’t think buying any amount of Carbon credits (which is what made Al Gore rich) will stop China and India from expanding their industrialization. And as we all know, pollution knows no political boundraries.

  • detectivedick

    Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Crisis is code word for the Global Tax. In the remaining 90 plus days until Nov 6th, every crazy will surface with their final plan, sort of like the “final Solution”. Next up will probably be Farrakhan talking about the “mothership”.

  • marketcomp

    Really JK! You are so delusional and pump with your own ego that you don’t even know what reality and whats not. JK and Micheal Bloomberg live in an alternate universe! Global warming has been proven a hoax and reputable scientist have proven that global warming as well as global cooling is a normal phenomena for earth. What an out of touch weirdo with power!

  • KenInMontana

    Well Senator Dimwit, we can do something about “Iran getting nukes”, we can’t do anything about climate change (a force of nature).

  • p m

    1) Doesn’t he have enough money already, courtesy of his wife?
    2) Does this mean he got rid of his yacht that he had made in New
    Zealand instead of by a New England ship-builder?
    3) Does this guy live in realville? Talk about out of touch.

    • Don’t forget he “parks” the yacht in another state to save on taxes!

      • p m

        From the Boston herald November 2010:
        Mr. Teresa Heinz broke out the checkbook four days after the Track set off a furious tempest with our report that he had purchased the 76-foot floating palace and ported her in Rhode Island, thus depriving the commonwealth of its pound of flesh.

        A spokesman for the state Department of Revenue confirmed that “a sales tax return was filed” by Kerry last summer to cover state taxes that would have been owed, had he kept the Isabel in his home state’s waters. But according to the Nantucket tax collector, he never paid any excise taxes to the town on the Isabel.

        Guess he had to have his tax planners figure out the best time to pay the excise tax. You know so he wouldn’t have to pay more tax thnan absolutely necessary.
        Love the moniker, Mr.Teresa Heinz!

  • Bumping up against hyperbole? I would say he jumped the hyperbole shark!

    Some enterprising reporter should ask him what it will do for climate change if Iran nukes Israel or Syria uses weapons of mass destruction on their own people.

  • Liberal progressives kill me. They are the most egotistical morons who believe that humans can have such a power to change our climate. Oh my, let me see…. global warming or cooling or change vs. nukes and dirty bombs and EMTs. Gee.
    I have news for ya ketchup boy, It is destined for all men to die once. While we can be responsible about our choices in helping or hurting the environment, nothing changes the fact that heaven and earth will all pass away some day whether we put mercury filled curly bulbs in our sockets or keep using evil man Edison bulbs. We CAN however work by keeping a mahdi lovin’ mad man, who sees his sole purpose for wiping a tiny nation off the face of the earth from getting nukes. DOH! Too late.
    Get over yourselves.

    • p m

      Thanks for ‘ketchup boy’, love it!
      And you should see my (real) light bulb cupboard – I’m a hoarder.

      Remember when the ice caps on Mars melted several years ago?
      Was that because of irresponsible Martians not being environmentally aware, or not having their own Agenda 21?

      • I hoard too. My husband used to think I was nuts… but he loves that about me now lol. Yes, everytime someone mentions global warming to me, I do ask them how mars is warming since no one lives there.

    • marketcomp

      LOL! “ketchup boy” Hilarious! A, you are right as usual! The people like JK and Bloomberg think that because they are rich that they know sooo much more than all of the rest of the 300+ million people who also occupy the US. It’s what Thomas Soul calls the vision of the anointed. Now I don’t hate rich people, in fact I love rich people, but these egotism bastards make me sick!

      • I love rich folks too- but I despise the hyporcritical ones. Ketchup boy, I’ve been calling him that ever since his failed presidential run and found out who his wife and benefactor was. Since then, I’ve never bought Heinz products.

        • marketcomp


  • What is Kerry talking about? Obama was elected. That was the moment when the earth began to heal and the oceans stop rising and we got jobs for the jobless.

    The reason we don’t care anymore is we elected Jesus II the clean articulate black guy and everything is better.

  • 911Infidel

    John Kerry’s opinion on anything is about as important as a pile of steaming fresh cowpies.

    • Linky1

      ….with Heinz ketchup on them. 🙂

      • 911Infidel


    • James1754

      I wild bet on the cow pie!

      • 911Infidel

        I’ll consult a pile of old chicken bones before I trust anything that Lurch has to say.

        • James1754

          After you say the sooth, let me know what you come up with.

          • 911Infidel


  • welltempered2

    The arrogance of these people is amazing. Not only can they plan our economy, they can also control the cosmos. I think Mark Twain once said “people always talk about weather but no one does anythig about it.” Not to worry Mr. Twain, we now have the anointed to take care ot that minor problem.

  • James1754

    Here we go again. The reason the American public does not believe in Global Warming, Man Made Climate Change, or whatever you loons are going to call it next, is that it does not exist, never has and never will. It is a creation of the liberal environmentalist to scare the public into following their anti-business, anti-free market agenda.
    Kerry, the liberal loon that he is, is appealing to his base of loons.

    • Rshill7

      I love the sound loons make in the evening. It’s hauntingly beautiful. Nothing else quite like it.

      Kerry is haunting in a very different way 🙂

  • WhiteGuy2

    Global warming will or wont happen regardless of what the politicians say or do. The sun doesnt care what Kerry thinks and neither do I. As much as the Democrats would like to, you simple can’t tax sunlight or lack thereof. So they create a strawman and call it carbon and try to tax it. These people are delutional.

    • kong1967

      Exactly, it’s a fraud. They shut down drilling for oil in the name of global warming, yet we just import more oil. Do they not even think their arguments through? They think that since we can’t see it we aren’t contributing to the problem? Obama refuses to promote drilling here but he promotes it in Brazil. Uh, dude, the earth doesn’t care where we drill the oil at., because when we burn it it’s still going to emit CO2.

      The politicians must be so proud of themselves. A bunch of liberal lawyers doing what they do best. They graduated from lying to the court to lying to the American people.

  • WhiteGuy2

    W ketchup

    one flavor


    This is the best ketchup i’ve ever had.

    • p m

      Thanks for the link – gonna get some.

  • Rshill7

    All from the Jolly Green Giant Windsurfer, who’s own “carbon footprint” is about the size of “The Mall Of America”.

    I wanted to see how big my own “carbon footprint” was the other day after having a nice little campfire in the backyard, so I stepped in the cooled after-ashes barefooted and walked across my lovely bride’s white carpet. It was about a normal size 10, just like my cowboy boots, only a little less pointy.

    Ok I just made that up. If John “Mr. Ed” Kerry can make stuff up, why can’t I?

    What Kerry says though is mathematically illustrative. “How’s that Rs!?”

    Good question young fella. Like this: Ding + bat = Dingbat…and this: Hyper+bolic+Bull + shirt = Hyperbolic bullshirt.

  • kong1967

    If the liberal con-artists were actually telling the truth, doing something about it would be more important than virtually any war. I mean, hey, if we destroy the earth everyone dies, right? But….how many years ago did the U.N. say that we had four months to act or it was too late to save the planet?

    Oh, darn. We missed that window.

    • No warming in 15 years killed their argument. The fact that they’re still at it with this in their face shows that they were never in it for facts or saving the planet. They wanted to redistribute the world’s wealth and be able to accuse everyone who disagrees with them as selfish SOB’s. That plan kind of backfired.

      • kong1967

        Obama vowed to bring it back next term.

  • Don

    Is there any person on the face of the earth that would believe one word this scumbag says? After he falsified his military records to give himself the Silver Star and faked three (3) purple hearts which was how he got his lilly white chickensh*t ass out of Nam, he married his second rich widow. He, like Obama, has never had a real job in his entire life. He and Obama are perfect examples of how illiteracy can gain power in the United States. Both are definitely unfit to lead.

  • Yazz55

    The global warming hoax was old news years ago. Nobody even believes it anymore except the 1% —-> the bolshevik liberal extremist loons. But Senator limousine liberal keeps plugging away at it.

    And it seems like he really couldn’t care less if Iran gets nukes or if the muslim brotherhood takes over Syria. I almost think he and his obamessiah are actually pushing these two agenda items.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I won’t listen to this crazy bastage.

    In response to Scoop’s summary of what John Kerry thinks: “Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa!”

  • Kelly60

    What a goober…

  • welltempered2

    Tell it to the Syrians. I dare ya.

  • Stocks in ketchup must be down, or something…

  • sjmom

    Get over it! The issue is gone; the cold winds of truth and reality blew it away.

  • Alborn

    I cannot stand this man. I do not understand the mind set of these people. MA people, how do you sleep at night knowing this man represents you. Is his money what gets him re-elected. And he will not even pay his taxes on his boat in his own state. Slime defines him well. If the weather gets us okay but not the the government. You will not make us slaves to lying politicians like al gore and john kerry. Lower case letters for lower class men. Sickos.


    …John Kerry who served in Vietnam is still alive ? “

  • G_unitttt

    let me know when John Kerry sells the mansions and yacht….then maybe i’ll listen….probably not though

  • GeorgiaPeachie

    The global warming, er I mean, climat change pushers will do anything to TAX BREATHING!!!

  • capelady

    And if Obama wins a second term this man will probably become our next Secretary of State – so that is another reason to vote against Obama! What a nightmare!!!

  • capelady

    This is the new “religion” of the left. When they could not promote communism and wealth redistribution after the fall of the USSR, they switched gears and recognized that the global warming fraud would serve the same purpose. The scientific community was sucked in because it meant billions of dollars in grant monies and funding. (Eisenhower warned us against the politicization of science!) Fortunately, there are enough climatologists and scientists with integrity to indite this science which is not only not “settled” but a fraud – and people are waking up! We are not idiots to be manipulated so that a handful of ruling elites can make a lot of money at our expense, raise our cost of living significantly, and redistribute what they believe we don’t deserve to keep!

    With safe, new fracking technology, America now has more energy resources than all of the Middle East combined! We need to get Obama out of the White House and make sure we have a Republican majority in the House and Senate so we can develop American energy resources, not only becoming energy independent, but bringing prices down and creating jobs! North Dakota is a perfect example of what energy production can do for our economy. Their unemployment is below 5% and they have jobs that have not been filled because they can’t find qualified workers who are able to do the job! The state has a surplus and taxes have been reduced.

    Only the left wants to see gas at $10 per gallon and electricity prices “necessarily go through the roof” (as stated by Barack Obama). He talks about caring for the middle class but clearly doesn’t care if they can afford to put gas in their cars, buy food, or pay their electric bills!!!

    Obama only cares about Obama – and advancing his Marxist ideology.

  • aZjimbo

    You know who or what has lost more credibility in the eyes of the American people? john f kerry.

  • Kerry.. amazing.. Is he for real.. I mean, does he really beliueve and think that Iran with nuclear weapons of mass destruction that wants to wipe out whole Nations, people, and continents is the lesser threat of global warming. The absolute absurdity of it, and he, is astounding..

    He and Al Gore remind me of the band on the titanic that kept playing, while the ship sank into the ocean.. You make stop people from having no sense at all, if they don’t care about reality, and the priority of that reality..

  • MaxineCA

    I wonder how much money Kerry has invested in the carbon exchange market? What a huge scam! If you reduce the amount of something via regulation, well shortage = higher prices and returns baked into the cake which is what the Cap & Tax crap is all about.

    Not sure if I summarized it properly, but hopefully you get my point if you’ve been following this topic for any length of time.

  • Hornet414fixer

    If you are that worried about Climate Change (MaxineCA you are exactly right) they why don’t you bring the troops home and we can quit putting your so called CO2 in the atmosphere in other countries which gets in the gulf stream and hits us more. I’m just kidding, this guy is a [email protected] Bag period! Look at his suit and tie. He probably paid more for what he is wearing than the unemployment most Americans are getting a check for!

  • bobemakk

    These remarks coming from a guy who cheated oh his boat purchase and parked his boat in a boatslip not in his own state. So why should he care about Solyndra? He is a joke!

  • Not to give Sen.Kerry any credit as to the (cause) of climate change,

    but something is clearly happening to earths surface, and as far as the heat on earth is concerned, all the planets and our solar system tempratures increased at the same rate as earth, so that’s interesting. There aren’t man made anything that could affect our other planets tempratures, muchless our solar system.

    One other strange thing I’ve heard about recently is the gulf stream has stopped running up from the south east coast to the north east coast.
    In earths history this is a first. This must have a definate effect on shipping and global weather.
    Then we have the effects of Fukushima Japan Nuclear Disasater happening since last year.
    The Hows and Whys make for great dicussion but the change can be clearly seen and felt.

    tea party patriot