Jon Stewart defends Republicans against ‘planting’ accusations of Alvin Greene

When the Democrats become so absurd that even Jon Stewart feels the need to defend Republicans, you know they’ve lost it:

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  • Jojode

    I try to dislike Stewart, but he does make me laugh.
    Is it possible that Greene is playing it very, very low only to bloom sometime in September and come out running and on top as a surprise closer to elections? Or is he a living statement that anyone can run for office and make it in? I don't trust this, something's up and it is very curious.

  • Jaynie59

    I think it's comical how people are surprised at the first-on-the-ballot thing is some new development or an indication of Southern stupidity.

    There was a very famous case in Rhode Island many years ago about this fact of elections. I don't remember the actual names, but it went something like this:

    A candidate named DeSilva was challenged by a candidate name aSimone, so DeSilva legally changed his name to aDesilva. His opponent then changed his name to aaSimone.

    I'm not kidding. That really happened.

  • It's a shame that you try to dislike Stewart. He's pretty liberal, but he's also pretty fair minded, and his interviews tend to be better than most of what I see on the news channels.

  • jbluv

    I guess, J. Stewart is one smart liberal compare to most of them, that tend to go along the flow, but at least he isn't this time. This is hilarious! Thanks RS for posting this

  • This is GREAT..lolol I am a Democrat, and I am disgusted at the Democrats' behavior toward Alvin Greene. Yes the guy is one round short of a full clip, however he won the S.C. nomination fair and square. Maybe Vic Rawl should of engaged Alvin Greene BEFORE the election, and the voters would of been more informed.

  • Jojode

    I should have been more accurate and said – I usually dislike the positions he takes since he is very popular and has a large viewing base and can easily slant/sway thinking. I really do not dislike the person. He usually makes me laugh regardless of who he verabally slaughters. I have heard Stewart when he was way off base from my thinking and view point. This is basically the sencond time that I have heard him more in the middle and it is refreshing when someone like Stewart is fair and looks at both sides.

  • Eddie Murphy is a prophet

    – The Cat

  • KeninMontana

    I find Stewart entertaining. As far as the S.C. election goes, it sounds like sour grapes on Rawl's part. Perhaps if he had run a better campaign instead of apparently taking his win in the primary for granted, he wouldn't be sitting on the sidelines. Perhaps if he or his staff possessed some “situational awareness”.

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  • Jojode

    KeninMontana – Good point. Could this be Greene's strategy? Lay low and not invite oposition then come out swinging close to election? Somethig just doesn't add up.

  • KeninMontana

    I don't know if its his strategy or something else. Rush talked about his military service of 13 years, originally in the Air Force in Intelligence (in just what capacity is still unclear) then he went over to the Army and worked in Supply until he was discharged with an Administrative Honorable Discharge, which smells like a medical of some sort. I wonder if possibly he suffered some kind of injury,possibly a traumatic head injury in the Army, his manner appears very similar to symptoms of such an injury. I guess we'll find out as his story develops.

  • I agree that it is kinda messed up the way the media is treating this guy who is simply a candidate and giving a free pass to all the things that are actually going on within the actual governing bodies. The most insulting was the CNN reporter basically asking the guy if he's retarded. Doesn't matter anymore. Democrats voted for him so ask me who I think has mental issues.

  • Enoch73

    Wow, two good ones in a row from Stewart. I've mostly just seen him Beck-bashing for stupid reasons, which hasn't won him my respect, but here and with the Minn governor he's shown he can be… reasonable? Hey, anything's possible. Maybe we'll make a conservative out of this guy yet.

  • Tyler

    I highly doubt you're gonna do that. Stewart wants government to stay out of social aspects of peoples' lives. If anything, we might be able to turn him Libertarian which would be real nice.