Jon Voight: We must do everything we can to make sure Obama doesn’t get reelected

Jon Voight says that when he’s asked about Obama getting a second term, he says that it just can’t happen and that we must do everything between now and November to ensure that Obama is defeated and Romney is elected:

(via DemoCast)

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  • Joe

    I would like to see him and all the other Conservative celebrities out there

    and I now know why the Jewish vote leans to the left – I hope they wake up

    • Bucketheadbaptist

      I don’t think I understand. I can see how maybe Jewish folks would connect with Truman via the support given for Jewish Statehood in ’47 & and ’48… but Roosevelt?

      Can somebody enlighten me with hot points on this?

      • Joe

        You are correct – I am now confused again !

      • Susitna

        I think that the Jewish People is a minority group in our Country that has been manipulated and misled by the Dems like the African Americans. See how Hillary was in the past, completely into Jewish and now she is the buddy of the Muslim Brotherhood. She took the support of the Jewish community when she was in New York and now she is betraying Israel.
        Another point I have, is that the Dems always show up like the party of tolerance, of coolness and where everything and everybody is welcomed. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or pro abortion, if you have several DWI or do drugs – all is acceptable and cool. Moral values are nasty and way too much work. So Hollywood “stars” prefer to be cool and automatically embrace the democratic party while the ones – who are conservative – just hide. The same is true for some wealthy Jews in New York. They want to forget the terrible past and join the “cool society” to be finally accepted and loved. You see, the best example is Jon Stewart who even changed his name and makes money by ridiculing conservatives. Stewart is actually one of the most sad examples. I am sure that deep inside he is a very sad man.

        • WordsFailMe

          Susitna: Very nicely put. Thank you for taking the time to spell out your thoughts. That takes some work, doesn’t it? Good job!

          • Joe


            Analyzing democRATS is hard work –

            because they are very confused peoples!

        • bobemakk

          The Jewish people most all of the time vote for the democrats. Anyone of the Jewish faith who supports Obama has to be uneducated in politics. Obama has thrown Israel under the bus numerous times and then he shows his hyprocisy by giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the Pres of Israel, Shimon Peres.

          To all people of Jewish background, vote republican. Obama has done enough to trash Israel.

          • Susitna

            I am with you. Regarding what you mentioned about uneducated people in politics I want also to add that also uneducated people in American History, in the principles of the Constitution, in the moral values of Christianity as well as people who have ignored the multiple negative developments in all possible levels national and international in the last years, could make the mistake of voting again for Obama. If only racial factors and corruption prevail, then I am sure that some will be willing to vote against our Country.
            This election is not about voting for a party, but about removing traitors from the power. We have to restore the American unique Liberty first to improve the economy. Only with a strong economy we will be able to feed our children and protect our national security. There is so much work to do…….

          • You are so right about this. I am Jewish, and I’ve been shunned innumerable times by family members,fellow Jews.. etc…. because I insisted on voting via their voting record instead of by ‘tradition’.

        • That is true. Now though we have the internet. It’s because of the internet that the ‘flag of compassion’ that the Democrats have always woven around them is nothing more than a mass of ‘rags of hatred’.

          The fact is that Obama is beginning to lose ground among the Jews, who gave into the who ‘white guilt’ thing.

          But remember this, not all Jews were fooled by the leftist charlatans. Many of us, knew Obama’s voting record as well as his bigoted leanings.

          So please don’t put all Jews in the same boat with the Liberals.

          • Susitna

            Hello Debra! I wouldn’t dare to put all Jews into the same boat. No way! I was only talking about the ones who don’t recognize the manipulation. With this, I want to express not only my love, but deepest admiration to the Jewish People. As a matter of fact I always will support Israel and I always try to defend their cause every single time I hear something that is not true or right. God bless you all!

      • Mind you, I wasn’t alive at the time. However from what I’ve learned from ‘history’…

        It was a GOP controlled Congress who blocked Jews from entering into the country. Even though the quota had yet to be met, they ensured that many Jews’ trying to escape from Nazi Germany, didn’t come here.

        It was because of that, that the vast Majority of Jews (many of whom had relatives blocked from entering the US even though they had already stated they’d sponsor them) went DEMOCRAT.

        Now however, it’s the Libetarians and the Liberals who are telling the Jews that they are not ‘true Americans’ and to get out of ‘their country’.

        Via Police officers telling them not to wear their Star of David, Chai, tree of life pendants & necklaces if any #OWS should come about (don’t laugh that happened to me – when a cop made 5 of them (who came up behind me & then scream anti semitic rants because I turned around & they saw my necklace)’disperse’ in 11/11).

        BTW I am a conservative Jew (a honorably discharged vet) and have had many unpleasant encounters with both types of ‘libs’ who think Jews are less than American (let alone ‘human’).

        Yes there will still be Jews who are stupid enough to vote for Obama, but not ‘this’ Jew.

        • Bucketheadbaptist

          Ms. Steinman,

          Thank you so very much for clearing things up. I now have some data to go on… because so much of that time period seems… cloudy about facts.

          If it was a GOP controlled Congress that was blocking entry… could you think of a few names who might have been prominent for that issue?

    • kong1967

      Yeah, I too have been at a loss why the Jewish community still votes Democrat. This explained it. They better wake up because they are voting for the anti-Israel President.

      • sara holy land

        For us, there is no difference between a” Democrat” or a “Republican” president.
        Eve of the Yom Kippur War – Nixon would not help – it was embargoed.
        at time of President Reagan, Pollard was caught as a spy – why?
        There was an agreement between the U.S. and Israel, not maintained and not talk about it. why ?
        We can not rely on anyone.
        Trying to “walk between the raindrops”! We have no choice.
        We’re a tiny country, that is very simple to blame it all happens in the world.

        Not easy to be small and surrounded by hate !!!!

        • kong1967

          Yeah, I can’t imagine how it feels. In my mind it does matter between Republican and Democrat Presidents because it makes a difference if we have a leader supporting going back to the ’67 borders or if we have a leader that supports Israel and giving her all the help she needs in keeping her citizens (and country) safe. I want a President that tells Israel to do what she needs to do, and not one that blames Israel for everything like Obama does.

          • sara holy land

            You’re right, I wish it was.:)))))
            In reality, there is a gap between what they say and what they do in practice.
            I realize you want a conservative president. My ideology is the same.

            For example – President Bush – was nice, spoke well, came to visit us. but pressure us for “peace talks”,or compromises ,didn’t moved the embassy to Jerusalem, didn’t release Pollard……..
            Actually ,Didn’t speak like Obama, but demanded exactly the same.

            • kong1967

              I’m certain every President will try to keep the peace or push for peace talks, but Bush stood by Israel whenever she needed to respond to attacks. Obama won’t. If it comes to war with Iran I doubt Obama will help Israel at all, and that’s a sad day. I don’t have any doubt that Bush would have given Israel whatever she needed to defeat Iran. Do you think Obama will?

              • sara holy land

                There is no certainty.
                The real test is only in the moment of truth.

                • kong1967

                  Wow, you speak like a wise man….errr….wise woman. Very well spoken.

                • sara holy land

                  There is a problem – not ready to mark LIKE !

                  I Am Woman = My name is Sara, without H .

                • kong1967

                  I don’t understand. I’m not sure what you are saying. I was trying to give you a compliment and I apoligize if I insulted you unintentionally.

                • sara holy land

                  I wrote that I wanted to mark “like” on your earlier post, but I couldn’t, so I wrote it.
                  I wasn’t insulted .
                  thank’s – all the best

                • kong1967

                  Oh, I’m so relieved. I can’t use the “like” button, either. It just keeps giving me the “busy” signal. There must be a bug in it or something.

    • All of the Jewish vote is not leaning to Obama. I am a Conservative Jew, and I was ‘awake’ from the time when I learned that Sen. Obama was against Israel, against the military, and against the Constitution.

  • CPAguy

    Sorry…I’m not going to lift one finger to get that progressive, Mitt Romney, elected.

    I will not give the GOP establishment positive feedback for their actions.

    4 additional years of progressive Obama (with stiff Congressional opposition) will be easier to handle than 8 potential years of Progressive Mittens (with substantial Congressional support).

    • 4 additional years of progressive Obama (with stiff Congressional opposition) will be easier to handle than 8 potential years of Progressive Mittens (with substantial Congressional support).

      That is the most moronic statement I’ve ever heard. If I banned people for being stupid, you’d be gone.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Yeah, but so would a lot of others! Me included!

        • kong1967

          Liar liar. I’ve never seen you say anything stupid. Oh, wait….saying you say stupid things was…..stupid. LOL. If you have I haven’t seen it.

      • G_unitttt

        i think it would feel great though RS! give’m the old heave-ho for attempting to spread stupidity

      • joyfulgiver

        Scoop, you have my permission to ban him. It’s people like this, that cancel out my vote for ANYONE BUT Obama. Get a clue CPAguy, it’s either Romney or four more years of a man that wants to “fundamentally change America”. We’ve seen what O can do and it’s taking us down a path that leads to destruction of our Constitution and all we know as Americans.

      • Bucketheadbaptist

        I used to have a graphic on my blog that said “Romney 2012: It’s like Kissing Your Sister”

      • Freempg

        You apparently have not come to grips with how many of us think like this. Perhaps had you voted for Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain, and watched your country slide further and faster down the drain you might have second thoughts about supporting Romney.

        There are some of us who believe the GOP establishment is enemy number 1 that they persist this cycle of insanity. If we had House leadership with a spine, Obama would have been impeached the minute they took control in 2010. His crimes would be catalogued for the American People to see; the Senate would have had it dumped in their lap. Let Harry Reid flap his lying lips about Obama’s forged birth certificate. And who said impeachment should not be considered? Yes, that’s right, the GOPe. These are the ones that gave you Obama with the feckless McCain, and Romney will do no better.

        I follow what the Ron Paul delegates are doing. They are going for broke, trying to stop Romney. I hope and pray every day they are successful, and the convention can be opened to real competition, rather than a coreless usurper stealing the primary process of the party which supposedly represents conservatives by buying it with millions from cronies he won’t disclose.

        Just as I will not vote for Obama, I will NEVER vote for Romney.

        • kong1967

          Well, then enjoy licking Obama’s boots on January 20th.

          Republicans are the only barrier we have between us and tyranny (politically). They aren’t the best, but we have to work with what we have. Working against them is helping the enemy….Obama, Pelosi and Reid (Democrats as a whole). Why don’t you do like the rest of us and work on replacing the weak links in the Republican party with people like Allen West? All you’re doing is helping the enemy.

          • Freempg

            kong, I see the GOPe as co-equal enablers, one of binary stars being pulled ever leftward by the stronger gravitational pull of the other.

            Look what the GOPe did to Allen West (let alone Sarah Palin). They tried to redistrict him out of business. One thing that is never mentioned, and hopefully the Ron Paul delegates will bring to light should they not be able to stop Romney in the first round: There is nothing binding delegates from nominating a VP of their choosing in the first round. Rule 40b is clear that the plurality of five states can put into nomination any candidate for VP (and the presidency, for that matter according to Rule 38).

            In any event, if the suicide march with Romney continues, which it appears to be with patriots like you falling in line, then at least advocate for the delegates to nominate Allen West for VP. Then and only then will I consider the GOP is redeemable.

            • kong1967

              I completely understand your anger with the Republican party. My point is that we don’t have an alternative right now and we cannot afford to set them aside and start a third party which could take many years to make a difference. During those years, liberals would enjoy victory after victory while we split the conservative vote. At this critical juncture, we cannot let the libs take the ball in for a touchdown.

              I am simply getting behind the effort to reform the Republican party. I am not “getting in line” as you say. I didn’t want Romney but it is what it is. If we trounce the Republican party Obama will destroy this country and it won’t matter what you want for leadership. We have to push the Republicans to do the right thing.

              • Freempg

                How can one man, Obama, destroy this country? Are we that pathetic to let him do it? Is a Republican House and likely Senate (less likely with Romney as nonimee with coattails of a Speedo). If one man cannot be stopped we have already failed as a nation.

                With regards to Clinton. He was elected because nutcase Ross Perot got in under the auspices of reform. What he really go in for was his hatred of George HW Bush. We all know Jack Kemp was Reagan’s heir apparent, not a voodoo RINO. There were rumblings of his being unseated by the delegates in 1992. Kemp would have wiped the floor with Clinton. How history would have been different. But no, Kemp got in line and was humiliated in 1996 as VP behind the hack Dole. That is the GOPe. I am sick and tired of it.

                • kong1967

                  Technically Obama can’t destroy the country on his own, but he has offloaded a lot of power to czars and the EPA to legislate without going through Congress. That power has to be revoked. Obama is leading the far left movement that will destroy this country, and he has the help of radical libs in the houses (Pelosi and Reid) and hundreds of liberal organizations operating under a false non-partisan label that enables them to be payed for by the tax payers. It’s a huge movement that must be destroyed.

                  Your claim that Perot ran for office because of his hatred for Bush is speculation. It’s immaterial, anyway. The point is that a third party that’s conservative will only usher in more liberal leaders. It’s not just Obama. We have been doing good at weeding out the libs in Congress, now we have to finish the job. Replace RINO’s with real conservatives as we go.

                  I would rather have weak conservative bills that Republicans pass than no action at all because what’s in place already will destroy us without doing anything else at all. Romney at least can turn the tide in the right direction.

                • DebbyX

                  “How can one man……….destroy this Country?” Haven’t you been paying attention? It’s happening RIGHT NOW!! We are doing everything humanly possible to take our Country back. Climb aboard!!

        • ttssyf

          I strongly urge you, CPAguy, and others to reconsider. While Romney may not have a record as a strong and consistent conservative, I firmly believe that he recognizes that the country is in desperate need of fiscal conservatism. He is, in many ways, a stealth Tea Party candidate, I believe. I’m sure he’ll disappoint in a lot of ways, but he’s no McCain. Unlike McCain, he actually WANTS to be President. Give the establishment candidate one more vote, this year, in this most critical election ever. If he turns out to be a bust, you can then vow never to vote for the establishment Republican again.

      • CPAguy


        You don’t think 4 years of a progressive republican with a republican congress for 8 years is more dangerous than a progressive dem with a republican congress?

        I wish I could, but I can’t follow that line of thinking. Remember GWB and Medicare Part D? Imagine Romney doing similar things on a much grander scale for 8 years.

        • poljunkie

          You’re exhausting.

          • CPAguy

            Your head appears to be in the sand. Of course, I would love for you to explain how Romney is a fighter for Conservatism and is going to set our country on the right course.

            • poljunkie

              Not in the sand. Realistic. Romney was far from my first choice and he is far from conservative, on that I agree.
              BUT I will rot in hell before I sit back and go anything to help Obama get four more years.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Baby steps, my friend. Baby steps.

    • So you’re pro-Obama? Or you don’t grasp actions and consequences? Start with some pre-K workbooks and work your way up.

    • I actually felt just like you at one time.. However, after seeing Obama circumvent congress on multiple occasions, with ease, I no longer believe this country could survive 4 more years under Obama, even WITH “Stiff Congressional Opposition”, which I’ve not seen much of, by the way…. This Contempt vote is a start but the contempt vote, by itself, doesn’t resolve anything… We need a new administration AND stiff congressional oversight…

    • Bucketheadbaptist

      “stiff Congressional opposition” ?????????


      I’m sorry… I just have no words for this.

      • CPAguy

        Really? So the GOP is not opposing almost everything Obama does?

    • Josh

      Completely understand. I don’t like Romney and I think he is being propped up by the GOP just like Obama was for the Dems. I was with you too… right up until Obama started declaring laws null and void. We can’t have that. The only thing that will come from Obama having 4 more years is anarchy and chaos.

      We have to show the OFFICE of the president isn’t an automatic 8 year term. It’s like the Great One said… we will have to pull Romney to the right with every fiber of our being, but Obama will end this country forever.

      • kong1967

        Not only that but we will probably have control over both houses and there will be a substantial amount of conservative bills pased with conservative solutions. If we don’t have a Republican President they will be dead on arrival. Romney won’t get any liberal bills and he’s sure not going to veto the Republican bills. Common sense tells us that because it would be political suicide.

    • FutureOnePercent

      I also agree you have a point, but “stiff Congressional opposition” means nothing when you have a tyrant that completely circumvents Congress and instead rules by regulation and executive order.

      Your idea sounds good in theory, but the whole argument becomes null and void in practice.

      We had our shot during the primaries, and we didn’t make it happen. Let’s not give up the other half of the game too.

      • CPAguy

        Obama and Romney have governed exactly the same. It is not a matter of which one is better. Both will push progressive policies and will use whatever means to get that done…Romney will probably take away are freedoms in a “nicer” fashion.

        It is simple math. Romney could be in power for 8 years and his RINO, progressive sidekick for another 8 years. Obama is just going to be in for 4 more years and he is going to get little done.

        If enough people actually used their constitutional rights, rather than just blindly follow what talking heads tell them to do, we might could even produce a viable 3rd party candidate.

        • Nukeman60

          Do you really believe the 2013 Congress will look just like the Massachusetts legislature of Romney’s Governorship? Do you really think the makeup of the United States is the same as the makeup of Massachusetts when Romney was Governor?

          Romney rules in the direction his legislature pushes him. He is a go along to get along type of politician. Do I like that? No. Is it better than Obama? Absolutely. No question.

    • kong1967

      WTF? Congressional opposition doesn’t keep Obama from regulating and passing laws by fiat. The EPA was just given the green light to regulate greenhouse gasses. We have unelected officials driving businesses into the ground.

      Romney won’t be writing the bills. The two houses will be the real drive to get things turned around (along with taking away the unrestricted power of the EPA and the NLRB that is union controlled). If we get both houses there will be a substantial amount of conservative bills with conservative solutions. You really believe Romney will veto them? Fat chance. It would be political suicide.

      • CPAguy

        Mittens has already indicated that he will be going full bore with the Dream Act, and we already know that won’t be the end of amnesty…merely the beginning.

        Romney isn’t even bargaining for actual enforcement along with a Dream Act…he just wants amnesty.

        What Obama did is no different than what Romney will do. The only difference, is nobody will raise a stink about it when Romney does it.

        I’m in for the long haul. A Romney presidency would be a Pyrrhic victory and signal the end of the Conservative Movement’s recent surge. It would set the movement back a decade or more.

        • kong1967

          Unlike Obama, I don’t see Romney ruling by fiat. He can’t implement the Dream Act when the weak Republicans have consistently been against it. In other words, he can’t sign a bill he doesn’t get. You would have to believe that an increasingly Tea Party filled house will vote for the Dream Act to begin with. I don’t think so.

    • trustintheLORDwithallyourheart

      Where have you been? Obama sidesteps Congress and the will of the people all the time and unilaterally does what he demands is “just the right thing to do”. And Congress is a bunch of politically correct wimps who do nothing to stop him in his tracks. They could have acted a long time ago to impeach or press charges on several members of this administration, including Obama, but they were all talk and no action. So with the impotent Congress, the shadow government (czars), and the various unelected agencies, such as the EPA, Obama has been governing like a dictator. What makes you think he will change in his 2nd term? In fact, he will get bolder and double down with the lawlessness and push this country to the far, far left, faster than the speed of light. Don’t be ignorant.

      • CPAguy

        So you think all will be well when a Progressive with an “R” by his name and that same “wimpy” Congress largely intact?

        Please, give me hope! What is your insight into this?

        • trustintheLORDwithallyourheart

          Simple — Romney doesn’t hate America and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t plan on redistributing wealth; Obama does. Romney is not a Communist; Obama is. Is Romney the perfect candidate. Heck, no! I don’t even think he’s a good candidate, and I let the RNC know it. But with Romney as President, we have four years to work behind the scenes to shore up the Tea Party and conservativism. It buys us time. With another four years of Obama, America and all it has stood for will be finished. If you can’t see this, then you’re just digging in and being stubborn and thick headed, and you’re just cutting off your nose to spite your face, and frankly being childish. My guy didn’t make it in the primaries, either, but I picked myself up and moved on with the only logical choice. I suggest you do the same.

          • CPAguy

            Obama doesn’t hate America. He isn’t even as bad a President as Carter was.

            What is really the problem is Congress…and how they have ceded power to the executive branch.

            Whether it is Obama or Mittens, the next President will lead Congress and our country in a leftist direction.

            • trustintheLORDwithallyourheart

              You asked me to give you hope. Well, if you think Obama doesn’t have it in for America and Americans (don’t you remember him saying he was going to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA? Transform us into what exactly? I think we’ve seen enough to know the answer to that question), and that he isn’t as bad as Carter, then I’m afraid there is no hope for you. Sorry.

              PS Does the CPA in your name stand for Communist Party of America?

    • DebbyX

      I think you’ve gone off the track. Obama does whatever the heck he wants. He doesn’t follow the rule of law or the Constitution. He invites Radicals to the White House to hold counsel and bows to foreign leaders.

      I’ll take Romney, thanks.

  • Captain_Maynard

    A Hollywood conservative?!! The flying pig phenomenon strikes again.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Jon Voight, American patriot.

  • Rocco11

    I love this guy.

  • kong1967

    I love this guy!!

  • Jon Voight….thank you for speaking the truth in Hollywood. It shows a lot of character and I appreciate it. #BARRYOMUSTGO @jonvoightpage @GBTV @GlennBeck

  • WordsFailMe

    I think we will need to be especially cautious and vigilant in the next few days and weeks, fellow patriots. The race card is the only play left to the bigot moron in the White House and there is no doubt in my mind that Obama and Holder and Napolitano would sacrifice the life of every mother-loving, “hyphenator” in this nation to preserve power.

    These malcreants scare me and when I’m scared, I shop. When I shop, I buy ammo:

    1 Silent dog whistle
    1 Box ice cream bars
    1 100 Rnds, 9mm Hollow Point
    1 box 100 Rrnds .22cal
    1 box 20 Rnds 30-06 FMJ

    • Nukeman60

      I’m a racist. I’m a racist. I’m a racist.

      There, I just practiced it in front of a mirror and, just like I thought, it has no effect on me. It has been cast, like that proverbial lump of mud, far too much and has no teeth. Let them gum me to death.

  • CPAguy

    The simple way to look at Obama vs. Romney is this:

    With Obama…the Dream Act will never be enacted (he will try to use legal tricks…but they will be ineffective and will not cause irreversible harm).

    With Romney…the Dream Act will be enacted withing 12 months of him taking office (causing irreversible harm to our nation and more importantly, the rule of law).

  • 911Infidel

    What would the great actors of yesteryear think of MaoBama? John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Joel McCrea, et al were all Republicans and would agree with Jon Voight. He is… although somewhat liberal… is the kind of old school Republican that the rest of Hollyweird sorely lacks.

  • God Bless Jon Voight’s heart — and his brave soul.

    I forgive him for fathering Angelina Jolie.

    • DebbyX

      Yes, I wonder what little Miss Dogooder thinks of her dear ol’ dad after that statement?

      • They’ve been on again – off again estranged father and daughter since she was a petulant celebrity bred teen from what I’ve gathered here and there by inadvertently reading Hollywood gossip. They’ve just recently reconciled — again — but I doubt it will last. Jolie was in the White House Oval Office in January with her reprobate husband live-in main squeeze plotting and conspiring with Teh Anointed Won and ferret-face Valerie Jarrett so this won’t sit well with her.

  • 12grace

    Jon Voight is a patriot, America is so lucky to have him!

  • DebbyX

    I just finished reading all the comments here thus far. It was the best 20 minutes of my day. There are some great thinkers and entertainers and some with a talent for both.

    Thanks Scoop for attracting all these great people and heaping them all into one pile right here!

  • tx_gold

    He is 100% correct. I’m doing everything I can to get people out to vote in Nov..

  • PFFV

    Jon Voight is a great American patriot; brave of him to stick to his Conservative guns. I think he is the only actor that has brass b*lls to stand up to the liberal elite in FollyWood. God bless him.

  • I just love this guy! He and I have a few things in common and one is the love and admiration for the 3rd President of the United States-Thomas Jefferson. A Tea Party patriot, and our love of country. He always salutes or military and admires and respect our fighting men and women in uniform. I will always support this fine man and Oscar winner. And when ever he is in a movie…. I will make it a point to see it.

  • drphibes

    Right on, John.

    As in Deliverance, we want the tables turned. We want O to squeal like a pig.

  • Nukeman60

    Bill Whittle gave a great shout out to Voight in his Stratosphere Lounge last night. Jon Voight is one of the great, and rare, conservative voices in Hollywood these days. It takes quite a bit of courage to actually speak out while ensconced deep in enemy territory.

  • Most Jews in the US are not very religious unfortunately. The Jews in Israel tend to be much more religious. If the Israeli jews were the ones living in the US then they would vote GOP for the most part.

  • bobemakk

    We need more hollywood celebrities to sound off against Obama.

  • I have always admired Jon Voight’s insight and Judgement. Too bad I can’t say that about the #SCOTUS. Voight is spot on about this, especially NOW! #REPEAL_Obama#DEATH#Care#NOBAMA2012#NOLIBS#TCOT#TEAPARTY

  • I’m NOT voting for Romney.. Period.

    The Roberts sellout just conforms it.

    I’ve held my nose since GHWB and I need to breathe a little here.

    I’ll write in a President. If Mitt and the moderate GOP want to win this, they’ll have to do it without me.

    Lemme know when the party decides the Constitution is good for something besides toilet paper.