Juan Williams accuses Israel of stunning overkill; Krauthammer says world media on Palestinian side

Juan Williams is an idiot. First of all, many of those killed in Gaza are terrorists. I don’t know exact numbers but they aren’t all innocent civilians. Secondly, Hamas intentionally bolsters the death toll by hiding their weapons and armament in civilian location, whether it be residences or schools. We call it ‘human shields’ and they do it all the time. Thirdly, Israel has committed well over 1,000 air strikes at this point in Gaza and the number of those killed could easily be 10 times higher. Lastly, the reason only four Israelis have been killed is in part because of the Iron Dome system which has intercepted a ton of rockets aimed at population centers, but also because Israel has done such a great job taking out the worst of the rockets in Hamas’ arsenal via air strikes. And also because Hamas has aimed many of their rockets for non-population centers.

After knowing all of that, to then accuse Israel of stunning overkill of Palestinians is ridiculous. You might as well accuse them of ethnic cleansing like Turkey’s PM because that’s how stupid a statement it is.

And as usual, Krauthammer is dead on in his analysis and rightfully suggests that trusting Morsi in Egypt at this point is really a pipe dream – unlike Juan Williams who thinks Morsi is trustworthy. OPEN YOUR EARS JUAN AND LISTEN TO WHAT THESE PEOPLE SAY!


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