Juan Williams accuses Israel of stunning overkill; Krauthammer says world media on Palestinian side

Juan Williams is an idiot. First of all, many of those killed in Gaza are terrorists. I don’t know exact numbers but they aren’t all innocent civilians. Secondly, Hamas intentionally bolsters the death toll by hiding their weapons and armament in civilian location, whether it be residences or schools. We call it ‘human shields’ and they do it all the time. Thirdly, Israel has committed well over 1,000 air strikes at this point in Gaza and the number of those killed could easily be 10 times higher. Lastly, the reason only four Israelis have been killed is in part because of the Iron Dome system which has intercepted a ton of rockets aimed at population centers, but also because Israel has done such a great job taking out the worst of the rockets in Hamas’ arsenal via air strikes. And also because Hamas has aimed many of their rockets for non-population centers.

After knowing all of that, to then accuse Israel of stunning overkill of Palestinians is ridiculous. You might as well accuse them of ethnic cleansing like Turkey’s PM because that’s how stupid a statement it is.

And as usual, Krauthammer is dead on in his analysis and rightfully suggests that trusting Morsi in Egypt at this point is really a pipe dream – unlike Juan Williams who thinks Morsi is trustworthy. OPEN YOUR EARS JUAN AND LISTEN TO WHAT THESE PEOPLE SAY!


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  • The dirty little secret that no one is saying…is that anti-Israel is really anti-Semitism. Period. That’s what none of them will admit to.

    • With all due respect I believe equating those two is the same as what Levin just said about race baiting. Because you don’t believe what Israel is doing is the right thing for Israel doesn’t mean you’re an anti-Semite. For the record I believe Israel should continue to pound those terrorists with everything they have until they stop lobbing bombs into our friends borders but if you believe Israel is in someway inciting the violence with their actions over the years that doesn’t make you an anti-Semite IMHO.

      • It doesn’t prove that he isn’t either.

        • “anti-Israel is really anti-Semitism”. That I disagree with and although I disagree with what Juan said in this piece that doesn’t make him an anti-Semite rather a Muslim apologist.

          • MiketheMarine

            You are correct, otherwise American Jews would not have voted for our muslim in chief twice. I got your back. You are right.

            • Jazzee

              Mike: It is strange isn’t it that the Jews support the Marxist???? Wow what is happening to our great country

          • That isn’t what I said. Read carefully. Some criticism is in fact antisemitism a very large portion of it as a matter of fact. Use that computer of yours and do some research*. There is simply no denying it. Now is all criticism of Israel antisemitic? I have seen no proof of that either. Some criticism is legitimate.

            What you are doing is the reverse of what Levin is talking about and really falls under the same category. While one cannot claim all criticism of a race is racist that cannot totally claim that NONE of the criticism of a race isn’t racist either.

            *Blacks in America disproportionately dislike Jews more than any other race due to the fact they compete with them for minority status. It is also the reason Black most often convert to Islam. It is a natural progression for a number of reasons. Hatred of Jews as well as Islam taking over most of the African continent.

      • Actually, I do believe it has the strands of anti-Semitism. The Left in this country has been anti-Israel for decades. Ignoring the truth about the attacks on Israel, is akin to those that ignored any truths about Obama in this country, any that the malignant media allowed to surface before they covered it up. The fact that Israel has to fight 24/7 for acceptance and defense in the arena of public opinion supports this. There is an absolute strand of anti-Semitism in this country–some of it driven by self-hating Jews themselves in America.

        Your words Of “Because you don’t believe what Israel is doing is the right thing for Israel doesn’t mean you’re an anti-Semite” begs the question what do you THINK the ‘right thing’ for Israel would be. She has been under attack for decades, the Middle-East is in meltdown and being handed over to Islamic extremists, this is happening because we have an Islamic sympathizer in the White House, and our foreign policies have weakened America’s perceived strength in the world. The Islamic radicals will continue to make their moves, and you (and Juan Williams, et al) expect Israel to accept the seeds of her own destruction?

        For the record, it is my opinion, that there is pretty strong anti-Semitism in this country among the elitist Left, the MSM, etc. etc. Just look at the history, when we did nothing to aid the Jews in WWII “Voyage of the Damned” look it up. Long history of NOT aiding the Jews of Europe.

        Ultimately, America has been weakened, and the enemies of Israel are emboldened to do what they’re doing. That’s what this is all about.

        • Lee

          Israel = Jews. They are one in the same. Anyone who claims they are not anti-Jewish while lamenting Israel’s self-defensive rocket attacks against Gazan terrorists is also saying that Jews should not defend themselves. (ie, it’s okay for Jews to die)

          • MiketheMarine

            Then explain American jews not voting republican this election.

            • Lee

              Not sure what that has to do with anti-semitism and Israel (?) There were considerablly less Jewish votes for Obama this time than in 2008. However, to answer your questions, they are LIBERALS first, Jews second.

              Conservative/Orthodox Jews vote Republican.

              • MiketheMarine

                Simple, you said, and I quote, “Israel = Jews. They are one in the same.”

                Are American jews, not jews by your definition?

                • No, they’re not. The majority of American Jews are secular and have little regard or concern for Israel. Significant difference with the Orthodox Jews. Many of the Leftists/communists in this country are actually of Jewish heritage. I also refer to them as self-hating Jews.

                • MiketheMarine

                  Oh, I agree with you but was responding to Lee’s over generalized comment.

      • Oh, and I should have addressed your last sentence “…if you believe Israel is in someway inciting the violence with their actions over the years that doesn’t make you an anti-Semite IMHO.”

        Really? You sound like you have a belief system condemning Israel…what “actions” are you condemning her for? Her existence? You’re using words and accusing Israel of “inciting violence.” Those are talking points for anti-Israel, pro-Islamist extremists’ positions, and then one is supposed to believe there isn’t anti-Semitism present? It’s an oxymoron.

        Regardless, it’s a no win situation for Israel in America’s MSM and in the world of public opinion. Israel stands alone, and if radical Islam succeeds in destroying her, I assume people like Juan Williams will be satisfied.

        • You seem to have missed the part of my comment where I said I believe Israel should take every action necessary to prevent rockets from flying into their country as I was using examples of how someone may not like Israel for past or ongoing actions, right or wrong BUT that doesn’t make them an anti-Semite. As an example. Let’s say I had a neighbor that was black and he was a horrible neighbor. Played loud music at all hours of the night, had a dirty yard etc. If I didn’t like my neighbor for those reasons that wouldn’t make me a racist.

          • I didn’t miss it, and it is your way of qualifying what you said. The other two observations you made do not support your supposed acceptance of Israel taking action:

            “Because you don’t believe what Israel is doing is the right thing for Israel doesn’t mean you’re an anti-Semite”

            “…if you believe Israel is in someway inciting the violence with their actions over the years that doesn’t make you an anti-Semite IMHO.”

            Simply put, your remarks fall in line with anti-Israel talking points, and the participation of Juan Williams in his attack on Israel…well, there is a whole lot more to the undercurrent of anti-Semitism running through the country. It’s a fact, and I am certainly not the only one who has noticed it.

            • anti-Israel is NOT Antisemitism but I guess you believe if you didn’t vote for Obama you’re a racist. There very well may be plenty of Antisemitism in the country but that doesn’t make your statement correct.

      • Mary_Linda

        Oh shut up with your wisdom, when USUALLY what he said, about equating the two, IS TRUE!

        Don’t pipe up with nooks and crannies of exceptions!

      • Just saw this article tweeted: “Church Leader Shows Where Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Merge”


    • colliemum

      Time to stop being mealy-mouthed.
      Call anti-semitism, cloaked under the mantle of ‘I can be anti-Zionism but am not an anti-semite’, what it really is.
      It is Jew Hate plain and simple, and all those who try and deny this are the same ones who thought in the 1930s that somehow the Jews were culpable of being hounded by the Nazis.

      These people cry crocodile tears only when Jews are dead, in large numbers.
      Call them out!

    • BlueGood
      • MiketheMarine

        I do too. I may be applying for Canadian citizenship before long.

    • MiketheMarine

      To support Field, I have to ask a rhetorical question to make their point. If Anti Israel is anti Semitism then why do American Jews always vote democrat which is anti Israel?

      So American jews are anti semitic?

      • See my reply somewhere above, because actually yes, many American Jews are so secular there have absolutely no connection to being Jewish. I did make the distinction about those who consider themselves Jewish and essentially those who absolutely secularists and atheists (you find them in the Lefty/communist ranks), so, not all American Jews are of the same bent, but there is a distinction to be made.

        Here is another way of looking at it, not all American Jews consider themselves “Jewish.” Sort of Jewish “in name only.”

        • MiketheMarine

          Oh, I get it and agree. I was just attempting to get him to provide a bit more specifics. You are right on, though, Ms. Penguin.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Who cares what this little man says?

    Meanwhile: “Thousands of people rallied in front of the Israeli Embassy in Paris, showing support for Israel in its fight with Gazan terrorists. They listened as leaders of the French Jewish community and other activists gave speeches.

    A similar rally was held in New York, where those who gathered in front of the Israeli Consulate called on the Israeli government to continue to defend the residents of southern Israel through Operation Pillar of Defense. Senior officials reported joined the rally, including New York City municipal officials and state representatives.

    Similar rallies were also held in Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Seattle and other cities across America on Tuesday.”

    Folks are learning what Islamists are like and they are disgusted with them.

  • opinionatedhermit

    I wonder what Juan thinks of Colin Powell and his opinion of “overwhelming force.”

    I mean, exactly what the heck does Juan think this means?

    • This is the chickification of America., Overwhelming force should be used instead of these kinder gentler wars that cost more in lives and money. Don’t go to war if you don’t aim to win.

      • Declare it, and win it quickly, then leave.

        • JimNEPA2_0

          In this case, the Arabs should leave, and the Israelis should stay.

          • MiketheMarine

            One correction. The Israelis should stay and all muslim should die or convert. It is a bigger threat to the peace of the world than naziism ever was, due to shear numbers.

      • bongobear

        Absolutely! That’s the very mistake we made in Viet Nam…didn’t go to win.

        • We actually have been making that mistake since Korea. These kinder gentler wars were the brain child of Harry Truman.

  • JeffWRidge

    Trusting Morsi/Egypt as an intermediary between Israel and Hamas makes as about as much sense as allowing the SEIU to be the mediator between Hostess and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (geez, could they have made the name any longer). Williams actually thinks that someone who has taken sides should be trusted to be fair to both sides?

    BTW Juan, exactly how many people should Israel kill? What is the magic number? It’s a war of survival. Juan uses standard lefty logic. If someone successfully defends themselves when attacked, lefties want to punish the defender for being able to defend themselves.

    That is one of their rationales for opposing castle laws or stand your ground laws. Lefties think that people’s right to defend themselves should be very limited and subject to second guessing and punishment by people who were not attacked.

    • On the money!
      Especially since he sent his right hand man over to be a part of a photo op that turned out to be an outright propagandist lie. One would think Obama would get tired of egg on his face in regards to the ME.

      • JeffWRidge

        The media photoshops out all of the egg to keep the people from seeing it on Obama’s face.

        • They don’t have to photo shop anything. It is called ‘willful blindness’ and the many people are so enamored with Obama they suffer from willful blindness. They need a God since they tossed out the real one so his celebrity has been vaunted to that status.

    • warpmine

      Same thing with people defending themselves with pistols and small arms, liberals scream high pitch sounds that it’s not fair to the criminal element to which they pander to and that’s the crux of the matter pandering to criminal elements.

      • MiketheMarine

        That’s why I shoot to kill rather than to wound.

  • crosshr

    Juan, my dear retard twin , Please shut the bleep up boy !

    • MiketheMarine

      Have you considered plastic surgery, my friend?


  • Juan Williams is a dolt like so many on Fox News and it is the precise reason I haven’t been watching Fox. Turn off your tv’s and send a message to ALL of them loud and clear!

    • MiketheMarine

      America’s funniest home videos is my prefered source of entertainment. Similar IQ’s, funnier outcomes.


      • The host of America’s Funniest Home videos is one of the biggest leftards to ever grace the planet. Turn off your tv!!!! Send a message!!!

        Stop spending money as well.

  • JDOlson

    Tonight the camera (accidentally?) panned over to CK while Juan was talking. It looked like he turned and was exchanging smiles, suppressed laughter, with Shannon Bream. Between Juan W and Billy C, it is a real groan-fest lately on FOX. CK was pretty much alone, with support from Shannon, in confronting the crapfest from those 2 idiots.

    • p m

      I noticed that too – best part of the segment. Williams is so ignorant and out of his depth – or should that be shallowness? Did you see how he looked at Shannon just as she was smiling back at CK? Hope he got it and fears for renewal of his contract. Kristol is another wimp who doesn’t belong in any serious discussion of anything. They’re obviously there for the ego and money. Contributing nothing.

      • JDOlson

        No, didn’t catch that. I do watch FOX Sunday and notice the looks between other panel members and Chris Wallace when Juan talks. That shocked me. They all seem to barely tolerate him. He’s got to pick up on that.

        • p m

          Sorry, JD, should have mentioned that he caught them smiling at the end of the segment, which wasn’t shown above. He had a second wind a bit later on – hot air of course!

    • deeme

      Sometimes my favorite part of CK are the facial expressions…I also love the wit and stingers…

  • Chevypowered

    For the life of me I am stunned! Why would any non Muslim support these radicals!

    Think about this for a moment, if these fruitcups have their way Juan would be executed for not converting, non-muslim women would be raped then executed for not converting or executed even if they are converted!

    These people believe if Muslims succeed in wiping out Israel they will just stop there? That Hamas, and every other nut group will just run back into their caves?

    Muslims want it all; their cake, the whole enchilada, the whole ball of wax. THEY WANT IT ALL! Total capitulation their way or the highway. These assholes act like if they made kissy face with these terrorist that those terrorist will buy them all a Venti Chai from Starbucks and call it even for supporting their cause.

    If you are not a follow a Islam YOU ARE DEAD TO THEM!

    Problems with liberals that they hate us conservatives, capitalism, Christians and Jews so much they will shack up with anyone who will help them get rid of us. The problem with this tactic is its self defeating. Who will protect them from Hamas, Al Qaeda and others once “we” the only thing allowing them to be the grand assholes they are gone?!

    This has gone far beyond the “useful tool” metaphor this is just pure blind hatred for anything American that someone will sign their soul to the devil just to get rid of us.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend…

    The question for liberals is what happens when your enemy (America’s way of life) is no longer around to protect you from your friend?

    • JeffWRidge

      Well said. Someone once told me that he figured that the left thinks that they can control the Islamic extremists after the dust settles. I don’t know if he’s right, but it could explain some of the stupid things the left says and does when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

    • sDee

      The left derives its power from “disaffected groups” it can grant special rights and protections under the law. The kitten in the hijab will soon grow into a tiger. its jaws tearing out their throats.

      The left has a sick and fatal attraction to fascism and genocide.

      America sacrificed countless lives and blood to save Europeans form their fatal attraction. We cannot help them as this time they have invited into the very fabric of their society and governments. It cannot be extracted. We cannot help them because we have done the same.

    • sjmom

      Excellent post. You have shown the foolishness of the liberal position.

  • Of course it’s overkill…..it’s war, and it’s all overkill when you get your ass kicked. Next time, don’t start the fight.

    • MiketheMarine

      Right on Stewie. The only unfair fight is the fight that you lose. There is only one rule to war. WIN…..

  • deeme

    After what I saw they did to six supposed spies..dragging one chained to a motorcycle through the streets , they can’t be human..they are pure evil and their hatred has no end..This has to be Iran, they are the ones that want everyone gone especially Israel and the U.S., that doesn’t agree with them..What’s worse is they are infiltrating our country..Id really like to talk to the Jewish people who voted for Obama twice..

  • THIS IS HARD TO WATCH BUT I DARE YOU TO STAND AGAINST ISRAEL AFTER YOU WATCH IT https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151248471687141

  • John3_3

    Ge 12:1 ¶ Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee:
    2 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:
    3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

  • freenca

    Juan Williams should at the very least, step back and re-examine his positions! He is and has been, a very poor advocate of BO, speaking the talking points, with no originality of his own thoughts. That is so sad for a person, that the FOX team has rescued from oblivion, and allows him the wider parameters of true analysis,yet he foregoes that opportunity to really get something new out there!

  • hbnolikeee

    What a stupid crap pack Williams is. Have Egypt and Morsi as intermediary? Is he on drugs or just another anti-semite?

    Negotiate with a group that wants to destroy Israel and has always said so?

  • warpmine

    Somewhere, a village is missing it’s idiot back on Liberalanus.

    • MiketheMarine


  • Constance

    This is precisely why I watch less and less of Fox News. Fair and balanced has become ignorant and annoying. On this show today, there was Juan Williams, Bill Kristol, some woman from NPR, and Krauthammer. Fair and balanced? Bill Kristol went off the conservative rails some time ago. Fox also has way too much of Karl Rove, the liberal-leaning women, Alan Colmes, and that idiot Geraldo Rivera. I do like some of the programming, but I can’t take these fools. It’s just too much.

    • white531

      I fully support your vision of Fox News.

    • sjmom

      I seldom watch anymore and agree with your assessment. Fox keeps it up and their ratings will plummet like the rest.

    • old_crank

      Williams, Kristol, Beckel et al are supposed to supply the “balance” to fair and balanced Fox. But you are correct that these people are complete idiots and they make Fox appear biased for choosing such poor representatives. Kirsten Powers fills the bill, but she’s the only one. Is it that hard to find thoughtful liberals to explain the left’s positions? Or is “thoughtful liberal” an oxymoron?

  • wolfveryne

    Israel knows how to fight a War ,, for “Victory” .
    Maybe some our “PC” Politicians and Generals ,, should take note.

  • repubboy

    Mr. Williams has always hated all things Israel ! He has never understood , Israel. Nor has he any understanding what it takes to survive in that region of the world. Mr Williams is and always will be a biased reporter who brings all of the ignorance of his kind to the television.. He has not a clue and he does not care.. What Mr. Williams says is what he knows as being right ! no matter how wrong he is.. Too Bad !

  • Immigrant_from_Socialism7

    Juan is myopic,like the rest of the liberal media,one narrative in spite of the facts.
    This is the party (Democrats)that recognised the state of Israel without preconditions or preconceptions when Harry Truman was President,and just after the holocaust.
    How far they have moved from that position has everything to do with schools not properly teaching about the holocaust and why we all must fight terror in all its forms.
    But Juan and his ilk are emboldened when the leader of the free world is just as non committal about America defending Israel.
    Believe me if Obama were to proactively help Israel and not serve up platitudes Juan and the liberal media would be all over the plight of the Israelis and their rights.
    I witnessed this rhetoric in the old Soviet Union satellites,dear leader speaks and the apparatchiks parrot his thoughts.
    After Juan’s first hand experience at NPR,and the groupthink there,I would have expected better from him.
    Good news Juan’s son is conservative…or in the real world uses facts and common sense.Thanks

    • toongoon


  • white531

    Juan Williams makes me puke. Don’t get me wrong, I puke a lot these days. But when I see Juan Williams speak, I puke automatically.

    • detectivedick

      He gets the text of talking points from Obama. The Brothers and the Brotherhood stand together

  • UnCL3

    I agree…Juan Williams is an INCOMPETENT idiot!

  • Immigrant_from_Socialism7

    Take my word for it….don’t get physically ill over a dopey,ill-informed reporter.
    Save your distress for the socialised medicine and the onslaught of Liberty curbing rules and regulations ,many by executive fiat,or as we used to say from the Kremlin.
    Native born Americans,both Democrats and Republicans,will soon realise what is happening,and maybe come together in 2years and elect a Republican majority in both the Senate and the House….Bill Clintons escapades will be nothing compared to the things this President and the EPA,FCC are going to do.
    I’ve lived through it and my experience and intuition tell me something is afoot.
    Remember we are creatures of habit..and right now there are NO checks and balances on this guy…..but if there is the threat of impeachment,which is why America is so WONDERFUL,his agenda will be kept in check.
    Otherwise America will be just another country….

    • toongoon

      What happens is Israel is every bit as important as what is going on here, probably even more so.

    • gunclinger

      “Otherwise America will be just another country…”

      Which is EXACTLY what Dear Leader has been trying to do.

  • There is no such thing as overkill when dealing with these savages.

  • sjmom

    Juan only echoes the Dem talking points and doesn’t seem to have an opinion of his own.

  • Linky1

    “Juan Williams is an idiot.”

    “And as usual, Krauthammer is dead on in his analysis…”

    These are the only relevant lines in this post……..

  • TitaniumEagle

    It’s sickening to me that people like Mr. Williams (a professed Catholic, if I recall) validate the Hamas’ desecration of The Holy Land. The true irony of the situation is that, as others have mentioned; if the people he supports had their way he would either be forced to convert to Islam or dead, Israel would quite literally be gone and America would be too.

    I’m beginning to think that many of these people support the Palestinians only because conservatives support Israel.

  • I have wondered why Israel doesn’t do a massive ground sweeping of Gaza. They could go through the city and confiscate all of the weapons being used against them, while taking out any resistance.

    Obviously this would cost more lives on the side of Israel, but rather than decimating civilian infrastructure with bombing to “hopefully” take out their weapons, it seems like a ground offensive would be much more effective in the long run.

    If they ran into strong holds, they could have them taken out by air quite easily.

    I am not an expert, so maybe there is a good reason not to do this.

    Edit: Apparently I need to brush up on this issue a bit, because I now realize that they are preparing for just such a thing.

  • jodypear

    Juan IS an idiot. He has been infected. Who knows, maybe he was always infected. I did not know of him before he began making excuses for everything Obama does.

  • chatterbox365

    And to think FOX News saved this idiot’s a$$ after NPR tossed him out. I thought Juan was OK at first, but he’s been hanging around Alan Colmes too much.

    • TitaniumEagle

      In his current state, he’d certainly fit right in back at National Palestinian Radio.

      • chatterbox365

        Perhaps he wants his old job back.

  • colliemum

    “Pornography of grief” – that is a good one by Krauthammer. I shall steal it shamelessly.

    As for the corrupt MSM: it is not just that they are the leftie’s propaganda machine, across the Western world, it is also that they blatantly violate their own ‘charter’ of reporting without bias.

    Organisations which document this bias should be supported. Here’s one in the UK


    and very valuable it is!

  • Kordane

    Juan’s a lib, so naturally he errs on the side of self-destruction because he thinks it’s moral to sacrifice oneself to others; as do all libs. Juan’s foreign policy views are based on altruism, not self-interest. If they were based on self-interest then he’d be like “Yeah, keep bombing them until they’re begging on their hands and knees to surrender to Israel.”

    Juan’s views, just as all other liberals, are shaped by their moral code, and their moral code is a sickly mix of collectivism and altruism – So naturally, you can take their moral views to their logical extension and predict exactly what kind of views they will have on various issues. This latest view on the conflict between Israel and Gaza was therefore so very predictable.

    Personally, I favor self-interest. I think it’s moral for Israel to bomb the absolute hell out of Gaza, until Gaza totally and utterly surrenders to Israel. I don’t care if they have to bomb civilian targets. We bombed entire population centers during WW2. Israel should bomb population centers in Gaza and the West Bank. Whatever it takes to achieve victory over their enemies. Victory is key, but victory for oneself can only be achieved if one thinks it’s moral to act in one’s self-interest.

  • Oh yes,  what’s a little rocket fire- 8000 rockets every day, month, year- killing and destroying your people, attacking your country, without provocation, just blind hatred.. According to Juan Williams, and his rabid liberal anti-semtic ilk- they’re (IDF) just overreacting..  Right Juan Williams..

    The one who said he was scared to get on a plane when he saw an arab with headress praying to allah..  They’re not called useful idiots for nothing..

  • Fox news has lost its mojo and has gone to the dark side. Get rid this idiot Williams. Williams is a pathetic stubborn moron. He reminds me of a drunk that doesn’t hear a word of truth and only wants to hear himself and speak his own bigotry.

  • tsturbo

    Why does anyone listen to JW? Why does anyone believe anything that reprobate liars say, especially Obama? Remember “Actions speak louder than words”.

  • JimNEPA2_0

    Since the Arabs (who never called themselves “Palestinians” until it became politically advantageous) have proven incapable of making a peaceful, productive life for themselves and their children, it is time for Israel to end this short-sighted experiment and move back into Gaza, Judea, and Samaria. The Arab squatters and descendants of squatters can, as Helen Thomas once said of the Jews, simply go back where they came from. Alas, they cannot, for their former homelands such as Egypt and Jordan don’t want them except as political footballs to be kicked around and held up as a great cause by the world anti-Jewish media. (Do I sound bitter? Yes. Why? Because it wasn’t Zionists who rejoiced on 9/11, and it wasn’t Zionists who remembered that day by killing Ambassador Stevens, either.)

    Will this happen? I do not know. What I do know is that God will show them someday that their god Allah is “A Lie”. The ancient Egyptians found out their river god, their sun god, and all the rest were nothing before the Living God, and so shall the followers of the moon god.

  • shield1

    2,000+ killed at Pearl Harbor… 100,000+ killed at Nagasaki and Hiroshima… overkill Juan?

    This is war, Israel was attacked and is under attack… you do not hold back when you are attacked. Juan, go back to your comfortable lifestyle and let the grown ups handle the important stuff.

    And Juan, try to remember it’s Hamas who is responsible for the civilian deaths. They shoot from behind their women and children, NOT Israel.

  • To follow Juan’s logic, then after we were attacked on 9/11/2001, we could only kill roughly 3,000 Taliban or al Qaeda members, which is approximately the same number of Americans who died on that day. This “moral equivalency” argument just gets me ill. If you are attacked it is an act of war. And if you are drawn into a war, the object is to WIN that war. The way you WIN that war is by destroying the other side’s ability to wage war and you do that by defeating him in any way possible. After we were attacked at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, did we say, “Well, lets just kill the same number of people that we lost during the attack on Pearl Harbor?” Of course we didn’t. We demanded (and got) an unconditional surrender after decimating Japan and her people. Go figure, it was a time when we actually declared a war and won it by any means possible. Ah, the good old days. And today the Israelis are being criticized for having that same moral clarity about warfare after they have been attacked. The world is getting dumber by the day.

  • tinlizzieowner

    OK Juan, let me see if I have your talking point straight.
    A guy is whipping me with a stick and the only thing I have to defend myself with is a baseball bat. I’m supposed to take the whipping until I can find a stick of the same size to defend myself with, right?
    Glad I never had to rely on you for back-up in Viet Nam.
    😉 😉

  • WordsFailMe

    Is it reasonable to respond to Juan Williams on any issue? Other than his personal legacy of race hatred, what credentials does he carry? If we need somehow to convince Juan Williams that our logic is sound and our cause is reason based, we are in trouble. Williams is an insignificant, dancing pimp for the organ grinding, racist liberals.

    Williams is a house-broken, trained black blabber mouth FOX seats at the table when there are no other liberals with table manners available.

    • NCHokie02

      I think sometimes that it’s just his role on Fox. That hey you’re the democrat so you have to espouse their ideas. Same with Bob Beckel. I honestly don’t know how all those people are like “Oh Bob is a great guy!” They just chirp democratic talking points and support the President because he’s a democrat. Not once have I heard them call out the administration for anything even though they are obviously wrong. He can’t be that dumb…..and yet perhaps maybe he is.

      • WordsFailMe

        I guess that, for me, I can’t understand how Rush, Levine, Savage, Prager and the rest can survive so many years without ever having to permit the opposition a voice. I have never seen one FOX staffer take one of these pet monkey liberals on as an equal. This “pussyfooting” around the opposition, this condescending tolerance so many conservatives exhibit around the idiocy, incompetence and racism of the left is the problem.

        We can no longer afford to make allowances for stupid people. We can no longer look the other way and shake our heads, patting ourselves on the back for our “nobility” and let morons like Juan Williams destroy the very fabric of language and reason.

        There is a limit to tolerance. We just haven’t had our fill of it yet. Hopefully we will wake up out of this humanist, secular stupor and pick up a club before we are hopelessly outnumbered. Does anyone believe that if the Obamerrhoid had been defeated, the unwashed hordes and their communist masters would permit a single night of rest for this nation?

  • NCHokie02

    Didn’t even watch the video. What do you know about war Juan? Probably the same type of people who cry over great lengths to prevent our bombs from hitting an Afghan home so one civillian doesn’t die. Guess what, they don’t value human life as we do. You pay them enough money and all is forgiven. There is no life that is worth more than an American’s or an Israeli’s in their case. We do our best to limit collateral damage but it occurs. Do you have a problem with the fire bombing of Tokyo? Of Dresden? We were at war and we currently are at war and so are the Israeli’s. I’m sure you’d be claiming the same calls if NJ launched rockets into NYC, wouldn’t you….yeah maybe you’d change your tone. Douche bag.

  • Rocco11

    Williams, and all the other Leftist dopes are the reason I cannot watch Fox anymore. Good job Ailes…

  • Myptofvu

    Hey Juan where was your math when they did the prisoner exchange? 1000 Palestinians for 1 (One, Uno) Israeli

  • bongobear

    If Juan is on the panel I turn the program off. Last night they had a trifecta…Juan, Mara and Kristol. Couldn’t bear to listen.

  • aposematic

    Fox gives fools a platform to spread their idiocy and hate just like all the other corrupt liars in MSM/Press. The only exception at Fox is maybe a voice of reason may get to respond.

  • True Idiocy lives in the heart and mind of Juan Williams and his liberal ilk. Please PBS take the idiot back and put him in his rightful place….he bores me.

  • capelady

    Would Juan Williams tolerate 200 rockets per day fired at his neighborhood…? And what if the enemy was firing those rockets from installations in populated areas, near playgrounds and hospitals… what would he do then?


    4,000 rockets have been fired into southern Israel in 2012 – I don’t know any other nation that would have been as patient or as tolerant and if citizens have been injured, it is not because the Israelis don’t go to extraordinary lengths to prevent that. The terrorists clearly do not value the innocent lives because they are used for propaganda.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    A lot of conservative policital reporters, talking heads, show hosts, and talk radio types all say they like Juan Williams, but not his politics. After this display of lunacy, if any of those conservatives still think Williams is a great guy, we the public, need to re-think our allegiance to the conservative pundints. Stop-Go, Black-White, Wet-Dry, Anti-Israel – anti-semitic.

    • poljunkie

      Yep…thats the same – as Bill O Reilly and Al Sharpton going out to dinner once in a while (as he’s said they do)

      If we went out with The good Rev, it would either be dead silent or a yelling match.

  • Williams, you should wear your underwear on your head, you dead mouse IQ imbecile.
    Prey for health…too late for asking for wisdom.

  • jana01

    Juan is just a symptom of the onging left wing infiltration on Fox. It is has become intolerable and obvious. My stress level has dramatically decreased since I disconnected the cable. I get all the news I need on the internet. Give it a try and I guarantee you’ll feel much better.

  • gilleysuited

    Israel should revisit the prophet Samuel!

  • Sandra123456

    “Juan Williams is an idiot.” Yes, a highly overpaid idiot too.

    FOX is beginning to remind me of professional wrestling. Everyone hads a role to play. Juan’s role is to act as the black liberal idiot as opposed to Alan Colmes.

    My TV’s are off about 23 1/2 hours a day now, and we only use one at a time now for a noise source primarily.

  • Medaton

    Israel should just fire rockets all day and all night into different areas of Gaza just as Hamas has been doing for the past 5 years!

  • Lee

    Juan Williams is a typical black liberal. Racist and anti-semitic.

  • MiketheMarine

    Juan should be sent to Israel and be forced to help clean up the Israeli blood from the bus bomb. This boothead needs a boot to his head. A$$hole

  • Haywoodjbl

    I believe that Israel has shown restraint……They need to unleash “Hell” and this stuff will stop..

  • poljunkie


    what happened to you buddy? You made a swift and apparent bolt to the more extreme left…right around the end of 2008, beginning of 2009…….

    Oh, I get it now……

  • wraith67

    Overkill? Proportionality – what a crock of garbage. Nobody fights that way – you always fight with overwhelming force. And the object is to make more of their guys die than yours.

  • stage9

    They never accused Al Qaeda of “overkill” on 9/11. They all quietly snickered amongst themselves that the US had finally gotten what it deserved.

    They never accuse Planned Parenthood of “overkill”, instead radicals continuously push for greater homicidal rights for infanticide doctors.

    They didn’t accuse Al Qaeda in Benghazi of “overkill” when they murdered 4 Americans and the administration refused to come to their aid.

    Like Levin said last night, I’m sick and tired all of this race baiting and divisive BS! Why in God’s name do we allow marxists to have a voice in this country? If they want their own propaganda network then fine, they can say what they please, but why should we allow them a voice on our networks?

    Marxists aren’t worthy of a platform from which to voice their opinion.

  • Williams has been know for making the most inane, ludicrous statements even for a left wing wacko. I’ll wager he still thinks the Israelis killed the 4 year old Palestinian boy even after it was proven he was killed by a Hamas rocket that fell short. I find it curious that Willaiams, a black person, is such a Jew hating bigot. But then, he probably still believes the murder of 4 good Americans in Benghazi was a spontaneous response to a video.


    …wake up everyone the religion of “ISLAM = EVIL = ENEMY” and must be met head on with the military might of WESTERN CIVILIZATION to be VICTORIOUS in the end for it is either us or them .

    …onward Christian Soldiers onward to VICTORY .”
    Oh one more thing where is your DEAR LEADER PART II these days ? mmmmm just asking.

  • stage9

    Hey Juan Williams, is THIS overkill?

    Israel Air Force Calls Off Airstrike When Civilians Seen Near Target

  • spin43

    I don’t have a cable subscription, ha, ha, ha. You fools that are actually paying for that lying media crap. Pull the plug and save some money. You mean that you can’t miss overpaid, overgrow juveniles throwing balls. Has Obama given free cable to his followers or do they just pay with their welfare checks? 47% is now over 50%.

  • Juan_Rico

    For a hard core lib, Juan has a few lucid moments. Then you hear him spout some BS like this and you just want to slap some sense into him. How someone can be so smart about some things and so incredibly stupid about others just blows my mind.

  • Michael Beck

    Sadly, liberals have been deluded and have resorted to calling evil good and good evil. Fact: Hamas is a world recognized terrorist organization that works in conjunction with Iran – the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world.

    It should be noted that Juan Williams has devoted his life to the cause of progressive liberalism. Progressive liberalism is another term for Socialism. Socialism is a set ideals that have NEVER worked anywhere that they have been tried. Whether Greece, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, France, or wherever, Socialism is not only “destructive” but in the end every country that implements Socialism ends up going bankrupt and their government(s) collapsing. Which is happening right now in Europe and in America… under Barack Hussein Obama… and the ideals of Socialism/Marxism/Communism which Obama espouses and seeks to implement throughout America.

    Liberals have a habit of embracing “evil” as good and good as evil. Case in point, Juan Williams siding with Hamas when in reality Hamas started the recent violence by firing thousands of rockets into Israel and Hamas also recently fired an anti-tank round into an Israeli Army vehicle killing the Israeli driver. Which then led Israel’s leadership to launch an offensive against Hamas that we now see unfolding in Gaza.

    Also last night an ABC News reporter proclaimed on live TV that Hamas was only trying to defend itself against Israeli aggression. But of course that was a false narrative given by the ABC News reporter and as we know ABC News is a Left-wing loon outfit run by progressives who are seeking to implement anti-American policies within government and especially now that über liberal Barack Obama is in office.

    The Lame-stream Media, for the most part, hates ‘capitalism’ and quite frankly many of them hate Israel as well. God established his covenant with Abraham and the Jewish people. The Bible says that God blesses those who bless Israel (the Jews) and curses those who curse Israel. [Gen 12:3] I would hate to be on the wrong side of history and potentially face the wrath of Almighty God. But that is exactly what many on the Left are doing as they denounce and castigate America’s greatest ally in the Middle East… the nation of Israel.

    Those on the Left who stick up for Hamas – an FBI and CIA listed terrorist organization that rules the Palestinian people and is headquartered out of Iran i.e. the world’s #1 sponsor of terrorism), and those who denounce Israel – in a conflict that was undeniably started by Hamas and Israel is simply trying to defend itself, ultimately face the judgement of God.

    Juan Williams better be careful. Siding with “evil” is wrong and Juan Williams should be ashamed of himself for trying to blame Israel for the wrongs committed (and started) by Hamas!!!

  • Jazzee

    Personally wish Juan Williams would shut up
    kind of tired of his boring comments

  • JackieDee01

    I guess if the number of Israelis dead were the same as the number Palestinians dead then all would be well? Goodness gracious.

  • KurtUSA

    This proportionality argument is first of all stupid, the idea is to stop the rocket fire not just inflict punishment, second as it is being applied only to Isreal it is anti-semetic. (Who cares as the rockets are aimed indiscrimenately are they are only killing Jews. Everyone knows that Jewish lifes are cheap.). If Isreal everytime a rocket is fired would do its best to wipe out the organization that sent it and their supporters, then and only then will the nonsense stop and the cowardly baby killers in Hamas get to meet their maker.

  • Mary_Linda

    Juan & ALL Democrats (that supported the muslim) are racists; Pure and simple racists. How do we know? Because THEY see in others what they are.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Is Juan “The Stooge” Williams suggesting that an equal number of Israelis and Palestinians should die in the fighting or it’s not fair???? What kind of stupid statement was that???? Honestly I just automatically tune-out Williams when he starts blabbering!!!!

  • LiveFreeOrDieAmerica

    Juan Williams is a certified moron. Why anyone even covers or cares about what he says is beyond me. When he speaks, my liberal idiot voice recognition circuit trips my mental mute button, shuts my ears off to the stupidity, and plays “God Bless America.”

  • Sober_Thinking

    Juan williams is a leftist wolf in moderate clothing. His positions are almost always wrong; he almost always misses the most important points and he often perpetuates the leftist’s bullet points in his supposed thoughtful, meaningful commentary.

    He lost credibility so long ago… and frankly, it’s embarrassing that FNC even let’s him show his face on their network. Let him go to CNN or MSNBC where he belongs. He’ll be happier and we’ll get someone else with something more accurate to share… Mz. Powers maybe?

    Listening to Juan is like sucking on a frayed extension cord that’s plugged in.

  • Sinsonta

    Juan Williams is another Leftwing ideologue.

  • 12grace

    Interesting that Juan Williams claims to be a Christian, yet he has no understanding about what the bible teaches about Israel.

    Pastor John Hagee: The Day America Turns Its Back on Israel, God Will Turn His Back on America

    Pastor John Hagee on Why America is on the Path to Disaster

    Can America Survive? The Rejection of Israel -John Hagee

  • BKco11

    Juan Williams is a joke! FOX News should fire this IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

    • Kordane

      But he exposes the idiocy of the Left so effectively. I want the Left to keep talking, because they just dig themselves deeper holes; the deeper the better; give them the shovel to do so.

  • dk_in_tn

    Juan Williams is an idiot–anything to make Obama look good. Give it up Juan.