***UPDATE: ALLEN WEST RESPONDS*** Judge denies Allen West’s recount request

This doesn’t sound promising at all but I’m holding out hope:

PALM BEACH POST – A judge today denied U.S. Rep. Allen West‘s request that he order a recount of 37,379 ballots from early voting in St. Lucie County — effectively leaving the decision up to the county’s canvassing board, which meets today at 4 p.m.

Circuit Judge Dan Vaughn said he did not have the authority to order the recount, which West wanted after problems emerged in the counting of early votes on election night.

After West filed his complaint Tuesday in St. Lucie County circuit court, the canvassing board on Thursday scheduled a meeting for this afternoon to consider a full recount of early votes. …

Murphy attorney Gerald Richman said in court today that if the canvassing board orders a full recount of early votes this afternoon, the Murphy campaign will go to court to try to block it.


UPDATE: Here is Allen West’s response to the court decision not to get involved. I’m still waiting to hear what the canvassing board has decided.

Regarding the 19th Judicial Circuit Court’s decision to deny a recount of absentee and early votes in St. Lucie County:

Patrick Murphy sent an army of lawyers to this hearing to argue that votes should not be counted accurately and fairly. Unfortunately, the court chose not to get involved. While we respect the court’s decision, we remain concerned the voters in St. Lucie County will not be able to havein the integrity of the electoral process and their right to a fair election, and will continue to pursue all legal options to ensure they do.

It became apparent today that Patrick Murphy has no interest in having a fair and accurate count of votes. We are dismayed that a man who clearly has no respect for the law suddenly wants to lecture others about it. Regarding the “rule of law,” the fact that the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections did not follow it is part of the reason we have found so many discrepancies with the votes.

It’s also clear Patrick Murphy has had such a good time with Nancy Pelosi pretending to be a congressman, he realizes a recount would likely derail his plans, and that’s why his lawyers promised a lawsuit if all votes are recounted fairly and accurately. It’s an interesting stance from a candidate who said he was the clear and outright winner. Further, it is curious that a so-called CPA would not be concerned that numbers simply don’t add up.

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  • Apparently cheaters do prosper.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Truer words have never been spoken. I’ve seen similar things happen WAY too many times in one lifetime, and that’s very sad, indeed.

      • capelady

        Al Franken is a perfect example!

    • aussieguy64

      Be patient. This is part of a long Cultural War with many battles. Those who base their power on lies and manipulation are often the ones that will fall pretty quickly. (Empires, kingdoms, etc based on such values never last as long as those who base theirs on good values.)

      They may win in the short term, but they will lose in the long. Always remember, time is on our side…As there will ALWAYS be another election cycle. One must always prepare for the next one.

      I suggest you look at WWII. The Allies initially got their butts handed to them on all fronts. UK was pushed to the brink as Nazi bombs and V2 rockets fell on their cities. USA got pulled into it on Dec 7th 1941 as the US Navy Pacific Fleet was decimated.

      Did you ever see the Greatest Generation give up when the chips were down? I don’t. They kept going, in-spite of the set-backs.

      War is won by those with infinite resolve, by those who will not give up the fight. This fight is about America’s future.

      It isn’t over until you are dead and buried. That’s the kind of commitment needed to restore the country.

      One must adopt the persistent of an ant…Keep trying all sorts of avenues until you succeed.

      It doesn’t matter if you lose in the short term, as long as you keep fighting. Real character reveals itself when there looks like there is no hope.

      • Thank you for the pep talk. I really appreciate it and yes I am being truly sincere. I hope occasionally you will continue to remind me of exactly that of which you just did!

        God Speed and Bless you aussieguy64.

  • Susitna

    I was hoping for West to succeed on the recount as this would start a wave in other battleground states. I still hope for something to happen as I cannot accept the election results and 4 more years of corruption and of planned destruction of the country.

    • tinlizzieowner

      You notice that Judges never seem to ‘have the authority’ to do what’s right but the always seem to have the authority to do what’s ‘left’.

      • Susitna

        This has become a chronic sickness. Every time a conservative needs legal support it gets denied by the judge dealing with the case. This is why Obama never had to testify nor show any documents that could tell us who he really is. The legal system is unbalanced and always in favor of the communists. By now they are controlling almost all aspects of our daily lives.

        • clockwindingdown

          Which party is the party of Lawyers?

          Why the switch to “case law” from “Constitutional Law”?

          If a party controls the courts and does not base legal decisions on the law of the land i.e. the Constitution, but rather perversions know as “case law” then they control the outcome of legal cases, all the while under the mask of a legal system “of the people for the people,” there in creating an illusion of justice.

          Our legal system is set up to seek the truth, yet the lawyers and judges do all they can to seek an outcome they desire. Truth is our legal system was long ago corrupted and those in power also control the legal system.

          Does anyone really think they would get a just trial on a high profile case in an election year? That story went out with black & white movies…

          I hope Senator Alan West finds away to get to the truth. I highly doubt he will make much more progress using our current court system, certainly not without help… However I hope even more that he proves me wrong, that is one pill I would gladly swallow!

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Methinks this was always a bit of a long shot, especially where Dumbocrats are involved. Interestingly enough, I’m currently reading a book where Teddy Roosevelt spent a lot of energies trying to clean up New York’s voting logs in the late 1900’s. This stuff has been part of the Dem-machine for centuries.

    • Don

      What is harder to swallow is we know Obama owns the mainstream media. His Attorney General is a corrupt racist with no problems with using the law for political gain. Voter fraud on the scale that Colonel West is dealing with would only be instigated where the justice system would be conducive to voter fraud. The Obama machine that is determined to bring our nation down will use judges and any law officials to achieve their goals.The judge that refused the recount could easily be nothing but a corrupt tool in order to defeat those who stand in their way. Colonel West would be a huge target for this corrupt gang to remove by any means available. If Obama gets a foothold in the legal system as he does in the corrupt mainstream media, its over and nothing can be done to stop it.This situation bears watching.

      • Susitna

        I think that Obama has already control over the legal system and soon he will appoint two new liberal Supreme Court Judges, which will give him a free pass to change the Constitution. Right now he is taking control over the Armed Forces by getting rid of Petraeus. And again, this is why I still cannot accept the election results and deeply hope for something to happen.

    • capelady

      Allen West will not give up without a fight, but it will clearly take time. If the canvassing board refuses, he can then take it to the court, but Murphy’s threatened law suit will complicate the process, and if it is a leftist judge the outcome won’t be good. At least the RNC has finally awakened and is supporting West’s challenge!

      The Supervisor admitted that mistakes were made, that some ballots were counted twice and others not at all because “they are not perfect”. I would think that admission alone would be enough to warrant a full recount! Incompetence is no excuse when the outcome of an election could be effected.

  • las1

    Will righteousness EVER have its day?

    • Sober_Thinking

      When the Lord returns…

  • MominNV

    Soldier on, Colonel West!

  • colliemum

    The comments on the report linked above by scoop are disgraceful.
    Socialists like to gloat, especially when they think they’ve got away with cheating.

    And that judge – he has to be a democrat.

    If the socialists and the RINOs are successful at kicking Allen West out, then he should start campaigning for the election in 2016 right now!

    • West might make a comeback, but our elections are being rigged, so who knows.

  • hbnolikeee

    Can he escalate all the way to the supreme court? There are many obvious acts of fraud here including not letting Republican observers observe. How the hell can they get away with this crap?

  • bbitter

    This is part of a frantic effort to cover the corruption, and modify the real results while they do.

    You can’t win against cheaters when the ref is on their side. I hate to break it to you, but by the time a canvassing board gets enough steam behind it to work on things, the ballots will either go missing or be modified.

    By the time we realize that the fox is guarding the hen-house, there are no more hens left.

    • bbitter

      Just an aside as to the ‘what now’ question to that comment – moving on is NOT surrender… the answer to the problem of government is NOT more government, it is making that government irrelevant.

      I certainly don’t cede any authority to my ‘duly elected’ rep – matheson, I’m certainly not going to abide by their rules, or bow down to them. IF they rig the elections, let’s make the elections irrelevant by making the positions powerless. Take the power back to the people.

  • If West gets run out of congress in this fashion I will firmly be in the “Let it BURN” camp.

    • Join the anullment and succession movement. Work to get state level patriots in who will challenge the feds. I don’t know if this is possible with election fraud being what it is.

  • Rshill7

    Why try and “block it” Mr. Murphy?

    Because truth is the enemy of the left? Because the 2000 mantra of “let every vote count” doesn’t apply here?

    Yep. That’s exactly why. The new mantra must be, “let fraud stand”!

    • warpmine

      Because truth is the enemy of the left? Because the 2000 mantra of “let every vote count TWICE” doesn’t apply here?

      Fixed it.

  • las1

    Murphy attorney Gerald Richman said in court today that if the canvassing board orders a full recount of early votes this afternoon, the Murphy campaign will go to court to try to block it.

    Now what possible reason could they have to try and block it? hmmm….

    I mean if the court has “no jurisdiction” to grant West’s petition for a recount, then it certainly would have “no jurisdiction” to grant Murphy his petition to stop a recount. I mean, what’s good for the goose…

  • Doc Clear

    So here’s my honest question.

    What do you do when the other side is clearly cheating and the vote is a complete farce? What recourse do we have anymore? The press? Yeah right. The Senate or the Presidency? Nope, they’re the ones pulling this junk. I can go with losing an election. I can’t tolerate having it stolen in broad daylight with no one saying a word. We’re a stupid people to accept such archaic election processes that are so open to cheating. You know West won’t get his recount. They can’t allow it because then there would be a chance for the mask to slip. No, every request has to be denied except in small areas where they’re sure they didn’t cheat. Even in those places there were rather large discrepancies.

    So back to my question: What are we as a cheated people to do now? Start looting? Riots? Peaceful ‘we shall overcome’ sit ins? I really don’t know. What I do know is that we had better get a handle on our election system before it’s too late, but it’s probably too late as it is.

    • MiketheMarine

      Buy ammo, my Brother. When they repeal the second ammendment, it is time to start fighting because once they have all the weapons, we are nothing but slaves. That is your trigger.

      • Doc Clear

        Oh, I’ve been stocked up. In fact, I was stocked up before the first time he was elected. Took a break once the prices skyrocketed. Then replenished it before this last one. Whoever leaves the union first, I’ll be down there fighting with them. I’m not against the United States of America…. I’m against this pile of crap we’ve allowed to form though. We really are in a post Constitutional age. So far from any part of that document.

    • 36Free

      So, my thoughts are anyone that lives in the St. Lucie county area or has the means to make a visit…set up camp outside Gertrude Walker’s office or take shifts. Caring less how the media frames the story as Tea Party fringe, etc… Exposing scum like her will at the very least draw attention that she doesn’t want and at best would begin to wake up conservatives that continually get rolled and in turn allow this to happen. Forget the RNC and all the establishment types that never come to the defense of patriots like Col. West, it is up to us. Take shifts protesting outside her office daily. Set up a local group there and give us the information required to help with funds or reinforcements. PEACEFULLY, we need to make Gertrude Walker’s daily routine a serious drag and not look forward to going to “work” everyday to interfere with the electoral process. Her influence in that county has to be destroyed. Every clear thinking person in America knows exactly what is going on there. This county is the home of the hanging chad corruption. Maybe it will make other Gertrude Walker’s around the country think twice before they willingly alter elections. Whether you like Col. West or not, it should be alarming for everyone that believes in the will of the people. This cancer fraud will only get worse if we don’t begin to shine a serious light on it.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Murphy attorney Gerald Richman said in court today that if the canvassing board orders a full recount of early votes this afternoon, the Murphy campaign will go to court to try to block it.”

    And why would you do that IF you actually did win fair and square?
    😉 😉

  • MiketheMarine

    Have a great weekend, my Peeps. I plan on rejoining the world next week.

    See ya then.


    • las1

      Ah shucks Mike… we just knew you couldn’t stay away lurking in the bowels of the ship. Come to launch a few grenades did ya? Stay on deck. All hands needed now.

    • GreenBeretWay


      Don’t make me drop an article 15 and extra duty on your ass. You better not go AWOL on me.What the hell happened? No one will spill the beans. I don’t want to hear it from anyone but the Horsey’s mouth.

      • MiketheMarine

        Hahaha, what’s up Brother? I’ve been dealing with a few issues I consider souveniers from my uniformed days. Had to visit a pain mngment clinic before my pain causd me to start killing innocent people due to annoyance.

        I’m lurking with a plan to fully reengage once my meds of mellowed my back, neck, shoulder, arm, etc. I guess the list of what doesn’t hurt woulda been shorter. LOL.

        I’m here, just a bit quiet. Not for long though. Hey, Brother, check with ABC. She has my email and cell number and I’ve asked her to give them to you. You best use them too or I may be forced to hunt you down.

        That could get ugly. A Marine hunting a Green Beret. I don’t know that the world would survive that exercise. lol

        • GreenBeretWay

          Yep,I know about those souvenirs all too well.I haven’t talked about it much here but I took a round in the ass on my last “vacation” But the chicks love scars. I told ABC and Words Fail Me but didn’t want to broadcast it on the bullhorn.I probably should have,the sympathy from the ladies is always a good healer. They want to kiss your boo boo’s too,nor did I want to be the “Butt” of all the jokes.I am catching enough of that shit at work.

          I saw some of the dust up with “Agent Orange” and figured that was one of the reasons you might be laying low? I am able to read some of the comments here while I am off in the boonies but can’t make any comments myself. Women have a way of roping us in and using the same damn rope to hang our asses once they have had some fun mind fu*king us. Drive on dude and don’t let some hair brained *&%$**^@
          deter you from your family here.

          I have on a few occasions felt like I didn’t fit in here or wasn’t up to par on the level of intelligence to debate some of the people here,hell I just shoot shit for a living what do I know,right? But I realized that we all contribute in our own way and I am here for an exchange of ideas,to learn and get insight from the civilian perspective.

          I expect you back in line.

          Hell, she couldn’t be worse than Jaynie59 right?

          • MiketheMarine

            That is absolutely correct. I want to share a few other details with you as you would understand where most haven’t an F-ing clue. Hit my email and we’ll exchange bitches and comments. Should be fun. But yes, I’ll be back. This is my online home. Been busier than crap today though. Working is such a drag. LOL.

            • GreenBeretWay

              I shot you an email a little while ago.Did it make it ?

              • MiketheMarine

                Not yet, here it is again just in case. I will erase it quickly as it gets emailed to you.

                • GreenBeretWay


                • GreenBeretWay

                  hope that came threw?

                • MiketheMarine

                  Got it brother. I shot you an email from my smartphone just a few minutes ago so that we can remove civvy filters and talk straight. I am jumping at work so I will email ya when I get home this evening if that’s alright.

                • GreenBeretWay


      • MiketheMarine

        By the way. Thanks, I needed that. You know that of which I speak.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This sounds like blatant and flagrant corruption.

    We’ll remember this year as the year that lies, deceit, smears, cheats, lawlessness, and evil was abundant and out of control.

    The silver lining is that Allen West can run for Prez next… but still… something is seriously wrong in America right now.

  • Rocco11

    The Left is a massive fraud built on a gigantic lie, if they let you pull out a single card, the house of cards collapses.

  • Constance

    Why would the democrat in this race attempt to block a full recount of the votes? That answers any and all questions about the legitimacy of this race and the honesty of the players involved. They lied. They cheated. They stole this seat, and all the proof rests in the simple statement that the democrat would file suit to block a count. Besides… perhaps if the twits living in this district had actually shown up to vote in record numbers, we wouldn’t be going through this. Mr. West needs to pack up and leave that stupid state and share his conservatism with a red state. Florida is a freaking joke.

    • las1

      all the proof rests in the simple statement that the democrat would file suit to block a count.


    • tinlizzieowner

      We would welcome him with open arms over here in the sane (west) side of the state.

    • freenca

      They wouldn’t fear a recount at all if they did not fear the recount outcome. Go West!

    • 911Infidel

      I saw your comment. Whay did you do delete it?

      You said: “Saucer of milk there, kitty? Geez. Chill.”

      Now ain’t that sweet. I’ll take my saucer of milk as long as I get the kitty.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Here’s an interesting tid bit from the bottom of Judge Vaughn’s own web site.

    As of Friday, October 19, 2012, Judge Vaughn has NO HEARING TIME LEFT FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS YEAR on Non-Jury Civil Cases/Matters (this includes both UMC and Special Set time). The Honorable Judge Robert E. Belanger will be taking over this assignment on January 14, 2013, HOWEVER, his office will not begin setting up hearings until sometime in November, so please DO NOT contact his office earlier than the middle of November to schedule hearings.

  • tvlgds

    Yet, they let Al Franken drag the results out for months so he could manufacture more votes.

  • Stehekin912

    Murphy, if there was no cheating and no corruption and you won fair and square, why are you afraid of a recount?

    An honest man would not only be unafraid of a recount, but would be insisting on it, IMHO. Just like Allen West.

  • NJK

    So, what is this Murphy person hiding? We know, and he knows.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Let’s see, war hero, statesman tell it like it is straight talker vs. silver spoon, womanizing drunk…….hmmmm


  • John3_3

    I think LTC West would be the PERFECT leader to lead a revolt! I’m tired of seeing things sugar coated. You all no DARN well what a lot of people on this board and all over the US are thinking! I have said before on this blog, “I would follow LTC West through Hell carrying a gas can!”. I have already told my wife ans 7, yes 7 kids, that I am prepared to fight and DIE for Liberty!!!!!!! So folks may say, “but you have a wife and 7 kids to think about.”—my response is, that’s exactly why I would fight, for THEIR freedom!!!!!!! I’m fired up right now!

  • Helen85
  • marketcomp

    Interesting. I knew that when Murphy went to Washington, DC they would come up with some scheme to steal the election and now we know they are contesting the results although it was found that votes were counted twice or three times in some cases. I knew that once Nancy Pelosi and Obama get their tentacles in this that it would go astray! This has the same fingerprints of Al Franken’s campaign. When Franken went to Washington, DC he met with George Soros which is the reason we got Obama care. But votes in Minnesota magically appeared. Allen West needs to stay firm on this and hold the line. Even if he goes to the federal courts. This cheating should not be tolerated because we see that once they are successful they will always do the same.

  • maynardb50

    The head of the St. Luci elections board is a big lib and I would not count on her to support further ballot counting.

    • marketcomp

      The judge just said that he doesn’t have the jurisdiction. So sounds like its going to the State Superior court if not resolved by the auditors.

      • Didn’t they already certify the election? If so, it’s been over, and now it’s just about getting a court to take action to enforce the election secretary(?) order to recount all early ballots.

        • marketcomp

          I think the certification is supposed to happen today with the canvassing board if they decide not to recount the early votes. This is turining into a maze which is what Washington, DC wants.

          • Then we already know which way this is going to go. If they weren’t going to shut it down, they would have made the move towards a recount earlier in the week. Waiting for Friday is just a way to brush it under the rug and move on cleanly the following week.

            • marketcomp

              At this point I think it would be difficult to brush this under the rug and move on since the supervisor of elestion in St. Lucie had a press conference where she admitted that her office re-ran some 26,000 ballots among other erroneous and inept moves. Her admitting wrong doing takes it to a different level.

              • Thankfully, you were right!


  • poljunkie

    Keep fightin’ Col.

  • argh. why do they keep denying west’s recount? why doesn’t murphy want a recount? if murphy is so sure he won then why doesn’t he want a recount?

    this is making me so mad. west got his election stolen from him. he’s trying so hard to fight through the corruption and they’re blocking his way.

  • cain999

    GOP sucks nice of them to stand behind West! I would have 100 West in Congress than, McConnell, Boehner, Cantor etc! Flood their phone lines…seems like we need to have a citizen revolt!

    • marketcomp


  • IPatriot


    Former Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning, a three-decade veteran of Florida elections, says he understands why Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West would be “a little steamed” by Sunday’s disputed partial recount of early votes in St. Lucie County.

    …“If I were Allen West and my opponent lost 600-plus votes, I’d be a little steamed. Because how many votes would he lose if you did a full recount?” Browning said.

    MORE: http://www.postonpolitics.com/2012/11/former-florida-elections-chief-on-west-murphy-how-do-you-get-away-with-doing-a-partial-recount/

  • If a republican would try to blocked a recount I would still be suspicious..

    • marketcomp

      It is interesting how Murphy was toatally disinterested saying that West was just upset because he lost. But, now since Murphy has been in Washington, DC this week Murphy is contesting the recount even after the superivisor essentially admitted that she is incompetent.

  • NoToTyrants

    Al Sharpton?
    Jesse Jackson?
    Southern Poverty Law Center?
    Voting Rights Division of the Justice Department?
    Eric Holder?
    Kanye West?
    Chris Matthews?

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    why would West’s opponent NOT allow the recount UNLESS he knew, in advance, that there had been shickanery, fraud and obfuscation taking place during the election?

  • Lives4Freedom

    For anyone concerned about voting integrity around the nation, and in particular Allen West’s case; which appears to be an extremely close race, where the margin of victory as far more narrow than the apparent margin of legitimate votes; this is what one community did in 1946 to stop corruption and voting fraud in their town:


    A conservative in my state, who was running for Attorney General, spoke at an event a couple weeks ago, and told of this story. In short, a very powerful family ran this town, and did enough to oppress the citizens of the town, many being retired GIs from the WWII, that the citizens insisted on bearing witness to the vote count. They were denied through the use of force. Consequently, they chose to respond in kind. I found it quite compelling.

    It might be too late for the integrity of St. Lucie County’s votes to be established a week late, since some ballots may be ‘lost’ at this point. It’s hard to say what really has to be done, but if every diplomatic avenue through our checks and balances is exhausted, which we know Allen West will do, and the end result is a win(by whomever) by .08%, with the ballots counted being greater than 100.08% (or is it 100.16%?) of the voters registered, then the system is broken. It is the people’s right and duty to fix it.

    I don’t want anyone hurt, but sometimes the only way to stop cheaters from prospering is through force, sorry to say. I wouldn’t complain if Allen West built a Veteran and citizen force to go simply hijack the ballots, and establish a venue for representatives of both parties to witness a full recount of the ballots.

  • Sure, because Democrats blocking recounts is so transparent and open it’s just beneath them.

  • 911Infidel

    Sometimes the answer is “yes”. Sometimes “no”. And sometimes “wait”.Or to put it in Glenn Beck’s terms, “sometimes God sucks”. Then again, a righteous man once lost several bids for higher office. And one day he won….twice. Carter brought us Reagan. More pain is apparently needed before this damn country wises up. Some in America have decided to sow to the wind. Let them now reap the whirlwind.

    Allen West may well be a man who reaches Reagan’s pinacle of achievement.

    “For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity.” Prov 24:16

    • cathmom

      I am sorry, (well, really I am not) but this God sucks thing was in really really bad taste from Glenn Beck. I hope it does not keep getting repeated elsewhere, its just plain offensive.

      • 911Infidel

        I don’t find it the least bit offensive. Reality is what it is. Through a person’s lips might not say it. A person can’t hide their heart from God. So, might as well be upfront about it; and speak the truth. Beats being lukewarm and being a hypocrite about it.

        • cathmom

          I am not a hypocrite and not accusing you of one. I understand your point but we are to be witnesses for Him and I believe statements like that make a bad example to those who could be easily influenced……that is why I said I hope it does not keep getting repeated. Its not a cool statement.

          • 911Infidel

            I didn’t mention any names. I was alluding to a Scripture passage. Honesty is better than diversion and hidden truth. And this is a forum for people to express their opinions. I got mine, you got yours.

            • Constance

              Saucer of milk there, kitty? Geez. Chill.

    • FreeManWalking

      Or to put it in Glenn Beck’s terms, “sometimes God sucks”.

      Reading that made me feel in GOOD company, knowing Beck only called me a Racist.

      • 911Infidel

        Yeah he told me to get lost when I caught his lie about Islam in his “iIconvienient Book.” And then Inailed him on his poor knowledge of Christianity. So I said ta, ta, dropped my subscription and stopped listening to his radio program. I have no regrets.

        • FreeManWalking

          I dropped him when he made that comment and haven’t looked back and had 6 months on my subscription, IMO he is no better than crissy mathews.

          • 911Infidel

            He’s too screwy at times. And I got a bunch of people to take a second look at him and they walked away too. That bogus lying quote from his book was the turning point for a lot of people that I know.

        • Patriot077

          I haven’t read that book but would sincerely like to know what he said about Islam, which I think is our most serious threat. I’ve been a fan for a few years but don’t necessarily agree with all his positions. I don’t enjoy it at all when they go off the rails and get goofy.

          • 911Infidel

            “I have read the Koran and can tell you that I unequivocally believe that Islam is a religion of peace” That is a lie. He has also referred to Geert Wilders as a “facist”.
            Beck is so full of shite its pathetic.

            • Patriot077

              Thanks for your reply. I don’t know when he wrote that book but it sure isn’t what he’s been saying since I started listening to him. I wonder what gave him a more complete picture of that ideology. He’s been preaching the concept of the Caliphate since the very beginning of the overthrow of Mubarek, so I feel certain he is now more enlightened.

              • 911Infidel

                He was hanging around Muslims who wanted to reform the Koran, so he went with their views on Allah and Mo instead of reading the material for himself. But he like Hannity and many other talking heads are still under the western dellusion that there are two Islams: One Radical and one peaceful. There is no such thing as two Islams. If the guy were as astute as he claims to be he would have bothered to study what Islamniacs say about their own crud. Such as PM Erdogen of Turkey who said “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. That is a Western concept and is an insult to the religion. Islam is Islam and that’s it”.

                Beck is an equal idiot when it comes to Christianity. He don’t know squat.

                • Patriot077

                  Personally, I like Robert Spencer, among others, for a true understanding of that ideology.

                • 911Infidel

                  Indeed. And his scholarship has been approved by many an ex-Muslim. Personally I prefer the Muslim sources. Reza Khalili, Ali Sina, MA Khan, Nonie Darwish. Amani Mustafa, and the rest of the articulate spokepeople at FFE and IslamWatch.

                  Translators like MEMRI, Raymond Ibrahim and Walid Shoebat are also keys to understanding Islam. Jihadwatch is certainly required reading if one is to understand Islam too; because it provides an aspect of Islam that only a former Muslim would understand.

                  ABNsat is also a great source of understanding and scholarship. I can’t say enough good stuff about Sam Shamoun and Pastor Joseph. I like when they start delving into the Arabic. Its also a reason that I like Walid Shoebat and Raymond Ibrahim.

                  Now if only the talking heads would get a clue. I got it nailed. What’s their problem?
                  Ah, they’re just too PC. Yeah, that’s the ticket all right.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    “Murphy attorney Gerald Richman said in court today that if the canvassing board orders a full recount of early votes this afternoon, the Murphy campaign will go to court to try to block it”

    Of course they will do everything under the sun to block it … because they know Allen West is the true winner. How can this kind of blatant cheating and fraud happen in a country that’s supposed to set an example of what true democracy represents? It’s true what West said about Zimbabwe … if everything possible is not done to have the recount, then America is akin to the kind of stuff going on in some of the worst democracy offending countries of the world. SHAME !!!

    • NJK

      If the court says they don’t have the authority to call for a recount, they don’t have the authority to stop a recount.

  • FreeManWalking

    I’m afraid if Mr. West does not have the ear of the legal system he sure will not have the ear of the canvassing board.

    To put it in the sports analogy, our game has to be far enough better than our opponents to over come the referees too.

    • marketcomp

      Hey, FYI Mark Levin is his friend! So I think his ear is closer to the legal system than you think my friend.

      • FreeManWalking

        I was implying FRAUD with the canvassing board and the local judge working with the opposition.

        I wasn’t speaking to intelligence and competent advice that he has on his team.

  • Jonathan Stark

    You lost Al, move on..I heard they LOVE you in Georgia!

    • marketcomp

      Actually if that happens the country will lose a GREAT PATRIOT! And if also says that if you can get an inept and incompetent election supervisor in your district and cheat then you can steal the election. It must be difficult being you givin that you believe that cheating and not a winning ideology is the way to win!

    • poljunkie

      Col West said he wasnt interested in Georgia. “I’m not an NFL free agent” he said.

      • He wasn’t being serious, he just wanted to do a drive-by.

        • poljunkie

          Oh, ok. I just saw the headline and assumed he liked living in Florida.

          • I mean the goofball you were responding to. You are correct about West not wanting to leave Florida.

            I’d like to see West in the Governor’s chair in Florida.

            • poljunkie

              Oh. Sorry K-B. Failure to communicate! 🙂
              Col West as Gov would be awesome. A nice little stepping stone to the Presidency someday !

    • Jaels_Song

      Allen West is loved and respected throughout the land. Apparently, with lesser men, perverting the electorate and placing a fraudulent Congressman into office is acceptable in America. With civic minded geniuses like Jonathon, it’s no wonder our country is falling apart.

    • You get to take your own advice. Move on. You’re done here.

    • NJK

      Move on Jonathan. You’re a useful idiot. You think your hero Hussein is going to provide for you? He’s not. Go away, moocher.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    war on conservative men and women, war on white people ,.. what next.
    we really can not afford to lose allen west. rather have one of him and boot all the rino’s.

    • Betsey_Ross

      I don’t think he will be lost. Send him money. Write letters. Make phone calls. Write to St. Lucie County. Harrass these people. Help him out. Complaining about it on a blog isn’t going to help. Taking action will.

      • anyonebutbarry2012

        I have contacted my reps asking them to back west. Did that 2 days ago.

  • sjmom

    Looks like the fix is in.

  • FreeManWalking

    GO Allen GO, He may be a bulldog that will not let this go until the votes receive a fair count.

  • wtd

    This judge claims he “didn’t have the authority”. Forgive my ignorance, but the ‘excuse’ sounds a whole lot like “didn’t have standing” which is all too familiar to those who have challenged Obama’s eligibility in the courts. At what point will this elasticity of the law finally snap?

  • SKL53

    THESE JUDGES ARE IN THE TANK FOR THE COMMUNISTS in this country!!!! It has been taken over by the PROGRESSIVE judges who are in the tank for this administration! The question remains…how do you fight these PARASITES??????????????/

  • notebene

    Who wants to bet that Murphy’s rich daddy has some connection with this judge? Murphy KNOWS that seat wasn’t earned with votes, but bought by daddy and the Progressive regime. I hope Alan West stands strong and doesn’t let this go…shame on the State of Florida and especially the GOP for allowing this entire “election” to be the sham that it has been! Don’t bother holding one in 2016…Odumbo will have found a way to keep his power, just like his hero Chavez.

  • stage9

    liberalism = criminalism

  • SKL53

    This is truly a CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America get ready we are being taken over by the LEFTIST ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SKL53

    THIS IS CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • SKL53

    What’s next…Benghazi…the MSM and WH in cohoots…never happened…THIS IS THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!!!!!!

  • beezee777

    We can’t Lose Allen West!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jrt1031

    Keep fighting for the voice of America!! America is behind you all the way!

  • jrt1031

    IT is my opinon the the citizens of that county need to raise a hand to West and stand and petition the judicial system to get their vote counted. Its the people that should be fighting this fight not West…. Where are the citizens in all of this??? They all need to step forward for his cause. They know who they voted for and they should be the ones to make sure their vote was counted.

  • i like his response, he’s not going to give up without fighting as much as he can.

  • jrt1031

    The reason they wont let West pursue this is because if they find out there was fraud then it will open pandoras box and sweep across America. The dems cant afford to miss… they are living on borrowed time, and borrowed money…. I wish Mitt would help him out.

    • DebbyX

      Well thanks, that was really depressing!

      And not altogether accurate. The RNC is stupid, granted. But I don’t see the new wave of Republicans caving to these particular groups of people. The economy cannot sustain the influx of illegal immigrants, so that one option is off the table.

      Screw it, I’d rather go down letting these people know that I work for MYSELF and my family NOT THEM. Eventually, the whole system will collapse in on itself anyway.