JUST IN – Mark Levin to Romney: You NEED to go on OFFENSE!

This just in from the Great One:


You need to go on offense! Obama wants to talk about outsourcing. Ok, then, slap him with it. Here’s an example: “Obama has outsourced our credit to the Chinese, he has outsourced our energy to Saudi Arabia, he has outsourced NASA to the Russians (H/T Jim Geraghty, NRO), and he has outsourced our foreign policy to the United Nations.” But don’t stop there. Even better, start hitting Obama for the actual consequences of his reign.

Try this: “If your high school or college age son or daughter cannot find a job this summer, thank Obama; if your senior citizen dad or mom has to work a part-time job to make ends meet, thank Obama; if your spouse lost his or her job in the last 3 1/2 years, thank Obama; if you lost your job and, as a consequence, your family lost its health care, thank Obama.” And say it, over and over again.

And you should add: “The problem is that Obama doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, but thinks he knows everything. He is the most incompetent and ideologically confused president in our life-time. The reason why the economy is not growing, jobs are not being created, businesses are closing, and families are losing their homes and health care is because Obama raises taxes when he should lower them, he issues regulations when he should freeze them, and he trash-mouths American industries when he should be promoting them here and abroad.”

You should also bring back the crucially important issue of our nation debt. For example: “By the end of this year, Obama will have added nearly $6.5 trillion to the nation debt, and that doesn’t include the trillions in new spending from Obamacare. Obama likes to whine about the economy he inherited from Presidents Clinton and Bush. Can you imagine the state of the economy I will be inheriting from Obama? Even worse, can you imagine the massive debt your family will be inheriting from Obama? The world has never seen anything like it.”

And I think a good label for Obama would be — “Obama, incompetent and reckless.”

Let’s get on with it.

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  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    That’s why we call Mark Levin
    ‘The Great One.’

    So, how can we get this viral? Better yet, to Romney’s handlers direct?

    Forward to everyone you know [and don’t know].

    • PVG

      LET’S ROLL!

    • Rshill7

      “Can you imagine the state of the economy I will be inheriting from Obama? Even worse, can you imagine the massive debt your family will be inheriting from Obama? The world has never seen anything like it.”

      Each time Obama aks for one more year of tax returns, Romney should ask for a year of O’s college transcripts. Each time O’ asks for another year, Romney gets another year of transcripts, including term themes and college papers. Want something else? Who wrote your book for you? Something else? What happened to both your and your wife’s law licenses? More? Give it up. The light’s on green…you first, mystery man!

      Each time O’s attacks with vacuous minutiae, Romney should counter attack with super-tankers full of meat. In other words Obama, now that you’ve spent over 6 trillion dollars, not including the future obligations you’ve enslaved our progeny with, we’d like to know just who you are and what you are?

      Romney should say, you’re kidding right? You want me to release everything while you release nothing? I don’t think so mister community organizing mystery man. Organize your records and spread them out. I’ll place mine up against yours any day of the week. We can play tit for tat all Summer and well into the Fall…who’s fall? Yours. if you want to talk about what I am not releasing and I start talking about what you have not released, one of us will forthwith start talking about the weather, now won’t we!

      If that doesn’t work for you, we’ll just talk about what you’ve done with your first term. How about that? This election is a referendum on you. I have yet to occupy that office! On behalf of the American people, I come bearing gifts…your eviction notice…in triplicate!

      • Yay mybear!!

      • joyfulgiver

        AWESOME, Rshill7! This should be sent to the Editorial of every newspaper in America. Maybe it will entice a few people into thinking for themselves and begin asking the tough questions of the current residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

      • sDee

        You are of course right. Levin or anyone else does not have to tell Romney this – he knows exactly the incalculable Hussein is doing and how to expose him.

        There is only one party anymore in America -the party of big government. To attack and expose Obama as the anti-America, post-American, Marxist usurper that he truly is. would expose all of the rotting and corrupt politcal establishment and pull the curtain on the entire media as equally corrupt from the top down.

        We cannot have that now, can we? Romney has no say in this and will not be allowed to stand to defend America and attack the enemy within.

  • Yokahu

    Love it!

  • MrMicawber

    Romney: “You want to see the rest of my tax records – fine, here they are.” Holds them up. “I’ll provide them as soon as Obama provides information on [fill in the blank – say, his school records], like every other president.”

    I wish to heavens he would start doing stuff like this.

  • Joe

    Romney MUST pull out his Republican primary “dirty playbook”

    It worked then and will work now!

    WAKE UP MITTENS – Show us what you got!

    • keninil

      No need to waste ammo before the fall when the real attacks begin.

  • I agree

  • I agree.

    • Bobemakk

      Me too.

  • Freempg

    Obama has outsourced our credit to the Chinese, he has outsourced our energy to Saudi Arabia, he has outsourced NASA to the Russians (H/T Jim Geraghty, NRO), and he has outsourced our foreign policy to the United Nations.

    Bush did most of that (the first Bush). What Romney needs to do is slap Obama with his BIRTH CERTIFICATE and SS NUMBER. Demand the House of Representatives IMPEACH Obama. But he won’t. He can’t. And why is that? You tell me.

    • PVG

      Because it is a losing proposition. It would die in the house.

      • Freempg

        No matter, dump it in Harry Reid’s lap. Let him defend the fraud. Obama’s crimes must be put on record that history cannot be rewritten or his treachery repeated. Obama is a blot on our history. We will be looked back upon with shame. We are gambling on a 50/50 chance of an election to be rid of him. Not good enough. Romney should show up at Sheriff Joe’s next presentation and flat out demand Obama answer to the charges.

    • MaxineCA

      Give it up already. Read what Mark Levin said. That’s where we need to be focused. Although I will agree the amount of secrecy to Obama, his life and all influences are VERY disturbing, what damage he has done to our country is far worse. I’m sure his legacy will not go down in history as a good one.

      • Freempg

        Give it up? Had our betters not given it up we wouldn’t be in this mess, there would be no Obama legacy. But you are content to let it persist. You are willing to roll the dice with a 50/50 chance at best that Romney will defeat Obama. What if he doesn’t? Everything must be thrown at Obama, not this parsing nonsense that may make sense to us but the rest of America couldn’t give a crap. I am not content to gamble the future of the nation on a 50/50 chance.

      • Your surety of the obamas legacy is correct. His failing numbers will bare him out for history to remember with dred, wonder, and bewilderment.


  • MaxineCA

    While reading that, I could hear his strong voice. Hopefully he’ll direct his thoughts to the Romney campaign. Mark Levin rocks! I can’t wait to hear his program tomorrow.

  • Impeachment would be a great reward for the American people, but voting this @ss out 2012 is just fine.

    tea party patriot
    Thanks Mr Levin.

    • keninil

      This would be a fun thing for O to deal with in the fall.

      So why isn’t our majority in the house doing a bill of impeachment ??
      Any of us can name a dozen charges.

      • keninil,
        Why aren’t they you ask?, maybe this can answer your question,
        Possibly they want to just get the Obama era overwith, and not waste money or time on what is inevitiable, obama the one termer.
        And maybe they, the congress that is and the senate, & (we the people) are fighting many other cases in court, that we must win, every dollar is one more minute in the court room or a study hall, reading, learning, and fighting the obamas in our government, not to mention the democrat party with it’s schemes of Americas fall. oath Breakers for starts.
        To me as a American I want obama stopped now, right now, but November is coming and we get to vote, so let’s stop the obamas and his democrat parties treasonous, treacherous activities now while we still can in peace.

        tea party patriot
        the senate can over ride the congress and obama can veto! so that’s two branches of government against a congress vote to impeach. Americans voting Obama out of office in 2012 is the only answer for removal.

    • M_J_S

      I know, really. I want to see the look on his stupid face when his ass is sent packing. He’ll cry racism all the way out of the fly zone as he’s flown out.

      I’ve said this before, if it is ever proven he was not born in American, he not only revokes his Presidential privileges, there needs to be a civil and criminal trail for fraudulent use of taxpayer dollars.

      No pardons.


  • BSScoop

    Mark Levin, 2012!

    Mr. Levin, you’re trying to squeeze blood from a stone. Romney is the EPITOME of what’s wrong with Republican politics. Gather up every negative stereotype and RINO tendency of the last 30 years and you’ve got Mitt Romney. At a time when conservatism is our last chance, the country nominates a liberal governor from Massachusetts. Slap a “R” next to his name, it’ll be good enough to save the country! What joke the Elephants have become.

    Don’t Tread On Me

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I really, really, wish I could figure out how we ended up with another McLame running….God, please save us from ourselves!

  • MrMicawber

    Commercial Idea:

    Obama in voice over “‘If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen’… ” over and over…..

    During voice over, show clip after clip, in slow motion, of typical small business people working their *sses off [so they can pay people like him to say such utterly ignorant things.]

  • Awesome.

  • PVG
  • MrMicawber

    Maybe Mitt is working on the theory that if a candidate is hurting themselves, step back. It IS true that Bambi has said an awful lot of stupid things in the past few weeks – and they will come back to haunt him. The commercials write themselves.

  • I love it Great One. Only thing though, I don’t think dear leader is incompetent or ideologically confused at all. He knows exactly what he’s been doing and why. If anything, the marxists pulling his strings are angry because he hasn’t done enough to transform Amerika. We should have been a totalitarian state by now according to them, and I don’t think they’re going to rest until it’s done. Mittens has so much to hit them with… it’s time he shows some gumption. Sorry, I always wanted to use that word in a sentence.

    • marketcomp

      LOL! You are so right. Why does Romney and the RINOs think that Obama is just incompetent. Even an incompetent person would get it right sometimes. No this is diliberate and purposeful and Romney needs to look at what the Great One is saying and see that the plan is to destroy America as we know it.

  • Sheya

    The Romney campaign have no clue how to use the attacks to their advantage.

    Obama wants to talk about what Romney did between 1999-2002. Fine lets talk about it. Romney took the Olympic Games that was going bankrupt and turned it around. What’s Obama been doing for the past 3 years? Playing Golf, maybe that’s another game that needs a bail OUT..

    Obama calls him a felon? Issue a Obama with a challenge, “if you believe I’m a felon, instruct your attorney general to have me arrested”. Romney could have gotten national headlines with this quote and he would have turned the whole thing around on Obama.

    Obama has been attacking Romney like never before but he’s making it appear like Romney is attacking him.

    Every time someone asks Romney for his tax returns, his response ought to be “How are my tax returns going to create jobs”.

    When the job numbers came out last Friday, what were the Obama surrogates talking about on the Sunday shows? Romney’s tax returns. This is the sort of ad Romnsy should have run the next day.

    In a trailer in the centre of a trailer park, a mom with three small children watches TV. She watches the news about the bad job numbers, she flickers through the channels. On one of the channels there are DNC surrogates complaining about Romney’s tax returns and so , she utters to herself, “What do I care about tax returns and Outsourcing, I need a job”. Next channel she watches Obama giving a speech, uttering to herslef, “hopefully he’ll have something promising to say”. As she watches all Obama talks about is how bad Mitt Romney is. The women again utters ”who cares about damn tax returns and Bain shmaine? I NEED A JOB”. She moves to the next channel, and there is Romney at a rally talking about creating jobs and reducing the deficit. The women slowly moves back sliding into a chair cradling a baby in her arms with a hopeful voice says “sweetie, that’s hope, that’s a change”

    I’m trying really hard to support Romney, but I’m finding it more and more difficult to do. I honestly believed that unlike McCain Romney actually wanted to win this thing. Now I’m not so sure. I’m beginning to think that Romney is just a place holder for Jeb Bush in 2016.

    • Stehekin912

      If it helps…..think of it like this. America is sick and in desperate need of first aid until we can get her to a place where she can be helped by real healers. Romney is the first aid kit. Apply the bandage. Staunch the bleeding. Vote for Mittens. Yeah, I hate it too, but as far as I can see, he is the only real first aid kit we have. Once we have her wounds covered and we can get her out of this mire, we can get America to the place of healing. For now, we have to forget about ourselves and think of her life first.

      And my clothespins with Romney’s name on them are ready for use during the election.

      • MaxineCA

        Excellent analogy. I wish others would open their eyes to see this. We didn’t lose our great nation over night, and it will take specific steps and some time to gain it back, one step at a time. Unfortunately the patient is bleeding to death, and it will take a lot of pressure which some won’t like.

        • PVG


    • MaxineCA

      Jeb Bush…… are you kidding? No way. Now if you said Allen West, now that’s someone I’m hoping for in 2016. Watch closely as the next 4 years unfold. I think the R’s will have to change to a more conservative, constitutional party. Jeb, won’t be included.

      • Freempg

        I thought we couldn’t survive until 2016 should Obama be re-elected.

        • PAWatcher

          This November will see obama packing with his tail between his legs over the severe beating in the polls! Romney will be elected to get rid of obama. Our country will begin the long bumpy road back to our roots everything obama has done can and will be reversed. 2016 will be up for grabs for the best conservative candidate, Romney can be primaried.

    • TEXs

      Of course Willard wants to win.

      But like McCain,he wants to win on liberal RINO terms.

      Spend endless millions to destroy any conservative in his way,but walk on egg
      shells when confronting Libs,especially first black president.

      Willard will never win,and SARAH PALIN knows it.

      She’s going through motions of ABO (yes,even Willard) to protect herself from not being blamed for his defeat.

      But on election night Governor PALIN will have a big smile saying:
      “I told you so…”.

      • John_Frank

        But on election night Governor PALIN will have a big smile saying:
        “I told you so…”.

        No, if Obama wins, the Governor will be deeply disappointed. The problem as Sheya notes, the campaign is making it harder and harder for people to support him.

        Yesterday, the Governor gave Obama a thumping in front of at least 1,500 patriots in Michigan:

        Sarah Palin at Patriots in the Park

        Today, we find out that the campaign has yet to invite the Governor to speak at the convention:

        Sarah Palin still waiting for Romney invite to Tampa

  • Jim Botts

    But Charles Krauthammer and the special report panel on FOX news told me that Romney was fully vetted, the only one that could win, and that there would be no surprises.

  • semihardrock

    If Romney continues in this “tip toe through the tulips” fashion…..He will lose and America is a Communist Country. More so than already i!

  • PAWatcher

    How many voters do you think haven’t made up their minds? Let Romney and the GOPe do their dancing with the dems bipartisanship tango. We the TEA conservatives and libertarians will vote out obama and Romney will come in on the backwash. Then his feet will be held to the fire til 2016, if he under performs for US the tidal wave will hit him in the primary (we’ll be ready for the GOPe). Don’t care if he puts up a fight against obama or not, he’s got my vote to get obama out.

  • Freempg

    Hey Mittens, you want to win? Allen West for VP. Mark Levin for Attorney General. Let the games begin.

    • Dont waste the talent of West as a VP..sorry he is too valuable to the country.

  • B-Funk

    Wow! Nailed it in one! Levin for Prez!

  • MerlePearl

    Mark Levin says it plain and simple, and Mitt Romney needs to be very clear in articulating the same message from here on because it is the truth. It must be said over and over until everyone is repeating it and the words get into the consciousness of the electorate.

  • Linky1

    Mark Levin is 100% right here. Does Romney think that President Narcissist and his minions are going to let up on Bain Capital? This is only the beginning.

    They play fast and loose with the truth and frankly, Romney is being “Palinized” by Obama on this issue and I am sure, others as they crop up. Doesn’t matter if it isn’t true, the more you tell a lie, the more people will believe it.

  • joyfulgiver

    Check out this site for a graphic of jobs OUTSOURCED under Obamanomics. It is a great source to send to all those that belive that our economy is better than it was 3.5 years ago.


  • anyonebutbarry2012

    He needs to grow a spine no doubt.This is exactly why I did not vote for him. He can turn it around, but think his advisors are not very good at all. They are making to many mistakes.

  • wolfveryne

    Mark ,, every Conservative Outlet ,, should be saying the Same Thing ,,
    We will be Waiting .

  • HA!- Good luck on getting Mr Nice Guy to bark.
    He may .. in time, like the bark of a pekingese puppy.

  • Im sorry to say but, if Mittens doesnt take them off, I see once again John McCain”s weak attempt to run for the WH.

  • John_Frank

    In addition to taking a page from Mr. Levin, he may also want to take a page from Governor Palin. Yesterday, the Governor gave Obama a thumping while speaking to a crowd in excess of 1,500.

    Sarah Palin at Patriots in the Park

    But, then maybe the putative nominee and his campaign think they can stiff arm conservatives:

    Sarah Palin Still Waiting For Invite To Tampa Bay Convention

  • We the Tea Party Reagan Conservatives tried to warn the Primary voters of Romney’s progressive Republicrat RINO weakness of being spineless in the face of radical Obama aggression, for RINO liberal progressives only believe that the Reagan conservative grass roots Tea Party folks are their enemy, and not Obama.

    You wanted this job so bad, you had your GOP establishment and Wall Street Goldman Sach’s buddies fill your Romney SuperPac coffers so that you could destroy any and all Reagan Conservatives, ie; Newt and Santorum with your 24/7 carpet bombing strategy of negative campaign ads.. which were never aimed telling the Primary voters why they should not vote newt or Santorum or Cain, instead of why they should vote “for” you, Romney.

    Now we’re stuck with someone who has neither the will, the backbone, the desire, the stamina, or the wherewithal to take the fight to Obama. Instead, now we have another Republicrat RINO weak kneed spineless appeaser. Being nonchalant and relaxed like some lord or duke on a South of France vacation only makes you, Mr Romney, look weak and timid, and is not what we need in a strong Presidential leader. Obama does not play by the Marquess of Queensberry rules Romney..

    At least Newt would been tearing Obama a new rectum every minute of everyday, and would have been relentless in his offensive media Ad attacks, in his speeches, in his interviews, let alone in the debates. Romney has the Presidential leadership inspiration, backbone, and strength of a wet noodle.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Couldn’t agree more! Great points great one. Romney? Anyone? Romney?

  • Levin is correct on going on offense. RINOS don’t seem to be able to do that.

    Donald Trump is telling Romney that he doesn’t need to provide more tax records until Obama presents his birth certificate and college transcripts. Of course, Trump is not afraid to stand up to Obama. I don’t see Romney doing something like this.

  • dierardo

    Right-On Mark:
    Having taken on the character of Lil Abner’s famous, uncle: “Complete Control Yokum”, Romney fails to understand that Obama’s daily Niagara of neo-Marxist subversions: prepared with his Marxist black handler and tutor, Ivy Law school graduate(on your nickel?) Van Jones contain a daily dosage of Pravda-like anti-American Soviet propaganda for mind conditioning and imprinting

    In other words Mr. Mittster had better start defending our nearly three- century civic patrimony and attack the obvious subversive contretemps of this latest, “Incubus” of the utopian transformation of human nature.

    I don’t want to see repeats of his 1994 halting Fanuel Hall debate with Sen. “Dorian” Kennedy.

    Maybe we’ll have to broker a convention to find a candidate (a couple of names come to mind) to punch out citizen Obama, his arguments, character and ilk off America’s civic stage forever…. Let’s include in this “Great American Civic Dumpster”, the sorry personae and characters of the so-called Boomer New Left… like Pres. Billy, his pal Hillary, the biographer and acolyte of Marxist social activist Saul Alinsky, the venomous creator of “The Manufactured Crisis”strategy which was instrumental in the welfare induced NYC bankruptcy several decades ago. see Sol Stern’s City Journal link (below) cataloging the ten-year, tenfold explosion. in NYC welfare eligible population.


    President Incubus seems to be pursuing a similar strategy in his five Trillion $ spending orgy, including last week’s quantum explosion in food stamp eligibility.

    A bright side to this campaign is that thanks to a corrupted and failing American education regime: as you slide down the age distribution there is a giant ignorance of economic (and countless other) understandings eg: a great opportunity for Romney to educate America, on the reality economics of Adam Smith, (Friedman – see YouTube with Donahue), Hayek and Von Mises.
    See also Dr. Walter Williams website at Geo. Mason University to view Friedman’s video series: FREE To CHOOSE.

    Burying the stinking corpse of Keynes may be at hand. NB … seems as how his spokesman, Larry Summers has doubled down on his unceremonious feminist execution at Harvard U., having most recently disappeared from the White house, along with his Keynesian magic kit.

  • ImaThinkn

    It won’t surprise me if Obama’s “October Surprise” is to start a war with Iran and take away all of the air for political debate. It would be obvious that the Republicans in the Congress would be supportive of the action and THAT along with hour by hour update coverage and endless Presidential commentary would seriously hinder any political campaign.

  • Bobemakk

    I agree 100%….Romney must get more forceful with this and all his anti-Obama video messages and speeches.