Kaine: Now that Obama stabilized the economy he can work on jobs

This is spin at it’s worst. After all, we all know Obama pivoted from the economy to jobs in 2010. But I guess he really didn’t, and according to the DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, he’s really gonna do that this time (via The Blaze):

Between Andrew Sullivan and Tim Kaine, the spin machine is in full swing! It’s the remaking of President Obama after his agenda was just refudiated by the American people.


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  • Goldni007

    “He stopped one of the wars?” Are you kidding me? Come one! Journalists HAVE to challenge these liars. And by their own admission Health Care is 1/6th of the US economy. So now that that has been ‘governmentized’ along with the US automobile industry, which of the other remaining 5ths of our economy is next for Obama to take over?

    • Anonymous

      Right. The war can be considered stopped when ALL the troops are home!

      With our govermentalized (like that word) auto industry sell dozens of new green Chevy Volts, even with a $7500 subsidy, prosperity is around the corner.

  • Danigel1536

    The only reason the economy is more stable now is because the American public put the Obama agenda on meds in November.

  • las

    Not to sound ad hominem, because I say this truly without emotion… but Kaine is engaging in just one more self deluding fantasy emanating from the big blue echo chamber.

    The more this sewage flows, the more Conservatives better be prepared to… yes… refudiate the fantasies.

    Refudiate = to contradict and reject

  • Anonymous

    Well now, The New Years Resolution for the Progressive/Marxist/Socialist is to make the lie larger and LARGER…..Liar Liar pants on fire…what is that carbon footprint coming off your pants on fire. Have you no shame?

  • The democrats/liberals are intent on continuing to push the start button on the whoopass machine, and I’m fine with that. I love to see democrats beat up on, and for liberals to be vilified in the public eye, because it’s all self-inflicted and well-deserved.

    ObamaCo HAS stabilized the economy, but not the way we want it stabilized. Whereas people with common sense want an economy that is conducive to job & business creation and expansion, the liberal socialists (i.e., ObamaCo) has created and is working to stabilize an economy that’s an economy in name only (EINO?). It is one that is NOT conducive to job creation and business expansion. Whereas real, regular Americans want an economy that’s conducive to making sure that Americans are kept with money in their pockets and roofs over their heads by virtue of having good, well-paying, lucrative jobs, ObamaCo (those inhabitants of the Democratic Liberal Socialist-Communist Party of America) wants an economic America where people are divided by artificial, Communist-manufacture, Marxist class lines, and the money in pocket (what little there is of it) comes from government checks (considering it’s so good for the economy:




    But, hey: what do you expect from a weak d*ck (I mean, “lame duck”) Congress (and president)? Some people advocate killing Obama. While I don’t advocate that, I understand why some of them say that. Sure, some don’t like him, just because he’s black. Some, however, despise what he represents (http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=1511), and the threats he has literally ADVERTISED against America:

    etc., etc., etc.

    He’s doing things that are literally and intentionally destructive to the US economy, and historically proven to run countries down the road to ruin:



    He’s made his contempt for people that he doesn’t like, quite clear:


    Again, while I don’t support homicide (you can sanitize it with the word “assassination”, all you want: it’s still murder), I know why people are feeling so threatened by ObamaCo. Its their MISSION to threaten and bully and force backs up against walls. They BRAG about how they’re going to hurt people (http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/93599-obama-value-added-tax-a-novel-idea-for-the-us) (http://spectator.org/archives/2010/12/14/jack-kemp-warned-obama-dont-ra), at the first opportunity.

    This is how True Believers think and act.

    This is why Conservatives need to cast out and isolate petty bureaucrats like Snowe, McCain, etc. You do not reach across the aisle to the enemy, because the enemy only reaches across to strike you. Just as you do not reason with a cancer cell (you excise it), you CANNOT reason with a liberal. Common sense and logic says you can’t compromise with the enemy to convince it to execute a 180 degree change and do what you want them to do. They’ll demand you do the same, and what you get is the Conservative doing the acts of evil, and the liberal actually doing something (under protest) that’s actually good for the very society and People they’ve vowed to burn to the ground, crush, kill and destroy. They’ll be known by their works, and its a great weapon against these scumbags.

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    New Yar Greetings from Norway.

  • Jimbo

    I am so lucky to have a prez like barry hussein nobama. he has done so much for this country to bring us closer to socialism than ever before. The spin from these liberals is just incredible.

  • Davidkiser21

    Believe me, were so glad to get this moron out of Va as the Gov.

  • Davidkiser21

    Is this clown for real?

  • Daivdkiser21

    Gaining jobs again. Wow a ton of us just got laid off at Verizon.

  • Davidkiser21

    Someone needs to work on this knuckleheads brain if he has one.

  • KeninMontana

    Stabilized the economy? Does that mean we’ve hit rock bottom? Because at this rate that is precisely where we are headed.

  • Pauline

    More journolist nonsense.