***LINK FIXED*** Karl Rove Email Leaks: Ideological War Opens in GOP

In typical Jeffrey Lord fashion his new post today at American Spectator is pretty long but it is also a must read. He basically lays out the case for Karl Rove’s credibility problem, highlighting four deceptions Rove has made, one of which includes Rove denying that he pushed the Komen foundation to restore support to Planned Parenthood in 2011. But even more than a credibility problem, Lord explains that much of this has to do with Rove’s push to make the Republican Party a more moderate party, including more acceptance of pro-choice.

You can read the full article by clicking the picture below. I highly recommend it and look forward to your comments on it:


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  • onetwopunch

    Give Jabba the Hut a little grey hair……..

  • mike3e4r7

    I know we all take bad pictures from time to time but WOW! That’s pretty gruesome.

    • PhillyCon

      Yeah, not one of his stellar moments there.

    • pdxlady

      He looks like the man behind the curtain.

  • He looks like the south end of a bull heading north,

    • mike3e4r7


  • colliemum

    Thanks, scoop, for the link. This is well worth the read, and pulls together several ‘incidents’ which make Rove despicable.

    I really liked his ending, which I quote:


    No one is untouchable in politics.

    No one.

    Not the Establishment Republican elite.

    Not Senator McConnell.

    And not Karl Rove.”

    So go forth and ‘touch’ him, i.e. remove him. Laugh him out of the GOPe.

  • 911Infidel

    I think we have already established the fact that Karl Rove stands for power over principal. Other than that the old geez stands for nothing. Him and his Establisment wonks need to be marginalized. That’s where the Tea Party comes into the picture. Now if there were a standard-bearer like Reagan in command, Rove would be pushed aside or socked in the face. Sadly, this is not happening….yet.

    • Reagan did shove him aside. Real leaders do not need the likes of Rove…and Rove knows it hence the reason he is scrambling to create money machines to stay relevant.

      I think young man Rubio has been sucked up by the establishment. I’m watching Cruz to see what happens.

      • Don

        I tend to agree with you to some extent on Rubio. I do think the Bush wing of the republican party, especially in Florida, have influenced him to some degree. Personal convictions are lacking in most politicians, so nothing should surprise us. No more Bushes and Clintons. Hillary or Jeb could possibly be a worse president than Obama and that says a lot.

        • I think McCain and Graham got a hold of him myself.

          • JRD1

            Nope, he’s always been Jeb Bush’s client.

            • Well you could be right about that.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Excellent article! Rove is the poster boy for the culture of corruption in DC! I fear Karl Rove types more than Obama. I know what I have in Obama. In Rove we have a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Time to clean House!

    • Yeah for some Rove is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but for a lot of us Rove is not hiding, he’s a wolf sleeping with sheep, we see who he is..

      • Conservative_Hippie


  • jleinf

    Rove’s middle name is costanza. What a loser

    • Conservative_Hippie

      You mean “costanza” like “can’t stand ya”. Agreed!

  • Joe

    I believe in smoke and fire

    There is enough smoke around this dirtbag

    He is on fire !

    (The photo makes him look like he’s from H%LL)

  • notsofastthere

    Rove should be made as obscure as Dick Morris. Too bad Hannity doesn’t get it and has him on often. Hannity also has Charlie Rangel, a vile dirt bag, on often. Sean talks about seeing evil, but I don’t think he sees it himself.
    Rove has to go. I think Mark Levin may go on Sean tomorrow night.

  • LIRight

    Rove has become like those on the left that he supposedly despises by continuously fabricating and lying and use words like “conservative,” but instead meaning “mainstream” (or, McCain-like) to get his point across.

    For a very smart man…….he’s awfully dumb.

    Pretty disappointing.

  • Good going, Turd Blossom.

    For all your railing against Obama and his “polarizing” of the electorate and the entirety of America — you play right into his hands as you concertedly endeavor to fracture and split the Right.

    Intentionally or not — you’re just another ‘Obama Girl’ now.

  • PhillyCon

    Politically speaking, there is considerable umbrage taken by conservatives at the idea that a GOP Establishment that keeps losing presidential elections (2012, 2008, 1996, 1992, 1976) or wins them by unnecessarily narrow margins (2000 and 2004) — has the chutzpa to blame conservatives for losing elections. And that’s before you even get to the disaster that was 2006 (when there was no Tea Party and Karl Rove himself had free rein from the White House) or losing races with Establishment candidates in places like Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota and Massachusetts.

    This needs to be said over and over. It’s the establishment that are the losers overall, not conservatives.

    So sick of this crap.

  • So Rove has a lengthy record going back almost 40 yrs of picking losers, & this is the man who knows the best candidates to lead the party? I don’t think so. Rove’s ego does not allow him to see he’s being left behind in this new political landscape. All I have to say is good riddance. We need principled leaders not power hungry backstabbers who attempt to sabotage fellow party members when they don’t get their way. Maybe the reason Rove never criticizes Obama is they both “lead” the same way: as tyrants

    • JohnCraven

      You wouldn’t be from Louisiana or Mississippi now would you?

      My mom’s a Bourgeois.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

  • That sound you hear is Fox News ratings getting flushed.

    It is time to recognize the Bush Family as the elitist mushy moderate wolves in sheep’s clothing that they are. How much more evidence do people need?

    Dubya thought he would be a new kind of conservative in that he is socially conservative but thought to spend money like crazy creating new entitlements. I guessed he missed the ‘conserve’ part in conservative. Let’s not forget that Laura and daughters came out for gay marriage and pro choice after Dubya termed out.

    Don’t get me started on the elder Bush’s.

    When I was little my mother would give me sugar to get me to swallow that aspirin. There simply isn’t enough sugar, subsidized or not, to get me to put up with this BS anymore. This country is in a dire precarious position and it is no time for mushiness. We need decisive leadership.

    • sDee

      Yes it runs deeper than Rove.

    • LibLoather

      The Bushes never were conservative, they’re moderate to the core. However, being a native Texan, I can assure you they are very decent, well-liked, down-to earth people. But I would never vote for another Bush simply because I’m done with moderates politically. I have to say, though, Michelle Obama doesn’t hold a candle to Laura Bush as a first lady, with the emphasis being the word ‘lady’.

      • I agree with that…and I’m sure they are decent…sort of. I don’t think Dubya agreed with Mommy and Daddy all of the time hence the snark from Mom occasionally.

        The problem with quantifying the Bush’s is they are for the most part well intentioned…at least that is the public face, but we all know what he road to hell is paved with.

        I’m to the point politically where I am questioning the intentions of moderates. Is splitting the baby in half constantly well intentioned? I’m not so certain about that.

  • sDee

    Interesting and a good perspective. My gut tells me it runs deeper than Rove (key players who prop him up) but I cannot argue with what I take the message to be…. “Its about Rove, But its not. It’s about ideology”.

    We still run a risk of blaming this on Rove when the fact is that the people have lost sight of the Founding tenets for limited government, and we’ve an entire party full of politicians who have no grasp of them what so ever.

    I would quibble a bit on words that Romney and Rockefeller gave Reagan the cold shoulder – they tried to destroy the man. This is why my instincts tell me that this “eat your own” method runs deeper than Rove himself – and it is not driven by ideology but ultimate power and greed.

    This rings true to me…..

    Not to put too fine a point on it. but John Boehner is Speaker Boehner today because of the Tea Party.

    Which is another way of saying — the Reagan legacy is among other things the Reagan Blueprint.

    A blueprint that Establishment Republicans like Mr. Rove repeatedly ignore, the election consequences of not following the Reagan blueprint for victory be damned.

    An even harder political fact, never mentioned, is that presumably neither Bush presidency not to mention Karl Rove’s entire Washington career would ever have existed at all — if it weren’t for Ronald Reagan and the conservative movement he represented.

    But here is the ugly reality and the real danger under emphasized in this article… that obama is “literally spending the nation into bankruptcy”. America is past the point of no return. There is permanent entailment voting block, 12 million illegals going on the the rolls, deep election fraud and manipulations, concentration of electoral swing blacks in red states and urban areas, a deeply corrupt propaganda media, a marxist central education system, massive debt, foreign illegals, money printing, deep islamic infiltration and colonization.

    This ain’t Jimmy Carter and we are not in Kansas anymore. Rove and the Republican establishment have been outmatched, outplayed and outspent at every turn by the Progressive coalition of globalists, marxists, communists, unions, islamists and all enemies of the nation. They played Rovian checkers while the Statists were playing 3 dimensional chess.

    Of course there is no choice but to go to a Reagan blueprint – to the core fundamentals of a Republic laid out in great wisdom and foresight.

    We now have a choice as freemen. Step back upon the shoulders of the Founders who took our first Revolution and gave the world a 5000 year leap, or start again with the Second Revolution.

    It is coming. The Republicans have lost the Republic, and We the People do not intend to live under the tyranny of this bloated and lawless central government

    • Bravo!

    • P.S. I think they have it in their heads to solve that bankruptcy problem with 401k’s. If they can get gun confiscation past the courts then the door is wide open for it.

  • Remember this ??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-8I-51XK58

    David Kuo quit the Bush Admin as “Faith Based Director” because Rove and the gang laughed and mocked evangelical Christians.

  • clockwindingdown

    The article doesn’t really open my eye’s to anything that isn’t obvious, even from a casual glance. Rove is nothing more that a liberal marketing his goods to conservatives that don’t, won’t, and never have bought into it, only Rove doesn’t know that.

    Conservatives went along with candidates due to lack of choice until recently. Things have change, we are tired of GOP establishments types that do the same things the liberals do to destroy and weaken our country, our liberties, our freedom, while lining their pockets and telling us they know better, they are informed.

    They don’t, they won’t, they are not! We live with what they enact, they live above it, exempted from their own actions. We have had enough and are not taking it anymore. We are willing to put up with tuff times in order to effect change that will bring a better future for future generations.

    We see this as our time, a time to rein in burdensome government, to dispose liberal agendas, to follow the Constitution that created what has been then greatest country on earth. We seek to restore our freedoms, for those that follow after us, that they may know a world where man governs himself, makes choices for himself, has a brilliant future, a world of optimism, the world we once knew, a world that was better than what is proposed as our future by those currently reigning over us!

  • Rove pushed every so hard for candidates like Romney and McCain, hardly real conservatives. And look what we got. Time to STOP re-making the Republican party in HIS image. Time to give real conservatives a chance. They certainly can’t do any worse than Rove’s candidates.

    • suedixon

      sure hope palin and carson are together on a ticket. that would send a shiver down the leg of rove and his bosses.

  • bornfreeamerican

    Karl Rove is the “architect” alright…he has been the problem with the GOP since 2006!! He was the “architect” of Bushes policies of not listening!! Karl Rove is the PROBLEM with the GOP!!

    • suedixon

      he failed his courses in architect because he hasn’t be successful in getting “his” rino republicans elected.

  • The Jeff Lord article was really profound. Rove is such a weasel. In case this man comes around your neck of the woods, please get the tomatoes ready. It is unfortunate, but the Bush family, in addition to the Clintons (with the help of the LWM) refuse to leave the scene. And because of this, they need to be removed by force. This force will only come at the ballot box.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Well, this article confirms everything Mark Levin was stating about Rove and his henchmen.

    It’s bad enough that we have to fight the damned Democrats… and the media… and the lying monster we have as pResident… and Boehner and the establishment… but now we have a new soros-like minion who is also trying to undermine and subvert the Tea Party and TRUE conservatives.

    Even though we have enemies all around us… at the center of it all is God. I’ll take His side anytime. We will beat these devils and demons.

    • c4pfan

      We Sarah Palin supporters figured that out in 2008.

  • DavidRobertson

    This man has little use for people who he can’t influence. He is there to peddle influence. He is nothing more than a power peddler in the DC Machine. That’s why he is a natural enemy to Tea Party types and strong, independent thinkers who run for office. Moreover, that is why he feels the need to defeat them. In short, Karl Rove doesn’t have an ideology. He has a playbook that he thinks enriches him and those around him by peddling influence and electioneering. He’s nothing more than a bundler for an elitist lobby. He doesn’t love the country enough to have principles. He only loves the power this country has because of its status in the world, and the seductive possibility of power through influence.

    He is exactly the opposite of what this country needs today. He is the reason the Republican party needs to fight their civil war for the next 3 years or cease to exist. These influence peddlers and electioneers do not seem to be bright enough to consider the idea that this country is fallible…that God will not deliver aid and comfort to a corrupt nation.

    I would add, since it is the very subject that seemed to be the attacking point on both Akin and O’Donnell that one can’t expect God to favor a nation that chooses to kill the unborn in nearly 1 out of every 5 pregnancies (~1.2 million abortions out of ~6 million pregnancies) and then mock those who chose to stand up for the innocent.

  • c4pfan

    Can you believe that man? Seriously. This man has a mental problem or what?

  • suedixon

    this picture reminds me so much of the three stooges – can’t remember which one – with that hair all frizzed out. what a joke he is.

    • It’s Gorbachev, without the red, map of Russia tattoo on his head.

      • JRD1


    • 57thunderbird

      Larry Fein.

  • Look were fighting like cats and dogs I don’t care who said what but the Rove’s and the Tea Partiers are falling for the left bag of tricks now what we all need to do is work together as a team the GOP and the Tea Party needs to find common ground otherwise we’ll lose next year ..

    • There is no working together with a rat like Karl Rove.

      • suedixon

        Just sent rove an email and let him know I didn’t need him picking my candidates for me and that I was capable of vetting my own candidate.

      • Well, we could dress it up a bit.

        Dear Mr. Rove,

        Let’s you and me work together in earnest, to make sure you shut the heck up and go home.


        The Conservatives

    • suedixon

      when the gop party decided to ignore gov palin and the ron paul voters, they lost a lot of voters. I’m tired of compromising with the establishment, having to hold my nose and vote for their next in line candidates who can’t win an election. Look at the candidates they’ve put up and notice how many of them won – was it 2 or 3?

      • OneThinDime

        In part because people would not vote.

        • suedixon

          because many of those who did not vote have core principles. I voted but was not pleased with romney. only reason i voted for mccain was gov. palin. she still draws more crowds than the moderates combined.

          • OneThinDime

            And many of us who did vote have core principles. Voting against Obama was more important than sending a message of taking the marbles and going home because their candidate didn’t get the nomination.

            • mymati

              Funny, I don’t remember being invited to the game so we didn’t get a chance to take the marbles home.

    • chatterbox365

      We have been holding our noses and that’s why we are in the mess we are in. Karl Rove doesn’t not want to work with the Tea Party or Ron Paul supporters, he (along with his buddies) wants to pick the candidates. This clown is systemically trying to change the entire Republican party and he has been successful…look at all the RINOs in Congress. How many of these so-called Republicans turned their backs on Reagan principles once we got them elected?

      Rove had nothing to do with the 2010 election. If we did it his way, the dems would have kept both houses.

    • JRD1

      There is no common ground between the gopE and the TEA party.

      However, there is common ground between the Rockefeller Republicans and their brethren on the other side of the aisle.

      I will only vote for a conservative. Screw the gopE. They are the dividers. There will never come a time when it is the conservative’s turn as far as the Rockefeller Republicans are concerned.

      I will be a gopE enabler no more.

      The gopE needs to get the hell off the stage otherwise they will continue to be the permanent minority party BECAUSE, it’s the conservative’s turn, duh!

    • mymati

      Well Adam looky there common ground is right there in front of all of us. Its called the Constitution and it is right where the Tea Party is standing. Why on earth would we move off of that safe, solid, and sacred ground? After all it took us from a ragtag group of colonies to being the envy of every other nation on earth and 50% of the Worlds GDP in just 100 years. A track record like no other, ever. So, Adam on what ground would you have us stand?

  • Akabosan

    Mr. Lord is one of the finest conservative writers of our time, writing over at American Spectator, http://www.spectator.org. He does excellent research and is entertaining in most of his work.

    Meanwhile, there is a new site for conservatives who have tired of Facebook. And even if it has been pointed to before on here, it is worth mentioning.

    It is; https://www.teapartycommunity.com/ Registration is necessary. State hubs are being organized.


  • chatterbox365

    Very informative article. I think most of us already suspected Rove was doing this sneaky sh*t to Tea Party candidates. Christine could have run a better campaign, but it certainly didn’t help that Rove was running around trashing her.

    Keep the heat on Rove!

  • Fireplug52

    It is good to see all the cockroaches run for the baseboards since the light has been turned on.

    Senator Mitch McConnell I hope will lose his seat in 2014. If I see a viable candidate against him in Kentucky, I will gladly give my money to them. Unfortunately I am not from Kentucky so I could not vote against him. I just hope they have a good candidate to go against him.

    As for the skunk Karl Rove, well lets just say that this man is not worth the sweat off my nether region and he was dying of thirst in a desert.

    I think many of us have learned the last eight years how much we didn’t know about the elite and the frustration felt no matter how much power was garnered through the election and nothing of any significance was accomplished.

    Though I am registered as a Republican in my home state I will only support that candidate that I feel is qualified, not the Republican Party. If I don’t feel that person is the best qualified then I will proceed contrary to what the establishment wants.

    Now, you may say, well you will just let the Democrats win. Oh yeah, well look what the hell we got now! We are up the creek without a paddle, let alone any type of leadership.

    I do not see from the so called conservative Republican Party any leadership that espouses those conservative ideals and principles that is going to solidify our position to stop the assault on what little we got left for a way of life.

    This election has shown me no matter which we go, we the ordinary people are going to get hosed and I believe most of the ones here on the TheRightScoop have figured that out and will make adjustments and like the artillery once completed they will fire for effect.

    If I read the headline right the other day about David Brooks (one whose lips are continually pursed for the ultimate sacrifice for butt kissing of King Obama) he stated that the Tea Party was no longer an issue and because of the election no longer a power.

    Oh really? You see that is the type of analysis we get from someone whose main function in life is to ensure that everyone keeps a permanent brown nose from all the adulation of the rear end of King Obama. This gentlemen is a joke who gets paid for such tripe and wouldn’t know a Tea Party principle even if it smacked him in the face.

    I won’t get started on Biden. It doesn’t seem to fit the narrative at the moment, but I am sure he will give us something again soon.

    • suedixon

      remember when sarah palin endorsed candidates in 2010 and they won? what did rino rove say “her endorsement isn’t worth snot”. He should have been looking in the mirror because his candidates aren’t worth snot.

      • OneThinDime

        Remember when Sarah Palin endorsed candidates in 2012 and they lost? Don’t get me wrong, she has a powerful network. But she endorsed Newt for potus. She “loves” Rubio and look at how he did an about-face on amnesty for illegals since his 2010 Senate campaign to his 2016 potus campaign.

  • Thanks for putting that up, Scoop! Jeffery Lord has been all over this, and he’s made some incredibly salient points. This article is definitely a must-read.

    Jeffrey Lord hits for major points.

    (I will again recommend, for folks who missed it, Mr. Lord’s article about Cotton Conservatives,/a>. It’s an excellent history lesson, and a new label that we all need to hang on Mr. Rove and his fellow “winning is the only thing” Republicans.)

  • I believe in Rovian economics. He is the only person in the GOP who has offered workable solutions to our fiscal problems. Unselfishly he backs candidates that will perpetuate conservatism. Rove rules.

    • JRD1

      The Age of Bush is O.V.E.R.

    • 57thunderbird

      Yeah.You can tell he rules by all those unelected electable candidates he backed last election cycle.Doh!

    • bjohnson55

      The Democrats love his batting average. “0” wins

    • Fireplug52

      So I see Karl Rove slipped in here disguised as someone cognizant of reality. I was joking!

      Your response shows a lack of oxygen to the brain for which many suffer from having their head up Karl Roves dark cavity.

      When you decide to pull it out and breath again, come back and try writing something that is anywhere close to the truth and maybe we will consider if you left your head up there to long. If you did it may have caused brain damage.

      Please accept my apologies if you consider this response to harsh. It comes from hearing so much worship of those people who have not had to work in the world that most of us are associated with. If you chose to leave your common sense at the door and demonize those who try at least to make sense of the stupidity around us then please consider this a warning that I for one will call you out for it.

  • bjohnson55

    It is time for a clean break from these Rove types, where we find ourselves can be layed at his kinds feet. If you think Bush was a conservative then don’t let the door hit you in the ass either. Asta La Vista baby.

  • ryanomaniac

    Expose them all and their agendas. Screw Karl Rove. Screw his dog if he has one.

  • Jeffrey Lord did an excellent job on Rove! I thought the article was great. Finally, someone is saying exactly what Rove is and telling what he is doing. I love Jeffrey Lord, anyway, as his articles are all well-researched.

  • sjmom

    Don’t know if Karl was having a bad hair day by the picture but I do think he is on his way to becoming the man who tore the GOP apart. If the establishment was smart they would avoid him and his PAC but they’re just stupid enough to let the party of Lincoln become the party of the past.

  • puma_for_life

    Karl Rove has always been a liar. Why would he change now? I just wish he would go away. I was thrilled when Fox decided to cut back on him, but now all of a sudden he is back. I think the Bush family is going to get Jeb in that White House any way they can.

  • Establishment types like Rove will sell their soul to share power with the Dems at our expense. They have no principals except getting power.

  • TLaMana

    No need, Rove hates the TEA Party and has actively worked against candidates backed by them.

  • FreeManWalking

    Thanks Scoop it was worth the read.

    The GOPe ROVINOs have soured me on supporting any Republican just because they have an R by their name. I will support and vote for a TEA Party or a Conservative but my wallet is closed and I will not waste my time voting for another Moderate.
    I’ve said it before and always knew the alternative was a worse choice, but the problem is moderates do not enthuse the conservative voters. Bush 41 won by coattails of Reagan, and 43 by (rove out foxing the dems on electoral votes).

    I supported and voted for Romney even though he was my next to last choice just ahead of huntsman. I voted for McCaint and Dolt too all with my eyes squinted shut and holding my nose.

    Lord couldn’t have stated any better how poor and weak both Bush’s were at their fiscal policies, both were big Government progressives.

    Reagan has been the only true conservative president in my voting lifetime, and I do not see the conservatives taking back or over the GOP. I think the only path is to move on to their own party.

  • LostPilgrim

    I have heard all those interviews with Rove, sent him an email not to bother me again with fundraising calls. He is in a CYA mode and Hannity will have to watch out and push him back.

  • Sun Rising

    We need the GOP to be a Rove free zone!

  • We see the problem, but how do we solve this? Let me provide my qualifications to provide a solution.

    I am a veteran and a congressional campaign manager. In any fight – going against seasoned, established, and entrenched opposition has a high rate of failure. Statistically speaking challengers who go against an incumbent has a 82% rate of failure. This data was provided by Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute.

    I am also a former Field Director of Tea Party Express. I traveled around the country helping Tea Party candidates for the 2012 election cycle. We dropped $2,000-$5,000 checks to Tea Party candidates as well as reaching out to voters and promote fiscal responsibility and limited government. Many candidates simply did not have the knowledge or skill sets to move the football down the field for a victory. This is the challenge that the Tea Party must face and overcome. Imagine someone asking you to fix their car even though you might know anything about being a mechanic.

    The solution for the Tea Party is to learn and apply the science of campaigning. That means learning how to communicate with low information voters. Once a campaign can raise money, know how to write and follow a campaign plan based on a sound developed message and strategy, and a hundred different actions – I promise they can have a strong fighting chance against seasoned players and especially RINOs.

    We Conservatives we have a great message – its conveying that to people who give 7 seconds worth of their time to politics that is the trick.

    • jimmie smith

      I think your premise that entrenched politicians are are 82% more victorious, is about to change. People are getting tired of the same old crap and looking for other options. Think of it as 18% chance of winning and you have to just garner 33% more public interest to make a difference. Tough slog, but achievable.

  • blacksheepstrategies.org

    in case there are any Tea Party candidates that need help

  • Bonhoeffer

    I’ve evolved from “Rove, you magnificent bastard!” to simply, “Rove, you bastard! ” #crushrove

  • Karl Rove is a LIAR BULLY and thinks he knows everything ……drum roll please…Sarah Palin will MOP the FLOOR with Karl Rove with TRUTH and her STELLAR RECORD!!! Hello fellas now lets compare Records….His Lying Days Are Over. Karl Rove and his elite cronies think we are stupid well we woke up and not going to give a dime to these frauds. Just sent out 100 bucks to SarahPAC in honor of We the People to defeate his gang of Cronies. Sarah Palin win rate 2012 77%…Karl Rove 1% with 400,000,000 dollars of donated well connected Elites and Cronnies…Sarah Palin Won with 77% win rate around 5,000,000 of “WE THE PEOPLE”…Now more than ever a donation to SarahPAC will allow Sarah to plan and support lots of good Conservatives now plus she needs security for her and her family and that cost big bucks! GAME ON!!! I want a good investment and return on our money what little we have left. You can trust Sarah Palin…Have the Guts to watch “The Undefeated” then we will talk. You need to find out for yourself.

  • I stopped listening to Rove way back when he started bashing Gov Palin! He is a has-been…

  • C*******er.